Best Under Platform Bed Storage

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1. Homyfort Organizer Solution Zippered Closure,Clear

Homyfort Organizer Solution Zippered Closure%EF%BC%8CClear

SLIM SPACE SAVERS! These foldable containers are lightweight, portable, and can be folded flat for easy storage. It works wonders when moving houses, travelling or storing winter summer stuff. It's convenient to have what you need, exactly when you need it. It is risk free to purchase. Absolutely love it or get a full refund. Sturdy Premium ECO Friendly Material: The underbed shoe box made of durable non-woven fabrics allows items air flow keeping them fresh and the cardboard keeps the shoe box sturdy,fits 12 pairs of shoes. The entire under bed shoe storage is measured in inches. One handle on the front side and another on the side allows you to pull it out in any direction. The sides of the shoe box are attached so it can stand on its own, and the stiff cardboard insert helps when pushing the box under the bed. The cover is clear. A clear cover helps you see what you have stored in the bag, and you can pick them out quickly. Their zippers are larger and stronger than others. Theirs can be used more than 1000 times. The shoe holder can help you organize your shoes and you were able to toss all of the shoe boxes which took up a lot of space. The shoe box was made more sturdy by putting cardboard around it. Each large cell has a measurement of 4.9%W x 12.2D x 5.9H inches, which can hold normal high heels, flats, and male shoes. The products are foldable and easy to carry. Feel free to use. The products are foldable and easy to carry. Feel free to use.

Brand: Homyfort

👤I can barely fit a pair in one spot. They were able to put adult pairs in each slot.

👤This product will not work for you if you are a young child, a small female, or a small animal. I am a male with a size 11 and fitting one of my shoes in the slot was tough enough. Was very disappointed. I get to go back to the store to get it.

👤It has a lot of storage capacity. I ran out of room for my extensive shoe collection. We all know that boxes can be difficult to unpack. I can fit about 10 vans. One pair of vapor max is a good size for one pair of vans, vapor max are a little bulky and need one compartment each. I don't mind. I thought I should add more detail.

👤The handles ripped when I grabbed them. Without the shoes in them. "Amazon's Choice" seems to equate cheap products to bad ones.

👤This product is very flimsy. It doesn't fit a tennis shoe unless you fill it with flats or sandals. It does not hold the shape well.

👤It was nice to store shoes, but the strap broke when I tried to pull out. As long as it stores my shoes, it's not a big deal.

👤If you have smaller shoes, sandals or anything similar, this would work. It is not sturdy since the bottom is cheap and there is no support. I bought a similar one that has a support on the bottom and allows you to rearrange to fit any shoes and sizes. I am a size 10 and this is not ideal. Maybe for light shoes.

👤It has a lot of storage room, but it's too flimsy. When I tried to move it, the shoes came out of their compartment.

2. ZOBER Organizer Reinforced Non Woven Comforters

ZOBER Organizer Reinforced Non Woven Comforters

It has a handle for easy carrying. A bag to hold all of your holiday items. It's a great way to organize the mounds of ornaments, figurines, garlands, twinkly lights, and wreath lying around before the holiday. The bag stores it all in one place for the year after the holidays. The bag is built in a low and compact fashion and slides under any bed. The handle on the side allows you to easily slide it under and out of beds and carry it around the house. The bag has a clear window that gives you a clear view of what is inside. Purchases and accessories should be avoided. The bag is made of canvas and is meant to last a long time. The accessories are protected from dust and water. The bag is bright and cheery to add life and spirit to your home. The dimensions are 18”x42”x6 It can fit up to 4,536 in2 of various accessories. The bag is bright and cheery to add life and spirit to your home. The dimensions are 18”x42”x6 It can fit up to 4,536 in2 of various accessories.

Brand: Zober

👤The moment these arrived, I realized that they were not as structured as I had thought. I think I should have paid more attention to the description. The loose bags in the pictures are not a box but square-shaped. They arrived in a flat envelope, but I thought I could make it work if the material was strong. Unfortunately, it wasn't. After filling the bags with linens, bedsheets, and towels, I gave it a pull on one of the side grip handles to slide it out from under the bed for the first time, but one of the handles broke. Both of the zippers have broken. These bags? boxes? Things are terrible. Since it's made of cloth with a plastic lid, it can be difficult to move around since it's heavy when full, and there isn't a lot of structure to it. I'm going to have to find something else after spending money on this.

👤I received this today and it was so cheap that one of the handles ripped off. I don't recommend buying something better than this.

👤These were used to store my dvd collection. The bag was ripped from me the first time I tried to pull it out. The bags are meant for sheets, blankets and clothes. They won't slide on carpet at that weight. They should be on cardboard to glide. The plastic top is awesome, but the zip is nice. I would recommend non carpeted floors. bags with blankets on the same carpet wouldn't move If you want to put a cardboard school display on the carpet, go to the dollar store. They work well, just be aware of the friction.

👤I was happy when they arrived. The clear top allowed me to see what was inside. I was happy despite the lack of rigid sides. I realized that they are poorly made when I used them. I didn't overstuffing the seams, they blew out. The zippers failed. All of them have fallen apart and are no longer worth anything. Get something better.

👤The product is not good. I packed one with clothes and the other with DVDs. I tried to pick them up by the handles, but they ripped. If it's for basic under bed storage, this is the way to go. There is an update. The manufacturer apologized for the defect. They sent me 2 organizers to replace the ones I had bought. I shook both of them by the handles to see if they were strong. The replacements did not loosen the threading. They looked like they were made of thicker material, but not sure if it was a color thing. Customer service is very good.

👤I needed an alternative to storing my shoes in boxes because they take up too much room in my small bedroom. It's hard to pass on these due to the size and ratings. I was a little disappointed to see that there was no way to hold it up or on the bottom, which is a bit flimsy. I like the fact that it has a zip to close so that dust and spiders don't get in. It fits under my bed nicely and serves its purpose. I ordered an additional 2 more and would definitely recommend it.

3. NEATERIZE Reinforced Organization Containers Grey

NEATERIZE Reinforced Organization Containers Grey

Non woven polypropylene. 6 high, oversized! Their extra-large 2 pack under bed storage bins, measuring 42''(L)x 18''(W) x 6''(H), provides the maximum capacity for those bigger, bulkier, hard-to-store items. Finally, own the perfect place to store Clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, quilts, comforters, blankets, pillows, sheets, linen, bedding, towels, totes, toys, shoes and Christmas wrapping paper. Out of sight but not out of mind! Quality is their priority! The double zippers on 3 sides make it easy to place and retrieve, while the lid keeps the dust, dirt and pests out. The material in the air is odorless and super absorbent. Sturdy handles, reinforced plastic and seams ensure a long-lived shelf life. Uselessness! Stray shoes, long forgotten and covered in dust, sound familiar? Their storage bags will transform the junkyard under beds, exploiting the spacious and potential storage space just waiting for you down under! The Wild West is now a practical, productive organization solution. There is a multi-purpose FRIENDLY! From top to bottom, you can find these attractive bins. In the attic, basement, closet, coatroom, bedroom, baby nursery, under cribs and in dorms, you can store seasonal and everyday items. The contents can be seen immediately with clear windows. It was easy to organize! SLIM SPACE SAVERS! These foldable containers are lightweight, portable, and can be folded flat for easy storage. It works wonders when moving houses, travelling or storing winter summer stuff. It's convenient to have what you need, exactly when you need it. It is risk free to purchase. Absolutely love it or get a full refund.

Brand: Neaterize

👤I should have read the reviews before buying. The bags are very flimsy and have no support, but they work for everything I needed to store under my bed. If you want to add these in a space where they will be seen or stacked for storage, pass and spend the money on better ones. The fabric is very thin. The price does reflect that. They will work for me, but I wouldn't purchase again.

👤If you want to throw things in a bag and not look at them again, these storage bags are great. If you plan on using these bags more than once a month, they will feel like a hassle. The bags are difficult to pull out from under the bed because there is no structure to support them. The only positive thing about them is that they hold a lot.

👤My kids use this as an under bed storage area because our apartment doesn't have a lot of room. The pictures look like they are sturdy. These are not the same as the pictures. They are completely cloth and have no strength. The sides are not held up like the pictures show. It's like putting everything in a duffel back. When you pull it out from under the bed, it is all together and you will end up looking for things you put in there. I used it for my children's clothing but was disappointed when I saw no sturdy siding. This item was not for me. The ad was not accurate. The pictures are boring.

👤Nothing to keep them in shape. They are just bags. It's really sad!

👤Not strong at all. I am partly responsible for not reading more carefully, but the sides of the pictures look thick when you look at them. If you use it for books, it will be a perfect rectangular storage box. It is more difficult to put under your bed because of the soft bottom.

👤They don't look as nice as pictured. The product I have from the container store is similar to the flimsy construction of this product. The sides are soft and the bottom is foldable. If you want them to look nice under the bed, you will have to fold the items inside so that they fit and fill them. I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to pull stuff out of storage for use and I don't want the visible under-bed storage containers to collapse in an ugly heap. The zippers would break if you overstuff them.

👤The quilted sides look nice under my bed. They don't have a structure to them and having them filled with clothes and other items makes it hard to push them under the bed. It feels like plastic could rip. I haven't had any issues with that yet. They are about what I would expect at this price point, but having a cardboard insert on the sides would make them look better.

👤It was as advertised. They are perfect for Christmas blankets. I wanted a container that would fit under my bed and Andy was sturdy to fit many items in at the same time. They did the job well. I have a full size bed that fits perfectly under my decor and the side color blends with it. Shipping was fast and the package was well packaged. Thank you.

4. Extra Large Under Shoe Storage Organizer

Extra Large Under Shoe Storage Organizer

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam is what they use. The super-durable shoe storage organization is. flimsy materials that can easily wear and tear are no longer available. They are ending the struggle for you. The under Bed Shoe Storage Organizers is made of 600D material. The most sturdy fabric that can resist pressure, you can easily slide and pull the shoe storage organizers back under your bed. If you're fed up with under-bed storage solutions that add more clutter and just can't give you neat organized convenience, then you need an extra large under the bed storage solution. The shoe storage solution is for you. The larger size is 36.5" x 23.5" x 5-1/4" and has 16 cells. If you're a shoe shopaholic, or you have kids with shoes laying around, this will be the best shoe storage organization. There is an extra-large created for peek functionality. The clear vinyl top shoe storage organizers let you pick your shoes. There is no need to go through the stacks of shoes. All you have to do is zip them shut and put it under your bed. A great space saver. Under bed storage was designed for all sizes and types. Are you a fan of trendy shoes? Do you want a more organized closet space? Are you in need of extra space for your shoes or are you looking for seasonal storage? Their Under the Bed Shoe Organizers can fit up to 20 pairs without looking tucked or damaged. They've included a sturdy and easy-to- carry handle for all your convenience, and a vinyl top that keeps your shoes protected and neatly stored under the bed. Trusted brand! Quality that lasts a lifetime. Their ultra-durable under bed shoe storage organizer can be used to organize any room of the house for many years. You can be confident that your satisfaction is always their top priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. It's simple! Trusted brand! Quality that lasts a lifetime. Their ultra-durable under bed shoe storage organizer can be used to organize any room of the house for many years. You can be confident that your satisfaction is always their top priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. It's simple!

Brand: Holdn’ Storage

👤There is no cardboard in this. Not on the sides or the bottom. It is hard to push it under your bed because it is messy. When you try to push it under, it tends to buckle. The sides are very firm. Not the case at all. They flop over, so you have a bag with flimsy dividers to hold your shoes. I'm thinking of stiffening the bottom and sides with cardboard. I think it will be ugly, but it should be more functional under the bed. It was very disappointing. My woman's size 7 shoes fill the slot allotted, so don't think a man's shoe would fit and I bought the larger one. It just holds more shoes.

👤You can only put one sneaker in each cell and I dislike that. The material is tough, but I like it.

👤This item came on time, so thank you for that! The underbed storage works well. I should have read the reviews as I had to find an angle under my bed that would fit due to the bed supports from my floor to my bed frame. I should have measured as I had three small vacuum seal bags of shoes under the bed and they weren't a problem. 2. I have a big bed, a large closet, a chest of drawers, night stands, and three tiered shoe organizers in my room, which is small and has been known for it's small bedrooms and closets. It's difficult to get this in and out of my bed. 3. The internal walls of the shoe organizers are not hard or stiff, but they do not stand up on their own. If you have a small foot, you can fit the platform sandals in, but they don't hold up the interior partition. I made sure that I offset the platforms with the flips. If you have a man, you'll have no problem with this. 4. I made the product work, but I am not going back for it is a pain. Even though I think I could have gotten it for less, I'm just going to be happy with what I got. Happy shopping!

👤It is folded up inside a plastic cover. There is no side support for the fabric. I put winter shoes in it so it wouldn't take more than one shoe per slot, but in the end it was still the perfect size for my needs. I slid it under my bed. The fake marketing that wants you to think it will be hard when in fact it isn't is what got the 3 stars. That makes me angry.

👤I returned it because I found it to be flimsy. It was almost impossible to pull it out of the bed when it was filled with shoes.

👤It was kind of flimsy. You get what you pay for. I was expecting that. I didn't expect my heels to fit in one compartment. I have 3-4 inch heels. If you only have flats and flipflops, these work well. If you are a shoe horse like me, you should get something else.

5. Sterilite 19638606 Aquarium Latches 6 Pack

Sterilite 19638606 Aquarium Latches 6 Pack

You will get 4 pack underbed storage containers with 100L capacity. The warranty is 100% for the entire day. They are ready to help if you are unhappy with your products. 14 x 11 x 3.25 is the outside dimensions. Clear lid and base make it easy to identify contents. Modular items stack to efficiently use space. The lid is held securely to the base. It is possible to be Stackable. Standard 812" x 11" paper can be accommodated. Standard 812" x 11" paper can be accommodated.

Brand: Sterilite

👤These are wonderful. I wish I could find a whole stack of old Tupperware containers. I tried rolling drawer organizers from IRIS and they were so chintzy I sent them back. I needed ten flat containers with lids for my sons' Legos so that they wouldn't take up as much room as the $1 plastic ones, and to provide plenty of horizontal space for searching for that special piece. The containers are of excellent quality. The latches are designed to prevent spills. The covers come off so the kids can lay them all over the ground. I can put them in a closet or under a bed. The way the clips work, I can open a box on the bottom of the stack to get pieces I find while vacuuming. Boys are happy. It's good!

👤I'm a quilter and also have a lot of fabric. I have bolts, bins, fat quarters, fat eights, half yards, bundles, charms, and Jelly rolls. There is a lot of fabric. I like my studio to be neat and I'm pretty organized. I have two types of bins. There is another size that is twice as tall. The larger bins hold my stuff. I use these to stage projects in my queue and hold projects in progress. The bins are the same length and width and they fit in the same way as the store with the red dot and white circle logo, and the more popular swedish store. I'm sure you can picture the shelves. If you have shelves, you want the larger bins.

👤It's hard to find a product that you love and then they make it cheaper and smaller. I ordered these in a larger size a couple of years ago. They were great for sorting papers. They've made them cheaper, smaller, and they have latches that break easily. They are now 5 quarts instead of 6.2 quarts, and they leave the quart-size out of the description on the new ones. The older version was 15 1/2 x 11 x 3 1/2 and they are now 14 x 11 x 3 1/2. It makes a big difference if you want to put different sized papers in the same folder. They think that consumers are too stupid to notice that they keep changing everything to a cheaper version.

👤We bought the tape, binder tab sets, sheet protectors, speciality printer papers and printer labels to keep our label maker. There is plenty of room to put a label on top of them. If necessary, I will buy more in the future.

👤I bought them a long time ago in a small size. It was too small for a sensory box. I returned it because things started falling out. I bought a large to see how it would work this time. I am happy with the price, but I wish it was air tight for my orbeez. I searched for a lot of boxes and they were expensive. I have 12 boxes of sensory things for my children with special needs. There are boxes of cotton, yarn, beans, rice, paper shreds, pegs, Legos, and more. I don't like rice. I hope the price stays the same. My kids weigh around 27-29 lbs. They use the boxes to step on. They haven't broken yet.

6. Undercover Cubes Containers Organizer Reinforced

Undercover Cubes Containers Organizer Reinforced

It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised. Living in a messy home can cause stress and uneasiness. The large 39.4x17.7x5.9 in. Undercover Cubes is a stress-reducing tool. Mill & Mint designed storage containers for under the bed. Mill & Mint's soft underbed storage containers are minimalist and practical. They have strong H handles, convenient 2-way zippers, and clear lids that make organizing easy. If you have a lot to tidy up, don't worry. You get an incredible 62 gallons of storage space with the 3 under bed storage bins. There is an under bed organizer. Material that can hurt. Pick blanket storage under the bed that can hold large items. It is incredibly absorbent, keeping your belongings fresh the entire month. The Undercover Cubes under bed clothing storage set is a lifetime of clutter-free homes. At Mill & Mint, they guarantee nothing but stress-free organization, and they have a lifetime guarantee. The Undercover Cubes under bed clothing storage set is a lifetime of clutter-free homes. At Mill & Mint, they guarantee nothing but stress-free organization, and they have a lifetime guarantee.

Brand: Mill & Mint

👤I found these after searching on Amazon. The other under the bed storage bags were not rated as high, but they had 5 stars. Rightly so! They are very well made. I have 4 of them and they are large enough to hold my bed quilts. I use the small one for my extra purses, instead of taking up drawer space. It makes them accessible and puts them in one place. I will definitely buy more if I need more.

👤There are two neutral colored storage cubes under the bed and a bonus square cube. The price is a great value. The bags are amazing and very please with the material. The material is strong and it looks like the two way zip is of good quality. The clear plastic on the top of the bags makes it easy for me to identify what is in each bag without having to open the bags. If you need to move these cubes from one room to another, the side handles are helpful. The long cubes are great for organizing. The bonus square cube is large enough to hold all your children's toys. It makes for easy clean up. Will purchase more in the future as a great product that makes organization easy!

👤I use this product to store extra sheets under the bed when not in use. I like the size. They should fit under most beds. The clear top makes it easy to see what is inside. Knowing what is inside makes it super efficient. I have only had the products for a few days, so I can't comment on long term durability, but the product seems well sewn, well designed, and likely able to last for a long time. To get a full and robust shape, the product needs to be filled because the sides are not rigid. Good to know, but not really a big deal. I would recommend someone.

👤I ordered two sets through Amazon and so far I am happy with both. I like the neutral color and the dimensions are the same as the ones I was replacing. I can fit 3 under my bed. I am happy with the price and the customer service.

👤3 sets of Under Bed storage bags were used during our shelter in place time at home. It's better to read, TV and reorganize than it is. The bags were great for clearing out winter clothes, blankets, pillows, and other stuff that we didn't want but were taking up drawers and a closet room. I was able to use the space under the beds in two different rooms because of how much stuff was in a bag. 2 bags fit on one side of the bed and can be used under the queen bed. The extra bags that came with them were great for extra pocket books. Thank you a million!

👤I wanted to store extra bedding under my bed. In one bag, I had three king sized sheet sets and some extra pillowcases. These fabrics are very thick. There are two king size sheet sets and some quilted shams in the second bag. There is room for more items, so I might add a couple thin blankets. I fit a king size blanket in the smaller bag. I plan to buy another set to hold more blankets. I put cedar blocks to each bag to keep the fabrics smelling fresh and to deter pests, like I do in my drawers and closets. The bags are made of thick fabric. They look and feel good. I can pull the bags out from under the bed and they don't feel as if the handles will rip.

7. Rubbermaid Cleverstore Stackable Containers Organization

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Stackable Containers Organization

The quality of the lidded home storage organizers made in the USA is so good that they can fit all your items safely with the shatter free material. Perfect for every day organization, the straight wall tote design maximizes shelf and drawer space and is ideal for craft supplies, hats, gloves, shoes, kitchen storage, bedroom underbed storage and classroom toys. SECURE STACKING The rubbermaid lid construction ensures stability and allows plastic storage bins to stack securely for ease of moving, efficient use of space, traveling and more. There is a storage area of 29 000 in. L x 17. 750 in. W x 6. Inside dimensions 24. 500 in. L x 15. 000 in. W x 5. H 41 Quart / 38. Load capacity is 8 liters. 6 miles. The rubbermaid storage containers with handles attached to the base are perfect for shoe organizers.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤I have been satisfied with Rubbermaid products in the past. I am dumbfounded! If you expect the lid to attach to the tub, these are a waste of money. The tubs fit the lids perfectly. The tubs have small latches attached to them that are not large enough to fit over the lids. They don't hold the lid on securely. I'm trying to get the company to send me lids that fit.

👤The product was awful. Very flimsy plastic. The four bins were broken and had to be returned.

👤One tote had a cracked handle and another tote had a broken handle. These aren't heavy duty totes.

👤The containers were cracked/ damaged.

👤The item claims to havedurable latches. They're not durable. The container is sturdy and easy to stack. The latches that hold the lid on are not very useful. I ordered 18 packs. The latches were broken. I tried to use them but two broke. These are not worth the money because they are more than $10 apiece. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I bought a set of 41-quart storage bins to store pet food and clothing under my bed. A bunch of garbage. The bin's lid doesn't fit tightly. They're sitting on top of the bin, but you canlatch them in. The corners can be lifted off the bin. Don't store anything in a shed or garage because you don't want it to be a breeding ground for pests. They're so flimsy that they're best suited for lightweight items, like baby shoes or craft yarn. If you plan to store wool blankets and boots, you should not stack anything on the bins because they will split apart. The plastic will tear from the latch if it's too heavy. The bins are just as useful as the Amazon box they came in. The Amazon box was bigger and more sturdy.

👤These are terrible. The money was wasted. They were delivered and broken. The tops don't close correctly on the bin. A total waste of money. Sending them back was difficult.

👤I wanted to store Christmas decorations. They're a good size, easy to lift, and look great with shiny red lids. If you pack them with heavy items, you should not do this. The bins are not as strong as the roughneck ones, but they are not flimsy. If you want to stack them all together, be sure to keep your heavy stuff in the bottom bin. The lids are secure. It was packaged in a manufacturer box when I received it in Ontario, CA. They were in a cardboard box with a big cardboard tray that had the lids secured and separated from the bin stack. There were no marks or scratches on them.

👤The bins are in good shape, but all the lids are broken. The way the bins are packaged does not work as many other reviews say, and the bins seem sturdy. It happened to me, but I thought it was a rare occurrence. I contacted Amazon to get replacement lids, but they told me I had to return all the bins and lids and get a new set. I won't do that just for another package with broken lids.

8. Profile Storage Containers Sturdy Sidewalls

Profile Storage Containers Sturdy Sidewalls

If you want to be safe, max capacity is 300 lbs and the stool should be locked into position before use. 412'' tall, fits beds 5'' off the floor and higher. Each holds 45 liters and has a good capacity of 33'' x 17'' x 41''. Don't let the space under your bed go to waste, make use of it! You can make your room feel bigger by using some of the under-utilized space under the bed. Don't take out-of-season items. Out of sight, out of mind! These storage containers have sturdy construction and can handle all types of storage needs, from blankets and pillows to out-of-season clothes and shoes. The only under bed storage has a low profile. They keep their shape without being filled up. You can use these with confidence because of the durable handles and zippers. The only under bed storage has a low profile. They keep their shape without being filled up. You can use these with confidence because of the durable handles and zippers.

Brand: Storagelab

👤I live in a place that is very limited in space and I have a lot of clothes. I don't like storing under my bed, but I was scared to open my closet, so I broke down and looked for it. I have a queen bed. There is a rod in the bed. These fell under the bed. I was happy to find out that the under the bed storage I bought was under 5 inches. The cardboard base makes it easier to slide under the bed and improves the overall maneuverability. I will buy these again and return the other ones that are in the middle of my bedroom floor. I highly recommend. I'm not sure if I'm correct about this. I think that's correct.

👤These are great! The low profile of these is perfect because we can't fit a box underneath our bed because we have carpet. I like that they keep their shape even when they're not used. The handles are sturdy and are an area where other fabric boxes fail. I like the grey fabric and the clear top. If you can see them under the bed, it's easy to find what you're looking for. We lost a bit of closet space in our recent move, but these helped us get some back. Highly recommended!

👤I was able to fit 7 pairs of boots. If you don't like the bottom of your boots touching, put some tissue or bags in your bags. Since I have carpet in my closet where I plan to use this under my shirts and jackets, I am not sure if dragging it out will be an issue. Maybe the bottom should be plastic so it slides out easier, instead of cloth. There is a The height was perfect because my shirts are 5 1/2 inches before touching the floor. I had to get over it because I couldn't find anything else that was close to it, but I was glad I did! I put all the shoes in a second box and put them on the other side of my closet, but I'm thinking about buying another set since my bed is exactly 5.3 inches from the floor. I wish the bottom was made out of something other than the material on the sides, it would be easier to pull out under the bed. I was very happy with this purchase. I was able to put 3 more short boots in the boot bag. ... I am very happy with this.

👤The storage boxes were just the right size for my wife. The perfect height for under our bed can be seen through the closed top. It's holding up well and I've been using them daily. She put in some boxes to make it easier to organize. She has found a place to put her things.

👤I bought these to fit under my child's crib. It has very low ground clearance because it was built to convert into a toddler bed. This storage container is easy to fit in. I was worried about how much it would hold, but one container easily houses our entire cloth diaper collection. Extra blankets, sheets, and mattress protectors for my older child can be found in the other one. The handles have held up well so far, and I love the look of the outside. We don't use the zip-up cover because they are being used as drawers. If we move, that function will make packing very easy. The insert is made of plastic. It gives the container a more defined shape that holds up well.

9. Isbasa Underbed Comforters Containers Reinforced

Isbasa Underbed Comforters Containers Reinforced

Standard 812" x 11" paper can be accommodated. Make sure the container is organized. There are clothes and toys in the room. Isbasa 3 Pack large underbed storage bags are ideal for storing seasonal clothes, blankets, shoes, and comforters to keep your closet and room tidy. There are four durable hands. Two handles on the sides allow you to pull the bag out. You can see the contents of the clear pocket if you put notes in it. Enough space for storage. Each under bed storage bag has a total storage space of 59.4 gallons. High-quality materials. The underbed storage organizers are made of non-woven fabric. You can see the contents of the window. The double sturdy 5#stainless steel zippers are made of steel. Isbasa is committed to creating an organized house. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. They will respond quickly. Have a nice day! Isbasa is committed to creating an organized house. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. They will respond quickly. Have a nice day!

Brand: Isbasa

👤Flimsy! The first use of the zipper was a disaster, as shown in the photo. I didn't overfill it. It was not completely empty. The plastic under the zipper is not trimmed well and it gets caught frequently. Unless you have perfectly square boxes inside, you will never get the perfect look shown on the picture. Unless you have a smooth area under your bed, forget it. It was very difficult to push these on the carpet under my bed. Hated this very much. Getting my money back.

👤When I moved recently, I found out that my cat likes to crawl under my bed and be naughty, which is where these come in. I wanted to give my cat some extra storage so I put something under my bed. Pounce is not very happy with these. They are the perfect hight to fit under my bed.

👤I found this 3-pack under bed storage bag in a low price and they surprised me with their quality and practicality. They were in a compressed package that seemed weak and small when opened. The fabric is strong and thick. I thought I needed 3 of them. I only used two things because they can put so many things. One is filled with almost 20 winter clothes and the other is filled with 2 pillows and 3 blankets. They are larger than described. The zip ties are strong and can slide easily. They are great hang bags in the closet and could be put under the bed or the top shelf. If fully filled, they would be 8'' in thickness. Take care of the bed floor. They are cheap but not great. I was surprised by the buy, beyond my expectations.

👤I am really disappointed. The pictures do not show the actual product. If you look at the pictures, you think you are getting a storage container. These are cheap and not worth the money spent. There is no strength to these. I opened the first one and saw that it was very flimsy and cheap. Don't show pictures of a product that isn't what you're getting. One of the storage totes had a zip that fell off.

👤I wanted this product to be a neat storage box container that I could pull out from under my bed. This does the job but it doesn't hold the box shape. There is no side all inserts or bottom sturdiness. It is just as useful as a flimsy bag under your bed. It doesn't perform like a container. The rectangular shape and use of the word container is a bit misleading as one would imagine that they would be able to move it around like a box and have them placed against each other nice and neat. You can do this with other products, but not this one. You can stuff/squish them under your bed. Not suitable for items that are irregular, heavy, or multiple small items. The best way to apply this products application is to fold blankets into a rectangular shape and make sure they are the same size as the product. The pillows were placed in the shape of the product.

10. Containers Reinforced Breathable Non Woven Comforters

Containers Reinforced Breathable Non Woven Comforters

The fabric on the bottom of the shoe organizers helps it slide easily on hardwood floors and carpets. There is a non-woven fabric and a transparent cover. Storage for Multipurposes. The set of 4 under bed storage bags is perfect for storing things in your closet, wardrobe or under the bed. Their storage containers are made of soft fabric which is better to be put under more beds. The under bed stoage containers are made of 100% grade non-woven fabric, which is odorless and sturdy enough to last a long time. The 100L Jumbo size underbed storage bins are 100 cm x 50 cm x 16 cm and are suitable for blankets, pillows, sweaters and other seasonal clothes. The foldable design of the storage bags saves space. Four Handles are more durable and convenient to use. The double 5# is strong. Through a transparent window, you will find what you need. You will get 4 pack underbed storage containers with 100L capacity. The warranty is 100% for the entire day. They are ready to help if you are unhappy with your products. You will get 4 pack underbed storage containers with 100L capacity. The warranty is 100% for the entire day. They are ready to help if you are unhappy with your products.

Brand: Hersolm

👤Do not waste your money. After a week, both bags were completely ripped open. The handle tore off completely as he tried to pull one of the bags out from under the bed. The other bag had a zip that ripped open. This was a complete waste of money. The material feels cheap and the handles are not reinforced. The sides are not reinforced, so you have to pack it right to make them sturdy. I tried to pull it out by the two front handles, but they both ripped. Look for something better.

👤I should have known that it would be terrible, since I get 4 for such a low price. They have made it look different. They spent more time engineering the blanket than they did engineering the product. A dryer sheet is more durable than a quilt. They took the thing and made it look like it is strong. You would need a magnifying glass to see that diamond pattern. I'm pretty sure that the zip will zip and unzip less than 20 times before it goes to hell. I scrolled up to check my work and saw the description of "with reinforced handles". I laughed out loud. How do you make a handle out of dryer sheet material? It's amazing... It's funny... Now for the good. I put the vacuum bags into the container and then vacuumed them up. It works well. I wanted to store 3 or 4 vacuum bags. I can pull it off the shelf with the handles. This storage container gets 2 stars. I spent a good hour on Amazon comparing all of the different storage containers, and ended up with this one. It is a better chance that the other products are equally rotten than it is. Do your research and you will end up spending hundreds on a canvas storage container or luggage to store things of this size and shape.

👤I wanted to put the vacuum storage bags in them for storage under my bed, so I bought these. Are they strong? The material is not super thick and there is no reinforcement for the inside. If you wanted that, you would have to spend a lot more. You could make your own reinforcement with cardboard cut to fit the sides and bottom. I am happy with the purchase as each one holds anywhere from 2 to 4 vacuum storage bags that I bought, of course depending on the size of them as well as how much I put in before getting the air out. I think that the heavier they are, the less likely they are to last long if one pulls them out by the handles, but with gentle use, I think they will last for a long time.

👤This item is the same as described. It's neither heavy-duty nor flimsy. It's perfect for what I need. Side supports would be nice, but not necessary when my items are in there. It supports itself well. If the situation requires it, I may use the box it came in to cut out my own supports. I am surprised at how much I can keep in them. I filled it to the height of the sides. I did not have any problems with the zippers, just pulled them gently, and I have broken suitcase zippers by yanking on them too hard. I'm very happy with my purchase.

11. StorageLAB Storage Organizer Adjustable Dividers

StorageLAB Storage Organizer Adjustable Dividers

A good amount of shoes can be stored up to 12 pairs. It's durable enough to be used everyday. It looks good under the bed or in the closet. It's 30''x24.5''x5.3'' and fits all shoes, with different compartments for different shoe sizes. Also work as bins for clothes and towels. Get a hold of your kid's shoes, or organize your closet, if you want to stop sifting through shoe boxes. The clear top makes it easy to see your shoe collection. Sturdy construction, firm sides and durable handles make it easy to pull them out from under the bed. It's durable. Quality materials and zippers. The fabric on the bottom of the shoe organizers helps it slide easily on hardwood floors and carpets.

Brand: Storagelab

👤I put my shoes under the bed. I bought it to replace the shoddy quality bags I purchased locally. I chose these bags because they were the ones I found in our local store that were permanently attached, and everything inside just flopped around when you pushed the bad under the bed, rendering them useless. I was happy to see that the inside pockets were divided and stable. The corners are reinforced to keep the shape. They are better quality than the ones I started with. The only complaint I have is that the side handle ripped out right after I packed the bag and slid it under the bed. I pulled on it slightly while trying to fit the second bag in next to it. If you decide to buy this bag, know that the handles are more decorative than functional. The inside pockets are much smaller than I had expected, and that's because I had more bags. I need to buy a third bag because I can't fit as many pairs of shoes as I did in the last one. I am a size 6.5-7 woman and have no big feet, but some of my larger heels and platforms will require a single shoe per slot as opposed to both fitting in together as a pair. They are pretty decent. If you are making a decision, these are good things to know.

👤I like how flexible this organizing system is. Normally shoe organizers come in slots that are "one size fits all", which made it hard for me to find something that could hold my boots, heels, running shoes and other shoes in all sizes. This one allows you to build each slot based on the size you need so the shoes don't get damaged It is easy to assemble. Best part? It allows you to store other things in different sizes. I am finally able to maximize my space. It is highly recommended to anyone.

👤This product is an A+ for design. The materials used are durable, and the overall quality seems better than a similar product I purchased at a local retailer for the same price. I was able to store more in the same amount of space because of the velcro lined dividers. I used the storage box to pack away my summer shoes, sandals, and tank tops so I wouldn't be wearing them in the winter.

👤After moving into a small, city apartment with almost no closet space, my husband made it clear to me that I needed to find an alternate storage solution for the dozens of shoes I'd kept in their original boxes. I was hesitant to drop $40 on shoe storage containers, but the reviews were nearly perfect and I was so tired of having to return cheaply made products that I decided to bite the bullet. I don't know if you can find similar quality on Amazon for less than $20 per container, but I can't complain about the price since I was too lazy to try. I'm happy with the quality. I bought a second set. The instructions are easy to understand. The organizers is sturdy on the sides. I was surprised to see that my shoes hadn't been damaged, because my kids have already tried standing and jumping on top of them. Most of the shoes I was able to fit in the containers were heels or wedges, which took up more space. I am happy to know that the compartments can be adjusted, and I don't mind sacrificing a couple of slots if it means being able to fit my taller shoes inside. The plastic on the top is sturdy and I don't have to open the bag to see which shoes are in it. There are three sides with two zippers that open them. I would have liked to see a bigger, stronger zipper, but I haven't had any issues so far. The handles on the sides make it easy to pull the bag out. The textured grey fabric makes it look elegant for what it is. I'm very excited because I found out that I can fit two of them under my couch, as well, and they fit nicely under my platform bed. I may have to buy another set, my husband is not happy about it. A funny thing. The instructions gave information to contact the company, as well as an offer for a free under-the-bed clothing storage or over-the-door shoe organizers. I know it's not cheap, but if you don't feel like you're going through a lot of trial and error, this is a good bet.


What is the best product for under platform bed storage?

Under platform bed storage products from Homyfort. In this article about under platform bed storage you can see why people choose the product. Zober and Neaterize are also good brands to look for when you are finding under platform bed storage.

What are the best brands for under platform bed storage?

Homyfort, Zober and Neaterize are some of the best brands that chosen by people for under platform bed storage. Find the detail in this article. Holdn’ Storage, Sterilite and Mill & Mint are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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