Best Platform Bed Risers Blocks for Queen Size

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1. Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

The 8 piece risers, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in height, add a new level of comfort to your life. The risers are wide and deep enough to hold furniture legs. When combined, the three height options of up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches have the greatest bedpost distance, and the bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space. The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and is convenient to use on any bed. They can support a total of up to 1,300 lbs. and are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can stand the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home or office. If a proper fit is being delivered, make sure to use bed risers together. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤We moved from 2200 square feet house to 1200 square feet apartment. We ran out of space to put things in. They allow the bed to fit a lot of stuff under it. We purchased 3 sets. We were able to fit 2 huge totes and tons of boxes under our bed that wasn't able to fit anywhere else, and I was able to use these to lift our pack and play. I have no fear that these will not support. These are easy to use and have two height options. I have to do a run hop to get to my bed, but these are worth every penny. We have more space to fit all of our belongings, instead of having to get a storage container. This product is very good. Please let Amazon know if you found this helpful. Thanks!

👤Only used for a couple of weeks. I sat on the foot of the bed and boom broke through. Since I ordered the risers before the bed was delivered, I was out of the 30 day return window, which probably wouldn't make a difference as their return policy states it must be unused and undamaged. I bought two sets but am hesitant to use the rest. What a waste of money. You get what you pay for.

👤The smaller risers in this box are great for raising my desk up a few inches, but I thought the box had 8 risers, which is what the product name says. Instead, it comes with four risers of a small size and four of a larger size, which makes it four risers, not eight. I have a desk with eight legs and I cannot use just one box to elevate it. The product name should be changed to make it clear that what you are getting is only four legs of a furniture item. It isn't eight risers, no matter how you spin it. There are four risers and three different size options. I have an issue with these being oddly bulky. Unless your table or bed has large legs, you're going to be left with cube feet.

👤The legs are raised under the bed by using two of these. I had read that it would help with my problem. It definitely does!

👤My daughter's dorm room was given the extra storage by these risers. The bed is stable.

👤I usually read the negative reviews first. I decided to chance it. I ordered two sets of bed risers that were rated at 1300 lbs, so I had plenty of wiggle room on the weight capacity. I was glad I ordered two sets because I had two center feet to support. I tried the smaller ones. They were too high and the 4 inch adapters were a perfect fit. When I sit down next to the bed, it hits me above the knees because it is just 24 feet off the floor. I have used them since February and they are easy to use and slide on the floor when I need to make the bed. They have a good base that holds your bed at the right height for a comfortable night's sleep.

2. IPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser Sturdiest

IPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser Sturdiest

There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The Bed Risers are the best Amazon has to offer. Their products are guaranteed to hold up to 2000 lbs. Their products are 100% safe. Their strongest and safest tower is the patent pending design. The Lifter complaint was eliminated by their design. The aluminum will not break. It's great for Beds, Couches, Armchairs, Desks, and more. Lifts 5.5 inches. It's safe on wood floors. They made a rubber bottom mat to protect the wood floors. Also, prevents your furniture from rolling. It is easy to remove the rubber bottom when using the carpet. The most stable design is the vacuum. A little more expensive, but worth it. The plastic base is square. It's easier to vacuum next to Round Designs. Lifts Extra Heavy Bed, Living Room Furniture, and Home Office Furniture. Raise the height of the chair to make it easier to stand up. Lift height is increased to five feet under the bed. The inside of the holder is 2.75 inches. Storage space can be increased by lifting the bed to store items. Storage can be created under Beds and Furniture. It's great for robot vacuums. Quality products that are registered and trustworthy. Thousands of happy customers have reviewed and trusted the Home Products Brand. They listen to your needs and concerns to develop and design the products. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their customer service.

Brand: Iprimio

👤I got these risers for my bed because it was too low and they do a great job of raising the bed off the floor and making it good for hopping in and out of bed. The Allen wrench that they send you was awful, and the other major issue was that they are sturdy so long as you are laying down or gently moving. It worked for the first couple risers and then pooped out on me. If you are going to use these, make sure they are tight and nice and fit into your screwdriver or sockets wrench, and throw in a thread locker so the screws don't walk out. They push your bed a little further out than if you didn't use them, but it isn't that much farther. If you do a lot of moving on these, they are likely to fall over. I have had this experience because my mattress likes to move so I have to move it back into place every now and then and when I push on the frame it walks forward because there is a gap between the wall and the riser.

👤I ordered a new mattress and bed frame. The height of my new bed was lower because the thickness of the new mattress was thinner. The bed risers are the perfect solution. They are made of aluminum. I used to use plastic risers, but didn't want to do that again. There are 6 in this set. I had to order 2 sets of any other brand because most other types only have 4 in a set. I have been using these risers for over two months. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤We decided to purchase these because the plastic risers sometimes fail and collapse, even the heavy-duty ones, after reading many reviews. The queen size bed of an 80 year old woman is too big for these to be used on. The option to purchase 6 risers is something I love about these. Many companies only sell them in sets of four, meaning you have to purchase two sets and be left with two extra sets. The risers are designed to work with wheels. Users who removed the wheels seem to be the cause of many collapsing reviews. This places a sharp edge and no way to distribute the weight. If your bed frame has wheels, keep them on. The risers have a rubber-like cup that is designed to hold the wheels in place. The entire length of the metal leg is covered by a cross-bar design inside the metal risers. The weight of the bed would be supported by the design of the risers even if the stabilizing cup failed. The bottom of these Flares has a rubber bottom that will prevent your floor from being scratched or damaged. Assembly was easy and quick. We have complete confidence that these will last forever. The peace of mind that my mom is safe in her bed is priceless, even though they cost a little more than other risers. This is a quality product that serves two purposes for us: it provides additional storage space and it provides additional height to the bed, which makes it easier for my mom to rise off the bed without assistance and without causing pain. These bed risers are very good. Don't try to change your bed frame. These can be used with wheels andcasters, but will work with a standard bed frame. The 5 1/2 inch risers are the perfect height for our needs. This company does not offer any incentive for a good review.

3. Butizone Adjustable Furniture Heights Supports

Butizone Adjustable Furniture Heights Supports

You get a set of double-deck bed stilts. Storage under the bed can be done with the bed lifts. Storage space under beds and furniture leg can be created by adding additional height. It's easy to make your home and bedroom tidy. The bed risers are made of high quality materials. Safety support can be up to 1500 lbs. The smooth plastic edges of bed risers are safe. The furniture risers can be changed with three height options. The height can be lifted up to 8 inches. You have the option to make your bed taller. One of the bed risers has 2 high speedusb ports and 1 grounded power outlets. The extra power of bed riser will make it convenient to charge your phones, tablets and laptops. The power cord for the bed risers is long enough to plug into most outlets. Four large and four small riser cups are included in the bed riser set. It is suitable for individuals who have sleep related issues, pregnant women, back problems, acid-reflux and other conditions, who need to stand from low bed and sofa by lifting height of furniture.

Brand: Butizone

👤You're forced to choose a height when ordering a riser/lift set that doesn't offer the adjustability that this set does. The set comes with 3 inch lifts. 5 inch lifts. You can stack the 3 inch on top of the 5 inch to raise your furniture 8 inches. The lifts under my bed are 5 inches and the lifts under the guest room bed are 3 inches. It's like having two sets for the same price. Many older homes don't have electrical outlets. The set has a power outlet and two ports that are built in to the lifts, so you can charge your device in any room. Plug it into your wall outlet and you're good to go. Also, note: If you use the 5 or 8 inch lifts, the additional power sources are built in to them. They're easy to use and install, and are a great way to add storage under your beds.

👤We are both heavy and this holds us together. The outlets are nice.

👤We used these for our folding kotatsu. They are what we needed. The stands are wide enough at the bottom to keep the table stable and have depressions at the top to keep the legs from shifting off. The plugs work perfectly and allow us to charge our electronics while we use them. The plastic is thick and not brittle. I look forward to using them.

👤My kids love having the extra height. This is the first time I've had any with the outlets. It's handy for bedside lamps and cell phone charging. They are strong. I think the bed frame would bend. I like how they are arranged. It is very easy to adjust to the height. Extra parts are the only downside. I might use the 3 in risers somewhere.

👤Love! It works as expected so far. My son has a mattress and boxspring on it.

👤I returned them because I didn't use them. The other side of the bed raises if you sit on one side. They don't seem strong.

👤My wife is 4 feet 11 and she now requires a step stool to get into the bed but there is a ton of extra storage which is awesome.

👤The bed risers work well. The power outlets near the head of my bed and the ability to raise or lower my bed are things that I love. I used the 3” ones on a bed in our spare bedroom, and the 5” ones on my bed.

4. Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

Yopay Adjustable Stackable Furniture Surfaces

The benefit of couch risers is that they give you more storage space and make it easier for the elderly to get in and out of bed. The added height allows vacuum cleaners or robot vacuums to work better. The YOPAY bed risers add 1 foot, 2 foot or 3 foot height to furniture. Its strength can protect your floors. Their bed risers are made up of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle and does not cause any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces, each riser has a non slip gripper on the bottom that stops furniture from sliding and protects floors from damage. The holder top with universal fit is designed to securely hold all furniture feet 1 to 3.5 inches wide and furniture panels and bases up to 1.5 inches wide. The furniture risers fit into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds. Its strength allows it to protect your floors and give you storage space. The package includes bed risers and furniture raisers with high weight capacity, which will allow for elevation up to 3 feet and the highest lift over support.

Brand: Yopay

👤There are molds for different types of feet. I use these on a desk with rectangular legs and another desk with round legs. Both of them work well.

👤Excellent product. Good customer focus and delivery. Being able to stack them is very versatile and can add an inch at a time. The product is offered in a package of 9 instead of 8. If I had 9, I could use 2 on each of the 3 front legs, and 1 on each of the three legs in the middle of the bed frame. I have to use a block of wood on one of the legs in the middle of the frame.

👤I had trouble getting out of my recliner because it was too low. The risers for recliners were made to fit chairs with a wooden base. There is metal in mine. I am glad I took a chance on these. My chair was raised to the perfect height.

👤It worked well for my bed frame. There's no movement or shifting on the carpet, I use one per leg, but note I haven't stacked them. It was important to me that the base wasn't too heavy, and I haven't shaved my toe yet. I needed to get 1 inch to clear the storage containers under the bed.

👤I was able to create a perfect height bed for my height with the help of the risers, which lowered my bed legs to the lowest position and raised them by just an inch.

👤The bed was off level because of the floor. I hurt my back sleeping on a unleveled bed. My bed was leveled by these. They seem strong.

👤The non-slide insert works well and these are very big, but they are very sturdy. I put them under my wife's bed to help raise it. We have not had any issues with it shifting.

👤It's an excellent solution for under bed storage. You can stack them to get more height. We needed two packages to make room for a long bin of shoes and still have a bed that is low enough for comfort. Highly recommended!

👤I bought these for my father because he needed to raise his chair for health reasons. It does what you need it to do.

👤The bed box fits perfectly.

5. DuraCasa Bed Risers Additional Reinforced

DuraCasa Bed Risers Additional Reinforced

Their Bed Lifts are the strongest on AMAZON due to their new sturdy design. It fits up to a 2.75 inch bed post. Their bed and furniture risers will not scratch or Dent your hardwood floors. Please measure your bedpost before ordering because it has a maximum diameter of 2.75 inches. The Bed Lift System can create additional under bed storage. The Heavy Furniture Lifter is ideal for furniture. Modular design. There are 4 pieces for clearance under the bed. It's great for small bedrooms, Dorm Rooms or Wherever space is at a premium. Also can be used as chair risers. The set includes four risers, which can be used alone or stacked with the additional 5 inch risers. The bed leg or Caster can be secured into the bed riser. There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The Bed Risers are the best Amazon has to offer. Their products are guaranteed to hold up to 2000 lbs. Their products are 100% safe.

Brand: Duracasa

👤I put them under the bed because the frame has rollers. I was worried that they would slip or roll off, but the border around the edges prevented that. Extra height is really good. I could put storage bins under the bed.

👤These are great. The "wheel pit" would be helpful to keep the bed frame from shifting. It was great and did what I needed it to do.

👤We decided to get a better quality mattress than the one that came with the trundle bed. The mattress was slightly higher than the original one, so I had to raise the daybed up a couple of inches so that we could fit the trundle under it. The Duracasa Bed Risers did that. The trundle bed is easy to move under the daybed.

👤Lifted the love seat and couch. It's perfect height for Roomba access. It's no longer necessary to lay on the floor. Sturdy and not noticeable. It should fit any size furniture legs.

👤This is what I was looking for to raise my self-esteem. If it came in a different color, I would be happy. I spray painted them white. I put double sided tape around the top of my bathroom to make sure it held up and I moved it around to make sure it didn't wiggle. I have a toddler and they came in handy so much that my brother in-law wants to buy some for his bed.

👤Everything about these isn't flashy, but it's done right. The base is wider than the top to provide good stability from the movement of the head, the design of the reinforcement suggests they can live up to their weight rating, and will last a long time. The leg of the bed, desk, etc. will be kept because of the recessed area on the top. From sliding down. You'd think every manufacturer would do it this way, but just look at how many other products have an insufficiently raised upper edge. I've used mine to raise my desk two inches, with a longish spine, this allows me to sit more upright, helping with posture and reducing back pain.

👤I ordered the DuraCasa bed risers because I have a new leather sofa that was very low to the ground, and it was difficult to get up. Do not shift in place and they fit perfectly. It is very easy to move the furniture around, there are no marks on the floor, and it is as if they were a part of the furniture. If. I would buy them again for another piece of furniture in an instant.

👤Finally risers that don't break in the center. The last set was made so cheaply that I started collapsing in the center. A 2 year old is jumping on the bed. The bed doesn't wiggle on them because they raise it up for perfect storage.

6. DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

The strongest plastic bed risers are on Amazon. Made in the USA or imported. The strongest bed is on Amazon. What makes DuraCasa's Bed Risers special? Their heavy duty 3 inch bed risers are the only risers on the site that can hold up to 2,000 pounds and a 5.5” bed post, which is what all of the beds on this site are. You will sleep better, store better, and live better with these bed lifters. Tired of having limited storage space in your apartment or condo? Look no further! Their bed risers give you an additional 3 inches of storage space under your bed, perfect for totes full of drawers, for extra clothes, or suitcases for when you travel. The possibilities are endless. Get the most for your money by using their furniture lifters, they are also capable of holding sofas, chairs, or even your desk. DuraCasa has the height and storage space you need. TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP? Bed risers give you more storage space and height, and they also aid in better sleep for people with acid reflux. The added height allows for air to be more dust-free, as you will be further from the floor where children and pets may play, leading to better circulation and overall better rest! 100% SATISFACTION is guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them for a replacement or 100% refund. Their priority is to make sure their customers are satisfied with their products, process, and service.

Brand: Duracasa

👤I needed risers for my sofa because it was getting harder to get up. The legs in the front aren't small enough to fit in the smaller risers. The entire footprint of the riser is huge and is very noticeable since I have hardwood floors. I would like them to be in a brown or wood color. They are very durable and should hold up for a long time, however they do slip on my hardwood floor, so I will need to put something under it to prevent the sofa from slipping.

👤I was unsure if this was what I needed after my hip injury. I had trouble getting up and down. I didn't know how they would work. I love these risers! They fit the shape of the couch perfectly. I recommend these to people who have trouble getting up from a seated position. I bought a second set for the chair. There is a negative. There is no cushion between them and your floor. No problem if you have carpet. I have original hardwood floors and have not had any issues with scratches or marks on the floor. They are functional and easy to install.

👤I was able to rise up off the sofa easier with this. It's nice for older people. The legs on my sofa are 3 inches wide and this was the only one that would fit.

👤These plastic are very sturdy and easy to slip in under furniture legs. I use mine to lift my couch because I have had back problems and it makes it easier to get up off the couch when it's lifted with these Furniture lifts.

👤I bought these for my bed but they stuck out too far. I tried on the sofa in my living room. The software still feels sturdy even though it is a normal sitting height. Doesn't feel wobbly. I'm really happy I got them.

👤I wanted to raise my pool table. I put my pool table under the patio because I didn't want water to get to it. The risers have a large area for the table feet to fit.

👤We can store items beneath the bed because of the great lifts. It takes a bit of adjusting to the edge of the footboard as it sticks out further than before.

👤I had to raise the head of my bed. The bed's legs are larger than some, but this accepts them. I don't think there is anything that wouldn't fit. It does not scratch the floor. I will let you know how this item handles elevating the bed even higher when I add a wooden riser. It was a good choice for me.

👤Bonne hauteur diminue grandement.

👤I have a sofa. It fit perfectly and served my purpose. I wish it was 1 higher. The product was very good.

👤The couch has height added. All expectations were met.

7. BTSD Home Adjustable Furniture Elevator Suitable

BTSD Home Adjustable Furniture Elevator Suitable

100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products. 3 inch 4 inch bed raisers blocks switch freely, can meet the most requirements of rising furniture, no need to stack, more secure, and size upgrade: 3 inch 4 inch bed raisers blocks switch freely, can meet the most requirements of rising furniture, no need to stack, more The bed risers are external. The furniture risers are made of high-quality plastic and have rubber pads on top. 25 round pillars extend to the bottom, can bear more weight. Regular round legs, square legs, and rectangular narrow legs are not suitable for function upgrade. They will give 4 pieces of sponge pads, even legs with wheels, and a new sofa risers. The design upgrade retains the classic bed lifts risers, but also saves space. The corners can be smooth to protect the family from bumping. The benefit of couch risers is that they give you more storage space and make it easier for the elderly to get in and out of bed. The added height allows vacuum cleaners or robot vacuums to work more autonomously.

Brand: Btsd-home

👤I love these risers. They were purchased for a twin bed. The bed has legs at the head and feet. I was worried that the risers wouldn't work for both. These risers work well. They fit both types of my bed's legs and are stable. I can recommend them to everyone.

👤I needed to raise my bed so I bought two sets to fit the extra legs. The leftovers were used to put the legs under the bed. It's easy to install. The bed is stable. The extra room makes it easier to hide during a storm.

👤I don't have to get up because my couch has been raised. I have bad knees and my sofa was low to the ground, but now my iRobot vacuum can get all that dust and dirt underneath, it's a great product.

👤My desk was too small for my chair, so this helped. They give you a lot of different pieces of padding.

👤I needed something with this size footprint that worked well.

👤It works like it's suppose to. Most beds need two sets. I had to spend 40 on one bed. They sell cheaper versions at stores.

👤It's easy to use and perfect for my bed's rectangular metal legs, which are three and 1/8 inches long. The three inch rise was enough for me, but I went ahead and installed the extender to see how it would work.

👤These were strong enough to hold a sofa bed. It was difficult to get them under all four corners as the sofa bed was heavy and turned the risers over on one end.



100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products. 100% high impact plastic. Feet of bed on risers can be prop up with a 4 pack. The bed is raised 6 inches. The bed lifters are in a package. Acid reflux and backache relief can be treated with help. The bed risers make the most of your bedroom space. It creates under the bed storage space with durable plastic. It is easy to install. You can place sofa risers under the bed. When you want to clean the floor, furniture legs are convenient. When not being used to save space, chair legs might be stacked together. Silicone bottom can be used on both carpet and wood floors. The plastic furniture risers can be used as high bed risers, chair risers, etc. The slipstick can be used to reduce backaches. Customer center: The most uncompromising quality is what they adhere to as a premium brand. Their vision is based on the trust their customers have earned over the years and the fulfillment of their needs.

Brand: Simplify

👤I've been using these bed risers since high school, when I first ran out of craft supply storage space in my room and needed more under-bed space, and have always loved them. These aren't the best ones I've ever owned, but they work. These are under our queen-size Ikea wood-frame bed, which gives us enough room to put suitcases under the bed, and is stable enough for two people to sleep on the bed. There are some design issues which are common to 90% of bed risers, for example, the headboard can't go flush against a wall because the base of the risers extends about 2 inches from the bed itself. Just use them to raise the platform.

👤I bought these three years ago. They are still intact. They are very reliable. I bought a new bed that had an extra leg at the center. I can't use these raisers because the middle legs are off the floor. I'm thinking about bed incline insert that goes under the mattress. My doctor recommended that I slant my bed because of my acid reflux problem. The bed lift has a height of 6 inches. I was concerned about its resilience since a number of people had reported failures. I had it in service for a while. It is holding up well so far. It has been several months since I started using these. They are holding on. None has failed.

👤What can I say? The bed is raised a few inches so you can cram more. Storage under your bed is important. I have a California King, so I ordered two sets. One was broken but still usable if I needed it. My bed is strong. I didn't feel any less stable when I pushed the bed around. When I meet the right girl, I'll spend several hours testing them from different angles, high and low, and any other tests I can come up with. I'm all about helping people. These are perfect so far. Highly recommend!

👤I wanted to raise the bed so that the extra trundle bed could fit under it. The problem arose when trying to roll out the trundle bed because the corners hit the bed risers. I have to slowly move the trundle out. We keep the trundle out because it's a huge pain to do this every night. I'm not sure if it can be done with the bed risers upside down. It would be great to find risers that are proportional to the size of the legs of the bed. The quality of the bed riser is great and they have not bent or misshaped in the months that I've had them.

👤A couple of years ago, I heard a large crash in my house and ran upstairs to investigate. The bed I found was dramatically lowered and had 4 legs that broke through my bed risers and fell to the floor. I did a lot of research on Amazon after this event, since I wanted to avoid a repeat performance. I bought them because they looked good. I didn't stop there. In a classic example of overengineering, I cut 4 pieces from a leftover 4 by 4 so that they would fit inside the bed risers and not touch the underside of the risers. The bed would drop a fraction of an inch before it was supported by the wood inside. I haven't heard any loud crashing noises from upstairs yet, and I don't expect to in the future.

9. Home Adjustable Risers Furniture Heights

Home Adjustable Risers Furniture Heights

The limited time offer price may increase soon. This item has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The opening is 3 X 3 X 1 inch and deep. The bed riser can support up to 1,300 pounds. It won't scratch or Dent hardwood floors. The bed lifters or Casters fit securely into the bed riser's recess cup. Storage under the bed is an idea for bed frame risers.

Brand: Home-it

👤These do work as advertised, but they are prone to failure as seen in other reviews. The plastic is poor when it comes to load distribution so with a few minor modifications, the problem was solved. I filled mine with expanding foam that is firm when cured and helps distribute the compression loading and doesn't rely on the plastic structure to do all the heavy lifting. I put vinyl blocks in the top pockets to prevent stress risers and point loading of the top face, which has caused many to crack. The load is distributed around the entire pocket. These are under a steel platform bead that can hold up to 600 lbs. After my improvements, they are rock solid. I wouldn't trust them as they are basically flimsy empty plastic molds. This will help you when buying a set.

👤I think bed risers get either 1 or 5 stars. There are two things they need to do. They have to be strong enough to hold the weight of the bed. There are two more The foot of your frame must be accommodated in the recess of the riser. Many reviewers think that the risers are cheap and easy to break. I can't say for certain but they are more heavy duty than the risers I was replacing. I was pleased by their heft and thickness. They have reinforced ribs under the platform. If you have wheels as feet, I would suggest replacing them with flat feet which will help reduce the chance that the platform supporting the weight will break. The riser you buy for each foot is the other thing to be sure of. Some beds have more than 6 feet. The larger span of a king size bed is supported by four on the corners and two mid-frame. If you only buy one box of four, you will be distributing the weight across only 4 feet instead of 6 feet, which will cause you to bend your bed frame or crack the riser. I ranked this one star because of the other criteria. The feet on my bed frame were not accommodated by these. These would be large for many beds. The opening for these risers is stated in the description. I made sure that this was the case because most risers are not big enough to accommodate my frame feet of 3. After cleaning out under the bed and lifting the king size bed, I set the bed down for my wife and daughter to not fit. After measuring, my suspicion was confirmed. The opening is 2 7/8". If the foot doesn't sit flat, the frame will break. The opening is smaller than 3x3 but it's not as advertised.

👤Very nice. It is possible to change it. A steel frame with a point on it will crack or break. I added wood to make sure this didn't happen.

👤We were very happy with the placement, structure and strength until one leg gave way. The material weakness is the problem. The platform on one leg at the foot of the bed collapsed. The rounded caster wheels on the bed frame leg corners are very comfortable to sit on. They aren't strong enough to support 2 people and a cat. My wife doesn't tell me what she weighs. The cat was on the bed weighing 7 lbs. and I would guess 135-140. We put our bed up on these things so that we could store stuff underneath. We had some pretty unreplaceable art under the bed. They are not up to snuff. It is a time bomb. There are photos of how to fix em. Peter, the best.

10. Ezprotekt 1 2 Inch Bed Risers

Ezprotekt 1 2 Inch Bed Risers

Raises beds, couches, armchairs, desks, sofas, and other heavy stationary furniture height 1.2 inches to assist the sit to stand process and boost ergonomics. The design is made of Carbon steel and non-woven fabric. Protect floors and carbon steel bed lifts. It makes cleaning underneath furniture easier because of the additional height and storage space. It's easy to use, just peel off the back cover of the risers and stick on the furniture legs. The 4Pack Furniture Risers have a width of 2.36 inches and a height of 1.2 inches. There is a 100% crack free warranty on Amazon. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers but Ezprotekt risers offer 100% warranty against cracking and have been tested to hold over 5,000 pounds per leg.

Brand: Ezprotekt

👤The item description states that it is 1 1/2 inches. These are only over 1 1/2 inches, so not sure which Chinese math was used to measure them. It is possible that the felt pad and adhesion pad will compress in very short order, which will leave you with one INCH of rise. I needed 1.5 inches of rise to measure my chair. These seem to be made well enough, but how difficult is it to measure them and then clearly describe them?

👤Good quality. Nice look. Very strong. I needed to lift a TV table so my robot vacuum could get under it. There is a piece of metal with felt on one side and a sticky pad on the other. These work are perfect for my living room and would be sturdy for a lot of heaver items. The legs of the table won't slide around because of the sticky pads on the risers. I felt the sticky area on the tops after mounting the table on the risers. That way dog hair and dirt won't be visible on the top surface. I will order again after I am very pleased with these.

👤This isn't too heavy. It doesn't interfere with the trundle so it doesn't stick out. It was quick and painless to deliver. The color is a shade lighter than my kids bed, but it doesn't stand out. That was good.

👤We ordered a very expensive bar-table and beach scene. It is very heavy. I ordered it to be the same height. I measured a small wine cabinet and wine cooler to fit under it. The wine cabinet and cooler no longer fit because of the metal bar that ran under it. I ordered the risers in hopes that they would make a difference. Everything fit after we attached them. The plan was saved by them.

👤A bare floor probably makes a difference in the experience of the product. The risers are working on the floor. I waited to review to see if the plastic would break, but it hasn't happened yet. The carpeted floor is helping to prevent my metal bed frame from sliding off, but the glue is helping to keep my bed frame from sliding off. I didn't think about how the risers might sink into the carpet when I got the shorter set. They've given me an allowance to slide more things under the bed, but I probably should have purchased a taller set.

👤They look better in pictures than in real life. I thought they had tape on them to protect them from being scratched in shipping. That's just how it looks. It looks like I have rolls of tape around my footstool. I don't think I'm in to. Not my vibe. Scottish, Scotch, not so much. You can't see them because I pushed them back on the bench.

👤I bought these for our recliners to stop the Roomba from getting stuck. They do what they are supposed to do. A+.

👤I bought this to lift up my desk's Ikea table so I could add lights to it. Works well. You just have to remove the soft padding and add some rubber tape to keep the table from moving.

11. MEETWARM Risers Furniture Stackable Platform

MEETWARM Risers Furniture Stackable Platform

Premium materials. The bed risers are made of high- strength plastic and can hold up to 1000 kiloton. The bed legs are in the bed risers. It's Sturdy and Safety. 3 inch height lift is perfect for saving space. The External Size is 4-1/8"(W) x 4-1/8"(D) x 3-6/16"(H). Storage space under furniture can be increased by adding additional height and making cleaning easier. They can be stacked together when not being used. You can change the height of your bed or other furniture with 3 inches. When stacked, the height rise can be 6 inches or 9 inches. You have the option to find the optimal height. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Low height of furniture can cause shoulder pain and neck pain, so increase the height of your furniture. The bed risers are an essential tool for people with difficulty rising from chairs and beds. 100% money back guarantee. They will provide good quality products and services to make sure you are satisfied. 100% guaranteed return of goods if you are not happy with their products.

Brand: Meetwarm

👤It was exactly as advertised. The bed was raised to get the storage bins.

👤Occasionally my mom comes over, so I wanted these. It's hard to get up with her being older because my couch is very low to the floor. I bought these to make it easier for her to stand up. They were easy to put under the couch but would be better with two people. The risers are sturdy. When you sit down, they are stable. We will have to see how durable it is. The dark color works well with the legs on the couch. I measure the bottom of my couch legs when I buy it. I am very happy with the way they work. I would buy these again if I were given the chance.

👤I am using these to raise a game table, not a bed. We needed to raise the table to replace the previous chairs, and we wanted something that wouldn't scratch the flooring, and provide stability. The base is wide and square.

👤I was excited to lift my couch, but it looks awkward. When I walk in the room, I looked at it first. It might work if you're lifting something heavy and the legs are hidden, but it was a big problem for my living room. They were sent to me after they came and were already dirty.

👤So far, so good. I put these under my living room loveseat to make it easier to store things underneath. They are holding something. Unless you really need to move the furniture, they don't slide.

👤So far it works. I would like to see more options for people to decide how many they want. I have a king sized bed with 4 legs, 2 on the side and one in the middle, so 7 all together. This was the second set I ordered, and now I have 3 more. Customer service is great.

👤My husband says that I need a ladder to get in bed. I like it. 3 inches is a good height to allow a plastic drawer to fit under the mattress and still be able to climb in bed without a ladder. It's a good thing.

👤I had to tape the back legs of the chair to the legs because they would move and the chair wouldn't fit him in. If the chair moves an inch or so, they are to be easily knocked over and he fell trying to put them back under the legs of the chair. It's not safe for my husband.

👤It is easy to use. It makes a difference.

👤It does the job perfectly.


What is the best product for platform bed risers blocks for queen size?

Platform bed risers blocks for queen size products from Utopia Bedding. In this article about platform bed risers blocks for queen size you can see why people choose the product. Iprimio and Butizone are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed risers blocks for queen size.

What are the best brands for platform bed risers blocks for queen size?

Utopia Bedding, Iprimio and Butizone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed risers blocks for queen size. Find the detail in this article. Yopay, Duracasa and Duracasa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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