Best Yaheetech Full Velvet Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

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1. Meridian Furniture BlissBlack Q Contemporary Upholstered

Meridian Furniture BlissBlack Q Contemporary Upholstered

Tufting is deep and detailed. The dimensions are 86" W x 98" D x 60.5" H. The footboard height is 15. Footboard Inner Storage dimensions are 83"L x12"D x12"H. The full Slats are not required.

Brand: Meridian Furniture

👤They provided a tool that will do the job but won't hurt your hand, so it didn't take long to put it together. Get a star bit set for a power screw gun. The bed is big and an extension will do great. Almost two years have passed. I'm still in love with my bed.

👤I love this bed. Everything was in perfect condition. I paid for the installation and Tom was quick.

👤I probably wouldn't have gotten this bed if I had measured it. I want my bed to last forever and I am glad I didn't measure it. The gray color is very pretty. Dog hair is not like other fabrics. The construction is strong. The bench is perfect for blankets and sheets. All parts were in the box. I was happy that my husband put it together. It took us an hour and a half.

👤The delivery driver was awesome and it came 30 min early. I'm still trying to put it all together, but all the pieces came and there was no damage to the packaging. The velvet is gorgeous. I'm in love. I'll have an update soon with the finished product.

👤I love this bed. I had it delivered between 12 and 12:22pm. It took me 3 hours to complete it after I started working on it. I did it on my own. I'm female. The instructions will be easy to follow. If you have too, don't waste the extra 130 on set up. Instructions were given to the point. They put all the pieces in a single bag and you had to separate them. I separated it and put sticky notes on everything. I was good to go. The bed came out well. I don't have any complaints. I looked at how it was pictured. Make sure you measure your room because it's a big bed. You know it will fit. My room is 1213.5 and it fits perfectly. There were no complaints. The wood slacks support me and my activities. It's funny. You won't have any complaints if you buy this bed. I thought it was a bit taller. My mattress is 12in and it's a low bed. If it helps.

👤Your bed is important so here we go. The bed is described. It will take up a good amount of space in the average room, so be sure to read the dimensions carefully. If you fell in love with the way it looks online, you'll love how it looks in person. The product itself is gorgeous, and most negative ratings focus on shipment issues, but that's also fairly subjective and comes with the territory of online shopping. The storage is useful, it can be used to replace a dresser, and you should view it as a 2 for 1. Gave it a few weeks before leaving a review.

👤The color of the picture is not accurate. It's more blue and grey. The materials it is made of are very cheap. The cost of materials is $250. It looks beautiful. I am not sure how long it will last, it is made out of very cheap materials.

2. Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

50 attractive black velvet non slip hangers with chrome hooks and notch shoulders will make hanging clothes simple. The soft texture of the velvet clothes hangers grips delicate items such as camisoles and tanks with ease, while its sturdy, yet lightweight construction can hold a maximum weight of 10 pounds ideal for hanging heavy garments such as coats. Up to 50 percent more space on a garment rack can be freed with the ultra thin profile of these slim velvet hangers. The shoulder line on the black velvet hangers is designed to help preserve the shape of the clothes and features a cutout for keeping straps in place. The horizontal bar is covered in luxurious velvet that grips and prevents wrinkling. Before the first use, rinse the hangers under cold water for 30 seconds to remove any residuals and then twist the hook with light force to engage the swivel.

Brand: Zober

👤The velvet on the hangers is sticking to my hand. I tried to clean it but it doesn't work. It's not safe for my cloth to be put anywhere. I have to clean my closet and buy new ones. I wasted three days waiting for the infinitely shed hangers, and now have to drive to the store to get a refund. Thank you so much.

👤The shipping was two days faster than expected. None of them were broken when I received them. I hang pants and jackets from them. I know that some people might not buy these because of the velvet coming off, but no velvet has come off the clothes on the hangers. These are sturdy and flexible. I like the notch for my sleeveless or narrow-sleeved items. They have a slim profile, great for small storage spaces, and are more pleasing than their plastic counterparts. If you use these on delicate fabrics, they can leave the shoulder bumps from stretching, but they work well on sturdy fabrics. I had to get used to the fact that I can't pull pants or jackets off the shelf. The pants or jackets are held tightly by the hangers. I have to take the pants and jackets off. This will break me of my lazy habit of pulling clothes off the hangers just because I am in a rush. My bad habit has changed because of these hangers. The hangers are worth a lot. I had been looking at the fancy name brand hangers on the shopping network and buying a small pack, but couldn't justify spending the money on how many we would need for our closet. I decided to try these out. The ones that cost twice the price are just as good. I would recommend these hangers to anyone who wants to change out their hangers. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Click yes if you found my review helpful.

👤I looked at the reviews on Amazon before buying these. The hangers don't seem to shed on clothing, although I could rub them with the plastic they were packaged in. I bought the same design of hangers at Walmart and they were just as sturdy as the ones I bought at Better Homes and Gardens. I could easily snap one of these if I were not careful, but the Walmart ones don't bend, so I went with the Walmart one. The seller immediately contacted me and gave me options to improve my experience. The customer service was outstanding, even though the product wasn't as impressive as I had hoped.

👤I think I need an intervention. I ordered 100 of them and was so impressed that I ordered 100 more. Can't wait for them to arrive. I have a huge closet on my 4th closet. There were clothes all over the floor in the big closet. I couldn't find anything because of the mess. I'm always neat. What a difference these things make. I used Zober wooden hangers for the coat closet. Love them too. I have at least 100 of them. If anyone wants to send me a birthday gift, I'll take more of these velvet hangers. There is a Every package was well wrapped and easy to open. It was perfect.

3. Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

Their platform bed is made of premium fabric and has a long life cycle. Perfectly suits for all decoration styles. The style islaish. This black bed has a 51-inch classy headboard design with button accents and metal studs, and it promises superior comfort for lounging, studying books, or watching your favorite TV show. Reliable support. The linen platform bed is designed with sturdy wooden slats that will hold up for years of reliable mattress support and prevents your mattress from sagging, so it's not a bad looking bed. The wood platform bed is ready to use and can be assembled within a minute after delivery and take you to your dreamland at no time. There is no need for any extra box strings or toolboxes. The black linen platform bed is a great option for a classic framework for your mattress, as it can be used with most of the dark or light wall paints. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤The bed I received 2 days ago has bugs on it. It took me 4 hours to put it together, one of the pieces was bent but other than that it was ok.

👤Don't buy! I bought a king size bed and it had bed bugs. It took me a while to realize that my 1yr old was the only one getting bit. He might have gotten it from his house. I saw one on the back of his shirt when I woke up. We had to inspect our mattress. We did not see any bed bugs. My husband was vacuuming the mattress. There were bed bugs on the head board. My son sleeps wild and likes to sleep with his back against the bed so I think he is the only one that has gotten bitten. I don't know how to add more pictures. There are two people in this picture. The bed bugs are on the buttons. Please inspect your bed if you have already bought one.

👤I got a king size bed. I thought I would give this one a try because I was debating spending more on a bed. It was a great price and has a nice look. There were some issues with getting the screws in. We were able to work it out. Everything was in good condition and delivery was fast. I saw some reviews of it but it seems very sturdy to me. I liked the fact that the slats are held in place with some velcro. I'm very pleased and would recommend this bed. The color is very dark and has a slight texture. I have had this bed for a long time. It is one of the lightest I have owned.

👤I was skeptical when I looked at this bed. I wanted to leave a review for other people. I am a real live person and did not get this at a discount. My wife told me that she wanted a bed with a high headboard. I started my search at Amazon because I love it. I was looking at other brands that were similar to this but cost more. I couldn't believe the price when I found this one. I read the reviews and decided to try it. Why not for $200 shipped? I took the chance and I am very happy. The directions were very easy to read and took us about 2 hours to put together. The new bed is wonderful. The wooden slats are not as cheap as I thought. You end up putting them in place when you screw them in. Not a single person has believed us when we said we got the bed for $200 shipped. The construction is very sturdy.

👤This is the first time I have ever left a review on a product, but I was so hesitant to make a big purchase like this online that I thought I would leave a review for anyone else on the fence! This is the best purchase I have ever made. It is very sturdy. It took my husband about two hours to put it together. Couldn't be happier with this.

4. Nathan James Upholstered Headboard Adjustable

Nathan James Upholstered Headboard Adjustable

Harlow is a modern, wall-mount headboard with vintage brown faux leather that is designed for full or queen size beds. The queen headboard has two light-weight panels that you can lean on. Harlow can be hung behind a bench or a set of stools in your dining or entryway to add a touch of style. The modern headboard is a great addition to your bedroom. The assembly of the Harlow wall-mount headboard is very easy. The assembly of the Harlow wall-mount headboard is very easy.

Brand: Nathan James

👤I bought the headboard from Amazon because of the price savings. It was long and short. I undid the strap and saw a bug crawl under it, and tons of little bugs came scrambling all over. I had a bug in my bed and had to clean my room and wash my pillow because I found their nest. I sprayed it with bug killer and will not use it again. It's really amazing. This is the first time I've ever gotten bugs that reproduce very fast, and I've bought many things on Amazon. We kept finding bugs, but we didn't know where they came from until I undid the velcro and found them. When you smash them, they are full of blood. I would like to be reimbursed for this and I will look for a different one. Maybe it's a wooden one. I was hoping to put pictures of my new baby on the bed. I feel like I wasted $150.

👤I loved this product, until I found out I had bedbugs. My family was getting bitten. We have never had any issues with bugs. The only new furniture we brought into the house was the bed. We took it off the wall and there were a lot of bugs in the back. Not worth the trauma.

👤Absolutely no rules. This arrived quickly and expected. I wanted a headboard that was unique and not the boring gray ones that are over $400 in some cases. This was delivered on everything. It took 5 minutes to put it up. The focal point of the room is it.

👤I love how this is the only thing that will fit my crazy wants to finish my bed and make the room look like a minimalist but with few little intentional, decorated touches. I wanted it to be masculine and frilly. I have to be able to add a touch of frill or plush to my look as my tastes change. This room is my calm place in the home and with the mounted cushion, it is a perfect mediation space. This is a nice addition to a few feminine touches or can be used as a base for playing up the leather or iron. The fabric used for the leather look is soft to the touch and not like vinyl. If you know anything about using #8 screw covers, please give a shout out toPatricia. They are so perfect that you can't easily add them after installation. If you place the order for the headboard, it's best to just order these to ship from somewhere. You will save a day of driving around town looking for them if the website says they are in stock in a store near you. It's easy to install following their directions, this coming from one with too many "fails" using wall anchors. Not this time!

👤I was surprised by the quality of the product. The material is of excellent quality and still has the option to assemble in different ways and make different styles.

5. Meridian Furniture Candace Velvet Contemporary

Meridian Furniture Candace Velvet Contemporary

The channel is deep and detailed. Box Spring is not required. The footboard is 15 inches high.

Brand: Meridian Furniture

👤The bed was assembled by Amazon. They were a great delivery team. I love the bed.

👤I ordered the king size and it arrived in 1 piece with no way to disassemble. I live in a house with all bedrooms on the second floor, and the headboard didn't fit up the stairs, which is something to keep in mind if you have a narrow staircase. I had to return, but it appeared well-made and sturdy, the color pink was beautiful, more of a shimmery mauve.

👤I am very upset that I only received slats and not a headboard.

👤I love this bed. After purchasing it, I got it in 2 days. It took 30 minutes to assemble highly recommended.

👤It was a bit darker than expected.

👤There is no instructions to assemble the bed. You can reach out to customer service, but not leave a message. I will update the review once I have the hardware to put the bed up.

👤It is not the same color as the picture. It was easier to assemble with 2 people. The slats are cheap, but they do the job. The bed is pretty.

6. Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

The full size is 85" L x 64" W and 51" H. There is a linen shirt with clothes. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes. Light Grey Silvery. Light Grey Silvery.

Brand: Home Life

👤Let's get the obvious out of the way. The bed is gorgeous. It has flaws. The bang for the buck is what makes it deserving of five stars. There is nothing on the market that comes close to a full king size frame and headboard for this price. It allows me to look past some of the flaws that I have experienced in the past, because it takes into account the rating. The fabric is beautiful. The silver beads along the wings are beautiful and elegant. The adjustment knob on each individual foot is to make sure your bed is level. I thought that was a bonus feature. I realized after assembly that it was necessary. Poor welding of the brackets that make them off center causes the center frame rails to sit at different heights. I was able to level the bed because I was able to adjust the feet, which meant that I could see the screw threads. I was able to assemble the king-size bed on my own because of their creative brackets for attaching the side rails, which were hooks to hang one end while you screw in the other. I took 2 hours to finish. You have to ditch the Allen wrench and get a corresponding bit for a drill. You don't strip anything. The screws are long and the wrench is not easy to use. First, tighten the side rails and footboard with your thumb. Some of the holes are not perfect because it is a cheaper bed. By thumb tightening it, you help square up your bed. When you screw down the wooden slats, the picture in the instructions shows something different than what you should. The strap should be facing down in the picture. It is easy to tell this because the slats feel glue to their underside where they make contact with the rails. You want the felt on the metal to be quiet. My thoughts and observations are here. The welds are poor, the brackets are bent, and the bed is too long for a standard king, but I would still recommend it. I can't believe how little I paid. It is close to the wall and secure. I attached pictures of everything I said in the review to help you make a decision. Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question. I was skeptical that this bed was real. We have been using this bed for over a year and I am happy to report it is still functioning the same as day one! No structural weaknesses, no fading, no warping, it's great! The beads are intact. No loose threads! I am amazed how well this thing has held up. The bed held up great after we added a kid to our family. We have been using this bed for over four years and it still looks great. No beads have fallen off. Not broken welds, nothing! I am amazed. We recently moved across the country. When we packed up this bed, it was so simple because of it's intuitive design: there is a hollow compartment on the rear of the headboard that fits the legs and hardware. When we moved, we put the legs and hardware in the compartment and closed it with a fabric and Velcro enclosure. We wrapped the piece of furniture with saran wrap. It arrived to our new location as new as possible, and was assembled just as easily as it should have been. The side rails do not fit in the storage compartment. We wrapped them separately. I have no idea what you are doing with your life, if you haven't pulled the gun on this bed yet.

7. Homebeez Ottoman Footrest Lightweight Storage

Homebeez Ottoman Footrest Lightweight Storage

The full Slats are not required. It's ideal for a coffee table, a footrest, or a Vanity chair. Recommended pair two for added impact. The Vanity chair stool has a max capacity of over 300 lbs. The sleek round ottoman seat is wrapped in sumptuous velvet and has a cushion. Your room will be a little brighter with the vibrant colors. There is an anti-sLIP PAD. There are pads to prevent scratches on the floor. It only takes 5 minutes or less, just screw the leg on and enjoy the convenience.

Brand: Homebeez

👤Well! I have been looking for something that looks nice for a long time and this is the one I have been looking for. The legs are easy to put on, the color is not cheap, and I have to change my decor a little to go with the stool. My dog likes it. We are not sure if vacuuming it a lot will work, but we will see. I would order another one because it looks expensive. There are many uses for this little stool.

👤It was easy to put together, smaller than I thought. Only one person can use it at a time.

👤I love this piece. The color is vibrant and was a great accent for our space. We like to watch movies and kick our feet on it. It is not too large. Keeper who is definite.

👤My bad. I wrote that I didn't have the legs when they were in the footstool. It is just perfect after I assembled it. I like everything about it.

👤The foot stool is over priced. I don't feel like sending it back.

👤One of the legs on my ottoman came off, but I really like the color and design. I tried to fix it but it got bigger and bigger. Suggestions to fix it?

👤The material is good, the size is perfect, and the color is nice.

👤I bought a lime green item. It is the perfect size and pop of color for my armchair.

8. AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

Product dimensions are 75" L x 54" W x 14" H. It is designed for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. The platform bed frame has a supportive foundation for a mattress. There was no box spring needed. The frame is easy to store and move in tight spaces with the folding mechanism. Extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of 13 inches is provided. Extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of 13 inches is provided.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The basics platform of Amazon is doing it's job but has a design flaw. The edges of the rods should be covered with a smooth surface. I put my new mattress on this platform. It ripped off my new mattress at all the sharp edges, voiding my warranty. If you place smooth cloth over the platform to save your mattress, please think of this scenario. I also bought a mattress cover. I placed the mattress to see if it fits. It ripped off my mattress.

👤I was surprised that the bed frame was as cheap as it was, but I am pleasantly surprised that it is holding up. I bought this to go with my new King sized memory foam mattress, I am 120 lbs and my boyfriend is 170 lbs, and we have had no problems with our sleep. I have not experienced any creaking in the bed or the frame. I was able to carry it by myself down the stairs to the bedroom because it was a bit heavy. My younger brother helped me set it up. He helped me pull the thing out of the box and cut some zip ties, but I could have done it myself. It is very easy to pull out the box and unfold the frame, you just need to snap some corners together. If this helped you, please give it a thumbs up, I am trying to get better at writing reviews.

👤I have a deep cut on my thumb when I pulled the bed frame out of the box, there is a sharp metal jutting from the rounded corner where you grab it to pull it out. More people can get serious injuries from this if the product is not better. I wanted to post a picture of my thumb but decided against it because Amazon might not post my review.

👤I've never said this before, but Amazon finally got something right with one of their products. I was expecting short posts after reading reviews. It took me more time to get the package in my house and unpack than it did to assemble the frame and make my bed. It was simple to unfold four auto-locking legs and then use two bolts and two odd little spacers to secure the frame pieces together. I was able to throw my box spring. The bed is tall. Without a box spring, the top of my mattress is above the window I sleep next to. I suppose I could get out a measuring tape, but it would take a lot of effort. Ignore the fact that this only supports sleepers up to 240 pounds. That should have been more than 2200 pounds. I am a fat boy and this thing doesn't move or groan.

👤It's easy to set up but there are two issues to be aware of. My full size mattress slipped because there was no lip to hold it in place. My queen size is heavy and has a soft bottom. The side legs are only half an inch and you'll kick them into bed if you do that nightly. I wrapped the legs in bubble wrap. I still kick them, but it doesn't hurt. I made corner "collars" that are the size and shape of the plastic corner protectors found on standard box springs to keep the full size mattress in place. The platform bed had holes for the headboard. If the manufacturer included foam tubes and snap on plastic collars, they would get five stars. They get three. I get the other two.

9. Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation Replacement

Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation Replacement

Sturdy and durable steel. If you want to upgrade your bed frame and box spring, you can do so with this simple-to-build and easy-to-maneuver mattress foundation. The design is made of durable steel and has multiple points of contact with the floor and plastic caps to protect it. All sizes of mattress can be rest on top of the steel slatted platform, but narrow twin, twin and twin XL sizes can support up to 750 lbs. It takes less than an hour to setup with all the tools, parts and instructions packed into one Compack shipping box. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤I used brackets to hold my mattress in place. Attached is a picture.

👤The welds on the middle section have separated in 3 different places. Poor quality of frame really disappointed me. The company did not respond to warranty requests by February of this year. There are a lot of comments to the negative reviews of the company stating that there is a 5 year warrant and email and phone number. I have not received a response from the company to my original review. The customer support email address does not respond to email when the 800 number goes straight to voicemail.

👤I love this bed frame. The mattress sliding was one of the reviews I saw. I added hot glue to the slats to give them some grip, instead of putting the mattress on them. Works well.

👤I bought this for my nephew. His mom called me last night and said the frame broke. The description makes these seem to be impervious. I asked my sister how it broke, and she said he sat on one end to put on his shoes and it broke. My nephew is a teen who is around 120 lbs, so he wasn't the issue. The beds are covered for 5 years if the damage was caused by faulty manufacturing. Will wait to see what happens. If the bed frame is not replaced, will be very disappointed. Will update with my case later. There is an update. ZINUS agreed to replace the bed frame after sending them an email with purchase invoice and pictures of where it broke. The bed frame arrived today. I am very satisfied with their service. I will not buy a new bed frame from them again. Thanks ZINUS!

👤This was purchased in the spring of 2016 It was great for a while, but at the end of 2016 it started to fall apart. I don't have sex in the bed, I just hang out or sleep in it, and I don't jump or flop on it. The bars started to fall off of the little metal lips. There was nothing to hold up the bars after they snapped off. I have had to duct tape it several times. It is sinking in the middle. I will have to tape it up once a week at a bar. The bed frame is not good. I would rather sleep on the floor.

👤The bed frame is ok for basic use. There are 2 negative comments I have. You can feel the steel rod when you sit on the bed, because the frame is 6 inches wide. I bought a foam mattress. When the weight is distributed, it's ok to lie flat. I am going to put a support on it. If you are not careful, the corner will hit your leg. My leg was injured. This reminds me to put something down. It is easy to assemble, does not rattle, supports my weight and serves my basic needs, I just added a board from Lowes that costs $7. It is better now.

10. Little Seeds Valentina Upholstered Full

Little Seeds Valentina Upholstered Full

The wingback design has vertical channel tufting on the side panels. It has soft velvet upholstery and metal legs. Sturdy construction with metal side rails, additional center legs and a bentwood system. There is no need for a box spring or foundation. One box. Assembly is quick and easy. There are multiple colors available. A limited warranty. The weight limit is 400 lbs. The net weight was 98 lbs. The shipping dimensions are 62.50”L x 38.25”W x 9”H. The gross weight was 118 lbs.

Brand: Little Seeds

👤We got this bed for our daughters after shopping around. They love it. My toddler thinks she has her own couch. Every morning, they make their couch up with a million throw pillows. The material is very soft and the whole thing is pretty. The parts and directions were very easy to follow. My husband put it together after I read the directions. He used an allen key drill bit on his drill. The trundle bed frame is not as strong as the main bed. It's suitable for small kids. It rolls in and out nicely. The trundle is made up of sheets and a quilt and has a 6 inch memory foam mattress. We have a 6 inch top mattress and it would be best with an 8 inch. It barely covers where the material ends. If you are looking for something cute to add to your daughters room or a guest space, I highly recommend it. You can't beat the price.

👤I wanted this bed for my daughter's room. I waited for it to come back in stock and ordered it right away. It was easy to put together and it looks great. The velvet material of the bed made me notice some stains about 2 weeks after it was installed. I immediately contacted Little Seeds and started talking to them. They will give me a $75 reimbursement for the stains after I sent them all the information they asked for. I didn't pay $515 for a bed with stains and I would expect better customer service. I have received better customer service, for example, I purchased a table a few months ago and noticed something wasn't right. A new table was sent by the company. This company is handling business in a different way. I really love the bed but I won't be giving them my business and I suggest you don't either.

👤This item was damaged when it was delivered. It is a nightmare to get my money back.

👤The bed is pretty. There was a part missing from the boards. I have not received part from the manufacturing company.

👤The package was delivered on time and in good condition. It is easy to assemble and align the parts. The velvet fabric is very nice and the back and sides are plush. The slats are made from a very soft and thin wood but they are cut in a patterned pattern which we hope will compensate for the weight and prolong the life of the slats. We are very happy with the purchase. If we don't update our review in the future, it will be because the daybed hasn't given us any problems. The company packed everything well, items are labeled, the instructions are simple, and the company supports campaigns to protect the environment. We would like to thank the company for their great job. I wish they had a store in Florida.

👤My girls like the modernized trundle bed. The box was open and had everything in it, it was almost the same color as the picture on Amazon, it was not as heavy as I expected, and the box was undamaged. The trundle front board is flimsy. The carpet in my daughter's room is weak because of the contant pulling, and only had it for almost 2 months. We will have to figure out how to protect it. I'm not sure how long the base board will last because it is not as strong as I hoped it would be. I still think it's worth it, even though you get what you pay for. We have to figure out how to reinforce the trundle and base boards.

11. Home Premiere Classics Burgundy Headboard

Home Premiere Classics Burgundy Headboard

The full size is 85" L x 64" W and 51" H. There is a linen shirt with clothes. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤I can't believe how nice this bed is. The construction and hardware are of the highest quality. I would pay $700 for this bed in a store. I have a mattress with a small cover that sits off the ground. I ordered a king size frame and it fits perfectly in my bedroom. The color is similar to the bright red on a dark cherry. It isn't burgundy. It is a deeper red in standard light. It appears to be on the pink side in the sunlight. I have included photos to help you see the bed in a better light.

👤The bed we were assembling had a sticker on it that said "California Prop 65 warning: this product contains chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm." The picture is attached to the sticker. Can you please tell me how this will affect me?

👤It was very easy to assemble and I did it in less than 2 hours. The color is wonderful! Very strong. One set came with different versions of the bed, one box was version 6.1 and the other box was version 6.0. There was no difference in color but parts were missing. Even though they were in the same tracking number, they were delivered 2 days apart. I need the extra part to sleep in the bed. If the part is not delivered on time, the star rating could go down. It is an easy fix to staple on the back of the headboard where the hardware is kept, but it is not very well done. It is made well.

👤I am a small woman and I assembled this myself. It would have been better with help, but I was glad it was doable on my own. I used my electric drill to drill the slats, but only the screw driver is provided. I have a 10 inch memory foam mattress and a 4 inch topper, which makes the slats 14 inches off the ground. I think it's the perfect height. The red burgundy is a splash of color that I need. I live in a high bed and it's worth it because of my painting. I thought the color of the bedding set would make it harder to find one, but it was just the opposite. I have some throws that I don't hate. It makes the room funnier. The bed is sturdy, but not rickety. This bed is very good.

👤This is an awesome product. I paid $150 for this bed. If not more, this bed could easily go for $500 or $600. The bed was ordered on July 4th and will be delivered between July 10 and July 14. On July 11th, I received it. It took a few days for my package to be shipped, so I didn't think it would come so soon. I received both boxes on the same day, despite the fact that the bed came in 2 separate boxes. If you live in an apartment complex like I do, you should make arrangements with FedEx. Your package can be taken to your apartment. It will probably be a struggle if not. I live on the fourth floor and my office is on the second floor. The instructions for the bed are easy to understand. I put it together by myself. The tools you need are included with the exception of a screwdriver, which I highly recommend. A regular screwdriver will suffice. I think it's more of a Ruby Red, not Cardinal Red, as far as the color is concerned. Good quality and sturdy. After reading all the wonderful reviews, I was skeptical about buying this bed. I'm no longer skeptical.


What is the best product for yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame?

Yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame products from Meridian Furniture. In this article about yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame you can see why people choose the product. Zober and Home Life are also good brands to look for when you are finding yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame.

What are the best brands for yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame?

Meridian Furniture, Zober and Home Life are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yaheetech full velvet upholstered platform bed frame. Find the detail in this article. Nathan James, Homebeez and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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