Best Platform Bed Support Board Queen

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1. Zinus Compack Adjustable Spring Mattress

Zinus Compack Adjustable Spring Mattress

Reliable support for your box spring and matTRESS. Solid steel construction, multiple legs and a center support beam make the Compack bed frame reliable for years to come. Under the bed, you can keep extra odds. Universal Sistine Sistine. You don't have to buy a new frame when you upgrade your bed size; two universal sizes allow you to modify the frame as your bed size changes. The setup can be done in under 30 minutes. A box spring and mattress are required for a worry-free 5-year warranty. A box spring and mattress are required for a worry-free 5-year warranty.

Brand: Zinus

👤The bed frame took 45 minutes to put together. Not bad. I ordered a queen frame and there are "queen" stickers on it, but my queen box spring doesn't fit, so I'm stuck. The frame is too small. I put a frame together at almost 30 weeks pregnant. It's expected to take it apart and send it back for a refund. It's ridiculous. I don't recommend and I'm curious to know how people with good reviews got their bed to fit.

👤We spent months researching for the perfect mattress, waited for the best price on the mattresses we wanted to try, spent hours at multiple stores laying on different mattresses praying we didn't pick up some disease along the way, and finally we found the perfect mattress. We bought a mattress. We are excited to get a good night's sleep in our new bed after the next day's delivery. We are disappointed to find that we are still on top of each other in the middle of the bed. What is happening? The box spring is going with the new mattress. We should be sleeping in a cloud. Wrong. The cross bars are bowed in the middle because our frame was warped from being passed down. The hunt for a frame to take our new mattress from disappointing to heavenly begins. I settled on the frame I was going to review. I liked the price and it got great reviews. I wanted a quiet frame. Adult activities. The frame exceeded my expectations. It took 30 minutes to set up. The instructions were easy to understand. The pictures were helpful for me because I am a visual learner. The pieces were light and I was a little leary. I'm pleased with how strong it is. It comes compactly folded and will be great for our next move. There are easy to use screws washers and an Alan wrench. The frame is supportive. After the bed was assembled and the box spring and mattress were put on, it was completely level. No more a hole in the middle. My husband and I can sleep together or apart without feeling like we're on a cliff. It is definitely quiet. Even with the bed.

👤I don't know why I didn't see this feedback in reviews. The Zenus bed frame was not compatible with two different headboards. If it could have been secured to my bed, I would give it 2 stars. The Zenus bed frame has slots in it's brackets that don't allow the bolts to pass through. You can't put the bed frame into the headboard. The Zenus brackets are too narrow for the gauge of the bolts that come with the headboard. I was surprised by the standard size. I have small gauge bolts around the house that will pass through the slots of the Zenus brackets, however they are useless because a skinnier bolt won't screw into the predrilled holes in the headboard, if the bolts are too skinny. This bed frame is not universally compatible. I don't know why I didn't see this in any reviews before buying. It was very easy to put together and came with a nifty tool. The product was disappointing. I secured the headboards to the studs. I used washers and screws to attach the bed frame. I drilled new pilot holes. I put the washer on my screw and drilled the screws into my legs. It worked out well, but definitely shouldn't have been done.

2. HomeProtect Supports Cushions Replacement Furniture

HomeProtect Supports Cushions Replacement Furniture

The HomeProtect Couch Cushions Support Board is thicker than most of the support boards and more deepper. Provide better rising support for the sofa. The round corner design isDURABLE. The rounded corners of their cushion support make it difficult to te-ar. The rounded corners will not damage your furniture. Correct spacing is needed for the posting. The cushion is not able to sink again because of the newly upgraded sofa support. Making your sofa have a second life and protecting your health is something that can be done to correct the pressure on the waist caused by incorrect sitting posture. It's easy to install. You can easily solve the problem of your sofa sinking by removing the sofa cushion, putting the sofa support under it, and putting the cushion back on the sofa. Most sofas and two-seaters have sofa supports. Seat saver have a fold design so you can fold them to your liking. Save money. The old sofa can be used as a second life, you don't have to spend a lot of money on buying furniture, unrepaired old sofa is a good solution. Save money and time. Save money. The old sofa can be used as a second life, you don't have to spend a lot of money on buying furniture, unrepaired old sofa is a good solution. Save money and time.

Brand: Homeprotect

👤The side that faces the television is on the other side of the couch. It was used most frequently. I added the supportive mat to live in and it worked well. I measured the length to make sure that it would fit and that it was accurate in the listing. It is folded and stretches out. It stores small if you are not using it. It provides good support and it's easy to tell the difference after. If you are having a problem with your cushions, you would notice the difference.

👤The extra support gave my couch cushion.

👤This fixed the sectional that had a sag in the middle. I was skeptical that something that folds would have the same strength as a solid insert. If I ever need to store my couch in the closet, I can just fold it up and put it there. Pleasantly surprised!

👤The job was well done. Better than what it was. I was surprised that my loveseat is better now than it was before. The price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It was as described. Nice support for our sectional. The vendor followed up after the customer service was great. Don't hesitate to order if you want to extend the lifespan of your saggy sofa with some nice support. I don't think you will be disappointed.

👤Excellent purchase, sturdy and works as described.

👤The board was sturdy and made with great support. And it fit perfect. Good things about this product are what I can say. Thank you.

👤The function and quality of the package are very good. The seating area has support added to it. Thanks.

3. Ikea Sultan Luroy Full Slatted

Ikea Sultan Luroy Full Slatted

The dimensions are 74.75 x 52.50 x 1.62 inches. The mattress width was 53.12 inch. The mattress width was 53.12 inch.

Brand: Ikea

👤The box says double support. There is a picture on my bed. It is not a double support. I tried to explain the problem to the person. The one sent as a replacement was the same. If the problem isn't addressed, it will repeat.

👤I was a bit worried about this order, as I had seen some reviews that talked of rough, broken pieces, ill fitting panels, and videos of what looked more like scrap wood at times. It arrived in good shape. The wood was sanded and had a light finish. I received two panels to fit the frame. Some people noted that the only panel they received was a single one. The panels fit perfectly in my bed frame. I am very happy.

👤The Ikea bed frame in our guest room has a box spring that makes it too high. The slatted bed base makes the bed look like it's supposed to, just the right height. I haven't had guests sleep on it yet, but it seems to support the mattress. Very pleased!

👤These slats fit the Ikea bed frame perfectly. They are easy to set up and look the same. They come as two rolls of slats, each roll attached to strips of fabric so that the slats are already laid out. You can position the rails on the inside of the bed frame. You must use these slats on a bed with a center bar.

👤These are not the right size. These wouldn't fit a baby's crib. The refund was received.

👤I have an Ikea bed that has a similar base but the base is framed as 2 pieces, but I thought I'd get that one for $80, but instead I had 2 sets of wood boards connected with stripes, they ship in a small box. The wood boards are expensive.

👤The frame is easy to assemble. It works perfect.

4. Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Natural wood grain detail meets impressive structure in this solid wood foundation in an antique espresso finish that is every bit as remarkable as its clean-lined, durable framework. No box spring is needed because the wood slats are reliable and closely spacing. A thick and sturdy solid wood frame is constructed with steel interior framework for longevity and can support up to 700 lbs in the twin size. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour with a friend's help. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤The beams broke. The beams are made of smaller pieces of wood.

👤Don't buy! The platform doesn't meet the requirements of many bedding manufacturers. The slats are more than 3 inches apart. The product doesn't meet its intended purpose and according to the manufacturer of my mattress and a large retail chain in New England the product doesn't adequately support a mattress without additional support and it's use will void your warranty. I spent a lot of time researching to find the right product and from the picture it looked like the slats were close enough, but they are not. It is well made, contrary to some reviews. The people who complain about the center posts bending are most likely moving the bed without lifting it. The worst part of it all is that Zinus's customer support is the worst. I asked if they could send me without charge or even charge me for additional slats. After a month of phone calls where I was told they would send slats, I finally got an out right refusal to send me or sell extra slats. Amazon should investigate this on their own and pull the product or advise buyers that they will need to do additional work on this product once they receive it to bring it to minimum standards. There is an update. See the response from the customer service company. They are horrible. Their answer was either ignorant or a lie. You are the judge. They were given a chance to respond to their claim before I wrote this. The measurement you see is correct because the system is very controlled and can not be messed with. I would not be writing this if it was 3. The angle of the picture makes a difference. The distance between each slats contact point is just over three feet, but this photo shows that their claim is incorrect.

👤The slats on this unit are attached to each other on a strip of velcro. I contacted Zinus to make sure I could buy more slats to keep the frame together. I am buying a very heavy latex mattress and it is recommended. I was told that I could purchase additional slats. I invested in the frame and latex mattress based on that guarantee. I was told I could buy them from an outside source, such as slats. Lowes, Home Depot, or your local hardware store. Say what? The slats are made from1/4" thick solid wood with a tape that affixes to the bed frame. Local stores don't sell these. It is possible to cut down a small piece of plywood. They told me that it would be illegal to sell them to me as they don't have a price for them. They should be sent to me for free as they broke their promise. After several emails and dropping the CEO's name, another rep apologized and offered to send them for free. That was great news, until I received them. The new slats were shorter than the old ones. They wouldn't span the width of the bed. They fall out if you see the picture. I can't believe they have a poor quality control system. Customer service will no longer acknowledge me after I asked for a response twice. If you want to take your chances with properly manufactured slats, this may be for you. I would not recommend this company's products or customer service.

5. Amazon Basics Modern Platform Support

Amazon Basics Modern Platform Support

Simple lines and a sleek black finish make a modern style look good. The frame is made of rugged steel with heavy-duty wooden slats for stability and long- lasting support. The central steel frame has noise-free foam on it. Storage space under the bed allows for keeping items like extra bedding, seasonal clothing, sports gear, and more out of the way yet accessible. Simple set-up and warranty: assembles quickly and easily; screw kit and instructions included; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. Simple set-up and warranty: assembles quickly and easily; screw kit and instructions included; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There are only 6 steps to assemble. It doesn't serve well as a bed frame. The frame is too heavy. The video shows the husband turning around.

👤It feels as if pressing on them would snap them in half. Do not recommend this item. I bought this for my 12 year old because he was too scared to lie and it felt like it would fall apart.

👤This frame was the correct solution and size for my problem, and went together super simply. It had three annoying flaws. I'm pretty sure they glue the parts stickers onto the thing. The frame was missing a piece of the top bar that held the slats down. There was no evidence of it being affixed. It got completely forgotten. The arcs don't go as high as I imagined them doing, but that may be a personal gripe. Yes, overall. I think the job will be done, but if you want to build this hard, you should charge 20 bucks less.

👤I read through the reviews that weren't positive. I've had good success with a lot of the Amazon Basics products, so I decided to take a chance with this particular model, which was the right size, right height, and at the right price for the guest room. The frame was easy to assemble and took me about 40 minutes to do it myself, but I had my partner help me lay the mattress evenly on. Once the mattress' weight is evenly laid on, it felt firm and sturdy enough to test, even though the wood slats could have been more hardy. I didn't feel any creaking from the slats or metal frame, it's set on carpeting which I'm sure helps. The labels were sticky, but nothing could be done with the stuff gone.

👤I got the mattress on the frame as soon as it was put together. I sat down slowly and carefully, and the second time I put my full weight on it there was a loud noise. Some of the slats splintered, but not all of them broke. There have been no issues since then. I hope it's crossed! It's been a while now. I thought I'd update this a little. The bed frame has held up well. I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. It was worth the money paid.

👤This was easy to assemble, except for a few screws that were hard to screw in. It is very strong and heavy. I have no issues with my mattress and box spring. The frame says it has a 500 LB weight limit but I and two others have slept in the bed multiple times with a combined weight of 800 pounds. I will buy another bed frame if the need arises.

👤I knew this wouldn't be my permanent bed frame. I needed something to hold my bed off the ground until I got a nicer one. I didn't know that this was only going to last a short time before it fell apart. The boards that come with this frame are already falling apart after 2 months of sleeping on it.

6. Adjustable Support Durable Furniture Suitable

Adjustable Support Durable Furniture Suitable

Product dimensions are 75" x 54" The center support leg for the bed frame is designed to match different beds' heights to protect the bed and mattress from damage or sagging. The support leg is used for wooden furniture. Their carbon steel round base is three times heavier than the other brands and is more stable. The load is twice that of other brand on each leg. The bed support legs height can be adjusted from 7.08" to 14.9" with the included extender. The support leg has two Jam Nuts to lock and a stabilizer that will be more stable than other brands. The galvanized material is not easy to rust. The nut is made of high quality international screw steel, which is difficult to bend. It has better grip and won't hurt or scratch your floors. The diameter of the Base is 2.36 and the measure and packing are adjusted from 7.08" to 14.9". Comes with instructions for installation. The packing included hardware with each Support Leg, Wing Nut, Jam Nut, and Coupler Nut. The screw is extended by thePhillips Wood Screw(4).

Brand: Goodgoods

👤They worked perfectly for stabilizing my desk. The quality control was poor for the price. One of the four wing nuts was screwed in unevenly. Returned for a replacement because it was a good construction and there was extra headaches to make sure the pieces were working as they were supposed to. It's a good buy because it's still the cheaper of the lot.

👤All of them worked well, they are a tight fit and you have to use some muscle to adjust the height. The only gripe I had was that the screws they sent them were cheap. Even with pre-drilling holes, they were just button heads with no means to install. I had to buy new screws.

👤They're easy to assemble, but I'm not sure how sturdy they are. The manufacturer claims that they can be adjusted up to 14", but it was impossible for me to adjust them to the required height of 12. I bought table legs instead of throwing them out, which worked better.

👤These are needed for the guest bed. I looked at the store but couldn't find anything. I needed these at a great price. They are easy to use.

👤The leg is not shorter than 11 1/2 inches because of the extension. It is difficult to thread through. Only if it's below 9 or above 11 1/2 inches. I needed 11 inches.

👤It's difficult to install and assemble.

7. Krisler Adjustable Anti Shake Headboard Headboards

Krisler Adjustable Anti Shake Headboard Headboards

If you think that a moving bed won't affect your sleep, you might want to think again. Without the bed frame anti shake tool, the bed always makes noise while you're trying to sleep. They made it! The head of the bed can become wobbly if the wall is not protected. Their threaded glides are easy to install and can make your bed more stable. The Threaded Bed Frame anti-shake tool can be used in many places, as long as the center of gravity is stable or easy to shake the object. There are objects used against the wall. Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place. Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place.

Brand: Krisler

👤We tried them out last night. Our teens were not aware of it. Score!

👤A new bedroom set had a headboard. I haven't had a bed in a long time. They can be loud at certain times. I would try these out instead of trying to hold it in place. I suppose you could say that the wall is not being slammed into by the headboard, but that is because they are. It doesn't help at all when you try adjusting them. We will throw the pillow up there.

👤They work as described. It took about a minute to install each one. The wall is not the sticky side of your headboard. Some people take paint off the wall because they put the sticky side on it.

👤These are actually pretty awesome little devices. I have a bed frame that is the most annoying and I am waiting to get a new one before I sleep. I am sure my neighbors can hear it as well. The squeaking stopped when I popped them on. It was nice to sleep through the night and not be bothered by the issue. The quality of sexy time has improved. Make sure you measure the gap between your bed and wall correctly. You can get the correct size.

👤Wow,WOW! This product is amazing. My bed is no longer soft. There is a bed that stays put. If I didn't see this as a funny meme on Facebook, I wouldn't have discovered this product. It was very easy to install. It can adjust to a decent length. I have a curved bed. I was able to put them on top of the bed and it stayed there.

👤Really like this product. I attached it to the bed so that it wouldn't hit the wall, and I also attached it behind the sofas so that they wouldn't touch the wall. Also attached it to a side wall so that the piano isn't in the way of the cabinet opening.

👤I like the idea of a strong wall, but it's not as strong as it could be. I don't like it.

👤I ordered this because my brass headboard would bend and hit the wall whenever I laid it against it in bed. I added this to the top of my frame to make sure it didn't hit my wall. The strength of the sticky holding on my bed frame is not a concern, since it is curved and not flat. I'm hoping it will work out.

👤These are easy to install and adjust.

👤It looks good, but not sure when it will be tested, but it should be ok. My bed is heavy, so this comment shouldn't be taken into account with weak bed frames.

👤It worked perfectly with the strudy support.

👤I like that it protects the wall and the bed.

8. Zinus Assembly Replacement Michelle Mattress

Zinus Assembly Replacement Michelle Mattress

Product 1: Strong and Sturdy 1.6 inch profile wood slat mattress support. It's ideal for use with platform beds. Product 1: Fast and easy assembly. Product 1 provides additional support for Spring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. Product 1. Non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents your mattress from moving, and foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use. Product 2: Steel construction with easy locking system. Product 2 is easy to assemble. There were no tools needed. Product 2. Not for use with mattress only. The box spring and matress are sold separately. The box spring and matress are sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤May 2021. I ordered another king size product because I like this one so much and I can't wait for my mattress to arrive. The review was done in Feb. A box spring is required because I accidentally got a low profile bed frame. I ordered Zinus 1.6" to give it enough support, but not too high off the ground. I can't wait to sleep on it after it comes full grown.

👤I rarely review things, but I enjoyed this so much. I wanted to replace Ikea slats on my bed. Non flexible slats work better with memory foam mattresses. They fit in the bed frame. The assembly was easy to do. A pleasant product.

👤It seems like it should be able to hold a lot of weight. I stood in the middle of the center support beam when it was in my frame. There are enough slats that I don't worry about them failing to support a reasonable weight. The queen size bunkie board has an overall dimensions of 78.2 inches by 59.3 inches. The queen size is 80 inches by 60 inches. The open space between my slats is precisely 2.4 inches and the width of each slat is precisely 2.8 inches. There is an open space between the last slat on each end and the frame on my board. The bars are 0.7 inches wide. The overall length is 14x2.8. This is used with the P56 9-leg bed frame. It was easy to assemble in the frame. It's very stable now, because I secured it to the brackets with zip ties. I can confirm that the other components of my bed work together.

👤I ordered a queen size and it seemed like a full one. This wouldn't work for a queen size if it weren't for the original bed slates. The solution is solid but the size seems a bit off.

👤I don't give out 5 star reviews very often. This was a great experience. I bought this frame to convert my existing frame so I could lower the height of the bed for my mother, who recently broke her hip. The package was in excellent condition when it arrived. I used a razor blade to cut along the tape to open the box on the ground. It was the best way for me to do it, as the pieces were clearly marked and visible, as they sat in the open box on the floor. The numbering system is great. I didn't need to look at the directions. Match the numbers and assemble. It was easier for me to start by laying one of the rails on top of my frame. This allowed me to keep the rails in place, but also verify their size, which was a perfect fit in my case. Assembly is simple with Zinus. They included a mini ratchet with the allen wrench, so there was no need for any other tools. The hardware included was of the highest quality, pre-fitted with washers and lock washers to keep the frame nice and tight, when assembled properly. It comes with two sets of wooden slats that are pre-folded. What could be simpler? All you have to do is line up the first slat with the velcro, already in place, on one end of the frame, and then move down the frame to the center, applying each slat in place. Each group of slats is held in place by a strip of velcro along the end of the slats. They are not measuring, no fuss. It was assembled in a few minutes. There are a few extra tips. My original frame was a 1/3 frame, so it's not all boxed in for this insert to sit on. I used a self tapping metal screw to secure the frame and insert in place after I drilled one pilot hole on each side of the foot end. This is only a precautionary measure to prevent the metal insert from sliding on top of the frame. I'm not sure if this would ever happen, but it's better than sorry. 2. I started at the other end of the insert frame and worked my way to the middle of the second set of slats. The alignment of the slats was perfect. To place the last slat in place, you must step out from the middle of the insert frame. I didn't need to use the extra bolts that were included in Zinus. This product is easy to use and earns 5 stars. I'm really happy!

9. Zinus Compack Adjustable Spring Mattress

Zinus Compack Adjustable Spring Mattress

There is a center bar and 9 legs. Steel construction. For use with Box Spring and Mattresses sets only. The leg design is for safety. Simple, strong, and quiet. Simple, strong, and quiet.

Brand: Zinus

👤It is easy to assemble. The box arrived in good condition and the frame inside was wrapped in plastic wraps with zip ties. The assembly of the frame took about ten minutes. I didn't need any tools at all. The step-by-step directions were easy to understand and displayed a number system to assemble the frame. It's very easy to put it together. The large round legs add stability to the frame. The distance from the floor to the bottom of my box spring was roughly 6.5". I wanted a frame that didn't raise my bed too high off the floor and this frame is perfect. The frame is very sturdy and very affordable. If you're on a budget and looking for a really strong frame, I highly recommend this one.

👤There were no missing or bent pieces when the product was shipped. If you want to order the California King sized frame, you should spend more money somewhere else. The box-springs that support the mattress can't fit with the brackets at the foot of the bed. There are no borders for the head of the frame, but there are borders for the foot of the bed. We had to remove one corner so we could put the box-springs under the mattress. There is only one thing on the frame. The mattress is big and heavy, so there isn't much movement. It gets the job done if you don't care. I recommend having some kind of support. The design of the mattress allows it to lose some of its support when sleeping. We did not return it. We still use it. The frame would be replaced if we had a better budget.

👤I went to screw the last leg and it came off. The screw on the leg broke easily. I can't believe that the screw that holds the bed frame to the leg can break. I saw that Zinus responded to the reviews with a customer service email. I got an automated reply saying they will get back to me after I sent them an email. It was weeks ago.

👤Solid bed frame. The corners are rounded rather than the metal frames that take a toe off. It's nice and solid, which is important because my husband and I were piling 500 lbs on this frame at night. The frame takes up less room than the old sleigh bed, and there are no creaks. It's easy to set up, and if we upgrade to a king in the future, we can still use this frame. I appreciated how clean the frame was. Rounded legs for the victory.

👤Just a few comments, so far so good. We wanted to use it in other rooms or give it to friends and family so we decided to purchase a bigger frame so that we could use it in other rooms. We are leaning towards keeping it. The middle leg on the sides will get your foot if you are not used to it, so we are probably going to cut the legs a few inches to get the height down to what we had before. We currently have towels wrapped around them, but are looking for something that looks better, or at least temporary, until we get used to that leg being there. I don't think it took 10 minutes to setup. The Vant leather panels will be used as a headboard treatment.

10. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Headboard

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Headboard

The dimensions are 85 inches L x 63 inches W x 42.50 inches H. There is a practical bedding option with a storage compartment underneath. It's a perfect space-saving function. A stylish tuft design is featured in the modern design. Both Grey Linen and Black are available. The gas lift mechanism makes it easy to lift. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Dhp

👤I used to have a bed that went all the way to the floor, but I couldn't put anything under it. It's like I have an extra storage closet now that I've upgraded to this one. Love it. It helped to clear out my actual storage closet to make room for other things. It's a great place to keep my bedding. I was able to put this together in 1 hour and 3 minutes alone, but a second person would have made things easier. The instructions are included so you can see what to expect. It was difficult to add the main frame that holds the bed onto the lifting arms. I did it in a matter of minutes. It was pretty easy. It was easy to follow the instructions. A single person can put this together, but if you have another person there to help, things will be easier. The way they say to do it is to add the legs to the brackets first and then mount them, but I found it much easier to add the "N" brackets first. Doing it this way allowed me to do it myself, instead of having someone else do it for me. Don't lose any of the thunder! This kit only comes with the nuts and bolts you need, not a single extra nut or bolt is included, so be sure to keep your nuts and bolts. If you have a magnetic wrist band, I recommend it. You can keep the nuts and bolts in the case until you're ready to use them. If you wanted to, you could remove the large base boards to get more space. You might see things under the bed. If something is too tall to fit in there, it's an option. Double-sided tape on some of the wooden slats will prevent the mattress from sliding when you lift it. The metal brackets that are supposed to stop the bed from sliding were not working for my mattress. Wrap your mattress in a bed bug cover. This will prevent you from getting bed bugs. They work well. You don't need a box spring on this bed. It has slats that are supposed to replace the box spring so you just place your mattress on top. Before ordering, make sure you have a space for it. It has no problem lifting this mattress. It's more difficult to pull the bed down than it is to lift it. I can add all of my bedding and it still won't lift up. It locks into place when you put it down, so there's no chance of it lifting on its own. I paid $325 for a bed that I thought was an ok deal, but then the price went way up. If it was more than $325, I wouldn't have bought it. I thought it was a little high. Hope this helps someone else. It's a good thing.

👤This bed is great. There is a lot of bolts and nuts, but it is not hard to do. The bed took me about 3 hours to complete. Make sure the gas struts are on the right position as they go one way only in the assembly and make sure they don't screw the 'lock nuts' which are hard to remove once they are in. I am not saying it is a bad thing to have a hard time folding the bed once you open it, but the pressure on the gas struts makes it hard to do. It may be hard for some to apply extra strength when you push the bed back in place. You need two people to fit the mattress holder to the gas assembly. I try to keep it in place by myself but the weight broke the bolt and there is no spare parts. The price was right for this bed. Storage works as described. The bed was soft. It looks good and has some small details. The edges are soft after assembly. There is no counter hold for the gas strut bolt mount. There are no spare parts. The bolts' mounts turn at the same time you are fastening the nut into the bolt and the bolt mount doesn't have a counter hold to grip, making it hard to remove the nuts. I had to use pliers to hold the mount to counter my wrench to remove the nut since I first mounted the gas struts the wrong way.

11. Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation Replacement

Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation Replacement

Sturdy and durable steel. If you want to upgrade your bed frame and box spring, you can do so with this simple-to-build and easy-to-maneuver mattress foundation. The design is made of durable steel and has multiple points of contact with the floor and plastic caps to protect it. All sizes of mattress can be rest on top of the steel slatted platform, but narrow twin, twin and twin XL sizes can support up to 750 lbs. It takes less than an hour to setup with all the tools, parts and instructions packed into one Compack shipping box. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤I used brackets to hold my mattress in place. Attached is a picture.

👤The welds on the middle section have separated in 3 different places. Poor quality of frame really disappointed me. The company did not respond to warranty requests by February of this year. There are a lot of comments to the negative reviews of the company stating that there is a 5 year warrant and email and phone number. I have not received a response from the company to my original review. The customer support email address does not respond to email when the 800 number goes straight to voicemail.

👤I love this bed frame. The mattress sliding was one of the reviews I saw. I added hot glue to the slats to give them some grip, instead of putting the mattress on them. Works well.

👤I bought this for my nephew. His mom called me last night and said the frame broke. The description makes these seem to be impervious. I asked my sister how it broke, and she said he sat on one end to put on his shoes and it broke. My nephew is a teen who is around 120 lbs, so he wasn't the issue. The beds are covered for 5 years if the damage was caused by faulty manufacturing. Will wait to see what happens. If the bed frame is not replaced, will be very disappointed. Will update with my case later. There is an update. ZINUS agreed to replace the bed frame after sending them an email with purchase invoice and pictures of where it broke. The bed frame arrived today. I am very satisfied with their service. I will not buy a new bed frame from them again. Thanks ZINUS!

👤This was purchased in the spring of 2016 It was great for a while, but at the end of 2016 it started to fall apart. I don't have sex in the bed, I just hang out or sleep in it, and I don't jump or flop on it. The bars started to fall off of the little metal lips. There was nothing to hold up the bars after they snapped off. I have had to duct tape it several times. It is sinking in the middle. I will have to tape it up once a week at a bar. The bed frame is not good. I would rather sleep on the floor.

👤The bed frame is ok for basic use. There are 2 negative comments I have. You can feel the steel rod when you sit on the bed, because the frame is 6 inches wide. I bought a foam mattress. When the weight is distributed, it's ok to lie flat. I am going to put a support on it. If you are not careful, the corner will hit your leg. My leg was injured. This reminds me to put something down. It is easy to assemble, does not rattle, supports my weight and serves my basic needs, I just added a board from Lowes that costs $7. It is better now.


What is the best product for platform bed support board queen?

Platform bed support board queen products from Zinus. In this article about platform bed support board queen you can see why people choose the product. Homeprotect and Ikea are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed support board queen.

What are the best brands for platform bed support board queen?

Zinus, Homeprotect and Ikea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed support board queen. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Goodgoods and Krisler are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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