Best Platform Bed Risers Wood

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1. Furniture Risers Adjustable Extension Blocks

Furniture Risers Adjustable Extension Blocks

There is a different height. You can choose any height you want, such as 2 PCS/set or 3 PCS/set, you can install by yourself. High quality and not crack. The floor is not damaged by high bearing capacity. The plastic risers support up to 2000 pounds. All floor types are safe to use the risers on. The environment is environmental friendly. The material is not in danger. Thickened plastic is strong and durable. Simple design and excellent workmanship. It's perfect for different occasions. It will make your home more comfortable by raising different heights for beds, sofas, chairs and other furnitures. There is more storage and space. If you elevate the bed or any of the furnitures frame, you can get a lot of additional under bed storage space. It's a perfect solution for dorm rooms with limited storage space.

Brand: Healifty

👤If stacked too high, not very wide becomes unstable. It was too high for bed and collapsed when sat on.

👤A riser that will fit different sized furniture is a great idea. The legs of my bed frame are pretty skinny, that was the appeal for me. It didn't take long for them to start busting. After the second cracked, my return window closed.

👤They keep the wood feet off the ground. I am going to drill small holes in the middle to drain any water that doesn't evaporate. If I created a platform for the chairs, table and ottoman, they would work as expected and kill the lawn.

👤I had foot surgery and we began using the risers. I have arthritis in my knees so it was hard for me to get up and down. The elevation has been helpful. We use this furniture daily and the sofa has not slipped off the risers. I would recommend and buy again. We decided to leave them in place because we like the furniture higher.

👤My husband is in a dorm room. We ordered the bed risers so he could store things under the bed. In case he moves locations and his bed has different feet, we like the different slot size options. We're ordering a few more to get a little higher lift. It's a good recommendation!

👤The sofa was raised in the living room. If you sat down carefully, you could see the extra storage space for baskets. We have an oriental rug on the carpet, and it was questionable if you could sit down. The "riser disk" design allows you to adjust height. We felt it wasn't safe to use our sofa. The risers have been kept in case another use arises.

👤Furniture legs are on top of a riser. Heavy furniture cannot be stopped from sliding on hardwood floors with the small and thin rubber stopper on the bottom. Returned and just ordered new furniture legs.

👤Adaptable for many types of legs and can accommodate different heights. I have been using the covered porch for a couple months without complaint. A good purchase.

2. Yunnix Furniture Adjustable Supports Apricot

Yunnix Furniture Adjustable Supports Apricot

The bed risers can be stacked to adjust the height, that can be assembled to a suitable height. Solid materials. Furniture risers made by PP can hold heavy duty furniture up to 1300 lbs. and wouldn't wobble. You can use bed risers to raise beds, couches,chairs,cabinets,tables and fridge. "L" It's easier to match Furniture Risers to furniture legs. Anti-slip design of the top triangular cone prevent furniture from sliding around, TPU rubber lower layer protects the floor from scratches, and reduce vibration. Double-layer risers,TPU Rubber Pads for the bottom of risers, and packaging.

Brand: Yunnix

👤During shipping, broke. The box was very thin and did not protect the item. Two of the risers had broken edge rims. This probably won't affect the functioning, but it doesn't look good. There were 8 risers in the box. You have four spare parts if you don't need the full height.

👤I put the bed raisers on the other legs and the bed fell off. The bed raisers couldn't get a good grip on the floor and the bed legs, so they couldn't meet my needs.

👤You can raise the bed by 1 1/2 or 3 inches. If you want to raise a king bed or a bed with more than four legs, you will need 2 sets. 1 set is plenty if you only raise it 1 1/2” Excellent quality.

👤The furniture can't be scratched on the floor, but they can keep the bed from moving.

👤These seem like a sturdy product that will do the job. The description is not accurate. This isn't a pack of twelve risers. A pack of four. The height can be adjusted with the help of three pieces.

👤It's not sturdy to hold together. The bed was falling off.

👤They suit the aesthetic of my room and have no complaints so far.

👤The couleur des rehausseurs was tre un blanc "cassé". J'ai été aussi de voir, et la couleur était un beige assez. 5 étoiles pour ce qui est de la solidité.

3. 10x7x8 5cm Furniture Lifter Storage Nature

10x7x8 5cm Furniture Lifter Storage Nature

Prime Woodcraft appliance leg risers are perfect for home and office use. If you want to prevent damage to your furniture, these wood risers are a good solution. The package includes a furniture lifter. It helps create more space under your desk. Before purchasing, please check your furniture feet dimensions. Please contact them if you are not sure about the compatibility.

Brand: Sevender Furniture Lifter

👤The package was sitting in the rain when I ordered it. The box was soaked. I assumed the items were not damaged when I opened them because they were packaged in thick plastic. The items were damp and fell apart when I installed them. I was able to pull them apart because they are not built well. The pieces of wood are held together by two very thin nails.

👤I'm not sure how this order got messed up, but we received a pair of men's blue slacks instead of the bed risers we had ordered. The slacks didn't work well as a replacement for the bed risers. There were no problems with the return process.

👤I love these! They lifted the shelves in my closet so that I could slide in photo boxes full of scarves without getting anything on the underside of the shelves. The storage capacity of my closet has been improved. They were perfect for my use and seem sturdy.

👤I was a bit skeptical about buying these, but I'm glad I did. They are easy to build and work well to raise my computer desk. Most computer desks are not high enough to allow me to place my knees under them. I can't type on the keyboard at the desk height. The lift blocks worked well and solved my problems. I recommend these without reservations.

👤It works as advertised.

👤My tall husband doesn't hit his knees on the keyboard drawer, so I used these to raise the computer Hutch. These are sturdy, perfect for a computer. A little pricey, but should last forever.

👤The product is fine. I have an issue with the seller. When I tried to return one set, I couldn't enter the data I needed to complete it. I was going to go back to Whole Foods at no cost, but they wouldn't let me send at no cost, so I had to send a package. The seller states free returns if you pay the return shipping. I won't be buying anything from them again.

👤The height of these was not significant. A riser that offers more height is what I would suggest.

4. FASONLA Furniture Natural Non Slip Recessed

FASONLA Furniture Natural Non Slip Recessed

Tailoring to your own needs is what you should do. You can lift your bed or furniture up to 3 or 4 inches with the purchase of a set of risers. To raise your bed, simply stack these interlocking risers on top of each other with each of the four small and four big connections between them. Each way gives an interesting result when you interlocking them. You can refer to the ways as pictures. There are 8 Risers, 4 Small Connects, and 4 more. There are 8 x Anti-Slip Pads and a carton box. Non-SLIP-covered hole. The hole on the top and the hole at the bottom of the riser have a universal fit that helps to securely hold the bed or furniture feet up to 2.6 inches wide and prevent legs or wheels from slipping out of the riser. It was made for strength and resilience. The raisers are made from a single block of wood. They can be used for a lifetime and are strong enough to support furniture and bed in a home. If you want to use the hole at the top and the hole at the bottom, please check your bed or furniture. This riser can be used as a furniture riser, table riser, sofa riser, chair riser, armchair riser, bed riser and more. It helps increase the stability of bed or furniture by being ideal for heavy stationary in your home or office. It's not safe to interlock over 4 risers for one leg. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. The set of 8 furniture risers is what you need if you are looking for top quality wooden risers. If you are unhappy with the purchase, please let them know so they can give you a free replacement or full refund. Click on the button to add to the cart.

Brand: Fasonla

👤The items are not sturdy if they are stacked on top of each other. The bed slam to the floor was caused by the blocks tipping over when sitting and adjusting one's self on the bed. Please do the right thing and return the purchase.

👤I thought they'd be pretty. They are! If you try to move a piece of furniture, they will fall apart and you will lose everything. I've tried many configurations, but they just won't stay together when you try to move something. It's too bad. We'll have to drill through the center of each piece to permanently affix them to the furniture, but I think we'll end up keeping them. We'll see if that works. It was very expensive to do that. I wouldn't recommend them if they weren't super handy.

👤I have used plastic ones in the past, but these are better. We were able to fit plastic storage containers underneath the raised bed. Excellent quality product.

👤I wanted to raise my desk by an inch. My desk has skinny metal legs and all the other furniture risers seem to be designed for beds or couches. They are smaller and less bulky. They work! I have a lot of stuff in my desk. I lifted my desk up so my wife could put the risers under the legs and that was all. My desk is very strong. I didn't need that because you can stack several risers together to get more lift. I have four left. Maybe they'll be useful for something else. Four rubbery stickers on the bottom riser are what you get, so it doesn't scratch the floor. I would give these a 4.5 out of five but chose 4 stars since there are so many fake reviews.

👤I added a few smaller discs to the package to get the right level of lift because our sofa has one broken leg. My couch is heavy and made of wood, and so far it has stood up to the weight of that when fully occupied. So far, so good.

👤I bought these to replace cheap plastic feet that came with a living room set that was taller than I wanted. The risers fit the bill. I secured them directly to my new furniture by drilling a hole in the middle of them. They look nice and function as expected. I didn't use the stacking feature, but it seems simple to use for those who want to be taller. I wouldn't trust the stability beyond two levels as the feet are not that wide, and I don't think I'd stack it more than two levels. The foam pads are not slippery. If you want to slide your furniture, get felt or plastic pads.

👤I have two couches on a hardwood floor and I need to raise them for my roomba vacuum to get underneath. I didn't need to use the connectors because it was enough. I wanted wood risers so that I can still move the couches around on the hardwood floors, which is not possible with the plastic and rubber ones. These blend in nicely with the floors. I'm thinking about getting some more furniture for the carpeted area.

5. MEETWARM Risers Stackable Furniture Walnut

MEETWARM Risers Stackable Furniture Walnut

Premium materials. The bed risers are made of high-strength plastic which can hold up to 1000 kilogram and 2200 lbs. It's Sturdy and Safety. 3 inch height lift is perfect for saving space. The External Size is 4-1/8"(W) x 4-1/8"(D) x 3-6/16"(H). Storage space under furniture can be increased by adding additional height and making cleaning easier. You can put your suitcases and shoe boxes under them. When not being used to conserve, these risers can be stacked together. The floor is beautiful and protects it. The plastic bed risers with imitation wood grain finish are beautiful and can match your furniture perfectly. Extra foam floor pads and smooth plastic edges of the bed risers will not scratch or damage hardwood floors. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Low height of furniture can cause shoulder pain and neck pain, so increase the height of your furniture. The bed risers are an essential tool for people with difficulty rising from chairs and beds. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. If you are not happy with their products, please contact the seller. I will give you a better solution.

Brand: Meetwarm

👤It was exactly as advertised. The bed was raised to get the storage bins.

👤Occasionally my mom comes over, so I wanted these. It's hard to get up with her being older because my couch is very low to the floor. I bought these to make it easier for her to stand up. They were easy to put under the couch but would be better with two people. The risers are sturdy. When you sit down, they are stable. We will have to see how durable it is. The dark color works well with the legs on the couch. I measure the bottom of my couch legs when I buy it. I am very happy with the way they work. I would buy these again if I were given the chance.

👤I am using these to raise a game table, not a bed. We needed to raise the table to replace the previous chairs, and we wanted something that wouldn't scratch the flooring, and provide stability. The base is wide and square.

👤I was excited to lift my couch, but it looks awkward. When I walk in the room, I looked at it first. It might work if you're lifting something heavy and the legs are hidden, but it was a big problem for my living room. They were sent to me after they came and were already dirty.

👤So far, so good. I put these under my living room loveseat to make it easier to store things underneath. They are holding something. Unless you really need to move the furniture, they don't slide.

👤So far it works. I would like to see more options for people to decide how many they want. I have a king sized bed with 4 legs, 2 on the side and one in the middle, so 7 all together. This was the second set I ordered, and now I have 3 more. Customer service is great.

👤My husband says that I need a ladder to get in bed. I like it. 3 inches is a good height to allow a plastic drawer to fit under the mattress and still be able to climb in bed without a ladder. It's a good thing.

👤I had to tape the back legs of the chair to the legs because they would move and the chair wouldn't fit him in. If the chair moves an inch or so, they are to be easily knocked over and he fell trying to put them back under the legs of the chair. It's not safe for my husband.

👤It is easy to use. It makes a difference.

👤It does the job perfectly.

6. Whitmor Wood Bed Risers Espresso

Whitmor Wood Bed Risers Espresso

The room for improvement is the bed risers system. The bed risers will add height to your bed. The underbed storage has been increased by 2.75 inches. It is designed to fit both round or square bed posts. The dimensions are 4.5 L x 4.5 W x 4 H. The lip is used on virtually any type of bed. It's perfect for under beds, closets, desks, dressers, shelves and much more. Storage space can be added underneath furniture. Over the course of 70 years,Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤The product isn't meant for use in carpets or if the leg you want to put on is smaller than the hole in the block. Our bed would fall out of them because they were wobbly. They are not very stable. Maybe if you put a grip on the bottom or in the hole it would help. We have a new baby and it is not worth the risk.

👤I did an eye roll when I saw people mention the smell of the product. I take it back. They smell strong and strong. I can get past that. Our bed was easy to slide in because of the smooth material. If you have children who need to jump off the bed or you and your significant other want to have a little alone time, these are not for you. They don't feel safe because your bed is going to be sliding and moving. I returned them. They are pleasing to the eye and they raise the bed.

👤The description says that under bed storage should be increased by 4.37 inches. It only provides 3'' of lift. I already had one around that height, so I wouldn't have purchased it.

👤A lot of the risers are plastic. The risers look better on my platform bed. They smell really obnoxious and are airing out in my garage. I hope it can be solved. I can not imagine trying to sleep while breathing those chemicals.

👤The platform frame is secured in the middle of the slate with screws. The platform frame design causes it to dip in the middle because it isn't meant to hold a box spring and a mattress. The risers are wood and they match the frame, so they serve my needs, and we have two extras in case anything else happens where we need a little lift in the spring.

👤Due to upcoming surgery, we bought these for our loveseat. These have a small lip. Recliner to close. It makes the loveseat look too high. He likes it. They are wood and could be cut.

👤The bed can be raised about 2.8 inches with these. The space in the blocks has been cut so the caster can sink into them. They match the posts on the bed. The site description says they don't raise the bed 4 inches.

👤I think these are a very solid product and will work for a long time. The slot for the support bar is a tight fit, so you really need help with installation, someone has to be on the floor guiding the placement while someone else lifts the bed.

👤We used risers to raise the sofa and love seat. Since the sofa and love seat are against a wall and the floor is carpeted, they work well and feel sturdy. The dark wood of the risers looks great with our furniture.

👤My bed has 6 legs so I had to get 2 sets. It would be great if they sold them in sets of 4 or 6 to fit every bed frame. I can get double stacked underbid storage boxes with them because they lift the bed high.

7. Whynonap Risers Inches Elevators Furniture

Whynonap Risers Inches Elevators Furniture

The bed lifts risers include heavy duty bed risers and friendly customer service. The product dimensions are 5.1" * 5.1" The customer is the starting point for each of their designs. Heavy duty furniture bed risers. The furniture risers are made from recycled and non-toxic materials so they are perfect for your home or office. The heavy duty bed risers can support up to 3000 lbs when used in 6 sets, and the black bed risers can be made more sturdy with a three-dimensional design. The bed risers are compatible with most furniture and can be used for Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King size beds. Extra storage space is created. The furniture risers will raise your bed frame by 5 inches, which will allow you to organize your products or make it easier to clean. Please make sure your furniture legs are not more than 2.70" because the extra 5" high riser opening size is 3-1/8" deep.

Brand: Whynonap

8. DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

The strongest plastic bed risers are on Amazon. Made in the USA or imported. The strongest bed is on Amazon. What makes DuraCasa's Bed Risers special? Their heavy duty 3 inch bed risers are the only risers on the site that can hold up to 2,000 pounds and a 5.5” bed post, which is what all of the beds on this site are. You will sleep better, store better, and live better with these bed lifters. Tired of having limited storage space in your apartment or condo? Look no further! Their bed risers give you an additional 3 inches of storage space under your bed, perfect for totes full of drawers, for extra clothes, or suitcases for when you travel. The possibilities are endless. Get the most for your money by using their furniture lifters, they are also capable of holding sofas, chairs, or even your desk. DuraCasa has the height and storage space you need. TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP? Bed risers give you more storage space and height, and they also aid in better sleep for people with acid reflux. The added height allows for air to be more dust-free, as you will be further from the floor where children and pets may play, leading to better circulation and overall better rest! 100% SATISFACTION is guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them for a replacement or 100% refund. Their priority is to make sure their customers are satisfied with their products, process, and service.

Brand: Duracasa

👤I needed risers for my sofa because it was getting harder to get up. The legs in the front aren't small enough to fit in the smaller risers. The entire footprint of the riser is huge and is very noticeable since I have hardwood floors. I would like them to be in a brown or wood color. They are very durable and should hold up for a long time, however they do slip on my hardwood floor, so I will need to put something under it to prevent the sofa from slipping.

👤I was unsure if this was what I needed after my hip injury. I had trouble getting up and down. I didn't know how they would work. I love these risers! They fit the shape of the couch perfectly. I recommend these to people who have trouble getting up from a seated position. I bought a second set for the chair. There is a negative. There is no cushion between them and your floor. No problem if you have carpet. I have original hardwood floors and have not had any issues with scratches or marks on the floor. They are functional and easy to install.

👤I was able to rise up off the sofa easier with this. It's nice for older people. The legs on my sofa are 3 inches wide and this was the only one that would fit.

👤These plastic are very sturdy and easy to slip in under furniture legs. I use mine to lift my couch because I have had back problems and it makes it easier to get up off the couch when it's lifted with these Furniture lifts.

👤I bought these for my bed but they stuck out too far. I tried on the sofa in my living room. The software still feels sturdy even though it is a normal sitting height. Doesn't feel wobbly. I'm really happy I got them.

👤I wanted to raise my pool table. I put my pool table under the patio because I didn't want water to get to it. The risers have a large area for the table feet to fit.

👤We can store items beneath the bed because of the great lifts. It takes a bit of adjusting to the edge of the footboard as it sticks out further than before.

👤I had to raise the head of my bed. The bed's legs are larger than some, but this accepts them. I don't think there is anything that wouldn't fit. It does not scratch the floor. I will let you know how this item handles elevating the bed even higher when I add a wooden riser. It was a good choice for me.

👤Bonne hauteur diminue grandement.

👤I have a sofa. It fit perfectly and served my purpose. I wish it was 1 higher. The product was very good.

👤The couch has height added. All expectations were met.

9. Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

The benefit of couch risers is that they give you more storage space and make it easier for the elderly to get in and out of bed. The added height allows vacuum cleaners or robot vacuums to work better. The YOPAY bed risers add 1 foot, 2 foot or 3 foot height to furniture. Its strength can protect your floors. Their bed risers are made up of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle and does not cause any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces, each riser has a non slip gripper on the bottom that stops furniture from sliding and protects floors from damage. The holder top with universal fit is designed to securely hold all furniture feet 1 to 3.5 inches wide and furniture panels and bases up to 1.5 inches wide. The furniture risers fit into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds. Its strength allows it to protect your floors and give you storage space. The package includes bed risers and furniture raisers with high weight capacity, which will allow for elevation up to 3 feet and the highest lift over support.

Brand: Yopay

👤There are molds for different types of feet. I use these on a desk with rectangular legs and another desk with round legs. Both of them work well.

👤Excellent product. Good customer focus and delivery. Being able to stack them is very versatile and can add an inch at a time. The product is offered in a package of 9 instead of 8. If I had 9, I could use 2 on each of the 3 front legs, and 1 on each of the three legs in the middle of the bed frame. I have to use a block of wood on one of the legs in the middle of the frame.

👤I had trouble getting out of my recliner because it was too low. The risers for recliners were made to fit chairs with a wooden base. There is metal in mine. I am glad I took a chance on these. My chair was raised to the perfect height.

👤It worked well for my bed frame. There's no movement or shifting on the carpet, I use one per leg, but note I haven't stacked them. It was important to me that the base wasn't too heavy, and I haven't shaved my toe yet. I needed to get 1 inch to clear the storage containers under the bed.

👤I was able to create a perfect height bed for my height with the help of the risers, which lowered my bed legs to the lowest position and raised them by just an inch.

👤The bed was off level because of the floor. I hurt my back sleeping on a unleveled bed. My bed was leveled by these. They seem strong.

👤The non-slide insert works well and these are very big, but they are very sturdy. I put them under my wife's bed to help raise it. We have not had any issues with it shifting.

👤It's an excellent solution for under bed storage. You can stack them to get more height. We needed two packages to make room for a long bin of shoes and still have a bed that is low enough for comfort. Highly recommended!

👤I bought these for my father because he needed to raise his chair for health reasons. It does what you need it to do.

👤The bed box fits perfectly.

10. Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

The 8 piece risers, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in height, add a new level of comfort to your life. The risers are wide and deep enough to hold furniture legs. When combined, the three height options of up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches have the greatest bedpost distance, and the bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space. The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and is convenient to use on any bed. They can support a total of up to 1,300 lbs. and are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can stand the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home or office. If a proper fit is being delivered, make sure to use bed risers together. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤We moved from 2200 square feet house to 1200 square feet apartment. We ran out of space to put things in. They allow the bed to fit a lot of stuff under it. We purchased 3 sets. We were able to fit 2 huge totes and tons of boxes under our bed that wasn't able to fit anywhere else, and I was able to use these to lift our pack and play. I have no fear that these will not support. These are easy to use and have two height options. I have to do a run hop to get to my bed, but these are worth every penny. We have more space to fit all of our belongings, instead of having to get a storage container. This product is very good. Please let Amazon know if you found this helpful. Thanks!

👤Only used for a couple of weeks. I sat on the foot of the bed and boom broke through. Since I ordered the risers before the bed was delivered, I was out of the 30 day return window, which probably wouldn't make a difference as their return policy states it must be unused and undamaged. I bought two sets but am hesitant to use the rest. What a waste of money. You get what you pay for.

👤The smaller risers in this box are great for raising my desk up a few inches, but I thought the box had 8 risers, which is what the product name says. Instead, it comes with four risers of a small size and four of a larger size, which makes it four risers, not eight. I have a desk with eight legs and I cannot use just one box to elevate it. The product name should be changed to make it clear that what you are getting is only four legs of a furniture item. It isn't eight risers, no matter how you spin it. There are four risers and three different size options. I have an issue with these being oddly bulky. Unless your table or bed has large legs, you're going to be left with cube feet.

👤The legs are raised under the bed by using two of these. I had read that it would help with my problem. It definitely does!

👤My daughter's dorm room was given the extra storage by these risers. The bed is stable.

👤I usually read the negative reviews first. I decided to chance it. I ordered two sets of bed risers that were rated at 1300 lbs, so I had plenty of wiggle room on the weight capacity. I was glad I ordered two sets because I had two center feet to support. I tried the smaller ones. They were too high and the 4 inch adapters were a perfect fit. When I sit down next to the bed, it hits me above the knees because it is just 24 feet off the floor. I have used them since February and they are easy to use and slide on the floor when I need to make the bed. They have a good base that holds your bed at the right height for a comfortable night's sleep.

11. BTSD Home Risers Adjustable Suitable Couches

BTSD Home Risers Adjustable Suitable Couches

There is a 100% crack free warranty on Amazon. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers but Ezprotekt risers offer 100% warranty against cracking and have been tested to hold over 5,000 pounds per leg. The dimensions of bed raisers are larger. The external size is 6 inches. The internal size is 3.6 inches. There are multi-functions. They will give 4 pieces of high precision and hardness pads, even legs with wheels, new sofa risers are also fit. The risers for the round bed are made of anti-skid material and won't scratch the floors. It can handle furniture up to 2200 lbs. These bed lifters fit into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, couches, tables, cabinets and beds. Table legs extenders give you more storage space. The height makes it easier for the elderly to get in and out.

Brand: Btsd-home

👤My worktable was raised to the perfect height. The boosters are used.

👤I wanted to elevate my bed. I have round legs on the bed frame. My bed was not stable after installing them. Every time I sat on it, the bed moved a few inches. I don't think it will fall over, but the amount of movement made me uneasy. I just bought another set of bed risers for a bed that was square in shape and was rock solid. I sent them back for a full refund.

👤They hold up well to extracurricular activities and give just enough height to make them more fun. Enjoy!

👤I ordered to lift my bed. The metal bar support under the memory foam mattress is 4. They are strong and do not move. The foam spacers worked well to correct the issues. I now have a lot of storage space. No more stuff! I am happy!

👤I sell a few items on eBay and by the time I am done packing, I'm hurting. My kitchen and bathroom countertops have been made to the new height standards, but not my tables. I use a small rectangular glass top table in my office to tape boxes and wrap items, and now that table is the correct height for me to do this comfortably. I would have liked the 6 to come in my price range, but that is not of concern. I love these risers.

👤They are pretty large. They are wider at the base than at the top, so you can't have an item against the wall.

👤I bought a new chaise a month after the warranty expired and 2 of the legs broke. I brought these to make it stronger.

👤I had to raise our bed because of the surgery. The 6 Risers worked well. There is a dense foam insert that a Roller can fit into, or another lower down in the top that works well once the Rollers are removed. My Rollers were too wide for the first insert, but just right for my bed frame after they were taken out. The bed is more stable without the Rollers.


What is the best product for platform bed risers wood?

Platform bed risers wood products from Healifty. In this article about platform bed risers wood you can see why people choose the product. Yunnix and Sevender Furniture Lifter are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed risers wood.

What are the best brands for platform bed risers wood?

Healifty, Yunnix and Sevender Furniture Lifter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed risers wood. Find the detail in this article. Fasonla, Meetwarm and Whitmor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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