Best Platform Bed Risers Pack Of 6

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1. IPrimio Bed Furniture Square Risers

IPrimio Bed Furniture Square Risers

Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place. Storage is the biggest reason why people love elevated beds and sofas, they look more elegant and are more portable. The iPrimio Bed Square Shaped Riser has a padded foam grip to prevent sliding and slipping. Their bed risers are made of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle the weight without causing any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces. The furniture riser has a top and bottom that prevent rolling of caster wheels. This home accessory fits into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds in most homes. Its strength can protect your floors and give you storage space. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers, but IPRIMIO risers offer 100% warranty against cracking. The risers fit a broad range of furniture types, including wooden and aluminum bed frames, reclining chairs, and more.

Brand: Iprimio

👤The company took the time to improve upon the designs of the other risers and that's why I chose to buy these risers. There were a lot of complaints about furniture sliding off of other risers when I searched on Amazon. These hold my Flexsteel couch well. I like the rubber coated metal plate that sits down in the well where your furniture sits which helps reduce the weight. The risers are about 3 1/2 feet tall. The well that your furniture sets down into is 2 1/2 square and about 1/2 deep, which means that it will sit up three degrees higher than the floor. I hope the pictures help you make a decision. If your furniture will sit on wood or laminate flooring, they come with rubber bottoms. I didn't use them because my couch is on carpeting, so I don't have to worry about it. The quality of these risers is very good. They were a great price and made in America. What could be better? There is an update! They are still holding strong a year later. At Christmas, my taller inlaws sat on my couch. It was much easier for my father in law to get up.

👤The leather sectional I had was very expensive. You can arrange them in many ways because it has 6 seats. It was low to sit on. 10mm size European bolts are used. Replacing the legs was an expensive option. Couldn't be more pleased with these. I have carpeting so I took the floor guard off. The carpet was hugged more for a good riser floor base. My legs are in the well. You have to have nails for your legs to puncture the middle of these risers. These are highly recommended. The sectional has 6 pieces and I needed 24 risers. Sturdy, strong, and looking great.

👤I am very pleased with the product. I have a beautiful leather couch and a nice lounge chair. I lost part of my leg in an accident. I wear a Prosthetic when all is good. I sit on my couch and chair because I am 6 foot 5. They were so low to the ground that it was almost impossible to get out of a sitting position. I bought these risers from Amazon. It's much easier to transfer to a vertical position when the items are raised up by 6 inches. I am in a wheelchair and can transfer from the chair or couch. I wish I'd known about this product sooner. It has changed my life.

👤My bed legs fell and I broke them.

👤I ordered this product because my gastroenterologist recommended elevating the head of the bed because I have acid reflux which is worse at night. I read the reviews on similar products and decided on this product because I wanted a good quality product with some negative reviews. It has met my expectations, they are sturdy and there is no slippage under the mattress. Be sure to read the instructions. I have a king size bed and when I lie down on it, I can't tell the elevation. It is a 2 person job and the mattress has to be lifted. It is a very good product and I recommend it.

2. Bee Neat Heavy Duty Risers

Bee Neat Heavy Duty Risers

Raise your furniture by 7.25 Inches, it's ideal for bed, couch, sofa, chair, desk and more. They don't recommend using furniture feet with a diameter of less than 1.5 inches. Increased storage space is great for students going back to college or any home that needs more space. You can raise your bed or couch by 7.25 inches to give you more space to store things. A set of 4 risers will support 1400 lbs and are made with polypropylene. You can sleep soundly and enjoy all the benefits of a raised bed with this amount of support. 2 Fast Charge and 2 traditional electrical outlets will help you organize your wires next to your bed or couch. You can place the power cord under any leg. They are sure you will love their bed risers, but in case anything goes wrong with your order, just reach out to them and they will respond with a solution asap.

Brand: Bee Neat

👤The bed was cracked when we put it up. My son had a simple bed frame. He was sitting on his bed reading when one side came crashing down. Poor quality and dangerous.

👤My son's bed has risers. He could hang out under his bed because of the extra 8 inches on his bed legs. He has his favorite stuffed animals. I was pleasantly surprised that the electric cord was attached to the riser with outlets and my son loves the ports. The bed tilts slightly if I lean across it. I give it five stars for its quality and quick delivery.

👤I have been using these for a few months now and have not had any issues with build quality or sturdiness. I can fit more storage under my bed. The plug-in riser is very convenient. I absolutely recommend this product.

👤I used this product to raise a table in my sewing studio. It's easier to plug in my machine when the electrical outlet is in the riser. The quality of this product was very good.

👤I would like it to be made in a rounded corner of the mattress bed frame, with the center side of the bed frame in "T" and the other side in "L" shape. Thanks! I recommend this one that was purchased. .

👤Son un poco peligrosos! Funcionaria, tu cama o cuna va a estar pegada a la pared de dos de la cuna o cama. Se caen. Welevando una cuna pegada. No quiero imaginar, I bebé hubiera, pero la cuna se call.

👤The product is holding a king bed up. The order was supposed to arrive in two days, but it took nearly two weeks to arrive.

3. KONIGEEHRE Adjustable Furniture Stackable Pads(Apricot)

KONIGEEHRE Adjustable Furniture Stackable Pads%EF%BC%88Apricot%EF%BC%89

STACKABLE DESIGN You can get the perfect height with the Ky Dragon furniture risers. It can be stacked by two different heights. It allows you to raise your furniture to the height you need. Full and half sides are flexible. When the furniture foot is small, you can use the full side. You can choose the half side if your furniture foot is too large to fit the full side. Heavy-duty bed risers can hold up to 1300 lbs. and are made of reinforced high-impact PP material. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable to use. The bottom of the riser has a rubber pad that protects the floor from scratches and prevents the foot of the bed from moving. IDEAL CHOICE. It can be used to raise almost any furniture. It's ideal for increasing storage space under furniture. It can be used to raise up washing machines, clothes dryers and other large appliances. Thank you so much for your support. Customer satisfaction and product quality are their top priorities. They will make it right if you're not completely satisfied with anything they give you.

Brand: Konigeehre

👤I can't be the only one who wondered if these things would hold the bed in place during sex. Let me tell you that they do. I'm using them on a carpeted floor and using all 3 on each leg. We're not talking about mom & pop missionaries here. I put these to the test with a vigorous bang off the wall, I don't live in an apartment sex. They do a lot of work. Get them and you won't be sorry. I used the blocks, not the pads. My bed has metal legs with a bar that runs across the entire width of the bed.

👤Very tippy. I didn't trust these when I used to rise up a level table. I would not recommend stacking them two high. The product has a weak glue. The cement blocks are very flimsy, so better to buy one for this purpose. I don't trust the rises that support my table because it holds expensive art supplies and a computer all day.

👤The rubber on the bottom of the riser keeps them from sliding. Great product.

👤It's very versatile for any heavy furniture that needs to add height such as a bed, sofa and table. The furniture caster wheels and legs are held on the footing. If full height is needed, the stacks are very sturdy and easy to stack. One block is enough for my bed. It works great on wooden floors and carpeted floors. Very pleased with everything.

👤The shape and size of these are perfect for Ikea's bed frame. It is very sturdy and does not slip around with two stacked together.

👤I stood on the thing while I played with it, but I haven't gotten help to pick it up yet. They look decent.

👤Use these to raise my TV. It is stable and secure.

👤It is easy to move less strain on the body.

4. Slipstick Furniture Reinforced Supports CB653

Slipstick Furniture Reinforced Supports CB653

Adding 3 inches to the height of beds, couches, tables, desks, and other heavy stationary furniture increases furniture ergonomics by boosting the sit to stand process. The heavy duty roof design prevents bed posts, roller wheels, and furniture legs from puncturing through the steel reinforced plate under the furniture leg holder, making them ideal risers for heavy furniture. Lifts up beds and furniture 3 inches creating extra storage room beneath and makes cleaning underneath furniture easier, perfect for dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms and more. The lock in Caster Wheels and FirNITURE LEGS is not suitable for legs under 2 inches square. The floor is high weight and safe. The set of 6 risers supports 3,960 pounds and each riser has rubber grips on its base to protect the floor.

Brand: Slipstick

👤The bed frame that I bought recently was adjusted to fit inside my head and foot board wood frame. I had to add two inches to the fit because the frame was too tight to clear the sides of the wood frame. I placed them under the legs of the bed frame to give me the lift I needed to clear the wood frame without damaging the fabric.

👤It does what it's designed for. It is easy to hold 800 pounds. I didn't have to purchase multiple legs for my bed because 6 came in this pack. They are being used on a bed frame that has wheels on it. Highly recommend this product.

👤I have been writing this review on the desk for six months. I have never had a problem with them. The rubber stabilizer feet have come out, but they don't seem to affect anything. They didn't get in the way too much when I moved my table a few times. If you could buy four instead of six, this would be a better value. Two risers isn't enough to lift anything, so I have two extras lying around. It seems wasteful and bad for the environment, but I couldn't find a four pack in the same style. I would have two sets instead of one-and-a-half if I had an eight pack.

👤I wanted my new chairs to slide under my table. The set of new chairs that I bought has arms that bumped the table's apron under the top, because space is a premium in my apartment. These weren't enough to lift it. I dropped the felt pads on top of the lifts because I needed more lift. The table is rock solid and my new chairs fit perfectly. I believe there is a reason for the cracked reviews, I noticed a few reviewers complaining. If your table legs have metal nubs, remove them first because they concentrate the weight on a smaller surface. The plastic can crack. The bigger the surface diameter, the better. These lifts work great because my bottoms are totally flat.

👤. A better tool to help a person get out of a chair. This product has been used to replace my lift chair. A cheaper solution. Like other buyers, I purchased similar lifts but the furniture broke. The steel place was added by GeniUS. I will enjoy getting in and out of my chair and bed as a senior. I don't have to strain my lower back muscles anymore. The product is a great one.

👤I'm not completely blowing up the item's review because I think the issue was the shipping -- the risers came in a poly bag. I tried to put these on the bed but realized I should probably wait for someone to help me. I realized one of the risers was cracked when I was stacking them. I don't trust it to hold my bed since neither the box spring nor mattress made it on the bed, and I don't think I'd crack it if I did. They could have been broken in transit. Either way, returned!

5. Ronyme Adjustable Furniture Stackable Supports

Ronyme Adjustable Furniture Stackable Supports

Mellanni Home has a Lifetime Promise that it will provide the best customer service in the industry. If you don't like your purchase at any point in time, you can return it for a full refund. You don't have to send the product back, that's the Mellanni Home Promise. The bed lifts risers' top is designed with a triangular cone non-slip and grooves so that the furniture legs are close to the risers, the bottom is TUP non-slip rubber, which can firmly stick to the floor. The furniture is suitable for this table leg extenders. The furniture won't shake and the bed post risers won't be broken. The height and width can be adjusted and placed in furniture with large legs underground. Side extension height can be used for furniture legs. The bed riser extender is sturdy and easy to install. It protects your furniture and floor. You get a set of double-deck bed stilts.

Brand: Ronyme

👤It's solid enough to allow the black boxes from ikea to slide under our bed. The raiser set is perfect for my furniture because it is too high. You can use half of the raiser. We wanted to use these. The honeycomb design of the raisers makes them very sturdy and they are one of the best in design for rectangular furniture feet. The furniture set is made of thick plastic and brown. Each set comes with rubber pads that snap into the bottom of a riser for use on our flooring. The rubber pads were purchased for the remaining raisers.

👤Let me say something specific... Unless you drill a hole through the risers and the feet of the item you are trying to raise, they are not risers. The whole couch would slide off when I put them underneath it. I tried many times to get the couch to stay on the riser. 2. I went to Home Depot to get all the screws nuts and washers I would need to put the couch feet in. That was the only way they would stay put. Imagine how frustrated I was when I looked at the top of the riser and it was not designed to keep the legs of the couch from falling. 4. After driving for 3 hours to Home Depot to buy bolts nuts and screws, I drilled holes in the risers and feet of the couch 5. You should not purchase these risers.

👤Getting up off the couch has gotten more difficult, so I needed risers. The legs in the front aren't large enough to fit in the smaller risers. I have hardwood floors and the footprint of the riser is very noticeable. They should hold up for a long time.

👤Half of the individual riser blocks were cracked. The box they were shipped in was undamaged and made me doubt the structural integrity of the item. It was not worth the trouble to come back.

👤They were used on a twin bed frame that had a trundle bed under it that didn't have enough legs to use it.

👤Don't buy, not worth any money, not stable. It was not safe to get for my morher.

👤It was too small for the legs of the sofa.

👤I know that raising the laser can be difficult if you use the squares under the legs, but I am still a beginner with the laser, and I know that adjusting the distance between the laser and the item to be engraved depends on what you are trying to accomplish. They are strong enough to raise the laser's frame for the can/round etching machine that is too tall on it's own for the laser to be able to make a run on it. I'm happy to see that the laser is tall enough to work with these feet under it's framework, if you add these legs to each of the four legs.

6. HANIHUA Risers Furniture Adjustable Supports

HANIHUA Risers Furniture Adjustable Supports

There are multiple sacramentals. Heavy duty bed risers can be used to raise beds, couches, cabinets,tables,chairs and fridge. Solid materials. The furniture risers are made of PP and can hold heavy duty furniture up to 1300 lbs. The bottom of the riser is made of rubber. It can protect furniture from scratches. The top triangular cone has an anti-slip design. Bed risers can be stacked to adjust the height. It can be assembled to a height. The round design of furniture risers makes it easier to match. There are four package contents. The bottom of the risers have rubber pads. It is best to install furniture by two people because it has a certain weight. Before purchasing a product, please check the size.

Brand: Hanihua

👤I've been looking for risers that would fit my recliner's feet, which are quite shallow and attached to a metal framework. I chose these because they are not as large of a diameter or deep as the other risers I looked at. I chose the set with the options because I wasn't sure how much I wanted to raise my recliner. I used the complete set since I needed it higher and it was just right for both watching my television on its stand as well as making it easier to close since my knees are at the edge of the floor. The risers' rubber pads do not slide at all, so I did not use the included self-stick pads. I had to put the risers beneath the feet of the recliner so I had to push the chair off of the risers so I could slide it back a little closer to the wall. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤My son's bed needed one inch more height to fit his bins. The bed doesn't move at all and these were perfect. People said their bed would fall off. I don't think this is possible if they are using it correctly. Two kids are jumping around on a small bunk bed because the best doesn't budge.

👤I have a coffee table. I like how small they are compared to other risers. It's neat how they are modular. It's easy to knock them out of balancing the table. I've had a problem with 100% of risers, but these hold up better than the past ones I've used. They might work better in places where someone won't hit the table. I would still recommend them.

👤The bed we are currently using has caused massive pain in my head and upper back because of the sloping floor that I have been renting for three months. Thank you for adding these to the bed. It helped my husband and me avoid going to the Chiropractor. If you need an extra boost, get it. Game changing!

👤I wanted the roomba to fit under my coffee table. This was perfect. My table has legs that are thicker and have enough space to hold them. It has some weight to it, it is a solid wood table. I don't think it will fall.

👤It was installed on an Ikea TV stand. I didn't want the height of the recommended legs so I went this route. Enough height off of the tile floor to prevent damage from vacuums.

👤I will have to return them. The bed frame is too wide and the wheels don't fit in the hole. They need to be a little bigger.

👤I used these to raise a cheap futon. They are holding up. I was worried that they might not hold jumping kids, but so far they have.

👤These are life saving. I needed to put something under the legs of some chairs to give my back more support, and these work perfectly.

7. MEETWARM Casters Adjustable Non Scratch Non Slip

MEETWARM Casters Adjustable Non Scratch Non Slip

Premium materials. The bed risers are made of high- strength plastic and can hold up to 1000 kiloton. It's Sturdy and Safety. It's for furniture and beds. 6 inch height lift is perfect for saving space. All dimensions; 4-1/4"(W) x 4-1/4"(D) x 6-1/2"(H), Square top Size: 2-1/2"(L) x 2-1/2"(W). The U shape grooves are 2-1/4". Storage space under beds and furniture can be increased to make cleaning underneath furniture easier. You can put your suitcases under the shoe boxes. The cup design cradles roller and bed caster wheels up to 2-1/8" wide. When stacked, you can adjust the height of your bed or other furniture to your liking. You have the option to find the optimal height. The smooth plastic edges of the bed risers and bottom foam pads won't scratch or damage hardwood floors. There is a multi-PURPOSE. There is a wide range of applications. Low height of furniture can cause shoulder pain and neck pain, so increase the height of your furniture. The bed risers are an essential tool for people with difficulty rising from chairs and beds. 100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products.

Brand: Meetwarm

👤Be aware... If you have a brackets, it won't fit. The brackets won't fit in the picture. The riser needs to be 1 cm wider. It's really hard! If you are willing to let the weight rest on the wheel, you can make it work. I didn't think of measuring them. I assumed that the engineers would have considered the brackets when designing the mold, as most of the casters have them as well as my neighbors. I will figure out how to cut out the side of each riser.

👤I used this to get my tv to a proper viewing height, it worked out perfectly, and it was a lot cheaper than getting a metal stand for mounting the tv on. I used the full extensions. I will be getting another set or two when I replace my bed because they seem to be strong and sturdy for almost any bed. I will modify as needed for the pedestal to sit on them properly, as the upper "lips" can be easily cracked or bent, and they can be easily filed or ground down. I'm very happy with them.

👤My daughter's bed was raised in her new apartment so she could store stuff under it. She didn't want the bed to be pushed into the corner because it's hard to make that way. The base rubber thing really grips the hardwood floor. Her frame was in a plastic well. Nice! She had no issues sleeping in the bed. The entire bed fell as the risers tipped over when she leaned on it a bit in the morning. They didn't work out, but nobody should have to worry about it falling off the bed.

👤The 6” risers for my bed are great. I lifted my upper body by putting them under the legs. They are easy to install. I have GI issues when I lay down. Stacking pillows didn't work. I could have thrown and turned all night if these risers hadn't saved me. These are highly recommended.

👤The foam inserts weren't part of the package. Without the foam inserts these are too unstable to be used. They're difficult to put on because the plastic bottoms don't slide at all on my hardwood floors, so they have to be perfectly oriented before attempting to place the nightstand on top of them, and adjusting their positions is pretty impossible. Not happy with these.

👤The rollers in the risers are secure, but the foundation is not. I put the two together to get 6. The whole bed slid off the risers after I bumped it on the corner. I went in to see how it went. I have a cinder block to make sure the bed doesn't fall. It might have a better grip on tile or hardwood floors, but on carpet it is wobbly.

👤I wanted to raise a small drawer above the return vent in the small bedroom. The wheels of the dresser are in place because of the indention in the riser. The return vent is open and there is a drawer under the window. I have increased my storage space in a small bedroom.

8. Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

The benefit of couch risers is that they give you more storage space and make it easier for the elderly to get in and out of bed. The added height allows vacuum cleaners or robot vacuums to work better. The YOPAY bed risers add 1 foot, 2 foot or 3 foot height to furniture. Its strength can protect your floors. Their bed risers are made up of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle and does not cause any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces, each riser has a non slip gripper on the bottom that stops furniture from sliding and protects floors from damage. The holder top with universal fit is designed to securely hold all furniture feet 1 to 3.5 inches wide and furniture panels and bases up to 1.5 inches wide. The furniture risers fit into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds. Its strength allows it to protect your floors and give you storage space. The package includes bed risers and furniture raisers with high weight capacity, which will allow for elevation up to 3 feet and the highest lift over support.

Brand: Yopay

👤There are molds for different types of feet. I use these on a desk with rectangular legs and another desk with round legs. Both of them work well.

👤Excellent product. Good customer focus and delivery. Being able to stack them is very versatile and can add an inch at a time. The product is offered in a package of 9 instead of 8. If I had 9, I could use 2 on each of the 3 front legs, and 1 on each of the three legs in the middle of the bed frame. I have to use a block of wood on one of the legs in the middle of the frame.

👤I had trouble getting out of my recliner because it was too low. The risers for recliners were made to fit chairs with a wooden base. There is metal in mine. I am glad I took a chance on these. My chair was raised to the perfect height.

👤It worked well for my bed frame. There's no movement or shifting on the carpet, I use one per leg, but note I haven't stacked them. It was important to me that the base wasn't too heavy, and I haven't shaved my toe yet. I needed to get 1 inch to clear the storage containers under the bed.

👤I was able to create a perfect height bed for my height with the help of the risers, which lowered my bed legs to the lowest position and raised them by just an inch.

👤The bed was off level because of the floor. I hurt my back sleeping on a unleveled bed. My bed was leveled by these. They seem strong.

👤The non-slide insert works well and these are very big, but they are very sturdy. I put them under my wife's bed to help raise it. We have not had any issues with it shifting.

👤It's an excellent solution for under bed storage. You can stack them to get more height. We needed two packages to make room for a long bin of shoes and still have a bed that is low enough for comfort. Highly recommended!

👤I bought these for my father because he needed to raise his chair for health reasons. It does what you need it to do.

👤The bed box fits perfectly.



100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products. 100% high impact plastic. Feet of bed on risers can be prop up with a 4 pack. The bed is raised 6 inches. The bed lifters are in a package. Acid reflux and backache relief can be treated with help. The bed risers make the most of your bedroom space. It creates under the bed storage space with durable plastic. It is easy to install. You can place sofa risers under the bed. When you want to clean the floor, furniture legs are convenient. When not being used to save space, chair legs might be stacked together. Silicone bottom can be used on both carpet and wood floors. The plastic furniture risers can be used as high bed risers, chair risers, etc. The slipstick can be used to reduce backaches. Customer center: The most uncompromising quality is what they adhere to as a premium brand. Their vision is based on the trust their customers have earned over the years and the fulfillment of their needs.

Brand: Simplify

👤I've been using these bed risers since high school, when I first ran out of craft supply storage space in my room and needed more under-bed space, and have always loved them. These aren't the best ones I've ever owned, but they work. These are under our queen-size Ikea wood-frame bed, which gives us enough room to put suitcases under the bed, and is stable enough for two people to sleep on the bed. There are some design issues which are common to 90% of bed risers, for example, the headboard can't go flush against a wall because the base of the risers extends about 2 inches from the bed itself. Just use them to raise the platform.

👤I bought these three years ago. They are still intact. They are very reliable. I bought a new bed that had an extra leg at the center. I can't use these raisers because the middle legs are off the floor. I'm thinking about bed incline insert that goes under the mattress. My doctor recommended that I slant my bed because of my acid reflux problem. The bed lift has a height of 6 inches. I was concerned about its resilience since a number of people had reported failures. I had it in service for a while. It is holding up well so far. It has been several months since I started using these. They are holding on. None has failed.

👤What can I say? The bed is raised a few inches so you can cram more. Storage under your bed is important. I have a California King, so I ordered two sets. One was broken but still usable if I needed it. My bed is strong. I didn't feel any less stable when I pushed the bed around. When I meet the right girl, I'll spend several hours testing them from different angles, high and low, and any other tests I can come up with. I'm all about helping people. These are perfect so far. Highly recommend!

👤I wanted to raise the bed so that the extra trundle bed could fit under it. The problem arose when trying to roll out the trundle bed because the corners hit the bed risers. I have to slowly move the trundle out. We keep the trundle out because it's a huge pain to do this every night. I'm not sure if it can be done with the bed risers upside down. It would be great to find risers that are proportional to the size of the legs of the bed. The quality of the bed riser is great and they have not bent or misshaped in the months that I've had them.

👤A couple of years ago, I heard a large crash in my house and ran upstairs to investigate. The bed I found was dramatically lowered and had 4 legs that broke through my bed risers and fell to the floor. I did a lot of research on Amazon after this event, since I wanted to avoid a repeat performance. I bought them because they looked good. I didn't stop there. In a classic example of overengineering, I cut 4 pieces from a leftover 4 by 4 so that they would fit inside the bed risers and not touch the underside of the risers. The bed would drop a fraction of an inch before it was supported by the wood inside. I haven't heard any loud crashing noises from upstairs yet, and I don't expect to in the future.

10. MEETWARM Risers Furniture Stackable Platform

MEETWARM Risers Furniture Stackable Platform

Premium materials. The bed risers are made of high- strength plastic and can hold up to 1000 kiloton. The bed legs are in the bed risers. It's Sturdy and Safety. 3 inch height lift is perfect for saving space. The External Size is 4-1/8"(W) x 4-1/8"(D) x 3-6/16"(H). Storage space under furniture can be increased by adding additional height and making cleaning easier. They can be stacked together when not being used. 3 inches (6 pack) is the height of your bed or other furniture. When stacked, the height rise can be 6 inches or 9 inches. You have the option to find the optimal height. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Low height of furniture can cause shoulder pain and neck pain, so increase the height of your furniture. The bed risers are an essential tool for people with difficulty rising from chairs and beds. 100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products.

Brand: Meetwarm

👤It was exactly as advertised. The bed was raised to get the storage bins.

👤Occasionally my mom comes over, so I wanted these. It's hard to get up with her being older because my couch is very low to the floor. I bought these to make it easier for her to stand up. They were easy to put under the couch but would be better with two people. The risers are sturdy. When you sit down, they are stable. We will have to see how durable it is. The dark color works well with the legs on the couch. I measure the bottom of my couch legs when I buy it. I am very happy with the way they work. I would buy these again if I were given the chance.

👤I am using these to raise a game table, not a bed. We needed to raise the table to replace the previous chairs, and we wanted something that wouldn't scratch the flooring, and provide stability. The base is wide and square.

👤I was excited to lift my couch, but it looks awkward. When I walk in the room, I looked at it first. It might work if you're lifting something heavy and the legs are hidden, but it was a big problem for my living room. They were sent to me after they came and were already dirty.

👤So far, so good. I put these under my living room loveseat to make it easier to store things underneath. They are holding something. Unless you really need to move the furniture, they don't slide.

👤So far it works. I would like to see more options for people to decide how many they want. I have a king sized bed with 4 legs, 2 on the side and one in the middle, so 7 all together. This was the second set I ordered, and now I have 3 more. Customer service is great.

👤My husband says that I need a ladder to get in bed. I like it. 3 inches is a good height to allow a plastic drawer to fit under the mattress and still be able to climb in bed without a ladder. It's a good thing.

👤I had to tape the back legs of the chair to the legs because they would move and the chair wouldn't fit him in. If the chair moves an inch or so, they are to be easily knocked over and he fell trying to put them back under the legs of the chair. It's not safe for my husband.

👤It is easy to use. It makes a difference.

👤It does the job perfectly.

11. GAGUIUP Φ1 5 Inch Bed Riser

GAGUIUP %CE%A61 5 Inch Bed Riser

The bed risers system instantly creates 2 inch under bed storage space. It's great for robot vacuums. It's ideal for your home and office. Solid carbon steel and the bottom of non-woven fabric are used to make Protect Your Hard Surfaces. Furniture movement can damage hard floor surfaces. The risers protect your floors from scratches and marring. Self-Adhesive bed risers are easy to use, just peel off the back cover of the risers and stick on the furniture legs. There is a 2 inch height lift. The size is 1.5 inches. The 0.75 inch Guardrail Design prevents furniture from falling down. The furniture leg is in the recess cup. They work closely with the manufacturer to make sure their product is up to quality standards. If you don't like the product, you can email them and they will give you a full refund or a replacement for free.

Brand: Gaguiup

👤The risers are not safe to lift furniture.

👤The steel won't change shape with heavy weight pressure. The fit is pretty good and will probably use Flex Paste to close the top opening.

👤It's easy to install under a dining room table.

👤These are unstable on the carpet.

👤It's important to be able to secure the furniture to the legs.

👤They are sturdy, but they do not fit my desk legs. I should have measured first. It's nice that they fit the desk legs.


What is the best product for platform bed risers pack of 6?

Platform bed risers pack of 6 products from Iprimio. In this article about platform bed risers pack of 6 you can see why people choose the product. Bee Neat and Konigeehre are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed risers pack of 6.

What are the best brands for platform bed risers pack of 6?

Iprimio, Bee Neat and Konigeehre are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed risers pack of 6. Find the detail in this article. Slipstick, Ronyme and Hanihua are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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