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1. PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

The built-in elastic strap on the Pure Fit dust ruffle bed shirt is designed to make it a perfect fit for Queen and King beds. The skirt is 60"x80" There are 23 beautiful and fade resistant colors for this multi-layer ruffle bed skirt. The King and Queen size ruffled bed skirt is made from a silky microfiber fabric that is soft and shirred for a romantic look. The fabric is very soft and stain resistant. It's easy to put on, designed to fit. You can put this bed skirt on and off by yourself, without lifting the mattress, with a platform-free easy wrap around stretch and elastic construction. The bed skirt is compatible with Queen and King size mattresses. There is an 18-INCH drop length. The dust ruffle/bed skirt has a generous drop of 18 inches that reaches the floor easily and hides any under the bed storage. Easy care. If needed, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, and Warm iron.

Brand: Purefit

👤I bought this to wrap my bed frame. I have a memory foam mattress with no box spring. It was impossible to turn my mattress with a regular bed skirt because I was a single 57 year old woman. I can turn my mattress around without messing with the bed skirt because I have this bed skirt around the steel frame of the bed. It is easy to wash, no ironing, and easy to size your bed. I bought another one for my guest bed because I love it so much. It works well with both setup. I highly recommend! Measure the distance from where you will put it to the bed and floor to get the right drop length.

👤Very nice. The strap is flexible. I had to pull the strap to full capacity to put it on my queen bed. I would have liked a 1/2 inch more to work with. I was able to put the skirt on myself. The color is bright. There were no problems with ordering or receiving my purchase. Well packaged. Would I buy again from this company? Yes.

👤I put on a bed. It was very easy to put on. My bed is on risers so that I can put underbed storage on the floor, and the elastic can be pulled down on the box springs to hide my bags and boxes. It doesn't have that shiny look. If I need a bed skirt, I would buy another one. The value is great.

👤The bed is nice. The item was as described. The drop was accurate. Material is light and has a small amount of weight. It was very easy to put on. I have a full mattress and the bed is in a corner so only one side of the bed is open. I used a safety pin on the top corner of the box spring to hold it in place and followed the wall, it went on like a dream. I didn't have to move the mattress. I bought a dark brown color. I like it because it matches the other browns in the room. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It worked very well. It was easy to put a California king on the bed. The bag was free of wrinkling. The only negative for me is that it was a bit long for the height of my bed, so I had to do some folding and tuck to keep it from bunching on the floor. I will reduce my review to 3 stars after a while if I find that I have to constantly adjust it. It was easy to pull together the look of the room in a few moments. I just applied this over top of the standard bedskirt, I didn't remove it.

👤Great product! I bought one for my bed and my mom bought one for the room, it's easy to put on and looks great. I have an 18” platform for storage and a 4” foam top so my bed is large but the design of this skirt adds to the flowy look.

2. HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

The 1800 series queen bed skirts are double brushed and made of 100% microfiber material for that extra touch of softness. Their queen size bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch to complete the design of your bedroom. The pleats on the corners create a clean look. The queen bed skirts fall at 60" x 80" with a 14 inch drop to cover the thickest mattresses and box springs. They've got you covered with Creative colors, whether you're looking for navy, grey, white, blue, brown, ivory, or burgundy. The shade that best matches your bedroom is found here.

Brand: Hc Collection

👤The material looks cheap. It's very thin and not nearly as tailored as the photo suggests. I've attached some pictures to the review. I would like to return it, but it's not worth the effort of picking up my mattress, removing the bed skirt, and shipping it back. I don't recommend buying this item to save yourself time.

👤I put this item in the dryer to get it out of the dryer. The bed skirt was nice. The backing on the mattress stuck together. It got all holey when I tried to correct it. I decided to put it on the bed since the skirt was not long enough to cover the mattress. The bed skirt is not luxury. I wanted to contact the seller, but it didn't seem to be one of my choices.

👤The bed skirt does not match their deception. It is paper thin and requires ironing to get the wrinkling out. It's made of 100% polyester. It tore on multiple places when it was put on the bed and had a ripped seam. We ordered a king size, and it's 2 to 3 feet wide for the bed, so the white is not showing off. We are stuck with this piece of junk because the packaging was thrown away before we noticed the damage. I will throw it away and buy another from a box store. If you are expecting something good, do not buy this. It's not.

👤Have been looking for a king size bed skirt. The package was received new and original. You should revise your description. It is not like your ad photo and is not Wrinkle resistant. The bed skirt was wrinkled and smelly when it was removed from the original package. I washed it after it was recommended to be washed. The odors did not come out, but they did smell. The bed skirt that I have is not presentable because of the wrinkling. I am unable to return it because I washed it. Send a photo. You should remove the "wrinkle resistant" tag from your ad. It's not true. Will not order from your company again.

👤It's a bed skirt that fits a queen bed. The color is the same as expected. The delivery was on time. I wanted a bed skirt to cover the frame and box springs of my bed. That's all the truth. If you need a bed skirt, this is the one. It will be at your home within a few days if you order it. Once it gets to you, find a friend or spouse who will help you pull the mattress from your bed and place the item over the box spring. Place your mattress over it. Follow? Okay! You have to make your bed. It's seriously. You know how to do this? Okay. Make your bed. A mattress pad, fitted sheet, blanket, bedspread, comforter, and pillows. Do it all! Get ready for ecstasy by putting that on your bed. This is your moment. Don't waste it! Look at your creation. You have created the ultimate goal of humanity, which is to lay down and rest in a place designed for that purpose. The link is missing. You can be the rest you deserve. Tomorrow is another day and it's all good. I'm sure you will love this bed skirt.

3. Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Textured Luxrious

Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Textured Luxrious

Easy care. If needed, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, and Warm iron. Wrestling with your mattress is not allowed. This new idea bed skirt has no platform, no need to lift the heavy mattress, simply wrap it around your bed and done. It's easy to take it off. This elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. Special fabric with beautiful ruffles is made from soft, silky looking fabric and has tiny slub to make it more elegant. It's not suitable for beds with footboard or posts, but it's good for most types of beds. Drop: 15 for the California King beds. The name of the color is Silver Sconce. Simply machine wash the easy care instructions. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Wrinkle and fade resistant are more durable than cotton.

Brand: Biscaynebay

👤I needed a bedskirt for my sleep number bed, which is a different type of bed than the traditional type that lays between a box spring and mattress. The elastic one works well. The quality is good enough for the low price. I wish there was a higher-end option on the market. I used a pack of pins to hold things in place. I washed and dried before installing. Both steps were effective. I ordered this and one from another manufacturer. The other was khaki, but this one was off white.

👤I was very pleased with the bed skirt. The fabric is soft, the stitching is good, and there are 2 bands of elastic around the box spring to keep it tight. I bought some spiral pins to hold the mattress off the floor, it's hard for me to lift it to change bed skirts, I'm getting a little older.

👤I like the way this dust ruffle is used. The color is pretty and it hangs perfectly. The elastic is not tight or loose. I don't want anything else. Highly recommended.

👤I had to buy two of them to make them look better. The first one I bought was too white. It was so thin that it looked shabby. I ordered a second one in "white" because it is better for my taste. I put "ivory" on top of "white" and it now acts like a lining. I'm pretty happy with the result.

👤This bed skirt is gorgeous. I would have liked to have bought one sooner. It was easy to put on, and the elastic held it in place. The bed doesn't affect the dust. I have a queen bed that is ruffled.

👤Since you have to move the whole top mattress, I prefer the skirt that is attached to material that goes over the mattress. This one goes on easier, but once on, it has a tendency to slip up between the two matresses, so highly recommend purchasing pins. The skirt looks nice and it fits well.

👤It's good for washing since I have allergies, but it's easy to put on and take off. I used upholstery pins to attach it to the box spring. So far, so good. The king size fits just right, and without any extra fabric, so it doesn't fall the way it shows in the picture. It is more taught than the picture shows. If you have a queen bed, it will hang like in the picture. It's still very nice. I'm happy.

👤The queen size is profect. My wife likes it.

👤The seller received this bedskirt very quickly. The colour that I ordered was much darker than the pictures showed. It wasn't like a dark taupe as I thought, and I would have kept it. The fabric was easy to put on. The box spring style is better than the mattress. I liked that I could get the shorter size which is usually not available in stores. If you can get the color you need, I would recommend it. The seller made the return process very easy. Great customer service.

4. KP Linen Ruffled Platform Microfiber

KP Linen Ruffled Platform Microfiber

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Contact them to return the product for a full refund. The package includes a ruffled bed skirt in 18 drop sizes. Having a platform. This classic bed skirt will give your bedroom a sleek look. The bed skirts are well suited for any style of bedding. Their bed skirts are perfect for your bed, they are ruffled around 3 sides with split corners, and have a neatly tailored hem. Every bedroom in your home can be decorated with one of these bed skirts, thanks to the huge rainbow of colors available. These bed skirts are made from the highest quality soft and durable fabric and designed to last for years. The bed skirt is resistant to fade and wrinkling. The platform is made with a fabric that won't tear and will keep your bed skirt in place. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry.

Brand: Kp Linen

👤This is fine. I ordered it for a specific drop. The top is a little wider than the bed. I can see that the overhanging side hangs on the floor. The bed is often stepped on and has a sloppy appearance. I wouldn't order it again. I thought I was ordering a bedskirt. Just so you know, I made a mistake.

👤Needed a bed skirt for the guest bedroom and found this one. The piece is made out of the same fabric. If your dryer gets too warm, the cheap white non-fabric material in the center section of the bedskirt will start to melt. For the price you can't beat cotton.

👤There is a support team for the product. I appreciated it, but I did not expect that. I bought a bed skirt for my basic metal frame bed and it works great.

👤I ordered a large drop. The drop was 19 1/2 inches and the length was just the ruffle part. The material on top of the box spring is too wide for it, so you have to take that into account. It gets sucked up in my vacuum cleaner, because it puddles in a sloppy mess on the floor. I pinned it down after folding it over. I wouldn't buy it again because of the poor fit, the material is nice, and if it fit the mattress, it would look nice. It was too much work to get there. I was expecting more for the price.

👤I needed a bed skirt that was longer than 15 inches because my beed sits high. This was soft and I like it because it fits the bed nicely and I can tuck it in at the floor.

👤The bed skirt is pretty. I put it on the box spring after washing it and taking it out of the dryer. It is the perfect length and lays beautifully, unlike another brand that caused the mattress to slide. Thank you for the product.

👤I needed a bed skirt that was 24 inches. The platform is too large for the skirt to be 24 inches. I would rather tuck it under than return it. The quality is excellent. The platform is the same fabric as the skirt. I followed the wash and iron temperature instructions. You can't see the items under the bed because I ordered the white.

👤A rare find! I've been looking for a 21 inch bedskirt for a long time. This is a quality easy care that is a little longer than 21 inches. The fabric is easy to remove stains from with a wet washcloth, and it's Wrinkle Free. It's fast too. Very happy.

5. Corners Three Coverage Platform Split Skirts Dust Corners Ruffled

Corners Three Coverage Platform Split Skirts Dust Corners Ruffled

The colors are neutral and variegated to fit your current dcor. The package includes a platform bed skirt with a split corner. The Split Corner Bed Skirt is made from 100% Microfiber and does not dry clean or bleach. The ruffled design features gathered ruffles around the sides of the bed. The bed skirt has split corners to make it look pretty. It helps to hide the space below the bed. The fabric is pre-shrunk, colorfast, andwrinkle resistant. They have been selling online for more than 10 years. They have over 15 years of experience in this area. For the past 7 years, they have been manufacturing Cotton Bedding for their customers.

Brand: Cottingon

👤The fit. The bed is large. The size of the ruffle was full. It would be great if the ruffle could be adjusted to the smaller size.

👤This is lovely and nicer than I expected. It's very soft, easy to iron, and doesn't get in the way of my cat pushing it back and forth. It's an excellent purchase.

👤The dust ruffle was perfect. The ruffle is almost to the floor. I had to iron it, but it came out fine. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤I liked the fact that it has the splits in the corners which I needed but it is just a little too long so it doesn't fall smoothly on the floor and hides items under the bed.

👤The customer service is excellent. There were a few defects in my initial order. The company replaced me in two days. These iron up are lovely. I don't like microfiber, but these work well for a bedskirt.

👤Our poster bed has a perfect length. It was shipped quickly. Excellent quality.

6. QSY Home Elastic Adjustable Polyester

QSY Home Elastic Adjustable Polyester

Don't use your mattress as a weapon! Wrap this bed skirt around your bed and it will be done. It's easy to take it off. Their elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. The bed skirts are 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Environmentally friendly Wrinkle and fade resistant. The bed skirt makes your room look better. It's a perfect amount to hide your boxspring or any under the bed storage space. Twin/full is available with a mattress that can fit up to 75" x 54" The machine wash is cold. Use mild laundry detergent. The cycle is gentle. Do not use iron. No heat.

Brand: Qsy Home

👤I had to write a review for this product. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bedskirt. The fabric is light and easy to fall out of. I used it on a king size bed and the fabric gathered nicely around the bed. I was worried that it would flatten out and lose the gathered look, but it did not. It was easy to install by myself. The 2 lines of gathering keep it in place. The package of 10 upholstery twist pins was not mentioned in the description. This is a nice addition. I tucked the top of the bedskirt between the mattress and box spring to get the length I wanted and then held it in place with the supplied twist pins. It did stay in place without the pins, but it might start to use up over time, so this will keep it even. The elastic band has buttonholes in case the bed skirt stretches over time. The product is very well thought out and very cheap. I'm a happy customer.

👤The bed skirt that I have purchased is similar to the one that I have used and it is much easier to put on than the one under the mattress. Just wrap around, button for tightness and done, no trying to put the mattress on top and having to line up correctly.

👤This is a pretty bed skirt that is easy to wear and well-made. The skirt is not split where it meets the corners of the foot of the bed. This will not be a problem if you don't have bedposts at the foot. The skirt won't hang properly if you have the posts at the foot of the bed as I do. I think I can fix this by cutting a slit in the right place and finishing the edges on the sewing machine. I would have noticed this if I had paid more attention. It is a nice bedskirt.

👤It works as expected. It is easy to take off. The new king size bed has two independent reclining full size beds and is part of the ensemble. I am happy with my purchase. It works as expected.

👤This is a good fit for a full size bed. It doesn't need pins or sagging. It has buttons in the elastic in case it stretches in the future. It was very well made.

👤I had to lift bed mattresses and change my bed skirt often. I was trying to think of an easier way to do that now that I'm too old. I was going to be one of them. Until I looked at Amazon. It was so exciting to me. It's much cheaper to buy all the materials. The easiest way to take off the bed skirt is to put on. It's amazing, just fluff up in the dryer. Lifting heavy mattresses is not allowed. It touches the floor when you slip on it, because you can adjust the length so quickly. I have twins in the same bed. It's perfect. Buy and sell

7. Bed Makers Mattress Microfiber Wrap Around

Bed Makers Mattress Microfiber Wrap Around

Lifting a heavy mattress can be difficult. Their patented design makes putting on and removing bedskirts easy. Their design can be added to your bed in a few seconds. The elasticized strips and mitered corners make the skirt stay put. The mattress does not need to be lifted because the bed skirt does not have a traditional fabric platform. The queen-size has a classic 14” drop. The corners have been pre-split to accommodate the beds. You would rather not see box springs, bed frames, and legs. The timeless design features elegant draping and easily coordinates to existing bedding. The 100% microfiber fabric is pre-shrunk. The Never Lift Your Mattress Bed Skirt is compatible with a number of different types of beds and is designed to fit all standard beds.

Brand: Bed Maker's

👤Excellent! Don't fall for the ones that are multi-size such as Queen/King, get size specific or there are problems. I absolutely love this product. My husband can't help me lift the heavy mattress because of my back surgery. Our dogs love to crawl under the bed and make our white bedskirt dirty in spots that need to be laundered often. This was easy to put on and stay in place. In one spot, it gets a tad long sometimes, but that was fixed by the pins that are included. I wouldn't use one if it weren't for the dogs. They are not needed in the "tunnel" spot the dogs chose, and in all but one spot they are needed. My back. I'm so thankful for this! When you need to laundry, pop it off. Lifting is not required. Don't get the ones that are "Queen/King" as they are not nearly as good looking in a queen and look too bunched up. You need a specific one for your mattress.

👤5 stars for a cheap bedskirt. For the discriminating buyer, be prepared to pay 3-4x this. For the price, it works for me. I got my bedskirt on time. It was wrinkled from the packaging. I put it in my dryer and used some wet towels. The steam did the trick in 15 minutes. I wrapped it around my bed after shaking it out. It was easy! I didn't use the coiled pins after I tucked the skirt in because my mattress is very heavy. I can see how it would be easy to suck the skirt up with a vacuum cleaner, so I will steer clear of that. This project gave me the ability to make a major design change in my room on my own. I think it looks great, it's not designer grade, and the material is thin. It covers the underbed storage boxes. Don't judge me because the room is bare and just the basics. It's a good thing. There is a pink stick that shows 10 inches.

👤It's easy to put on! I could put this bed skirt on myself, without having to ask for help. * The fabric that tucks under the mattress is the same as the actual bed skirt, but there is no ugly white border to show if the bed skirt should be sagging. I adjusted my bed skirts to hide the white border. The negatives are too short. The only length offered is the 14". I will make this work for now, but I really need an 18" drop. I tried to find a longer length on the website, but no other lengths are currently available. * The bed skirt came out wrinkled after being washed in my dryer for 20 minutes. I'm guessing that most of the wrinkling was removed. I put the ironing board on my bed because I couldn't find an iron at this time. The bed skirt should be ironned to remove all the wrinkling.

👤I was reluctant to get this after reading some of the reviews. I needed it for a spare room and the price was right. I am very happy. It was very easy to put on. I washed and dried it and it didn't take long to get rid of wrinkling. I think this is a great idea.

8. Biscaynebay Corners Resistant Luxurious Washable

Biscaynebay Corners Resistant Luxurious Washable

Wrestling with your mattress is not allowed. This new idea bed skirt has no platform, no need to lift the heavy mattress, simply wrap it around your bed and done. It's easy to take it off. This elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. Special fabric with beautiful ruffles is made from soft, silky looking fabric and has tiny slub to make it more elegant. It's made for beds with foot board or posts. It hides frames, box springs, platforms, mattresses or underneath storage. The queen size is suitable for queen beds. It is made with elastic belts so that you can adjust the tension of the bedskirts easily. Simply machine wash the easy care instructions. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Instructions for Wrinkle and Fade easy care are made by the same fabric. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Wrinkle and fade resistant are more durable than cotton. More durable than cotton.

Brand: Biscaynebay

👤The fabric was soft and there were no loose threads. The manufacturer should include pins to hold the dust ruffle in place while it's being attached to the bed, otherwise you'll need 4 people to attach all 4 corners at the same time. Didn't have anyone else to help, and my dog was useless. It's a return on this one.

👤I can wear these bedskirts without taking the mattress off. I was overjoyed to find this one because I had to cut one to fit around the posts on this bed. No bunching. It stays put. I would like it to be available in a heavier material and in more colors. I wanted a green bedskirt, but it was more important to fit.

👤The bed skirt is nice. I measured the drop from the bottom of the mattress to the floor and ordered the size accordingly. It was perfect. The bedskirt is shifting because I have it under the fitted sheet and it moves the skirt. It is not bad. I adjust it at the straps of the bedskirt. It takes a few times for the straps to be tightened. This has been a good purchase for me.

👤The material isn't thick. I wish I'd bought the positioning pins.

👤It took me a few minutes to figure out how to install it, but I finally did and it looked great. I ordered some upholstery screws to keep it in place, as it was a little loose on the sides, and I didn't want to try to adjust the strap too much. I am thrilled and love it.

👤This product is perfect for me. This fits my bed. It gets the job done. Only one person was able to get it on. Two people are easy to deal with. It is wrinkled but most have fallen out. This is the only one that I could find that had split corners. It is very thin. It still covers everything under the bed. Would buy again.

👤It was easy to put it on our bed. It doesn't always stay where you put it.

👤I put it in the dryer with a wet wash cloth for 30 minutes and it came out perfect. It was as easy to put on as a fitted sheet. It took me about 5 minutes to remove pillows from the bed. I love it!

9. Greenland Home Paisley Quilted Skirt

Greenland Home Paisley Quilted Skirt

The quilt is elegant for refined styling. Generous drop length. Generous drop length. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Greenland Home

👤Absolutely perfect. Put the box spring on after Washed. It's beatiful and not awrinkle. The hangs are great, non see through. There is no yellow or beige color. A soft white. I love it!

👤Couldn't be happier with this purchase. It was exactly what I wanted. After washing and drying, there is no need for ironing. It works well with a quilt top like mine.

👤I didn't measure the fall from my box spring to the floor because this is a very nice bedskirt. The bedskirt is 1 1/2 inches too long. The box spring is not as deep as the highest end springs. The skirt doesn't look right on the floor. I pinched it in the middle as I put the mattress back on. I decided to live with it and probably return it.

👤I've tried many bed skirts, tried all the trends, and this is the best I've ever had. It's long enough so people can't see all the mess under the bed, it's perfect in weight, and it stays put. We have a bed that fits. Thanks!

👤I used this as a dust ruffle. I haven't washed it yet, but it seems to be exceptional. The ivory color is not beige or white. The quilt is very precise. I used bedskirt pins to secure the skirt to the box springs and have not had a problem with it shifting. I would recommend this to anyone. It's pretty.

👤The bed skirt was four inches long. The seam was four inches down the middle. It turned out great with my quilted bedspread. Thank you for the great product.

👤This bed skirt is wonderful. It is a nice addition to our bedroom. The bed skirt that came with the quilt and shams was too bright for my taste. The skirt is made of ivory and has beautiful quilting. My bed has support at the foot, but it has split corners. The skirt was modified by making a cut and then covering the edges in seam binding. See the photo.

👤The quality of this bed skirt is top-notch. It was a great addition to my bedding. I saw the same bed skirt on another website for a higher price. I would have had to wait a week for the delivery. It arrived in no time at all. There was no wrinkling and the packaging was very nice. Very pleased! It was worth every penny.

👤Love it. The pattern is lovely. We needed the 18”drop. If it shifts a bit, I would suggest using upholstery pins to secure it in place. Our shoes stay hidden because it is a nice thick material.

👤I found this bed skirt to be perfect, after years of flimsy, cheap bed skirts which would rip if I tried to adjust them, this was worth the price, and I would recommend it to anyone.

👤We raised the bed up 3 inches to fit the boxes. This length is perfect for the job.

👤Excellent quality. It arrived earlier than expected.

10. Martex Ruffle Skirt King White

Martex Ruffle Skirt King White

Drop: 100% Olefin. More durable than cotton is the 100% hawaiian The bed skirt has a 15-inch drop. Conceals any frames, box springs, platforms, mattresses or underneath storage. Dust Ruffles are available in various sizes and colors. You can find their full line of Martex Bed Skirts.

Brand: Martex

👤It is thin and not sure how many launderings it will hold up to. I had a plain white bedskirt, but it was not as pretty as this one.

👤This bed skirt was cheap and helped me out because I'm on a budget. Being cheap is good quality. If you wash it, it will fall apart if you don't. Keep it clean! Don't wash it too much. The bed skirt was very wrinkled. I know it's normal since it was tightly packaged. All I did was iron it. Put it on my bed. I will post pics later. I was overweight and had to squat to iron it on top of my box spring, which hurt my knee, but that's not the fault of the products, I am a big guy and had to squat to iron it on top of my box spring. If you're on a budget, I recommend this bed skirt. My room is grey and it's a light shade of grey. I'm very happy. It's a good thing.

👤The bed ruffle arrived quickly. Excellent quality. The price was better than expected. It will be very wrinkled. I gave the "wrinkle-free" a three-star rating because of that. I put my dryer on high heat and it took about 5 minutes for all the wrinkling to come out. I would highly recommend it if you are like me. The wrinkles will eventually work themselves out if not. It was nice. Hit between the floor and the bed.

👤The bedskirt was a bit disappointing. I like the gray color. The fabric is very thin. The wrinkling is unbelievable. I should have paid more attention to the length. The bedskirt is about 6 inches from the floor. It defeats the purpose. It will do for now until I replace it.

👤I ordered this one because it was hard to find bed skirts in stores. It is a queen size, the color is perfect, and it is long enough to cover the bottom of my bed. I will be ordering a pink bed skirt for my daughter because I am very pleased with this one.

👤I was hesitant about ordering a bedskirt online because I was certain I wouldn't find a matching one. That was not the case. I used the picture to see if it would match the color of my comforter, since it was a perfect match to the item. I washed and dried it after it arrived. It looks great on my bed. The bedskirt is not tbick or super thin. I think it will hold up nicely.

👤The bed skirt turned out well because of the accurate size. It is a bit wrinkly but a quick steam/iron should do the trick.

👤It wasn't difficult to put the bedskirt under the mattress, but it took my husband a lot of help. I had to iron it out after I took it out of the package. It looks great despite this. I don't know if it will do well over time or in the wash.

11. LELVA Beautiful Ruffle Romantic Skirted

LELVA Beautiful Ruffle Romantic Skirted

Queen Bed is available for 80"x 54" 18 Inches Drop. The bed skirt top platform floral printed design can be used above the mattress to replace the fitted sheet. Each bed skirt has an extra layer beneath it. The bed skirt will give your bedroom a sleek look. The bed skirts are well suited for any style of bedding. Their bedskirts are perfectly tailored to fit your bed and are ruffled around 3 sides without any splits. The 18 inch drop bedskirt allows you to use the space under the bed for storage and hides box springs and bed frames. Do not bleach; tumble dry low heat.

Brand: Lelva

👤It is very beautiful and stays put with no sagging or bedskirt pins. The elastic type of bedskirts are prone to this.

👤It took me a long time to receive this purchase because I already purchased a comforter set with its own dust ruffle. I am including pictures of the pink and green floral decking material on this beautiful dust ruffle which is what goes under the mattress and it is extremely high quality unlike so many that have a papery consistency and fall apart quickly. There is no comparison between the dust ruffle and my set. The material for the deck is paper. I am using this one instead because it was so beautiful. It is one of those items that makes you smile and it is amazing. elastic straps were included to hold it in place and keep it from shifting when you change your mattress Something I have never seen before is ingenious and speaks to the quality of the product. We have been remodeling and I haven't put it on my bed yet. I have designed and fabricated many items for over 30 years, and the fabric quality blew my mind. I am an extremely strict person due to my career and I would have made this up. My clients want the best. I will recommend this product to them. I tried to cancel the order but it arrived the next day or two after I was upset about how long it took to receive it. It was worth the wait, but I didn't get the authorization to return it.

👤I like my new dust ruffle. This is the first one I have had and it is beautiful. I thought it was going to be more full, so I am rating it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was packaged well and delivered quickly.

👤Isn't long as I expected. I had to put it under my mattress. The skirt part is very thin. I think it's overpriced.

👤It works well with the bedroom set. Very pretty and delicate. No tears or stains came in perfect condition.

👤So pretty. Went great with the new quilt.

👤I was wondering if I received the wrong bed skirt. The one I received was not very nice. I will return it. After receiving the bed skirt from decor and shams, it was a big disappointment.

👤After reading some reviews, I kept my expectations low but was really disappointed to see that the package had dirt inside it. There was a lot of dirt that fell off before I took the photo. I would think this was a repackaging. The amount of dirt could be enough to fill a penny. The stains don't come out. After reading the reviews, I didn't think it was going to be as thick as the photos, but it is. The sides are different lengths, but it still fits over my California king 18 inch bed frame. Before taking the photos, I lined up the sides evenly. The end drags on the floor and each side is different lengths. I would recommend avoiding it. Don't waste your money. If you have the sewing skills of a 10 year old, you could easily make a higher quality one with the materials from the craft store.


What is the best product for platform bed skirt 18?

Platform bed skirt 18 products from Purefit. In this article about platform bed skirt 18 you can see why people choose the product. Hc Collection and Biscaynebay are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed skirt 18.

What are the best brands for platform bed skirt 18?

Purefit, Hc Collection and Biscaynebay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed skirt 18. Find the detail in this article. Kp Linen, Cottingon and Qsy Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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