Best Platform Bed No Legs Cosvo

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1. Seniors Stepping Portable Elderly Capacity

Seniors Stepping Portable Elderly Capacity

This small step stool is sturdy enough to easily reach items out of your grasp. It was pre-Assembled. The heavy duty medical step stool is a must have for anyone who wants to safely step up to higher beds, vehicles, cabinets and much more. The rubber tips and non-sLIPURED mats enhance stability and provide additional safety for you and your loved ones. A strong 250-pound weight capacity can be found in a CHROME-PLATED STEEL FRA ME. Specific tools are specified in the step tool. The platform is 10”W x 14”L. The platform's height is 9.5” from the floor. The dimensions are 18.75” (l) x 13.5” (w) x 9.5” (h). The weight capacity is 250 lbs. There is no assembly required.

Brand: Dmi

👤I have had a step stool with a handle in my office for ten years. People use it when they step up from the treatment table. I had a sturdy, heavy, solid workhorse that I used. I needed a second one for the treatment room. The metal is too light and the stepstool is shiny. It isn't a nice heavy metal. The worst issue is that it is wobbly. The stepstool is on the left in the photo. On the right is the Duro-med. The legs on the stool don't extend out enough to be stable. It feels like the stepstool will tip over if you put too much weight on the handle. I don't want my clients to use it. I wish my stepstool had a manufacturer's sticker on it so that I could re-order it. I'm looking for a new stool that is bigger. This one was disassembled and returned.

👤One leg was 1/2 inch shorter than the others. This made the foot stool too wobbly to be used by my mother, who is 91 years old. I called the phone number that was given in the assembly instructions, but I was directed to their website and email address. I would need to arrange it by email and pay return shipping on my own. They want the item to be in a good condition. It wasn't in sellable condition to start with. My attempt to register the product will not be accepted on their website. I wouldn't expect them to honor their warranty with this company's attitude. I give HealthSmart International a -5 on customer service. I will not be ordering any more products from HealthSmart International.

👤I bought the step stool in September of last year. It is December. The rubber tread on the step is completely loose and the band around it is falling off. I only used this stool to step into bed. I don't think this step stool is a good idea.

👤When I checked in at the motel, the hostess told me that their beds were too high, so I was offered one of these stools to use. The bed in my room was higher than my sleigh bed, but it was not as high as I had thought. I used the stool because it was available to me and if I didn't like it, I would buy one for myself. I was pleasantly surprised when the stool arrived, but soon realized that it is so easy to carry throughout the house that I use it in the kitchen to reach higher up cupboards and in the bathroom to reach higher up cupboards. The stool is useful.

👤The measurement Amazon gives for the step stool is wrong. I already have one 10 x 14 x 9 H that is listed as 12 x 16 x 9 H. I needed a larger size and many things are listed wrong.

👤Our bed is raised on a platform and as I get older it is harder to get in the bed. This was the perfect solution because it is not too high of a step and the handle helps me find the step when I get up at night to go to the bathroom. It was very sturdy and heavy duty. If you are concerned about being overweight and it holding your weight, we have tested it at up to 250 lbs. There is a nice non slip rubber pad in the step part. It is very easy to wipe and clean with a cloth. I covered it with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean. Ha ha.

2. Greenco Super Strong Foldable Adults

Greenco Super Strong Foldable Adults

The Greenco super strong folding step stool can carry up to 300 pounds. The dimensions are 11" W x 8.5" L x 11" H. Save Space is designed to be folded in order to conserve space. Pull up the handle and push in the sides. The stool has a carrying handle. The feature allows you to carry the stool wherever you go. The extra height of the foldable step stool is up to 11 inches, and it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, closet, or at the go. The rubber polka dots on the step stool's surface help to prevent injuries from slipping. It will give you the grip you need and it looks great.

Brand: Greenco

👤The Greenco model is one of the two stools I recently bought. I am happy with both of them. The Greenco has a handle in the center that makes it difficult for instant folding, but two pro's said it was safe. Hardly. Maybe the Kikkerland feels a bit more stable because it's shorter. I received an item that was pretty clumsy, so it would have to be unsafe. If I were buying for someone older than 90, I would probably get a nonfoldable stool. You can see the size difference between the two models by looking at the photo. The Greenco is lighter in color. I will use the Greenco in the kitchen for more frequent use because it's 2 inches taller and has a convenient handle for folding, and will use the Kikkerland in another room for less frequent use.

👤For 4 months, it was used. Our son was in the bathroom when it broke. He was cut open by the stool after he fell. I warn other parents because I am angry and can't get our money back.

👤I have to review this product. My son's finger was almost severed by the folding sides of the stool. The stool folds up easily, but there are small holes in each leg of the stool that can be closed as the stool is opened. The design flaw is that the little holes open as the stool is shut and shut as the stool is opened. There are small holes on this stool that are the size of a finger tip. My son was opening the stool, holding it by the leg and top. As it opened, his finger tip got caught in one of the little holes as it closed, and his finger tip was almost cut off. I would never allow a child to open this stool as it has a design flaw that should be fixed, but my son loved carrying and using this stool, so I would never allow him to open it. Thankfully my child's finger will be fine, because this is not a safe product for a child to use. Hopefully the next kid won't be seriously injured after getting his finger caught in this stool. I put a picture of my husband's finger on the stool as a reference to the holes that close when the stool is opened.

👤This is a good stool. The design is very functional. I read a lot of reviews on different step stools and bought one with some skepticism on the pinching hazard. There is a After almost a year of usage, I have been pleasantly surprised. The foldable design helps to save space when not in use. It is very difficult for an adult or toddler to get their fingers pinched. We will continue to be careful despite being nervous. It does not stand on its own and needs wall support when folded. If someone accidentally touches it, it might fall in that position. We don't get startled when the stool falls because the iRobot has defeated it many times. If you don't have a toddler in your house and need a step stool, this is the one. There is a If you have a toddler in your house, you need to teach them how to use the stool. We had a few toddlers come over and they loved sitting and using this on their own. There is a If you have a mobile baby in the house, this stool is still useful for you to sit and play. Make sure you keep the stool away from the baby. This is meant for light household usage. The stool should serve well for a long time. We have been happy with our use so far. Will keep you updated if and when it breaks. Hope this is helpful.

3. Zinus Upholstered Platform Mattress Foundation

Zinus Upholstered Platform Mattress Foundation

Strong wood slat mattress support. The mattress and frame are sold separately. The frame is made of black faux leather. It is available in Queen, King. There is a 5 year limited warranty.

Brand: Zinus

👤Whoever came up with the idea of "contents inside the headboard" is a legend. The idea for the slats is a legend. The faux cow is a hero. Great bed, will buy it again.

👤Shipping was fast. I received it two days after it was shipped. I got my new mattress the same day. Simple instructions. There were extra plastic pieces. The platform bed has wooden slats and plastic pieces, but it's cheaper than the wooden slats held on with the plastic pieces. The material is faux leather, but it's still beautiful and simple to look for on a budget. I wanted a bed that looked good and felt good without the price. It took 2 1/2 hours to put it all together. If you are bringing it upstairs, you should use a team lift. The packaging is heavy. I pushed it to the room after Fed Ex helped me bring it inside. I put it together myself. Can be done. The hexagonal tool is all that is needed. It had a strange smell. My mattress did the same. I was expecting the smell of the mattress. Maybe they will both disappear in a few days. With the help of Febrez. Thank you for the beautiful product! I will add any updates later. Aug 28th is the date of the edit. Pictures for everyone. When I am ready to move, I only have to loosen the bolts and remove the headboard. The rest can stay together. It makes moving easy. I don't have to take the whole thing apart.

👤This is the only purchase I bought for my new apartment. $200 for a king size platform bed. Great! The thing is solid. I'm just going to say that it's important that you don't make any noises in the oven when you're making a muffin. Soft touch all around which I loved. It's flat if it looks like the headboard curves in the picture. The only thing that could be improved is the bed. It would be nice if the headboard were a few inches taller, as there isn't that much room above a single pillow. What do you think about the cheapest bed on the market? This thing is amazing. Happy!

👤I bought this for my child. He sleeps in the bed at 130 lbs. There was no rough housing. When we moved to vacuum, this fell apart. It is less than a year old. The slats fell out when the metal frame bent in the middle. Very disappointed.

👤The item is better quality than you would expect. I noticed the headboard was slightly warped after putting it together, not enough to go through the trouble of disassemble and return, but an imperfection. I reached out to them in hopes that they would send me a new bed. I didn't think they would. They didn't bother to reply to my email, so that bugs me. There was a small tear on the back side fabric of the bed, but that is against the wall, so it was not perfect. I would purchase again. I would suggest not destroying the carton until it is fully assembled and inspected.

4. Amazon Basics 9 Leg Support Frame

Amazon Basics 9 Leg Support Frame

The queen bed frame supports a box spring and mattress set. 9 legs and a side-to-side center bar for optimal stability. The steel construction has a sleek black finish. Simple lock-together system for easy assembly. The queen size is 79.5 x 60 x 7 inches. The queen size is 79.5 x 60 x 7 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I opened the instruction booklet and it said it supports up to 250 lbs. If you are going to sleep with someone else, you should watch your calories and take turns sleeping.

👤It would be great if it didn't have sharp corners at the end of the bed. It would be perfect if the company fixed this defect.

👤The frame was easy to put together, however, it was too short for the metal headboard that I purchased. My boyfriend was going to drill holes into a metal plate to get it to work, so I left it assembled in my guest bedroom. After assembling the bed frame, my sister asked me what the smell was in the house. We couldn't figure it out for a while and then realized it was from the bed frame. The smell was not noticeable until the frame was out of the box. Chemicals from the paint that was used to coat the bed frame began to release into the house after the frame was warm. I had clothes drying in my guest room and they had a toxic chemical smell in them. I had to wash the load, but it still smelled. The item was no longer in my house after I took the bed frame back up and put it outside. I tried to get the smell out by opening the windows, but it didn't work. I can't believe that Amazon would sell this product. The item is made in China and must be covered with TOXIC paint. This is the worst product I have ever purchased on Amazon. Rebecca is in Georgia.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I hope it lasts and that we don't break it. Time will tell. There isn't a lot of space between the floor and the frame, but it's enough to tuck the front part of your shoes in. Hope this helps!

👤It was easy to put together. I was so worried that it wouldn't snap in place that I needed a screwdriver and tools. No, no. The steel is strong, the construction is well-made, and it fits my king size bed exactly. I told you that it wouldn't fit, and that it would be bad steel. This is very impressive to me. I think it's a great idea. The box springs off the floor. When our dog, a Jack Russell, got too old to jump up on the bed and everyone knew we all did anything we could to make him comfortable, we put it all off. Even to the point of putting a bed on the floor. He died last year and it was time to order a bed frame. I came up with this one after researching the Amazon offerings. I'm very happy. It came on time. It's a great product. If you fear buying a bed frame, know that it works. The bed has 2 box springs and one mattress.

👤I think I should have read it better. The frame is held together by gravity. The frame doesn't have wheels and the cross members are sitting in slots. If you shake the bed it will move. If I were you, I would spend more to get a better frame.

5. Delxo Portable Lightweight Platform 330 Pound

Delxo Portable Lightweight Platform 330 Pound

SpzcdZa (Xia Men Hai Rui Peng) furniture leg caps floor protectors are a hassle-free warranty and friendly customer service. If there is a problem, please contact them. GS CERTIFICATE The step ladder stool has been approved for quality and safety. SIZE Open: 6.8"H The folded is 1.7"H. Net weight is 4.5 pounds and maximum load is 330 lbs. durable andstable The ribbed vinyl plastic black surface of the Foot Stool is meant to prevent falls. The legs are made of reinforced black. Non-marring leg keep floors safe. MULTIFUNCTIONAL Children and adults can use the step stool. It's ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, office, retail store, library, RV, and more. The step stool can be folded and locked. It was folded to 1.7" D for storage. The foldable design can be used when not in use. It's lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around. The step stool can be folded and locked. It was folded to 1.7" D for storage. The foldable design can be used when not in use. It's lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around.

Brand: Delxo

👤The product is excellent, just the right height lift I needed, good size for roominess, and it's out of the way. I have a problem with the non-slip foot sheaths, they slip on a smooth floor. I was fortunate to catch myself in a fall, as I reached for a higher shelf. My weight is 105 lbs. On carpet or concrete, the plastic grooves may hold, but on my kitchen floor, the feet should be rubber to grip safer. I hope I can find a set of 4 to correct the problem or be cautious.

👤I bought this stool to help my father get up from his chair. He is shorter than the chair and it is large. He has no strength in his legs. He needed a few more inches of height to be able to put his feet on the surface and sit in the chair with his strength and stability. The surface of this stool is non-skid, so it's very sturdy and safe. It's easy to store. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended!

👤The mean height is 5'4" and most accommodations cater to that. I keep it in my car because it fits in a Trader Joe's canvas bag. It can be used at restaurants, in classes, and at our church bible classes. This keeps my legs from getting numb, which will make it harder for me to stand up and walk quickly, and it will also make it harder for me to sit at length.

👤The black piece at the bottom of the stool is made of plastic and it slides easily on tile floors. The pieces should have been made of soft rubber to prevent sliding. I will have to find some pieces of rubber around the house to glue on the plastic feet. The little legs are wobbly since this is a folding stool. I will put a wedge into the gap where the legs are hinged to the stool and forget about folding it up. It's only about 6 inches high, so it doesn't offer much in terms of extended reach. The sellers clearly presented the dimensions in their description. I was to blame for this lesser of a problem.

👤The stool arrived in great shape and was exactly what I was looking for. It folds up small enough to fit under the back seat of my truck, which is very sturdy. The tread is long enough to make a stable platform. My mother will be using it to get up. I feel safe with her using it.

👤This was a gift from God. There is an Emergency Room Bed in the simulation room. Paramedics and EMT's can stand on the stool to get high enough to do proper cardiopulmonary defibrilation on a mannequin. Does not move. Great product.

👤The producto is a prctico para todo en general,trabajo alluda para personas con incapacidad.

👤The legs are very rickety and play every which way. I only use it to prop a foot on. I wouldn't be able to stand on it.

6. Vestil FWD 1824 3R Fiberwood Casters Capacity

Vestil FWD 1824 3R Fiberwood Casters Capacity

It requires full/ easy assembly to fit a standard twin mattress. Two hand holes allow a user to easily carry things. Adding a rubber padded surface to the Fiberwood construction provides added protection. The edge strip protects the walls. The wheels are non-marring and oil resistant.

Brand: Vestil

👤I used this dolly to move a small safe that weighed 200 pounds. The four wheels left marks in the wood. I realized the wheels had a hard ridge running around the middle of them, which was an artifact of their manufacture. The failure of the manufacturer to smooth these wheels resulted in my having to either spend hundreds of dollars to repair the floor or live with ugly marks for years to come.

👤The wheels ruined my hardwood floors, but I liked the sturdiness of it. I would not have made this purchase if I had known about it. There is a fair amount of damage that can never be repaired without replacing all the boards.

👤Great dolly. I used it to move furniture. The rubber surface helps keep the appliance from sliding out. Some reviewers have said that this can leave marks on wooden floors. This is true. I had problems with the dolly making grooves in the floor. One way I was able to solve the problem was by protecting the floor with pieces of hardboard. I found another option recently. I ordered softer wheels. Part number 2337T33. A set of 4 costs $10. The new wheels work great and only took a few minutes to swap in. Dan.

👤When I opened the package, I was not prepared for the strong chemical smell. I had a warning on the box, and it made me get headaches from the smell. The smell is so stinky. I needed something to move the dumbell storage rack around easier when I was cleaning the room, and it seems sturdy and will do the job. The smell will go away after a week. It was so bad that I'm removing 2 stars for that experience alone.

👤I own a large PC case. The base is quite heavy and wide. It has been difficult to find a PC stand that is wide enough for a large case. The plastic one broke when we set it on the floor. I decided to use a dolly. This is perfect. The plastic bumper and black rubber mat make it look finished. It was cheaper than anything I could build. It's even cheaper than most of the larger PC. I don't know how good it is as a dolly, but I can tell you that it is sturdy and finished well. It lives in the corner of my living room. The wheels roll silently on our hardwood floors after it is fully assembled. So far, no marks either. Definitely worth a look.

👤My home office printer was taking up too much space. There were no options for moving the printer across the room or under the desk. Being wireless was convenient but not convenient. I came across the Vestil Dolly while searching for a solution. It was the perfect solution with a bonus. The printer is easier to operate because it's at a perfect height for scanning and printing, and it was able to get it off the desk. The dolly is the right size for the printer. The printer is secured by the textured surface. The printer can be at the side of the chair if it rolls over the rug. It is easy to roll back under the desk and out of the way. This product should be listed under printer accessories.

7. Delxo Folding Lightweight Ladders Anti Slip

Delxo Folding Lightweight Ladders Anti Slip

The dimensions are 1 round. GS certificate Delxo step ladders have been approved for quality and safety. The net weight of the Ladder is 9.3 pounds. The Delxo 3 step stools are fully assembled. Lift the back of the top pedal to release the metal lock which hides on the bottom of the top pedal. Non-marring leg keeps floors clean. It's an ideal choice for your home and shop because it's easy to climb and carry with a handgrip. The Little Pet Step Stool can be used as a chair. You can reach up high if you need the extra height. The Delxo steep stools have a non-slip rubber pattern, which makes them stable and comfortable to stand in.

Brand: Delxo

👤I was happy to get a step ladder that wasn't too heavy, but I fell while hanging a picture on the wall because the leg broke off.

👤I find it hard to get to things my tall boyfriend puts on top of cabinets. The step stool is a great purchase for me. I am now able to reach the tops of cabinets, clean fan blades, and touch the clouds with ease. Sturdy and compact for easy storage, it only has three steps.

👤The step stool is a good size and weight for our needs. The plastic tips on the ends allow for slippage on the wood floors. My daughter was on it and it moved as she leaned into the upper shelf. I dropped the stars to four because we will be looking for heavy rubber tips.

👤Don't buy it. I tried to unfold it. This can cause a serious injury. It was good for a few months, but after a while it is almost useless, you have to use more force to get it to unfold. I almost broke my fingers. It's like a Final Destination type of thing, where a jinx can cause an injury if it moves in the wrong direction. I was fortunate. I am not exaggerating. You were warned.

👤I have arthritis in my lower back and it makes it hard for me to get into the truck and truck bed. I climbed into the truck, pulled the ladder in by the rope, and tied a rope to the top. It was much better to fall on my a** and get back up.

👤The steps are too narrow to step on or stand on. I was trying to get a new step stool that I could use when I'm painting or cutting in a ceiling. I can't use the Delxco item for that. If you were to try and stand on the first step, you would be standing on the balls of your feet, heels hanging off the edge, with your shins pressing firmly against the edge of the second step. Your shins would be pressed against the handle portion of the stool. Absolutely useless and unsafe, in my opinion. Don't spend your money on something you don't need.

👤I bought this because the reviews were good, but now I wish I'd paid more for a brand I knew well. I don't recommend this step stool to anyone I care for because it is an accident waiting to happen. It only gets two stars because it's lightweight and easy to move around, but you don't want something that lightweight when you're trying to reach things high up. If I want to use the space in my apartment, I need a stool like this. I am pretty good at balancing, which saved me because I needed to be able to balance on this if I wanted to get back down unscathed. Even on the second step, the ladder is wobbly. I stood on the third step for a split second and realized it could be a fatal mistake. I need to ask my neighbors for help with things. I missed the window by a couple of days because of the hubbub of the storm. Ah well. Don't get this ladder if you want to stay alive after trying to put things away.

8. Clay Mia Metal Platform Frames

Clay Mia Metal Platform Frames

Sunken design prevent mattress from moving and sliding. The dimensions are 76" L x 40" W x 16" H with reinforced steel-wood structure, 10 wooden slats, 1 center support bar and 6 strong legs. Two Silicone pads at the end of the platform are designed to protect your legs, avoid injuries and provide safer and more comfortable services for you and your children. They are concerned about your safety. It is easy to assemble. The required parts and tools are ready. If you don't like their products, you can return for a replacement or a refund. Just leave them your concerns and they'll take care of the rest. If you don't like their products, you can return for a replacement or a refund. Just leave them your concerns and they'll take care of the rest.

Brand: Clay Mia

👤Fast delivery. It's easy to assemble. Excellent quality. The mattress fits in the frame. The mattress doesn't slide out of the frame on this product. This bed frame is strong.

👤It was impossible to put together because they pinned the center beams to the center support too far from the edge of the beams. There was not enough room for them to fold out. I felt a sliding hinge but there was no one there. I have to return a very heavy box of metal. What a waste of resources.

👤The bed frame was shipped quickly. There was a small box. I have a queen. It was easy to set up. It supports the mattress. The slap spacing is within the guidelines of my mattress warranty and also has a center support. I have been using this platform frame for about a month.

👤I had trouble putting the frame together. I was able to manage it. It took a couple of hours to tighten the bolts. It seems sturdy. The matress is in it. The wood slats are held in place. I was hoping to add more slats but they are not possible because of the metal notch. Overall, I am happy.

👤Terrible. I brought the box into the house, but it was falling apart. The packing and shipping was done through the United Parcel Service. Some of the small screws were missing. I'm sure it's a great product, but mine was a failure.

👤The frame was too long for my queen mattress, which I didn't like.

👤It is so nice once it is done.

👤The rubber bumpers came with holes that were different than the ones on the frame. I tried to get in touch with the company, but never heard back.

9. ALPURLAD Anti Slip Stepladder Multi Use Household

ALPURLAD Anti Slip Stepladder Multi Use Household

The soft grip hands are used. It's easy to fold up for storage because of the soft grip handle. The soft coating on your walls will eliminate any marks from your 2-step ladder being stored in the closet. The anti-slip and anti-sweat handle makes you safe. The handle of the ladder can provide support, so you don't have to fear falling. There is an anti-SLIP and wideness. It will not be easy to slide or scratch your floors when usingBOTTOM COVERS - Four Non-marring feet with rubber wrap separation force uniform The thicked pedals are equipped with anti-slip grooves so you don't have to worry about slipping. No assembly is required. You can use their ladder as long as you can open and fold it. Open Size:19.6''X15.7''X32.2'',Folded Size: 2.4''X15.7''X35'' The net weight was 7.6 pounds. A multi-use steel bollard. It's a good idea to have a step ladder in your home. It can help you reach areas that are hard to reach and bring conveniences to your life. It's ideal for indoor and outdoor activities, such as painting, camp, companies, schools, libraries and so on.

Brand: Alpurlad

👤A little ladder. It folds up to slide between the fridge and wall. It would fit under the bed as well. It isn't 100% even and causes a little bit of a wobble. Something to make note of is not enough to effect normal useage.

👤I'm a short guy and this lets me hang things in my home without fear of a ladder. I don't like ladders or step ladders. I like to decorate. This was a good solution. I've never felt unsafe on this because I'm a bit heavy.

👤I bought this to replace a step ladder that was no longer available. I thought it would be bigger. Someone else thought the same thing because the box had been opened and re-taped. I'm keeping it. I left the ladder because I thought it would be nicer. I will leave this one at the condo and swap out the other one. It's fine for quick jobs, but not something I would want to use on a daily basis.

👤I got tired of using my old stepladder, it was uncomfortable. The narrow skinny stops put too much pressure on my feet. I had to be careful with my balance. The new stepladder has wide steps so I can stand upright. If I need to use them like a mini table while working, the wide steps are great. It is easy to store. I was very happy to get this ladder.

👤I had a wooden step stool in the kitchen that I almost killed myself on a couple of occasions. The step ladder is light and sturdy. I didn't want to have to carry something around in the kitchen, but this doesn't feel like that at all. It unfolds very quickly. With the handle, I feel more secure standing and reaching into my cabinets. I wish I had found it sooner.

👤Great person! Light weight, but real. The thin, foldable profile and step height are what I like the most. Good product.

👤A great ladder. It is easy to fold. This has been used a lot by me in the middle of a move. It has come in handy.

👤The step ladder was the right height for my home. My ladder was large and heavy. I needed to reach some cabinets and change light bulbs. I was surprised that it was rock steady when I stood on it. The two step ladder was very nice.

👤I am short and have parkinsons, so this handy step is safe, light and has large steps. I only use the bottom step when I am on my own, I don't have to wait for someone to come if I need something that is out of my reach, having the handle to hold on to is a great safety help.

👤Its looks nice. As you use it, you realize it isn't strong enough. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I bought this item for an elderly friend who wanted to be safe when living alone. It was not the most inexpensive set of steps, but it was the easiest to set up and give the user confidence. I was very pleased with the purchase.

10. Nexera 346003 Queen Platform White

Nexera 346003 Queen Platform White

The bed floats above the ground, giving the room an airy feel. Can be used with different queen size headboards to create a complete bed set. The items are sold separately. The mattress is a standard Queen size. There is no box spring required. The weight capacity is 500 pounds. It was designed and made in Canada. The ship is from order date. It's required. The finish is white. The finish is white.

Brand: Nexera

👤I was hesitant about buying the bed because of some of the reviews, but this was the exact "floating" platform bed design I was looking for. The frame was undamaged when I opened it. The bed was received less than a week after the order was placed. I was able to get this assembled in less than an hour. I'm not the handiest person in the world and the instructions are clear. I recently purchased a foam mattress and it feels very sturdy, it's at 6'1" 250 lbs. I have been sleeping on it for a week now and I can't complain. I'll review again in 6 months but I'm really happy with this purchase. The bottom of the bed is lined with LEDs.

👤I ordered this bed because I like the floating look of it, but I received an item with chips, cracks and missing pieces of the coating over the particle board. It's all particle board. I ordered a white product because of the dark woodgrain color of some of the main pieces. I'm not happy with the finish and appearance of this product. It is cheap and used. I had to glue one of the panels to reinforce it because it was cracked on the largest panel. I'm worried this may not last very long. It will let me know when it crashes down. I am going to buy a new bed that will last me a long time and arrive in good shape. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The entire bed is comprised of cheap thin and flimsy MDF planks that chip and break very easily. Return policy? There is no one. They won't issue a refund and will only replace components. The bed sits on the floor and the product image doesn't convey that. There are screw holes in the plank of the end of the bed. The frame is too big for a full mattress. There is a gap at the corners.

👤The bed is not worth the price, but I think it is a nice bed. You're probably wondering, what? Let me explain. The design of the bed makes it look like it is floating on air. It fits my queen bed perfectly and has not had any trouble supporting it. The price is what the bad comes with. The wood is of good quality. It isn't real wood. It's cheap plywood that has been colored. It doesn't make sense to me. It would be more appealing if it was $150 or $200. I do not regret the purchase because I am loving the design of my home.

👤I had a problem with Fedex delivering the bed, it took one week more than expected. It was delivered. The manual says it requires people, but I assembled it myself. It is easy to do, but I think the manual has more details in it. We can't use the bed that they send with 10 screws. The screws are too small to be put where they are asked. I had to use other screws. The manufacturer needs to detect and correct this flaw. This was the biggest cons about this bed. Some parts were undamaged. I will just have it as it came. People will not notice it. The bed is expensive. The design is nice. You pay almost 300 dollars for cheap wood and screws. I understand that design has a price. I think it's a little too much. I'm happy with this bed, but I wish I had paid less for it. 100 dollars less.

11. Folding Footstool Foldable Platform Bathroom

Folding Footstool Foldable Platform Bathroom

The Kneeguard Kids have passed crash testing and have the same safety standards as the Footrest. The Kneeguard Kid's footrest has been patented in the US. The folding step stool has a working height of 7.3 and a maximum supporting capacity of 150 kilogrammes. The Foot Stool has a ribbed plastic black surface that makes it safer to fall on. The legs are made of reinforced black. It has a safety certification. The legs of the step stool can be locked with a built-in handle. The foldable design can be used when not in use. It's lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around. Children and adults can use the step stool indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, office, retail store, library, RV, and more. 1 year after the sale.

Brand: Hdtech

👤Have been using this for many things. There is a Ladders can be put down for easy storage. It is very sturdy and not slippery.

👤I need one of these to get to the top of my closet, which is 6'3" tall.

👤Its very strong. I kept this for myself because I wanted to reach the top shelves of my kitchen cabinet. It is safe to use. I will buy another one for my sister.

👤I bought this to get my clothes out of my washer.

👤This is easy to fold and store.


What is the best product for platform bed no legs cosvo?

Platform bed no legs cosvo products from Dmi. In this article about platform bed no legs cosvo you can see why people choose the product. Greenco and Zinus are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed no legs cosvo.

What are the best brands for platform bed no legs cosvo?

Dmi, Greenco and Zinus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed no legs cosvo. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Delxo and Vestil are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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