Best South Shore Flexible Full Platform Bed In Black Oak

Oak 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Nexera 345406 Platform Bed Black

Nexera 345406 Platform Bed Black

It has a metal and hardwood slat construction that makes it easy to assemble and sturdy to use. The bed set can be combined with different headboards. The items are sold separately. It's a standard full size mattress. There is no box spring required. The weight capacity is 500 pounds. It was designed and made in Canada. It was designed and made in Canada.

Brand: Nexera

👤I was scared to buy this because of the reviews. I like it so far. It has been working great since I had it for about 5 months. I don't think it's a good idea for adults to live the 50 Shades of Gray life or kids to jump on the bed. It is a great bed for sleeping and light activities.

👤The bed frame looks great, but the supports are not engineered to hold it. The wooden slats are too thin and end before the foot and head of the bed. slats were already broken upon arrival. The wood is sub par. It is not worth the time to ship an entire bed frame back. It could have been a great product.

👤It was put together and so far it is loving it. If there are any changes, we will update. We have wood floors and the pegs that lift it off the floor are plastic, which is one of the reasons I have aqualm about it. The bed had to be kept from sliding during assembly. It would have been nice to have two options. One being plastic and the other rubber.

👤The floating aspect of the bed is something I really like. After assembly, it was surprisingly stiff and sturdy. The company that sells the boards isn't to blame for some of the boards being scratched through transit. I'm not sure if it's covered by the warranty, and I'm not sure how well the customer service is. I wish it had a backboard for the price of the compressed wood frame.

👤The son wanted this bed. I could figure out how it floated. It was found here for a better price than most places. It was easy to assemble. The process was aided by pictures and words. The only tools needed were the hammer and phillips screwdriver. The key was included. The side and footboard are painted and still look decent. There are wood slats. It is fairly sturdy. I have to admit that it looks pretty cool. He added more lights around the bottom.

👤The bed frame is what you want it to be. My only complaint is that the finish is peeling in some areas, but that is to be expected for the price. It is exactly what I expected for my son's room.

👤Don't usually leave reviews. There is a wobble even with precise construction because the bed doesn't sit flat on the floor. There were missing support beams as well. It's just bad design and a company is trying to cut costs. Choose wisely if you have a whole foot of unsported area at the head or feet of the bed. There are about two and half inches of slate. This isn't enough support for a high density bed. It doesn't feel right. For more information, see the photo. Will contact the sellers to see what they can do for us. The price was paid and the quality was not good.

👤I was doing extracurricular activities when it broke on me. It lasted for a while.

2. Prepac Sonoma Queen Bed Headboard

Prepac Sonoma Queen Bed Headboard

The Queen Platform Storage Bed has 6 drawers. No box spring is required for Queen-sized mattresses. The bookcase has adjusable shelf. It was finished in deep black. Sturdy drawers with solid wood sides glide on metal runners. It is made from CARB compliant, laminated wood and has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts. It is made from CARB compliant, laminated wood and has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Brand: Prepac

👤It went well once we got through the missing pieces. The quality of the bed is good. It was difficult to not see that it was missing when we unboxed it because it came separately, but we did get the pieces separately. It took a week to get the plastic pieces. We had our bed assembled over the holidays and it was great, except that it was ugly.

👤It took a while to set up with 2 people.

3. Superfeet Insoles Professional Grade Orthotic Green

Superfeet Insoles Professional Grade Orthotic Green

Superfeet are high-profile, high-volume insoles that are designed to fill the length and width of your shoe for maximum support, simply trim the arch-support inserts to fit your shoes. The base-layer stabilizer cap is designed to support the rearfoot and provide additional structure and stability to the foam layer. The deepest of the heel cups is the Deep Heel Cup. The high-arch insoles for men and women offer maximum support and help with natural shock absorption. The arch-support shoe inserts have a high-profile, special shape that helps support the foot and reduce stress on the feet. These arch-support for women and men are made with high density foam and have a closed-cell foam layer.

Brand: Superfeet

👤I've been running for six years and I'm now 24 and I've been running for shin splints. I had no issues with running until a couple months ago. My knees started hurting after I received a fake item. I had to stop running because it became too painful. The item I received was a little different in shape and quality than my old Superfeet Insoles that had worn out after many years of abuse. I didn't make the connection until I read that another reviewer had also received a fake. The plastic support had cracked almost immediately after working out and the smell was terrible. Garbage. Customer support from Amazon was great. Even though it was outside the window, they immediately refunded my purchase. After an hour-long run, my knees have never felt better after I bought a replacement. Superfeet is an amazing product. I received a fake.

👤I saw the price and bought 2 pairs. Wow, I thought. What a deal. I found these to fit better and look better than my previous Superfoot, which cost nearly 2x as much. I discovered that some reviewers identified their Superfeet as fake. I wonder if that is what I got and why the cost was so low. I should have paid more attention to the reviews before buying. My trust in Amazon has been impacted by this.

👤I say take it with a grain of salt, because we all feel differently. I have narrow feet with high arches. I walk hills. There are lots of hiking on the weekend. I have a condition that makes me want to purchase these insoles. I've bought 3 different brands. Superfeet and Nazaroo are related. Each has a plus and a minus. The plastic arch base isn't fully glue to the insoles. The material rubs against the base. None of them had a bad feeling to them. Nazaroo is the best. The Superfeet Green is a high arch shoe with a firm fit and easy to use. Nazaroo Flat feet are a high arch shoe with a firm fit and easy to use.

👤I have been wearing Superfeet Green for a decade. I have tried other brands and other Superfeet models, but none of them have worked for me. The quality and build of these insoles have not changed since I have replaced them. I tried these for the first time 10 years ago when I developed a serious case of foot pain. It was not good. My feet couldn't handle the amount of walking I did at the time. I was recommended to try Superfeet by someone, and at first I had no idea which of the insoles they made would be best for me. I have very low arches that are borderline flat, so naturally I first tried to fit my actual foot type. They were ok but didn't help my pain. I decided to try the Green even though it was advertised as high arches. That is when I found my soul mate. If you've never used these before, let me tell you what to expect. These aren't the typical cushiony, pillowy insoles that make you feel like you're walking. The foam is dense and firm. I can see why some people may not want to do it; at first they feel like they'll only make foot pain worse. They do hurt if you're not used to them. It seems counterintuitive. It's important to be aware that this is normal for first time users. You may be frustrated at the beginning because you spent so much on the insoles that seem to make the pain worse. You need to give them time to break in. Your feet are likely not used to this level of support, and yet they need it. If you have low arches or flat feet. The first time you see these, you feel like you're in a weird position. Those with normal arches can take on more weight than those with flat and low arches, which can cause knee and hip pain. They are not comfortable at first. You need to be at your own pace. Wear them for an hour a day, then two hours, and so forth, and eventually the pain will go away, but you'll be amazed at what a huge difference they make. I use them in my running and trail shoes as well as my everyday walking shoes. I can do it pain free with these insoles. There are a few things that can't be changed. It could change the way your shoe fits because they are so firm. The fit is snug, but they fit nicely into my shoes. It will raise your foot. I've never found them to raise it so high that the shoe is unwearable, and my feet still feel secure in the shoe. I've been able to wear shoes that I couldn't before because of heel rubbing. I no longer have that issue because these lift my heels just enough. I don't like the idea that the insoles can change the performance of the shoe. I have a pair of running shoes that have a "springy" heel that feel great when I run fast. The springy-ness is dulled when using these insoles. The Green is the best pain relief and support that Superfeet has to offer. That's more important to me. Hopefully this information will help you in your search. Don't give up on them the first day, break them in and have patience. Your feet will thank you later and you will wonder how you survived without them.

4. Amazon Basics Microwave Adjustable 175 Pound

Amazon Basics Microwave Adjustable 175 Pound

The kitchen cart has caster wheels and is ideal for a microwave, mini fridge or extra storage. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds and the total capacity is 175 pounds. The shelf is easy to assembly and adjust. 4 chrome hooks offer hanging tool storage, each hook supports up to 25 pounds. Measures 15 x 21 x 36.7 inches and weighs 26 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The posts and shelves are made of solid metal and are very strong. The wooden top has no support other than the rubber pegs on the top of the post. It cracked within 24 hours of being on it. I think it's too risky to use a microwave as a general purpose prep station if the feet are resting near the edges.

👤I got a similar cart about a year ago, but it's not known if it's a brand new one. I wanted a slightly smaller one to fit in a corner and I really like the first one. I couldn't find a brand name for the first one. The reviews for this one were positive. I bought it a few days ago and it arrived today. The wheels roll well. There were pieces. The instructions were pretty decent. It seems pretty strong. The top was cracked on arrival and the corner broke when they attached a foot. I turned that to the back and it left the front showing. The black plastic clips don't fit together. It was more difficult to assemble than my first cart. The middle shelf or hooks never showed properly on the plastic. I can get two or three that seat if the top is warped. Right. The other ones pop back out. The edge of the shelves is bent. I turned that part to the wall again. The wires to the corners of the shelves end in mid air. If they were attached, it seems less study and lower quality. The wooden top has a hole in it. The brakes on the locking wheels are difficult to disengage. I'll try to take pictures of the crack, shelf corners, and bent edge soon. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to document the warped top. I guess I'll keep it since the corner doesn't break off when I put something on it. I wouldn't buy another one. I've added photos of the crack, shelf corner that ends in limbo, the bent shelf edge, and the amount of black feet on each corner of the top board, so you can tell what I mean. There is a crack in the board that wraps around three sides: the short end of the cart, the underside of the board, and the long side of the cart.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of the reviews that said it was hard to put together. I am happy that I bought. It was very easy to put together. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. I used a rubber mallet to get the shelving on tight, but other than that, I only needed what was in the box to assemble. It works well for a coffee station. I could see many uses for this cart. The shelves can be adjusted to where the user wants them.

👤The cheap chrome coating was peeling off. I didn't know it was chrome. I thought it was plastic. I was trying to decide if I needed stitches after it slashed my thumb. I couldn't believe how thin it was and how much it hurt. I had tiny particles in my foot after the coating was strewn on my floor. I wanted to own this cart. It seems sturdy. I was shocked by the quality. They couldn't care less when I told them.

5. South Shore Zach Mates Drawers Twin Gray

South Shore Zach Mates Drawers Twin Gray

The classic bed has 3 roomy drawers and will complement any interior theme. Bedroom storage. The drawers on the one side of the bed are ideal for storing and organizing bedding, clothes or seasonal items in the unused space under the bed. Simply place your mattress on top of the Sturdy frame on the flat deck. South Shore is proud to stand behind this mate's platform storage bed with 3 drawers and an exclusive 5-year limited. Shop with confidence because your purchase is always covered. South Shore is proud to stand behind this mate's platform storage bed with 3 drawers and an exclusive 5-year limited. Shop with confidence because your purchase is always covered.

Brand: South Shore

👤I would pay more for a premium version. More on that later. The design and assembly are good, but the materials are not. I assume the finish is a vinyl wood sticker. You are given a marker to use to obscure the unfinished seams. The instructions are clear. It is easy to assemble. There is a Solid when built and in place. The bad is that it's very fragile during assembly. The drawer part fell apart in my hand. It was fixed by wood glue and some clamps. Weak across the board. The bed frame will never be moved without full dismantlement. The particle board will be torn out by the cam bolt anchors. There are obvious unfinished surfaces. You can see it in the photos. The interior drawer surfaces are not fake. This is disposable furniture. Amazon drives a race to the bottom and competing with junk from China is difficult. There is room for better materials. If this was offered in ply, with a real finish, or a higher quality base with a thick real veneer finished for all visible surfaces with finished ply for the drawer bottoms, I would pay for that. Adding in better joinery that could be disassembled without destruction would be even better. I think it would be more expensive than most people are willing to pay.

👤Great product! The wood where the mattress sits is very strong and sturdy. It was hard to put together. It would have been nice if the draw rails were attached before. The letter labels were not stamped on all the pieces. The 2 locking pieces were confused by the pictures. If the hardware was separated by type and each package section labeled with what hardware number was in each it would have minimized that.

👤It took us 2 months to get the bed cane and one of the pieces was damaged so we couldn't put it together. We have had to make our own adjustments to it so it won't cave in as the hardware sent is junk and doesn't support the boards that hold the mattress. For a 7 year old, it will work for now, but will never purchase their products again.

👤I bought a full size bed with two drawers. My son was sitting on the support board when it snapped in half. The customer service didn't respond when I contacted them. Very unhappy with the product.

👤This bed will be great for my son. It looks great! The boards that support the mattress were cracked on arrival. Excellent customer service and the replacement of them immediately by SS. As we put the bed together, one of the boards had a crack.

👤The bed is cute, but not durable. The base board broke while I was sitting on it to fix it. If you need a strong and good quality, don't buy.

👤I use the drawers for my underwear and socks in the bed. They get the job done but they are not as deep as they would have liked. The packaging is the reason for 4 stars. It took 3 of us to move it from the porch to the living room. I feel bad for the delivery guy who had to carry this to our door because furniture like this would come in 2 separate boxes.

6. Nexera 375406 Drawer Storage Black

Nexera 375406 Drawer Storage Black

There are 3 drawers for added storage. It has a metal and hardwood slat construction that makes it easy to assemble and sturdy to use. The bed set can be created with different full size headboards. The items are sold separately. It's a standard full size mattress. There is no box spring required. The weight capacity is 500 pounds. It was designed and made in Canada.

Brand: Nexera

👤We needed to maximize space so I needed this bed. Since the storage drawers are on one side only, the bed was able to be located against a wall, since the lack of headboard and footboard worked for my new son-in-law. It took my handyman an hour to assemble. The white finish has a clean look that will match any other furniture or wall paint.

👤The bed is nice, except for the drawers. I got the bed for the extra space. The drawers are falling apart after putting a few T-shirts in. Poor quality and cheap. The bed is good, except for the drawers. The bed is for you if you don't care about the drawers.

👤The bed has a 500 pounds weight capacity. The wooden slats that come with the bed have buckled and broken less than a year later. If you buy this bed, you should also buy a sturdy bunkie board or platform. The flimsy wood slats are not strong enough to hold anyone's weight.

👤I kept it in the box until I upgraded my daughter's room. It was missing parts when I assembled it. Who should we contact? You only have a month to return it. The final product. A cheap bed.

👤Water damage! The box was in a bad shape.

👤The product was in a single box. It is easy to assemble. Instructions had a tube, but it wasn't found in this product.

👤The bed frame is beautiful but the box is damaged. The packaging was very bad.

👤My daughter's mattress was up off the floor. It was easy to assemble. There are drawers that slide. It seems better to just throw stuff on the floor, in front of the drawers. Teenagers!

7. South Shore 10632 Platform Weathered

South Shore 10632 Platform Weathered

The Particleboard is laminated. The bed does not need a box Spring. It can support a total weight of up to 500 lbs. Large legs for a big look. It is made in North American with non-toxic laminated particleboard. There is a 5-year limited on mattress, headboard and accessories.

Brand: South Shore

👤The bed platform is made of particle board. The interior area of the mattress is made up of several long pieces of particle board. There is a gap between the two sides as they don't fit together. It took 3 people to put it together. Two people are needed to hold the boards together while the other person drills and screws them. You need a drill even though the instructions don't call for one. You are using wood screws that are not pre-drilled. The instructions for wood projects are sketches that show what goes together without any written instructions. It was difficult to figure out what hardware goes into what area and how the sections are assembled from the instructions. The interior parts are different from the exterior. The interior is dark brown and black. I would ship it back, but the cost is too high so I am giving it a try.

👤I giggled when I saw the reviews that said the edges of the beds were too sharp and dangerous. Come on, don't blame the bed for user error, right? The bed is like a knife on the edges. I cut my leg open when I brushed against it. I brushed against this thing and it sliced into me. Even so, I still give 3 stars because it's not bad. Its sturdy, looks good, and really hard to assemble. It took 45 minutes to put it together. I would still recommend this bed because of its amazing quality, even though furniture is expensive these days. Even if it costs you an arm and a leg, it's still better than paying an arm and a leg for a brand. The bed is still in perfect shape. I have scars on my legs and today I had a bone chip in my leg. My husband has scars. I really wish I was exaggerating. This is the dumbest thing.

👤The frame was hard to put together and looked cheap. The South Shore headboards will not be attached to this frame. Don't buy this frame, it's heavy and cheap.

👤I should have read the reviews before then. Don't buy this product with the head board. They are not easy to fit together. I had to email the company to get more screws. There are four wooden panels that do not cover the entire bed. There is more space. Both items are difficult to put together. Save your time, money, and energy.

👤I haven't had the best luck with South Shore products in the past, but this is a nice looking bed frame that is very sturdy. There were no holes to attach the two. I attached the holes with bolts.

👤I like it. It looks nice and it was easy to assemble. The shin-bangers should be removed from the footboard in a slight redesign.

👤Within two months, the entire bed frame broke. It is not real wood. It was disapointed.

👤I love the furniture. The bed is very nice. It looks more expensive than it was. The edges of the bed are very sharp, so you should order child safety corners. I have injuries on my knee and calf. Otherwise sturdy and nice looking.

8. South Shore Vito 5 Drawer Chest

South Shore Vito 5 Drawer Chest

The upright drawers are the perfect solution for limited space. The style is demonic. The modern design of the drawer features a kickboard and wooden knob handles, which will match any interior theme. It's perfect for storing clothing in bedrooms or art supplies in your craft room. Product dimensions are 19.00" L x 31.00" W x 47.50" H. The product weight was 70.00 lbs.

Brand: South Shore

👤Some of the great reviews are from people who worked for the company or got this for free. I am giving this 4 stars for looks, but 1 star for quality and ease of putting together. This is a beast to assemble. If you have already assembled 100 of these, it will take one hour. It took me over two hours. The screws that go in to the sides are the worst part. If you don't widen the screw holes a bit, you will end up like me, because the screws aren't flush and one of my drawers won't close all the way. I would like to cry. There is no way to fix the screws. It's really bad. I am only buying furniture that is pre-assembled. Take a look at the price of assembly and see if you can get a quote from Amazon. It is a difficult road if it is high.

👤You get what you pay for. This is very similar to furniture from IKEA. I wanted something in grey, but most ikea furniture does not have knobs. Ikea was out of stock due to covid and my malm dresser was broken after 6 years. I thought it was easier to put this together than ikea furniture. It's not hard. It's just time consuming. The directions were easy to understand. The last step of the main drawer was broken. I immediately called customer service and spoke to a person. She told me that it would be at my house within 5 days and I was very happy. I was very happy after work. This is not real wood, but it is cheap and pretty, just what I needed.

👤The drawers collapsed onto themselves after the first month of having purchased the item. I was ready to complain to the company about the cheap product. My brother was the one who built the chest for me. I've always been suspicious of his building abilities. I decided to disassemble it and reassemble it myself. The entire structure was weak because the screws on the side panels were not tightened well. The drawers collapsed onto themselves without any weight being placed on them. The chest worked perfectly after it was fixed. I am not the most skilled person, but if you are good at building things, you will have no problem. I like the gray color of this chest and think it looks beautiful. It is very modern and fits into a modern household. I give it four stars because some pieces were damaged upon arrival, but nothing that bothered me.

👤I noticed a few things when I opened this drawer. I wouldn't recommend buying this. It's best to buy your furniture at a local store. When they deliver it, you can have them take it back and inspect it. I noticed the damage after I unboxed and didn't feel like boxing. If the box was damaged, I would have taken it. I think it's a cheap piece of furniture that was poorly made. I wouldn't buy any product from this store. Again. I work too hard for my money and Amazon makes it easy to order furniture. Get to the store and look at what you're getting and know what you're getting.

9. South Shore Flexible Platform Baskets Twin Pure

South Shore Flexible Platform Baskets Twin Pure

The Particleboard is laminated. This bed features 9 under bed shelving units and fabric storage bins. Storage options are endless, with 9 compartments. Stack books or pillows in between the provided storage bins. Save money with this economic and Classic bed, without a box spring or foundation. The mattress can be placed on top of the frame. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: South Shore

👤I was shopping for a full sized bed for my daughter's tiny room for over 6 months before choosing this one. Friends told me that the storage drawers were junk when I was looking at it. I looked at furniture stores that were 3-4 times the price of this bed and the storage drawers were not strong. I looked at used beds. It would have been the same price as this bed if I had paid for the truck and help to move it. I went with it. First, it is sturdy. It does not have those slats. The best slats can break and make a mattress wear differently. There are nice and tight flat boards in this. The space under the bed can be used for long term storage. There is a It is made from a press board. It doesn't move. Doesn't feel weak. I don't feel like I have to get into the bed. Doesn't creek. The curved edges at the foot of the bed make me happy. It is a little detail that is often missed and you end up cursing the designers. There are a few cons. I only took off one star because I am happy with the bed. These could be a deal breaker for you. * The delivery was 8 days early. Thank goodness. I asked the driver to put the package in the front door. It would have been difficult to get it in the door. Its heavy! I took my time to carry each piece up the stairs because I am an older woman with physical limitations. The picture makes it seem bigger. This was important to me because I need every inch of space in the room I put the bed in. The picture shows the mattress going to the edge. There are a few extra inches around the mattress. The finish is not good. I can see where the areas may peel off. If you live in a humid environment, it may be a problem. It is hard to notice any flaws once the bed is made since it is covered by the floor. You will see everything when you build it. Don't be alarmed. Don't expect a high quality finish at this price. All of the pieces I received had no broken edges. It took me 4-5 hours to put it together. That is one person. It doesn't include time to read the directions, check the parts and other prep work. I did it myself. I did not rush. It was easy. It's just time consuming. I didn't mind because of the price. The smaller box should be opened first. There are instructions and the first pieces to assemble. The pieces went together perfectly. The pieces were cut and drilled. Before starting, read the manual. It won't make sense, but you should be familiar with it. Before starting, try to put the boards in alphabetical order. All long boards are stacked up and in order. Put the stamped side up so it is easy to see. The stamp can be on the edge or on the flat side. Do your best. It makes finding the part much easier. There are tools needed. Don't use a drill. Take your time, I cannot stress this enough. "Haste makes waste" is what mom always said. The instructions should be saved. They will need to disassemble the main parts to move it. There is a It will be difficult to rearrange your room if you put the bed on the carpet. If you build it on a flat surface like wood, vinyl, or laminate, you should protect the floor and furniture with a blanket. It will scratch the floor when you are moving. The points in this review are important. Hope they can help you.

10. South Shore Storage Collection 54 Inch

South Shore Storage Collection 54 Inch

No box spring is required. Also available in chocolate and black. It is made from recycled panels. The complete assembly is required by 2 adults. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: South Shore

👤The alignment issues with the bed are unacceptable. It took my husband 3 hours to put it together. We had to slide in the drawers because of the extra time it took to figure out the assembly. The drawer slides were completely crooked because of the location of the predrilled holes being unevenly distributed, causing the drawers to be unbalanced and stick out in different areas. The drawers won't work because two of them are at the bottom corners and the top corner is sticking out at least an inch, which will either hurt my toddler or cause something to fall. It is not possible to try and drill new holes because they are too close to the ones there. We decided to turn the bed around so the open side was against the wall. This is very frustrating because I wanted a bed like this for a little extra storage space since my daughters room is so small. I could have gotten a bed like this for half the price without the drawers. It is not an option to return it since you can not unbuild or repackage it, so I hope the company will give a partial reimbursement. I will update after I try to resolve this.

👤I bought this when I moved. It arrived in two boxes. The boxes were packed well and the pieces were labeled to correspond with the instructions. The instructions were mostly pictures. The pictures were easy to understand, and I was able to figure it out quickly as a visual learner. I installed this bed myself and I think it took me about 3 hours, but I didn't know how long I was actually working, just noted what time I started and finished, and I took a few breaks in between. I made a mistake at the end of the process when I installed the side upside down because I kept forgetting to lock the cam screws in place. It was easy to fix my mistake. It's frustrating andumbersome. It is difficult, no. The bed won't be a big deal if you work carefully and sort your materials. I haven't had any problems sleeping on it for two months. The drawers hold a good amount of weight and the bed is sturdy. I have no issues opening and closing the drawer because I'm using it to hold about 4 old textbooks. Excellent bed. Excellent price. Would buy again.

👤The rating is based on my daughter's ability to assemble the bed when she was 13 years old. She took one piece at a time upstairs to her room and put the whole thing together. The instructions must have been easy to follow because only one part of her was wrong. She reversed one of the slides on the drawer after I looked at it. When I asked her how long it took, she said that she wasn't sure because she was watching TV and assembling it after bringing it upstairs one piece at a time... My 13-year-old took about five hours to complete the process. The bed is very nice.

11. Skechers Louden Fisherman Sandal Brown

Skechers Louden Fisherman Sandal Brown

The Heel measures approximately 1.25" Two hook-and-loop straps and a memory foam footbed are included in the outdoor sandal.

Brand: Skechers

👤These sandals are not very good. The heal strap loop broke from the shoe. The local factory outlet store wouldn't replace or refund the item because it was a manufacturing defect. The return date was in June. The warranty on the products is 45 days. I will tell everyone I know about this experience, but I will never use another Skechers product.

👤As we got older, my husband and I started buying more expensive shoes and boots, because we moved away from Skechers. They have a comfortable shoe in larger sizes. He's 6'4 and wears a size 14 so it's difficult to find well made shoes that are comfortable, but the Skechers Louden Sandals are perfect for day to day wear. They are fully adjusted on the front strap, ankle and heel straps, which makes for a great fit and support. The soles are non slip rubber and the insoles are very padded. These are a great shoe.

👤I liked these sandals so much that I bought them. I have had them for six weeks and they are broken. The ring that connected the side strap to the heel was the weakest point in the sandal, but I never expected it to break. And. So soon! !! I don't think I have 10 miles on my shoes and they are broken, but the photo shows that. My previous sandals were purchased from Walmart. Why don't you buy another pair of identical sandals from Walmart? Both assumptions were true, these seemed like they had better support and would be more comfortable. I'm out of luck because they broke and didn't happen within the 30-day return policy. It's really sad. I won't buy Stretchers again.

👤I have not had a problem with the plastic strap on the back of the sandal that others have had. The sandal is light in weight. It is a nice sandal, but the memory foam is terrible. The foam will not regain its original shape after only two or three days of wear. It has collapsed. I have had other shoes that were the same way. It seems that memory foam doesn't work well for insoles in shoes. Maybe they use inferior materials. The idea doesn't work in the real world.

👤I have worn this sandal for a long time. I just bought a new pair of shoes. I was happy to find this model through Amazon, because I couldn't find it on the Skechers website. This shoe is very comfortable. I wear them almost year round in Southern California. There are three straps that can be adjusted: across the toes, around the heel and across the instep. I don't touch the toe and heel straps again once I adjust them. I loosen the strap to put on or take off the sandal. I ordered a size 10 and it fit. The model is described as relaxed. The relaxed fit sandal is more wide than medium width, which is what I need. I have to take a larger size to compensate for the medium width in closed-toe shoes. If you take a medium width shoe, this sandal may be a bit loose on your foot.


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What are the best brands for south shore flexible full platform bed in black oak?

Nexera, Prepac and Superfeet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for south shore flexible full platform bed in black oak. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, South Shore and Skechers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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