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1. Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Luxurious Textured

Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Luxurious Textured

Do not bleach; tumble dry low heat. Wrestling with your mattress is not allowed. This new idea bed skirt has no platform, no need to lift the heavy mattress, simply wrap it around your bed and done. It's easy to take it off. This elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. Special fabric with beautiful ruffles is made from soft, silky looking fabric and has tiny slub to make it more elegant. It's not suitable for beds with footboards, but it's suitable for most types of beds. The queen size is suitable for queen beds. Simply machine wash the easy care instructions. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Wrinkle and fade resistant are more durable than cotton.

Brand: Biscaynebay

👤I needed a bedskirt for my sleep number bed, which is a different type of bed than the traditional type that lays between a box spring and mattress. The elastic one works well. The quality is good enough for the low price. I wish there was a higher-end option on the market. I used a pack of pins to hold things in place. I washed and dried before installing. Both steps were effective. I ordered this and one from another manufacturer. The other was khaki, but this one was off white.

👤I was very pleased with the bed skirt. The fabric is soft, the stitching is good, and there are 2 bands of elastic around the box spring to keep it tight. I bought some spiral pins to hold the mattress off the floor, it's hard for me to lift it to change bed skirts, I'm getting a little older.

👤I like the way this dust ruffle is used. The color is pretty and it hangs perfectly. The elastic is not tight or loose. I don't want anything else. Highly recommended.

👤I had to buy two of them to make them look better. The first one I bought was too white. It was so thin that it looked shabby. I ordered a second one in "white" because it is better for my taste. I put "ivory" on top of "white" and it now acts like a lining. I'm pretty happy with the result.

👤This bed skirt is gorgeous. I would have liked to have bought one sooner. It was easy to put on, and the elastic held it in place. The bed doesn't affect the dust. I have a queen bed that is ruffled.

👤Since you have to move the whole top mattress, I prefer the skirt that is attached to material that goes over the mattress. This one goes on easier, but once on, it has a tendency to slip up between the two matresses, so highly recommend purchasing pins. The skirt looks nice and it fits well.

👤It's good for washing since I have allergies, but it's easy to put on and take off. I used upholstery pins to attach it to the box spring. So far, so good. The king size fits just right, and without any extra fabric, so it doesn't fall the way it shows in the picture. It is more taught than the picture shows. If you have a queen bed, it will hang like in the picture. It's still very nice. I'm happy.

👤The queen size is profect. My wife likes it.

👤The seller received this bedskirt very quickly. The colour that I ordered was much darker than the pictures showed. It wasn't like a dark taupe as I thought, and I would have kept it. The fabric was easy to put on. The box spring style is better than the mattress. I liked that I could get the shorter size which is usually not available in stores. If you can get the color you need, I would recommend it. The seller made the return process very easy. Great customer service.

2. Bare Home Microfiber Ultra Soft Collection

Bare Home Microfiber Ultra Soft Collection

They've got you covered with Creative colors, whether you're looking for navy, grey, white, blue, brown, ivory, or burgundy. The shade that best matches your bedroom is found here. Their queen bed skirt is 60" x 80" and has a 15" drop. Take your bed to the next level. You can use the storage space under your bed with the help of their tailored drop queen bed skirt. Their bed skirts are made with the same fabric, so there is no white base like other dust ruffles. Easy care. Their microfiber is easy to clean. You can wash with cool water and dry on low. No ironing is required. It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. If you don't like their bed skirt, send it back.

Brand: Bare Home

👤I have been wearing this bedskirt. The queen size was purchased in a light gray color. You need to iron it before you put it on the bed, as shown in the photos. You don't need to do it again unless you wash it. In case that is a concern, the color extends to the main part of the sheet. No one touches bedskirts. It is soft and pleasant.

👤The product is thin but not too thin. The colors were bought for three. The bed skirt has the same color. Gave the beds a finished look. Wrinkles were easy to remove with the steamer. Would recommend.

👤I read a lot of positive reviews about this bed skirt. My husband and I just got a new bed, which is a split king, and it has two twin XL mattresses side by side. I couldn't use a standard king bed skirt due to the risk of tearing from the bases. I was happy to find this bedskirt in a twin and buy two of them. It is the same as the bed skirt. Like other reviewers, it came full of flaws. Why wouldn't it? I stuck the tip in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel after taking someone else's tip. Most of the wrinkling was taken care of by that. Remove the dryer quickly. I put them out on the unused beds. They put on the frame and hid items under the bed. The material I got is soft microfiber and the cream color is a true cream. My last bedskirt got eaten by a vacuum cleaner, so I am going to make sure this set remains safe.

👤I don't understand the reviews. The bed skirt was the same as the photo. I think every monitor might not show the colors correctly. If you want to iron it, you can put it in the dryer to get rid of the packagingwrinkles or you can use a damp towel. The part that is under the top mattress is made of the same material as the rest of the item. I adjusted the skirt for my bottom mattress because it was a bit big. You can't beat this for the price and I've seen others that weren't as nice. The only other thing I can say is that the material is not very thick and there is a slight sheen to it, but it is not really see through. I advise you to give it a try as I am quite happy with it.

👤It was wrinkled out of the package. It took me 15 minutes to iron, nothing special needed. It was very soft and not see through. Would buy again.

👤I looked at a lot of bedskirts before choosing this one. I like the look of the material. The ruffled bedskirts were not opposed to. I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but it seems well made. I like that the part between the box spring and the mattress is the same as the skirt and not paper. I put it on the bed after it was tumble dried and it came out great. Couldn't be happier.

3. Eyelet Ruffled Bedskirt Bedding Gathered

Eyelet Ruffled Bedskirt Bedding Gathered

The bed skirt has a solid woven base and full ruffle trim. The ruffles have detailed embroidered designs. The queen-size is 80 x 60 inches and has a 14 inch drop. The dust ruffles are made from 100% microfiber and are machine washed. The fabric is fade resistant and pre-shrunk so it will look new for the entire lifetime of the product. Box springs, bed frames, and legs are hidden by their bed skirt. You can tuck things under your bed to keep them out of sight. The bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch to your bed. Pair it with a comforter or quilt. It is a solid neutral color and will work well with most bedding sets.

Brand: Fresh Ideas

👤I was wrong to think that this item would fit in perfectly in my daughter's room, which is a princess themed room. She had cerebral palsy and other special needs, but this is a special surprise for her, because the theme is a little juvenile. I bought it ahead of time for a new bedroom theme and I want to save you the trouble. I wanted to wash it because of the chemicals in it. I washed it and dried it on low heat. The part that goes over the main box spring area melted and tore when I pulled it apart. I'll deal with that, but what about the queen size? If I'm lucky, I will fit a full size bed. I am responsible for buying it early. I can't return it. I hope that I can help you save time by ordering something that you will wash at some point. This item is not cheap, but I expect more. The first picture shows how it stuck together after being dried on low heat and how it ripped when I pulled it apart. The queen size was not close to fitting over the box springs properly, so you can see in the second and third pictures how it didn't meet the edges. Being able to gently wash a white cloth item is important.

👤The bed skirt is pretty. It looked great when I put it on. The fabric is soft. It is not very thick but that makes it hand so nicely. I wouldn't call it thin either. It is the perfect texture for what I needed. It was a cream color and looked great in my neutral toned room. It was perfect. I would definitely buy more of these if I had more beds that needed skirts.

👤It's a good quality dust ruffle. I recommend ironing it before putting it on the bed. It hides bunnies, under bed storage, and cats. It's not visually intrusive because my husband hasn't noticed it. Good deal.

👤I settled on this one after looking in stores and seeing horrible reviews of many bedskirts here. I wasn't expecting much because it seems like a decent bedskirt is hard to find, no matter how much you pay. I was pleasantly surprised when I took it out of the package. The quality is better than expected. The piece that fits over the bed is actually a decent piece of material, not that thin papery stuff that tears so easily on other bedskirts. The package says it's a platform and it's 100% polyester. The bedskirt is made of cotton andpolyester. It feels good. I washed it on a gentle cycle and dried it on low. I put it on my daughter's bed. I'm not sure how it will hold up, but I'm hoping it will last. I ordered full size and it fits perfectly on her full size bed and the drop is just at the floor.

👤I like the way this looks. It was difficult to put it on the box spring. I sewed up the corners to attach it to the box spring. I noticed that it stayed in it after I did this. It's too late to have to come back after all that work. It looks great with my new quilt. It is really light.

4. Ruffled Bed Skirt Split Corners

Ruffled Bed Skirt Split Corners

Do not bleach or machine wash, tumble dry or iron on low temperature. Excellent quality and easy care bed pantyhose. The Blissford Split Corner Bedskirt is made of 200 thread-count fabric. The bedskirt is made from a blend of cotton and polyester and has a platform that goes between the mattress and box spring. The dust ruffle is machine washed andwrinkle resistant. Adding a bed skirt to your bed will make it look better. Their bedskirt is well suited for most bedding outfits and is ruffled around three sides. If you have bed posts that get in the way of ordinary bedskirts, you should use this Dust Ruffle. There are loads of colors! You can match any decor with their large selection of colors. Choose from aqua, black, bone, brown, burgundy, camel, gold, grape, hunter, jewel blue, lavender, navy, pink, rose, and white bed skirt. They have all of the bed sizes, from a Twin Bedskirt to a Cal King Bed Skirt. Pick the one that fits your bed. It's practical to hide your box spring and bed frames and create more storage space under the bed. The Bed Ruffle will make you feel calm.

Brand: Shopbedding

👤It's soft, but how often do you rub your face on your bedskirt? The thing out of the package is soft and nice. After you wash it, it shrinks in the dryer and becomes wrinkled in a bad way. If you like pulling out your ironing board and dragging your queen sized bedskirt around as you iron it, you will love this bedskirt. You can work on ironing it while you make butter from your cow's milk. I wanted to keep the dust out of our bed and the box spring covered. There is enough room for a small army of dust bunnies to enter.

👤The poor quality of this bed skirt blew me away. They ran out of fabric on one side and there is a seam with a little piece sewn on to continue it. Also... The bottom is not hemmed. It is run through a sewing machine. I know how to sew. I can fix it myself. I'm very disappointed.

👤I decided to wait until the skirt had been washed, dried and tested before I could review it. The bed skirt is white. The stitching is good. It comes out of the dryer and is ready to go back on the bed. This bed skirt is good.

👤The price is amazing, I searched about 20 websites and found it. The Amazon screen image seemed bright for the color "sage", which worried me. The color is ideal, a mid-tone sage, not too dark or bright. The quality is good. I washed and dried it on low heat. I did a light ironing, but I'm very picky.

👤I ordered the RUFFLED bed skirt several weeks ago and it was not ruffled in the least. I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and ordered a replacement. What did I get? Another bedskirt looks like a sheet. This was not intended as a ragged bedskirt because there are no gatherings at the seam. This is bait and switch twice. I am so disappointed.

👤I was worried about the negative reviews. I know that any folded up item will be wrinkled. I put it across my bed so I wouldn't be able to iron it. I left somewrinkles on their own. The bedpost splits fit perfectly. My room looks different. There are curtains to match. I'm very happy.

👤The quilt looks great with the dust ruffle. It was 21" long and fit the bed perfectly. I put it on the bed and lowered my ironing board to iron it. This worked better for me because I didn't have to iron it before putting it on the bed.

👤It was wrinkled out of the package, but after ironing it, it has never wrinkled again. I haven't washed it yet. I wouldn't call it "out of the box" ready to use Wrinkle free. It's fine once it's been fixed. I like the product. The color is bright. The quality of fabric is good and it was just as long as I needed.

👤This one is a bit thin and flimsy, but it does the trick. I will watch how it is laundered. Good length.

5. Biscaynebay Corners Resistant Luxurious Washable

Biscaynebay Corners Resistant Luxurious Washable

Wrestling with your mattress is not allowed. This new idea bed skirt has no platform, no need to lift the heavy mattress, simply wrap it around your bed and done. It's easy to take it off. This elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. Special fabric with beautiful ruffles is made from soft, silky looking fabric and has tiny slub to make it more elegant. It's made for beds with foot board or posts. It hides frames, box springs, platforms, mattresses or underneath storage. The queen size is suitable for queen beds. It is made with elastic belts so that you can adjust the tension of the bedskirts easily. Simply machine wash the easy care instructions. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Instructions for Wrinkle and Fade easy care are made by the same fabric. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Wrinkle and fade resistant are more durable than cotton. More durable than cotton.

Brand: Biscaynebay

👤The fabric was soft and there were no loose threads. The manufacturer should include pins to hold the dust ruffle in place while it's being attached to the bed, otherwise you'll need 4 people to attach all 4 corners at the same time. Didn't have anyone else to help, and my dog was useless. It's a return on this one.

👤I can wear these bedskirts without taking the mattress off. I was overjoyed to find this one because I had to cut one to fit around the posts on this bed. No bunching. It stays put. I would like it to be available in a heavier material and in more colors. I wanted a green bedskirt, but it was more important to fit.

👤The bed skirt is nice. I measured the drop from the bottom of the mattress to the floor and ordered the size accordingly. It was perfect. The bedskirt is shifting because I have it under the fitted sheet and it moves the skirt. It is not bad. I adjust it at the straps of the bedskirt. It takes a few times for the straps to be tightened. This has been a good purchase for me.

👤The material isn't thick. I wish I'd bought the positioning pins.

👤It took me a few minutes to figure out how to install it, but I finally did and it looked great. I ordered some upholstery screws to keep it in place, as it was a little loose on the sides, and I didn't want to try to adjust the strap too much. I am thrilled and love it.

👤This product is perfect for me. This fits my bed. It gets the job done. Only one person was able to get it on. Two people are easy to deal with. It is wrinkled but most have fallen out. This is the only one that I could find that had split corners. It is very thin. It still covers everything under the bed. Would buy again.

👤It was easy to put it on our bed. It doesn't always stay where you put it.

👤I put it in the dryer with a wet wash cloth for 30 minutes and it came out perfect. It was as easy to put on as a fitted sheet. It took me about 5 minutes to remove pillows from the bed. I love it!

6. Nestl Bedding Pleated Bed Skirt

Nestl Bedding Pleated Bed Skirt

Do not bleach or machine wash, tumble dry or iron on low temperature. The bed skirt queen size. The queen size bed skirt has a tailored drop of 14” for a crisp, finished look. Premium high-quality material. A strong, durable, long- lasting material is created from the double-brushed 100GSM microfiber material. Stys in place. Light and heavy, their bed skirts are light enough to allow natural movement, yet heavy enough to stay in place. There is an eatery and a restaurant. You can update your bedroom décor by hiding your bed legs and frame with the Nestl Bed Skirt. It is easy to clean and care for, you just have to wash it in cold water. It is easy to iron.

Brand: Nestl Bedding

👤I don't know if it has anything to do with our climate here in Hawaii, but the material that held the skirt together was destroyed. It broke. It took about a year for it to get worse. It wasn't exposed to any kind of sunlight, humidity, or other destructive elements.

👤The bed skirt was included. It was well packaged. The package was wrinkled. The white part of the skirt that is on the box spring feels like it was made by Pellon. I like this skirt a lot because it is cheap, but it is not the best quality fabric. I had to press the skirt for 20 minutes. I didn't need to ironing the white part because it didn't feel like it would melt. I had to remove my mattress. I pinned the skirt to the box spring. I decided that was the best solution after having other bed skirts walk off. The way the skirt looks is what made me give it 4 stars. The bed skirt works well for me. I would buy it again because it is a good value. I didn't give it a rating because I just got it. I love the color of this one. I like the fact that it is a 14 inch drop, which is perfect for me because I don't like my bed skirt touching the floor.

👤This bed skirt is gorgeous! The gray color looks great with our bedding. The pleats were easy to iron. The material is very soft. Would recommend this product to others.

👤When I saw the picture of the bed skirt, I was concerned because it looked a bit stiff, and I really wanted something softer. I got what I wanted. I like this bed skirt so I will probably order another one in a different color for my second bedroom. The color is the same as the picture shows. I was looking for a bed skirt that fit between the mattress and box spring, not the elastic kind that wraps around the box spring. The price was right and this was a great find for me.

👤I like the deep grey color. The quality of the material made it easy to iron out of the package. I attached a picture of how I made it match my current decor. It made for a great base to a new look. Superb price, great product, excellent packaging.

👤Don't try to keep the skirt straight with the bed. If you pull too hard on the colored portion, the bed-skirt can rip. I had a small rip from pulling the bed-skirt hard to get it to fit.

👤I bought this bed skirt in dark gray and it matches my comforter very nicely. This works for me for less than $20 I read a lot of product reviews, but didn't read the full product description. I thought it would be cotton, but it is not. I didn't expect it. I did iron it on a set of polyesters and it did just fine, despite the care instructions not to iron or dry clean it. I wanted the pleats to be pressed and crisp. The iron should not be on the white webbing material that will sit on the bed platform. It will melt quickly. This is perfect for the price point.

7. AYASW Brushed Microfiber Adjustable Elastic

AYASW Brushed Microfiber Adjustable Elastic

It is easy to clean. To avoid damage to the waterproof TPU backing, wash with cold water and under gentle cycle. It can be washed many times. The 90 days service is free of questions. The size is 60'x80" with a drop of 13-14 inches. It's suitable for queen size beds. Not suitable for beds with metal frames. When using an iron for the first time, please use it to smooth out the wrinkling. Special: It's easy to put on and take off your bed with the elastic. It's designed with two elastic bands and three fabric sides, which will help you fit it quickly, and you won't need to lift the mattress. The material is material. Special brushed fabric with beautiful ruffled is soft and structural. It's wrapped around for three sides. Clean. Use a laundry bag to protect and machine wash on delicate light. Before the first use, I used a steam iron on a low setting. Please note: this is a notice. If you want to apply for a return, please keep their product packaging and labels. If you are in doubts, please click "AY SW" for a consultation.

Brand: Ayasw

👤The bed skirt is very nice. It arrived quickly, is well made, looks great, and took about 30 seconds to put it on my bed. This is the first bed skirt I've ever gotten that doesn't interfere with the sheets when you change them because it doesn't go between the mattress and springs. It goes around the spring section so it doesn't move around. Great product. I would love to have more beds. It's funny.

👤I love the way the dust is ruffled. It ends the look. I washed it. My husband helped install something. It's easy to install! Lifting mattresses is not allowed. I have a double bed. The bed skirt was the perfect answer to how I would get a dust ruffle on this bed.

👤These elastic bed skirts work well for me, because I have a queen-size Sleep Number bed. They are easy to install, and can be done by myself. This is not the first time I have used these types of bed skirts, and I have learned to use twist pins to make my life easier. I keep the bed skirt in place by pinning it as I go around it. I bought a navy color and it matches a navy-and-white quilt I have on top.

👤This contraption was invented. I'm angry that I've never seen this before. All of my skirts come with a comforter set. The bad boy is changing things. I found this gem after searching for a comforter that didn't come with a skirt. It looks great and is a bargain. My 6 year old jumps on his bed every day. We just bought a new king bed and I will buy another one. The comforter has a skirt, but forget that! We are sold on this.

👤I was very pleased with this bedskirt. For $12 you can get a KING sized skirt. It took me 3 minutes to fit it onto the bed after it arrived. The neutral color looks good. I would buy again.

👤I love it! There is a cheapo metal frame and no box spring. I wanted something to hide the underbed storage. I have never had a bedskirt before. We don't have a box spring so I was hesitant to buy a wraparound. It works great! It was wrinkled, but I put it in the drier with a wet towel, and it was done.

👤The dust ruffle is perfect. The fabric is very well made. The coral color is fresh and bright and perfect with the white quilt, coral linens, and tropical print pillows. I didn't know that the dust ruffle would be what I needed to complete the look. The quality level is the best and the price is fantastic. It was very easy to put on. I disliked traditional dust ruffles because they always shifted, and you had to remove the mattress in order to put them on. The dust ruffle is at the top of the box spring. It is the perfect length. I would highly recommend this.

8. Spacemaker Space Maker FRE24821WHIT06 Polyester

Spacemaker Space Maker FRE24821WHIT06 Polyester

The bed skirt is 21 inches and is the perfect size to cover the gap between your bed riser and box spring. It makes a beautiful look. Extra storage under the bed can be created with bed risers. It's not a good look to see boxes and bags under the bed. This premium bed skirt can fix that issue. Box springs give your bed some extra height and help extend the life of your mattress. They are not attractive to look at. The bedskirt covers the box spring. The material is made from 100% Polyester. This is not a normal bed skirt. It feels like no other. Don't settle for cheaper alternatives. The material will hold up well in the washing machine. You can wash on warm with similar colors.

Brand: Spacemaker

👤I am very disappointed with this product, it was the only bedskirt in white from Amazon with a 21" drop length. The platform of the skirt is made of a very thin polyester webbing, as opposed to woven fabric. The bedskirt was washed before I put it on my bed, but the platform melted in the dry and the platform broke when I tried to pry it. I am very concerned that the platform will fall apart because it is tattered and partially pulling away from the skirt fabric. The "skirt" is so thin that it is almost translucent. The skirt doesn't hold a firm shape on its own, and looks sloppy, as opposed to the neat, firm shape pictured. I uploaded a picture of the skirt on my bed for reference. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I had my fingers crossed that this would be what I needed. I ordered a new king bed and set the cross bars to maximize storage but it looked terrible. I was exposed to the top of the box springs from the floor. I knew it was only 21 inches, but I couldn't find a bigger one. The pics are out of the box. I haven't steamed out thewrinkle yet. If you are looking for a hard, stiff fabric, the fabric is soft and you will need something else. I was excited to have found what I needed. I couldn't find any reviews where anyone said the skirt had slit do the bars, but this one does! I recommend!

👤Not happy with the purchase. I am giving it a 1 star rating because the length and size were stated, but nothing else is. I failed to read reviews on this product because I am always reading reviews. I was so happy to find a bedskirt that was the length I needed, which was going to save me the time of making my own. I would like to know who the photos are that I received, so I received nothing like the ones used. The fabric is sheer and the corners are not one continuous piece. The "box pleats" don't exist in the photo or in the video. I will return the purchase and make my own, which will look like the photos they used.

👤The fabric in the photo is stiff and crisp. Wrong. This material is flimsy. It's thinner than a sheet. I tried to work on it. It looked like I draped a cheap sheet on the bottom to serve as a skirt. I had to return it.

👤This is one of the worst purchases I have ever made on Amazon. I have a heavy mattress. It is difficult for me to lift up the mattress and install an item like this because I have a disability. I was ready for an adventure. I know it's sad. I got the mattress up after some struggling laid out the item and noticed that it was incredibly thin and wrinkled. You can see through it. If I can see all the stuff it is supposed to be covering, what is a bedskirt? I almost took it back, but I decided against it since I already have the mattress up, and I might use my steam cleaner on thewrinkle to make it look better. I don't feel like getting out my tape measure after struggling with the mattress, it seems a little shorter than 21 inches, leaving some daylight between the bottom and the floor. I put the mattress back down on top of it and had to pull on the dust ruffle to get it situated. It came apart at the seams with one slight tug. This thing is garbage. It should include a warning about how flimsy and ridiculously made it is for something that is a hassle to install. I think I need to stop buying the cheapest stuff I can find because it is hard to save a buck. It's cool that I can sleep under my covers.

9. Elastic Around Easy Ruffle 18 Inch

Elastic Around Easy Ruffle 18 Inch

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The construction is made of 65% cotton and 35% Polyester. Lifting a mattress is not required. Their bed skirt can fit up to an 18-inch drop for twin, full, queen, and king beds. The skirt is perfect for hiding bed frames. Care instructions are machine washed and iron safe.

Brand: Easy Fit

👤I am generally pleased with this bed skirt. If you have a colored box spring, the colors show through faintly. I would have bought a more expensive one if it had been in my budget. It hides under-the-bed items and provides a nice decoration to the bed. It hides the box spring with a light veil. The ivory color is mine. I think the white would be more revealing. It was easy to put on. It only took a few minutes. The edge behind the top of the bed is only an elastic band, not a skirt. I did not have to use tacks to hold the skirt up. It stayed on its own. You can adjust the length under the mattress with a ruffle on the top. I have a queen size bed and a king size bed skirt. I put it on my bed after washing it. It was washed up well. It's best to wash it on the delicate/gentle cycle and then dry it on low heat. It should be taken out of the dryer immediately. I should have a skirt on my bed because I have a footboard and a headboard. The elastic-only part at the top of the skirt isn't a problem with the headboard rails. The skirt had to be fluffed over the rails for the bottom. The skirt is long enough to hide under the bed and the box spring, even though the rails hike it up a bit at the corners. The ruffles blend in at the corners because it's a ruffle bed skirt.

👤I have never used a skirt on a bed. There arewrinkles but they are expected in bed skirts. It is nice to wash in cold water. Put it in the dryer for 3 minutes and then hung it up. You don't need to move the mattress. Put the straps at the top of the mattress and box spring first. The two went all the way around. If you have a headboard, you don't need to have a bed skirt covering the front of the mattress or box spring. We can't see it behind the building. This product is easy to use.

👤A great wrap around skirt! I couldn't lift my king size mattress off of my bed skirt, so it barely got washed. The bed skirt is easy to wrap around. It works on a regular box spring, but I use it on my mattress which is on a raised bed frame. I washed it before using it. It is easy to adjust to any height you need. My bed is 16 inches high. I will buy more in other colors. It hides my stuff under the bed.

👤I don't like having to put this bed skirt under the mattress. It was easy to put the bed down. I tucked the top of it under the mattress because it was too long for my bed. The package looks great. I bought it for a queen size bed and it fit perfectly. The quality of the material is good. I'm pleased that it's heavier than the last one I bought. The elastic on the top is much thicker than the one on the other side and it stays put very well. Some people say it's not a true white, but mine is so close it doesn't matter. It's not the same as my comforter, but I'm getting a duvet cover, so that won't matter. This is a great value for money. It's under 8 dollars with the coupon, can't get better.

10. Shop Bedding Tailored Velvet High End

Shop Bedding Tailored Velvet High End

It is easy to wash in cold and dry on low. The top quality. This bedskirt has a 14" drop that hides your box spring and bed frame, and is made of 100% polyester velvet dust ruffle. Its long length and tailored appearance make it a perfect cover for your bed. There is a new ethic called modern elEGANCE. The Gavotte Home pleats bed skirt creates a crisp, polished look in any bedroom. The piece offers a solution for those who want to fill the gap between the bed frame and floor. It's a rich velvet fabric with a gorgious grain and it's perfect for beds with footboards. The bed skirt has pleats at each corner. A subtle statement for the modern bedroom. Make sure that you get the right size bed skirt. To ensure that you buy the right Drop Length Measure from the top of your box, you must spring down till the floor. Easy care. No ironing required! The microfibers allow the skirt to have a long life span. Just machine wash in cold and then tumble dry on low. Their products are designed with you in mind. They strive to maintain superior customer service, and they work hard to create quality products. Shop with confidence. ShopBedding has been manufacturing unique, comfortable, stylish, high quality products for more than 15 years. All of their products come with a 30-day return policy.

Brand: Shopbedding

👤I was very happy that they made this bed skirt with a 21" drop which was perfect for me. The material was not too thin or thick, it felt like velvet. It worked well with my poster.

👤I was expecting a thick velvet. I don't care about in a bed skirt, but it is very soft. I wanted to avoid wrinkling, but no-go. This is definitely not normal. It looks nice, especially as it has a texture, and it is thicker than most bed skirts. There were no issues with the quality. Well trimmed, etc. If the length is off, it would be difficult to hem.

👤I needed a bedskirt with an ivory shade. I was worried about how it would wash because I didn't want a "stiff velvet". It is very soft and washed well. I put on the bed after I dried in the dryer. It doesn't look like velvet, but has a nice texture and looks great with the comforter I'm wearing. I highly recommend it.

👤I put this on the bed as we prepare to sell it, because I bought it a while back to stage my master bedroom. The material is soft and shiny, exactly what I was looking for to complete the look of a bedroom "retreat". Lots of room for under bed storage can be found under the bed because it sits high and the skirt drops to the floor. I would buy this again.

👤A queen size mattress is 80"x80" The bed ruffle is "Queen Size". The white platform fabric will not show as there is about 2 inches of velvet fabric that goes all around the edge to hide the white fabric. It was really too bad. I would love to get one of these. I don't know what to order if the size doesn't correlate to what the mattress size should be.

👤I got a bed skirt. The bed skirt is high quality. The cream color was light and airy. It made the room feel open. The material is very soft. It is pretty wrinkled, that's my only complaint. I thought I could spray it with a mist bottle. It doesn't seem to be working. You might want to iron this before you put it on. I'm going to try the spray bottle to see if it can smooth out the lines. I will include a photo if I can remove the wrinkling. This is an annoying thing. It's going to stay put once you have your bed on it. It was a bit of a sandwich to get it positioned. I think this is an issue with most bed skirts. I'm happy with this.

👤I liked this skirt. It sits well and is heavier than the others I have purchased. I used it right out of the packet and never had to iron it as I had guests arriving within an hour and had to make the bed. The navy is nice. Would purchase this product again.

👤I wanted a skirt that was thick and textured. I spent a lot of time looking for this one. I wish it was a little bit thicker, but it is. The perfect color was cream. It is not as dark as most pictures make it appear.

11. HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

The 1800 series queen bed skirts are double brushed and made of 100% microfiber material for that extra touch of softness. Their queen size bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch to complete the design of your bedroom. The pleats on the corners create a clean look. The queen bed skirts fall at 60" x 80" with a 14 inch drop to cover the thickest mattresses and box springs. They've got you covered with Creative colors, whether you're looking for navy, grey, white, blue, brown, ivory, or burgundy. The shade that best matches your bedroom is found here.

Brand: Hc Collection

👤The material looks cheap. It's very thin and not nearly as tailored as the photo suggests. I've attached some pictures to the review. I would like to return it, but it's not worth the effort of picking up my mattress, removing the bed skirt, and shipping it back. I don't recommend buying this item to save yourself time.

👤I put this item in the dryer to get it out of the dryer. The bed skirt was nice. The backing on the mattress stuck together. It got all holey when I tried to correct it. I decided to put it on the bed since the skirt was not long enough to cover the mattress. The bed skirt is not luxury. I wanted to contact the seller, but it didn't seem to be one of my choices.

👤The bed skirt does not match their deception. It is paper thin and requires ironing to get the wrinkling out. It's made of 100% polyester. It tore on multiple places when it was put on the bed and had a ripped seam. We ordered a king size, and it's 2 to 3 feet wide for the bed, so the white is not showing off. We are stuck with this piece of junk because the packaging was thrown away before we noticed the damage. I will throw it away and buy another from a box store. If you are expecting something good, do not buy this. It's not.

👤Have been looking for a king size bed skirt. The package was received new and original. You should revise your description. It is not like your ad photo and is not Wrinkle resistant. The bed skirt was wrinkled and smelly when it was removed from the original package. I washed it after it was recommended to be washed. The odors did not come out, but they did smell. The bed skirt that I have is not presentable because of the wrinkling. I am unable to return it because I washed it. Send a photo. You should remove the "wrinkle resistant" tag from your ad. It's not true. Will not order from your company again.

👤It's a bed skirt that fits a queen bed. The color is the same as expected. The delivery was on time. I wanted a bed skirt to cover the frame and box springs of my bed. That's all the truth. If you need a bed skirt, this is the one. It will be at your home within a few days if you order it. Once it gets to you, find a friend or spouse who will help you pull the mattress from your bed and place the item over the box spring. Place your mattress over it. Follow? Okay! You have to make your bed. It's seriously. You know how to do this? Okay. Make your bed. A mattress pad, fitted sheet, blanket, bedspread, comforter, and pillows. Do it all! Get ready for ecstasy by putting that on your bed. This is your moment. Don't waste it! Look at your creation. You have created the ultimate goal of humanity, which is to lay down and rest in a place designed for that purpose. The link is missing. You can be the rest you deserve. Tomorrow is another day and it's all good. I'm sure you will love this bed skirt.


What is the best product for platform bed skirt twin?

Platform bed skirt twin products from Biscaynebay. In this article about platform bed skirt twin you can see why people choose the product. Bare Home and Fresh Ideas are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed skirt twin.

What are the best brands for platform bed skirt twin?

Biscaynebay, Bare Home and Fresh Ideas are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed skirt twin. Find the detail in this article. Shopbedding, Nestl Bedding and Ayasw are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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