Best Twin Size Platform Bed Frame

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1. WeeHom Platform Storage Mattress Foundation

WeeHom Platform Storage Mattress Foundation

The platform bed frame is 77x36x34.8in. If you have a question, please email them. Heavy duty metal structure provides a strong support for your twin size spring,memory foam or latex mattress, preventing it from sagging. There is enough space under the bed for storage. The single bed frame is made of steel metal with 12 metal bars. Situtable for children and teens. Twin bed frames come with a headborad and footbard. No mattress is coming. Twin bed frames come with a headborad and footbard. No mattress is coming.

Brand: Weehom

👤The bed is perfect. We wanted a bed for our 2 year old to sleep in while we trained her to sleep in her own bed. It was very easy to put together. I was leery of buying a metal frame bed, but I'm glad I did. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤In one afternoon, it was assembled. You get what you pay for. It is low to the ground for my 6 year old and looks beautiful. It's a kids bed. The instructions are a joke. The nuts and bolts weren't labeled correctly. No. I was trying to figure out the frame. The bed is wrapped in tons of plastic and comes in a box completely disassembled. I understand that it's to protect the metal, but it's really bad! One of the foot pads fell off before I assembled it. I hope it doesn't scratch my floor. Would I buy this again if I knew she would only be in it for a couple of years? Yes. I think it will make the long haul. No.

👤The bed frame looks tacky. I would have begun the return before assembling it if I wasn't so impatient. I ordered a gold frame for my daughter. The hardware appears to match in the first 4 photos. The hardware is very obvious and I should have taken a closer look at all of the photos. That is the biggest issue I have here. It looks ridiculous. I guess I can't do anything about it, I have to find paint that matches the rest of the frame and put it on the hardware. The slats/rods/rails rattle. Since you don't screw those in, there's not much you can do about it. I regret buying this item. I don't want to take the thing apart and deal with the return, so I guess I have to tell people not to buy this.

👤The product was terrible. The middle Poles didn't connect, so I got all the way to the end. If I had the money, I would return the garbage. The middle makes it hard to lift the bed up. I don't have a way to store stuff under the bed. I should not have to use a drill to put this bed together because the bolts that were the last bolts for the middle were so large that they wouldn't fit in the holes. There was no way to put a nut on the other side of the bolt because it went inside the bed frame. I would spend more money and buy something else that wasn't from a third-party vendor, this was awful.

👤I ordered black and white. The white is very small.

👤A great bed! Budget and time were concerns as the room had to be transformed for a family member. This was perfect. Came quickly with free shipping. Practical solution. Nice design. It seems sturdy. No boxspring is required. I was able to figure it out with a friend, but I would have liked a few words in the instruction booklet.

2. SimLife Platform Headboards Foundation Replacement

SimLife Platform Headboards Foundation Replacement

The frame and headboard are made of steel. The safety and comfortable sleep environment is provided by the steel construction and full-length guardrails. The metal bed is very nice. The bed frame is easy to assemble. No box spring was needed.

Brand: Simlife

👤Everything was fine until I got to the beams. One of them barely fitted but was too long and made the bed frame bend. The other couldn't fit in. There were not enough long screws and short ones in the screws they gave. Maybe they gave the wrong size for the bed frame. Since I already throw away my old ones, I had no choice but to use it. I'm currently dissatisfied and spending my nights on a wobly bed wondering when and how long it will last.

👤We bought this for my child. The bed was sturdy and easy to use. I like that it is not loud. My Fianc├ę and I sat on the bed with our 10 year old. I am pretty confident in the bed. I think it's a good idea.

👤The bed is easy to install. It took me 30 minutes to put it all together. The instructions were easy to understand. It looks great and I need to put it in my guest rooms. I bought two of them. I might get a queen size one. I was very satisfied with my purchase. Good deal!

👤I bought this for my son. It has great height for storage. When you sit on it, metal is strong and doesn't make noise. The metal is durable. Nothing was broken or bent. When expected, it arrived.

👤The twin bed is very tight to the mattress, because I didn't know it was an XL mattress. It'll work for now, but it's very snug. The bed took my husband about an hour to assemble, but it is very sturdy and looks nice in the bedroom.

👤Excited to receive this shipment, I found out all the washers were bent and unable to use. Not only that, but also missing a few screws. Beware of buyers.

👤This is a great bed frame. Sturdy! It's easy to put together. My 11 year old built it with little help. I was looking for something similar for the price.

👤This bed is the best. I love it. It was easy to put together. If we ever need one, I will buy another. Delivery time is also fast.

3. Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Their service has a 2 year warranty and 100% service satisfaction. If you have a question about the metal bed platform, please contact them. Reliable metal slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. All-in-one mattress support frame foundation with built-in headboard and footboard. The standard Spring mattress is great for memory foam and latex. It's easy to store enough storage space off the floor. You could put some boxes under the bed to keep your stuff organized. Good quality metal frame, strong steel tubing construction, and full-length guardrails. A safe design with 6 legs contacting the floor. There are dimensions. The detail size of the twin size bed frame is 77.2" x 35.6" x 12.8" The under bed is taller than the rest of the room. You can easily assemble in 30 minutes with the help of the instructions in Easy to Assemble. If you have a question about installation, they will reply with details. The best crowd for average weight people is 220 lbs. A great gift for a dorm room. bedding, comforter, sheets, pillows, and box spring are not included.

Brand: Gime

👤Yes! This is the best purchase I have made in a long time. I was expecting a Walmart level bed frame, but it was beautiful. The assembly was very easy. That never happens. My 8 year old was able to assemble himself. The bolts and washers were in a box that had a big bag in it, and there were 2 more bags with the parts labeled. Next level thinking! I bought the cheapest bed frame I could find, and I expected to receive some crappy stuff with terrible instructions and missing parts. I was surprised or happy. I also ordered one in white. Might get a few more to gift.

👤Just put it together. The metal frame makes it easy for the mattress to slide around. Since this is for a 4 year old, we have a guard up that will hold it in place. It's great for small places. The 8 inch mattress is shown. There are pictures to show storage space.

👤You will put it together if you don't know Jesus. The bed frame is the worst. The legs that are underneath the bed won't tighten so you will have to be careful. My 15 year old daughter put it together for my 8 year old son and it took less than an hour after she figured out she had to change the frames. It's 7a and 7b. It is amazing when it is put together. It's not made for jumping on the bed, but it should hold up well. He has enough space under his bed to store his toys. Hopefully it will hold up.

👤My mom gave my kids a twin bed frame as a gift. We were both worried that it would be flimsy. They are strong. Assembly was easy. Once you get past the instructions. The first bed was assembled in 40 minutes. It would have been quicker but it took a bit to get used to. 2 of us got the job done at a steady pace, which would have been slower if there was only one of us. The second frame was put together in 30 minutes. We didn't need instructions for the second round after assembling the first one. Some of the metal slates/bars that support the mattress came at the little tabs. This was slightly annoying but nothing that a hammer couldn't do. Everything is assembled with a key. It's nice for that. Since it's a small room, we can store things underneath the beds, which is nice. Purchase a non slip/ anti skid thing to place under the mattress, like the ones you place under rugs. The mattress slides on metal bars, but we can fix it with one of those. I think the packaging is terrible. All the metal parts are put into a box. There is zero racquetball or chess. The smaller box was thrashed around in the larger box, which explains why some parts were warped/bent. Both beds arrive in mangled boxes because the box couldn't handle all the pounding. The boxes were ripped open and one had a huge tear. Improve your packaging! I took one star away because of that. It's a great bed if you don't get a damaged one. Especially for children.

4. Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Shop with confidence. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don't like your bamboo bed sheet set. They care about their community and they are here for you every step of the way. Good sleep can be provided by a 100% metal frame with a sturdy Iron slat structure. The Metal Bed is a must have in every home. The Twin bed frame has metal slats and legs. There is no BoxSpring needed for the bed frame match. No box spring is required for the twin size mattress. There is enough storage space from the bottom of the Single Mattress Foundation to the ground. There is a lot of space for storage. The Twin Size Bed Frame has a headboard and footboard to keep the mattress out of the way. Good quality metal bed Frame Twin, Strong steel tubing construction and Full-length guardrails provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment. Twin Size: 77.9" x 36" x 34.7" (L*W*H) mattress, box spring, and bedding are not included.

Brand: Gime

👤I would say it takes 10 minutes from opening the box to finishing the bed. The first and last screw in the other supports are dangers because the holes in the bars are in the middle. There is no need for a box spring. I bought an 8 inch foam mattress and it works great. It's not a bed to be jumping on, but it is a bed that you can just lay on and sleep on. Customer service is better than great. I bought two for my daughters.

👤It was easy to put together. I bought it for my son. He used to share a bunk bed with his brother, but he says this is much more comfortable.

👤There is no way to hold the mattress in place on the side frames. The bars are smooth so they don't slide off. I had to make and bolt on wooden brackets to catch the mattress frame. Up and out is about an inch. There is a I will not buy this bed if I have to.

👤One of the bolt sets did not match up, so they couldn't bolt one side of the frame. They should send another set soon. Can't use the bed without it. The inch nut is hard to find in a hardware store. It shouldn't have to happen to Plus.

👤My son is ten years old. The bed was difficult to assemble. Some of the rails and other parts had no drilled holes at all. My son's bed is three months old and the metal railings are starting to bend and my aon only weighs 50 lbs. Its not worth much more than $25

👤I bought this product after reading a lot of reviews. This bed is worth every penny. I am a graduate student and have to sleep in my parents home once I get home. It took my dad and I about 90 minutes to put it together. I would purchase again. It isn't the prettiest bed, but it is sturdy and will last a long time.

👤It was decent to assemble, but it is already broke. I ordered stuff in June to save money. We were not moving until August 15th. It is October 13th. The legs on the bed are broken. The extra legs in the middle of the bed are also BENDING. It shouldn't do that to a bed. We haven't been rough when sitting or sleeping on it.

👤The bed is ugly because of the giant silver screws on it everywhere, and it ruins the look of the bed, which might have been a nice sleek little bed.

5. VECELO Headboard Footboard Foundation Assemble´╝îVictorian

VECELO Headboard Footboard Foundation Assemble%EF%BC%8CVictorian

The bed frame is made of 100% strong steel tubing and provides a comfortable sleep environment. The classic headboard and footboard design is beautiful and durable. It is possible to make a light luxury retro living atmosphere. The rubber mat protects the floor and prevents the bed from sliding. The noisy/squeaky problem can be solved. The outer dimensions are 75 inches x 39 inches. No mattress come, 9 inches. The under-bed storage space can be reached from the floor. An adult could finish within an hour if they were easy to assemble. Their service has a 2 year warranty and 100% service satisfaction. If you have a question about the metal bed platform, please contact them.

Brand: Vecelo

👤The bed888-607-3166 is the best one on Amazon. It took me a few hours to assemble it and it was easy to use. The direction was easy to follow. The box was very helpful. Hardware made it easier to put together. The frame is strong. The mattress won't slide around. There is a lot of room for storage. This bed frame is very good.

👤I was surprised how sturdy it felt after I built it for a spare guest bedroom. I was not expecting a ton but this is how a bed frame should be built, easy instructions and built like a tank. We have had the kids jump on it and sleep in it and it has not creaked.

👤It's very strong. It was easy to assemble and has room for storage. There are a million steel screws that clash against the white bed frame. I bought white paint from the craft store and painted the screws and bolts. It works for me and I'm happy with it.

👤The bed frame is great, except for the height of the headboard and footboard. My mattress is 12 inches high, so you don't see much of the detail of the footboard, and by the time you put pillows at the head of the bed, you don't see much of the headboard either. I really like the design of the spindle. The bed is sturdy, the space below is great, and the assembly was simple, but it took about 2 hours. If you have a short mattress or don't care about the design much, go for this bed. If you have a mattress that's 10 or higher, you may want to rethink.

👤I rarely write reviews, but if you read this before you buy this bed frame, it will save you time, money, and hassle. The bed frame was scratched and dusty because of the damaged box. I tried to clean it, but I scratched the side of the bed frame. Assembly Difficulty issue two. They gave me a mini wrench, but it was hard to assemble it. It was difficult to tighten the nuts and bolts as they got stuck on the bolts. I was able to tighten the nuts and bolts with the help of my partner, but it was not easy or pleasant. I bought this exact bed frame from Walmart in the year of 2017, but I don't remember how difficult it was to tighten the nuts and bolts. Something must have gone wrong with this shipment. The bolts and nuts on the H4 piece were too small to fit inside the bottom holes of the H4 piece. Does VECELO check each piece to make sure it's good? VECELO had terrible customer service. I reached out to VECELO via email and phone when I realized I had a problem. I needed to finish assembling my bed frame quickly after moving into a new apartment. Well, guess what? VECELO Support does not answer their customer service phone, and they have sent me straight to voicemail a few times on purpose. VECELO support email responses are delayed. They haven't responded to my emails in a timely manner. I haven't heard from them in a while. They offered to send me another piece when I told them about the H4 piece. The shipment was delayed due to understaffing at the warehouse. They chose not to speed up the shipment. They sent me the wrong color for my metal bed frame after waiting a long time to receive the piece. They haven't provided me with a new piece yet. There are four They have ignored my requests after I requested a refund. You have it... I don't recommend purchasing this bed frame, and I wish I had listened to the other reviews that had similar issues. I hope AMAZON can look into this issue to prevent other customers from experiencing these issues because you don't want to deal with the terrible customer service from VECELO.

6. Platform Upholstered Headboard Mattress Foundation

Platform Upholstered Headboard Mattress Foundation

High build five step finishing. There are installation parts and installation instructions inside. The classic twin bed frame is made of linen and can be used in a variety of bedrooms with a modern and simple style. The thick dense foam padding on the headboard provides a comfortable touch. The Iyee Nature twin size bed has a non-slip mat which can reduce the risk of scratches on the floor. It can give you a quiet and comfortable resting environment. There is plenty of space under the bed for storing clothes, shoes, and other items. Make the room large and easy to clean. The center brackets and wooden slats can be used without box springs. Installation instructions are attached to the parts, tools and instructions that are located in the zippered compartment of the headboard, making it easy to install them quickly. The platform bed frames have a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Iyee Nature

👤The smallest packaging they can find is the one they send you. 80% done assembling. The thread is missing in the frame for the bolt to connect. The whole frame is useless because it doesn't have a thread. I have to send the part back to Amazon so they can replace it. I'm sure they won't check if the next one is complete. This is more difficult than expected. I will bolt it together and move on. One person.

👤The head bord is easy to assemble, it looks nice, the bed is a little low, but I wanted to add a mattress to it so I could get in and out easily.

👤The head board must have been missing. So disappointed.

👤The side rails don't fit right. I had to cut the metal to get the sledgehammer. It took me 1.5 hours to assemble this and it's very rickety and the wood slats don't fit. I'm done with this. I bought a different one and it was great. This one was about $50 cheaper so I decided to try it. Huge mistake! I'm going to keep it, but I don't like it at all, because I spent so much time on it. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I wish I had read more of the reviews before buying. The parts do not allow for proper assembly. The wooden panels are different lengths and the holes on the headboard are in the wrong places so you can't screw the frame into the headboard. Some fit in the frame while others don't. What a joke. I'm going to have to disassemble after 1 hours of assembly.

👤This bed is strong. The pieces were kept inside the headboard. We hit a few issues during assembly due to the letters on the pieces being different from those in the instructions book and bolts inside of the frame, but we eventually got it built and so far it has held.

👤I took my chances and was happy with my purchase, even though I was scared of the bad reviews.

👤The frame is large enough for a queen sized mattress, but not strong enough for a deep mattress. It definitely takes two people, some patience, and some time to assemble.

7. Mainstays Profile Foldable Steel Powder Coated

Mainstays Profile Foldable Steel Powder Coated

The package is easy to move through doors and stairs. No tools are required to assemble. The frame has a clearance of approximately 13

Brand: Mainstay

👤Our guests were not happy with the bed we bought, but they indicated it was not very comfortable. If you are going to put adult guests on a fold-out bed, you need something big. The bed is raised off the floor. Don't cheap out and don't try to tuck the bed away under another bed, that's what I'm saying. It's more work and less comfortable. Storage is a consideration because the frame is large. I recommend it for the comfort factor. It's easy to set up and take down.

👤I have ordered over 40 of these frames for a bed program that my organization offers and they are great! The person is over 300 lbs. I would order the heavy duty frame.

👤The frame did what I needed it to. I had a twin mattress, but no box spring. That was solved by this frame. It's so easy to set up, just slide it out of the box and unfold. If you need a base for your mattress, I would highly recommend this.

👤It was very easy to set up. There was no assembly with screws or bolts. Storage is slim. The height and length were perfect. No swaying or creaking. Quite stable. I am very happy. This steel bed frame is very good. Can be stored under a bed, in a closet, or in other tight spaces.

👤Open the box and unfold the frame. It took a while.

👤I was happy that the assembly was easy, the frame is sturdy, and I am able to store it away each day so that I can use the space I have.

👤I ordered the frames for the mattresses for my kids. They are sturdy, easy to put up, and they are very nice, I really like how sturdy they are, and we give them a 5 star rating.

8. Best Price Mattress Metal Platform

Best Price Mattress Metal Platform

No box spring is needed for the platform bed. Heavy duty steel is used in the construction of this durable and noise-free construction. There are additional legs and a center bar. The under bed storage space has a vertical clearance of 16. Easy assembly with no tools required. Easy assembly with no tools required.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤It has been about six weeks since I put this bed up. The directions went to the point. I put this bed together by myself after listening to music. I am happy so far. My kids will jump on it. I have a boyfriend who is 270 lbs. No issues!

👤On Friday, I got my order on time and started to assemble the frame. You don't want to happen when you are two steps from being done. One of the parts was so short it was impossible to fit a screw into it. I was offered a replacement. I was upset and rejected it. You have to pack the dam again and take it to the office as if you have nothing else to do. I've bought structures to assemble many times in the past. Good luck.

👤Garbage. I waited a week for it to arrive and all corners are bent and the legs are broken.

👤Don't be alarmed. It looks like it is on the picture. It is not. I am average weight and it's squeaking loud while I am on it. I'm already regretting this purchase.

👤I've had this for a month or so and it's been great. I put it together myself. The setup took about an hour. The instructions were easy to understand and the pieces were in perfect condition. During adult activities, the bed is very quiet. I have a memory foam mattress and I've found that the bars are too close together, I'm going to purchase a bunkie board or something to go in between the mattress and the frame for added support. I don't want it to get worse because it's sagging between the bars. It seems to hold its weight. I have a combined weight of 410 lbs and a memory foam mattress.

👤I bought a king. I had to disassemble the old bed before I put this together. My husband did that part for me, and he had all the pieces of the new one ready for me. I used a screwdriver bit in my drill to fit the screws. It took about half an hour to put it together. It was very easy to use the drill, instead of the key tool. This thing is sturdy and our combined weight is over 400 pounds. There was no noise or squeaking. The mattress and box springs fit perfectly. I feel like I bought a quality product.

👤I'm surprised no one else has pointed this out. We put our frame together and laid it on. The slats are so thin that your mattress sinks between them, causing a very bumpy surface on which to sleep. The fact that this is advertised as "no box spring" is a misrepresentation. If they think you can put your mattress directly on it, I would not recommend anyone. It's easy to assemble, and gives good storage underneath, but many other solutions do as well. If the issue is not resolved by a sheet of plywood between the frame and mattress, then it will be returned.

9. Hodedah HI599 Complete Metal Mahogany

Hodedah HI599 Complete Metal Mahogany

Includes rails and leg supports, but not the mattress. A bronze metal frame with a wood post. It is easy on and off. The dimensions are 30 in. H x 35.43 in. W x 74.8 in. D.

Brand: Hodedah

👤I bought this product because of the high reviews. It is not worth a single star. When I received my package, it was torn and opened with a single layer of tape on top of it. The metal frame was hollow when I opened my box to assemble. It was thought to be very cheap. There were scratches on the metal frames. The wooden posts had marks on them. It had no manual. If you have children, I would not trust this bed. I have looked at this after setting it up. The bed is not worth $50. I would have bought a cheap bed at Walmart. I don't know who gave this 5 stars, but it is definitely not. Good luck.

👤The product I bought from Amazon was the worst. I buy a lot. There is a reason. Parts don't fit. The bed sheet and the board holes don't line up. The head post screws and foot post screws are the only ones that can be loosened. 2. Quality control is not good, welded joints have a safety hazard. I had to widen the screw holes with a drill. The rounded foot on the bottom of the center support leg was missing. 3. The finish is very thin. The cheap particleboard is exposed by the slightest ding on the bedpost. The product arrived with dents. 4. Not clear from any diagram or text whether the metal "bed sheets" have trough up or down. It seems like the trough should be up, so that mattress fits in it, but the trough opens downward. 5. The instructions have an illogical assembly order. The bed sheets and their legs should be assembled first so that the screw holes are level with the footboard. You need to prop up the bed sheets on boxes if you want to follow the instructions. A product that was poorly designed, poorly fabricated, and poorly quality-controlled. I regret buying this product.

👤The bed was poorly constructed using poor spot welding. I use the standard for low cost furniture, not this one. It is disappointing that a vendor would be allowed to sell such a poor product on the platform. I would have posted many photos, but the review page kicked me out.

👤The bed is ok for the money, but it was not boxed in another box when it was shipped and by the time I received it, it was scratched, bent and bolts were missing. The gift had to be assembled quickly. My son in law had to buy some hardware. The bed had to be straightened before it would bolt up. The way I got it is not acceptable and I don't really want to return it, but I am thoroughly dissatisfied and disappointed. It was needed as soon as we got it. I would have returned it.

👤I bought two for my niece who live with my parents. My dad said they were very strong and easy to assemble. The girls love them. They love the frames and look great in their room. I am happy they are happy, and I can't believe how affordable the frames are.

10. Zinus Lorelei Platforma Metal Platform

Zinus Lorelei Platforma Metal Platform

The metal frame looks great on its own or as part of a pair in your guest room or kids' bedroom, with its sleek and compact silhouette. Under bed theft. The under bed space on this platform is perfect for storing extra odds and ends. Reliable metal slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble with all the parts, tools and instructions in one efficiently packed box. The mattress is sold separately and supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. The mattress is sold separately and supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Brand: Zinus

👤Here's what you're doing wrong if you think the slats are too short. When you put the middle bars in, don't push one end all the way up against the bed frame and then screw it in on one side. It won't fit the other side if you do that. The middle bars should be in the center of the frame. It won't look or feel like it's sturdy yet, but it will after you put the screws. Put your screws in on both ends and screw them in just enough. Take turns on one side and on the other side. The middle bars will fit just fine if the screws' threads are pulled tight. The other slats will reach across once the middle bars are tight. I was about to call customer service when I realized what I had done. I hope this helps someone else out.

👤I'm a huge islander. The bed frame supports me. I assume the frame likes me because I haven't received any restraining orders. It received 4 stars instead of 5 because of this. It was easy to put together, except for some of the work that was less than standard and required new holes to be drilled. Every single person in my family knocked their shins on it after we put this together. It's funny if you're the first person.

👤My budget is limited because I'm a college student. There are only a few things to say about this bed. The price was within my range. It was easy to build and took less than an hour to build. My mattress fit perfectly. It's minimalist design allows for plenty of storage space beneath it. Highly recommend!

👤I love how cheap it is. The metal is strong. It was easy to set up. If you can read or look around the bars you can see that some of the bars aren't reaching, that's surprising to me. You just have to read the instructions. Trust me. The frame is great. I have a mattress and box spring. I prefer a box spring, you don't need one. The bed frame is strong. I have had 4 cousins that weigh more than 120 pounds each, and a dog that weighs 175. The bed is strong. The bed has a lot of space under it. This bed is recommended all around.

👤It was easy to put together. Don't tighten everything before you get it put together, take your time. Don't strong arm it so tight you can't get it out of your head. The device that comes with it is very generous. Thank you for the tool. The box was easy to open. I put the bed together quickly. I put it together after I was hurt and sick. The average person will take about an hour and a half. If you have helped, you will probably get it done quicker. The stickers are easy to pull off, and the black is solid. If I have to move, I'm tempted to leave them on. It's easy to move. You can store stuff under your bed if the height is good. I don't recommend that. If you live in a small room, you will. 2 or 3 people can sit on the bed, and it won't break. The average weight is 100-150 pounds. I would recommend this product to my friends and family. It's nice not to have a box spring. The bed is not low. I was afraid of that. If you have bad knees, you want a slightly higher bed. This is fine for most people. I had to change the rating to three stars because the bed keeps slipping off the frame if you put the tire bed against a wall on the long side. I have to adjust to it all the time.

11. AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

The product has a weight of 26.3 pounds. It is designed for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. Twin platform bed frame has a supportive foundation for a spring, hybrid or memory foam mattress. There was no box spring needed. The frame is easy to store and move in tight spaces with the folding mechanism. Extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of 13 inches is provided. No tools are required for a fast and easy setup. The steel has a sleek black finish. The steel has a sleek black finish.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The basics platform of Amazon is doing it's job but has a design flaw. The edges of the rods should be covered with a smooth surface. I put my new mattress on this platform. It ripped off my new mattress at all the sharp edges, voiding my warranty. If you place smooth cloth over the platform to save your mattress, please think of this scenario. I also bought a mattress cover. I placed the mattress to see if it fits. It ripped off my mattress.

👤I was surprised that the bed frame was as cheap as it was, but I am pleasantly surprised that it is holding up. I bought this to go with my new King sized memory foam mattress, I am 120 lbs and my boyfriend is 170 lbs, and we have had no problems with our sleep. I have not experienced any creaking in the bed or the frame. I was able to carry it by myself down the stairs to the bedroom because it was a bit heavy. My younger brother helped me set it up. He helped me pull the thing out of the box and cut some zip ties, but I could have done it myself. It is very easy to pull out the box and unfold the frame, you just need to snap some corners together. If this helped you, please give it a thumbs up, I am trying to get better at writing reviews.

👤I have a deep cut on my thumb when I pulled the bed frame out of the box, there is a sharp metal jutting from the rounded corner where you grab it to pull it out. More people can get serious injuries from this if the product is not better. I wanted to post a picture of my thumb but decided against it because Amazon might not post my review.

👤I've never said this before, but Amazon finally got something right with one of their products. I was expecting short posts after reading reviews. It took me more time to get the package in my house and unpack than it did to assemble the frame and make my bed. It was simple to unfold four auto-locking legs and then use two bolts and two odd little spacers to secure the frame pieces together. I was able to throw my box spring. The bed is tall. Without a box spring, the top of my mattress is above the window I sleep next to. I suppose I could get out a measuring tape, but it would take a lot of effort. Ignore the fact that this only supports sleepers up to 240 pounds. That should have been more than 2200 pounds. I am a fat boy and this thing doesn't move or groan.

👤It's easy to set up but there are two issues to be aware of. My full size mattress slipped because there was no lip to hold it in place. My queen size is heavy and has a soft bottom. The side legs are only half an inch and you'll kick them into bed if you do that nightly. I wrapped the legs in bubble wrap. I still kick them, but it doesn't hurt. I made corner "collars" that are the size and shape of the plastic corner protectors found on standard box springs to keep the full size mattress in place. The platform bed had holes for the headboard. If the manufacturer included foam tubes and snap on plastic collars, they would get five stars. They get three. I get the other two.


What is the best product for twin size platform bed frame?

Twin size platform bed frame products from Weehom. In this article about twin size platform bed frame you can see why people choose the product. Simlife and Gime are also good brands to look for when you are finding twin size platform bed frame.

What are the best brands for twin size platform bed frame?

Weehom, Simlife and Gime are some of the best brands that chosen by people for twin size platform bed frame. Find the detail in this article. Gime, Vecelo and Iyee Nature are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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