Best Platform Bed Lift Mechanism with Mattress Platform and Wooden Slats

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1. DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

DuraCasa Inch Bed Risers Additional

The strongest plastic bed risers are on Amazon. Made in the USA or imported. The strongest bed is on Amazon. What makes DuraCasa's Bed Risers special? Their heavy duty 3 inch bed risers are the only risers on the site that can hold up to 2,000 pounds and a 5.5” bed post, which is what all of the beds on this site are. You will sleep better, store better, and live better with these bed lifters. Tired of having limited storage space in your apartment or condo? Look no further! Their bed risers give you an additional 3 inches of storage space under your bed, perfect for totes full of drawers, for extra clothes, or suitcases for when you travel. The possibilities are endless. Get the most for your money by using their furniture lifters, they are also capable of holding sofas, chairs, or even your desk. DuraCasa has the height and storage space you need. TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP? Bed risers give you more storage space and height, and they also aid in better sleep for people with acid reflux. The added height allows for air to be more dust-free, as you will be further from the floor where children and pets may play, leading to better circulation and overall better rest! 100% SATISFACTION is guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them for a replacement or 100% refund. Their priority is to make sure their customers are satisfied with their products, process, and service.

Brand: Duracasa

👤I needed risers for my sofa because it was getting harder to get up. The legs in the front aren't small enough to fit in the smaller risers. The entire footprint of the riser is huge and is very noticeable since I have hardwood floors. I would like them to be in a brown or wood color. They are very durable and should hold up for a long time, however they do slip on my hardwood floor, so I will need to put something under it to prevent the sofa from slipping.

👤I was unsure if this was what I needed after my hip injury. I had trouble getting up and down. I didn't know how they would work. I love these risers! They fit the shape of the couch perfectly. I recommend these to people who have trouble getting up from a seated position. I bought a second set for the chair. There is a negative. There is no cushion between them and your floor. No problem if you have carpet. I have original hardwood floors and have not had any issues with scratches or marks on the floor. They are functional and easy to install.

👤I was able to rise up off the sofa easier with this. It's nice for older people. The legs on my sofa are 3 inches wide and this was the only one that would fit.

👤These plastic are very sturdy and easy to slip in under furniture legs. I use mine to lift my couch because I have had back problems and it makes it easier to get up off the couch when it's lifted with these Furniture lifts.

👤I bought these for my bed but they stuck out too far. I tried on the sofa in my living room. The software still feels sturdy even though it is a normal sitting height. Doesn't feel wobbly. I'm really happy I got them.

👤I wanted to raise my pool table. I put my pool table under the patio because I didn't want water to get to it. The risers have a large area for the table feet to fit.

👤We can store items beneath the bed because of the great lifts. It takes a bit of adjusting to the edge of the footboard as it sticks out further than before.

👤I had to raise the head of my bed. The bed's legs are larger than some, but this accepts them. I don't think there is anything that wouldn't fit. It does not scratch the floor. I will let you know how this item handles elevating the bed even higher when I add a wooden riser. It was a good choice for me.

👤Bonne hauteur diminue grandement.

👤I have a sofa. It fit perfectly and served my purpose. I wish it was 1 higher. The product was very good.

👤The couch has height added. All expectations were met.

2. Eaz Lift Adjusts Resistant Supports 48866

Eaz Lift Adjusts Resistant Supports 48866

Quality products that are registered and trustworthy. Thousands of happy customers have reviewed them and they are a trusted brand. They listened to your needs and concerns to develop and design the products. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their exceptional customer service. Provides support to slide outs when extended. The height can be adjusted from 19-inches to 47-inches. Unique features include a fit top, space saving handle and tethering pin. The construction is made of strong, rust-resistant steel. Each supports up to 5,000 lbs. There are two supports included. There are two supports included. There are two supports included.

Brand: Eaz Lift

👤Great idea, but not really. During the rain storm, we had a leak from the slide because the RV had settled and the jacks didn't work. They pushed up on the slide too much and caused the water to pool against the slide and cause the leak. If you are in rainy conditions, you have to keep an eye on the RV. He took them off because he was so angry.

👤When we bought a camper with a slide, I was concerned about how well it would hold up against the weight of my fiancée and I, so I figured we would try these. I have used them many times and I really like them. They are easy to install under the slide. If you are camping in a place with a soft ground, I recommend putting a piece of wood under them to give the base a bigger footprint. I keep pieces of 2x12 in my possession and they seem to work well.

👤We bought these to help preserve the condition and operation of the 12-foot slide-out on a used travel trailer, but were told they probably didn't need them for the amount of time we use them. It's easy to use and provide additional support to the slide-out and the overall trailer. We can use the sofa and dinette areas in the slide-out without worry about their weight-bearing capacity or trailer movement. It looks like a good quality stands. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The whole 5th wheel is helped by them. It's easy to use and set up, but be careful how you handle them because the inside can slide out and land on toes. I'm very conscious about the weight I add to the camper and would like it to be lighter, but if that was the case they would be less sturdy and reliable, so it's not a big concern.

👤Needed something to support the slideouts. The product did the trick. It's easy to install. These supports could benefit from some design improvements. You have to "crank forever" to extend for higher applications. The plate at the top is not flat as shown in the picture. Getting them positioned under the rails can be a challenge. I have two sets that I installed a while ago.

👤It is easy to use and deploy. Even though the jacks are adjusted, the distance from the grade to where they fit under the slide out is shorter. I couldn't find a happy medium. I had to dig a hole deep enough to set a piece of 2X6 in the hole to compensate for the lack of room to install them at grade level, so if you're parked on a slab hopefully there will be enough vertical space to place these. I was hoping to get more stabilization when using these. The slide out is tight and steady, but the rest of the coach is not as stable as it could be. They are light and work well. They are a must have.

3. IPrimio Bed Furniture Square Risers

IPrimio Bed Furniture Square Risers

Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place. Storage is the biggest reason why people love elevated beds and sofas, they look more elegant and are more portable. The iPrimio Bed Square Shaped Riser has a padded foam grip to prevent sliding and slipping. Their bed risers are made of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle the weight without causing any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces. The furniture riser has a top and bottom that prevent rolling of caster wheels. This home accessory fits into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds in most homes. Its strength can protect your floors and give you storage space. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers, but IPRIMIO risers offer 100% warranty against cracking. The risers fit a broad range of furniture types, including wooden and aluminum bed frames, reclining chairs, and more.

Brand: Iprimio

👤The company took the time to improve upon the designs of the other risers and that's why I chose to buy these risers. There were a lot of complaints about furniture sliding off of other risers when I searched on Amazon. These hold my Flexsteel couch well. I like the rubber coated metal plate that sits down in the well where your furniture sits which helps reduce the weight. The risers are about 3 1/2 feet tall. The well that your furniture sets down into is 2 1/2 square and about 1/2 deep, which means that it will sit up three degrees higher than the floor. I hope the pictures help you make a decision. If your furniture will sit on wood or laminate flooring, they come with rubber bottoms. I didn't use them because my couch is on carpeting, so I don't have to worry about it. The quality of these risers is very good. They were a great price and made in America. What could be better? There is an update! They are still holding strong a year later. At Christmas, my taller inlaws sat on my couch. It was much easier for my father in law to get up.

👤The leather sectional I had was very expensive. You can arrange them in many ways because it has 6 seats. It was low to sit on. 10mm size European bolts are used. Replacing the legs was an expensive option. Couldn't be more pleased with these. I have carpeting so I took the floor guard off. The carpet was hugged more for a good riser floor base. My legs are in the well. You have to have nails for your legs to puncture the middle of these risers. These are highly recommended. The sectional has 6 pieces and I needed 24 risers. Sturdy, strong, and looking great.

👤I am very pleased with the product. I have a beautiful leather couch and a nice lounge chair. I lost part of my leg in an accident. I wear a Prosthetic when all is good. I sit on my couch and chair because I am 6 foot 5. They were so low to the ground that it was almost impossible to get out of a sitting position. I bought these risers from Amazon. It's much easier to transfer to a vertical position when the items are raised up by 6 inches. I am in a wheelchair and can transfer from the chair or couch. I wish I'd known about this product sooner. It has changed my life.

👤My bed legs fell and I broke them.

👤I ordered this product because my gastroenterologist recommended elevating the head of the bed because I have acid reflux which is worse at night. I read the reviews on similar products and decided on this product because I wanted a good quality product with some negative reviews. It has met my expectations, they are sturdy and there is no slippage under the mattress. Be sure to read the instructions. I have a king size bed and when I lie down on it, I can't tell the elevation. It is a 2 person job and the mattress has to be lifted. It is a very good product and I recommend it.

4. IPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser Sturdiest

IPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser Sturdiest

It is easy to exaggerate. The bedrail set can be installed on both sides of the bed. It can be assembled in minutes without using tools. Their strongest and safest tower is the patent pending design. The Lifter complaint was eliminated by their design. The aluminum will not break. It's great for Beds, Couches, Armchairs, Desks, and more. Lifts 5.5 inches. It's safe on wood floors. They made a rubber bottom mat to protect the wood floors. Also, prevents your furniture from rolling. It is easy to remove the rubber bottom when using the carpet. The most stable design is the vacuum. A little more expensive, but worth it. The plastic base is square. It's easier to vacuum next to Round Designs. Lifts Extra Heavy Bed, Living Room Furniture, and Home Office Furniture. Raise the height of the chair to make it easier to stand up. There is an assembly that is required. Lift height is raised to a safe level under the bed. The inside of the holder is 2.75 inches. Storage space can be increased by lifting the bed to store items. Storage can be created under Beds and Furniture. It's great for robot vacuums. Please confirm the size of your bed wheel and the height you need. Thousands of happy customers have reviewed and trusted the Home Products Brand. They listen to your needs and concerns to develop and design the products. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their customer service.

Brand: Iprimio

👤It's great for height but not much else. Don't fall for the 9000 lbs. The frame rest is heavy plastic and it will break through eventually, but it's ok for a while. The cheap plastic kind is better. You will have the same result. The first collapse happened after a year. Good luck.

👤The best riser. I have found something. I used them to raise the head of my bed. I have a metal frame, a box spring and a queen mattress. I know it's not going to break in the middle of the night. I have experience with that. It has a big base so it's not wobbly. It's quite attractive. I am very thankful for this company's work. It was economical and works perfectly.

👤I can't imagine how other people are not upset about this. The screws in the base were not assembled. The rubber feet which are pre-inserted must be turned through by the little screw bar. I have spent over 35 minutes in the base of 1 1/4 risers. The bed risers are not a do-it-yourself chair.

👤When the old risers shattered while we were having friends over, we wanted to make sure the replacements were of higher quality. The product fit the bill perfectly. I wanted to get something more structural because most taller risers are hollow inside. The risers I looked at were too low. These risers are the right height at 5.5", made of better material, and thanks to a cross design surrounding a tube inside, is much more sound than the old hollow risers we were replacing. The only thing required to attach the base of each riser is four screws, which is a very fast procedure. Our couch will break before the risers do, I'm positive, because it all comes together to make a pretty substantial package. An excellent product at an excellent price.

👤These are the best bed risers I've ever seen. They are very well made. I've never seen this type of riser before. These will not scratch the floor. They are made of solid steel, and they are designed to hold a lot of weight. The instructions are simple to follow, and you just use four screws to attach the base. It comes with a thick piece of foam/rubber that covers the bottom of the base so that it doesn't slide around. The hardware is all perfect, the screws fit perfectly, and the pieces align perfectly. It comes with a small screwdriver. They look like they could last a long time. It is definitely worth the price.

👤I was using tall storage containers underneath my new bed because it was lower than the old one. The risers are very sturdy and easy to assemble. I have lower back and hip issues so I need a lift to get out of bed. The bed doesn't move. I'm very happy. It doesn't matter to me, but the base is large, so check the description.

👤The material for the sets was very sturdy and easy to put together. My twin beds were already a little higher, so this extra height allowed a lot of extra storage space. Two college kids slept in the same bed. I just bought two more sets for the queen mattress. We decided to test the twin stands first because I was concerned about the weight and we were going to build our own risers. The stands hold the bed weight and keep it in place. There were three extra support legs in the middle of the 7 stands that the queen took. The bed is not moving. Even if my teenager ran at full speed and pounced on the bed, there is no way the bed could move enough to slide off the stand. The rubber mat on the bottom of the beds helps prevent them from slipping on a wood floor, but I don't think they would slip on a wood floor due to the plush carpet. We think these are perfect for our needs and we don't understand the bad reviews.

5. Slipstick CB650 Storage Furniture Supports

Slipstick CB650 Storage Furniture Supports

The product is 77 inches wide and 39 inches tall. It's perfect for raising beds for extra space and storage. The large padded top area is deep and is perfect for bed caster wheels or posts. The rubber base protects floors from sliding. The set of 4 can support up to 2,000 lbs. per riser The top is 8.25 inches and the bottom is 6 inches tall. The top is 8.25 inches and the bottom is 6 inches tall.

Brand: Slipstick

👤I got a replacement set through Amazon after getting one set of three. I set my queen sized bed on these lifters once I had 2 full sets. They have worked out well. I have a bottom on the legs of my bed that's 3 inches in diameter, so we're able to fit them without any issues. I placed a lifter under the legs of the bed frame and the legs of the headboard. The lifters have not let us down despite my husband, myself, and 2 crazy kids goofing off on the bed. The extra storage under the bed has been a blessing. I can put the stroller under the foot of the bed. These lifters are very good.

👤Couldn't wait to get my new bed. The delivery was fast. I had a problem with my bed being too high. It's funny. It was funny to see me roll onto the bed. I had a lot of storage underneath. I could keep a small family under there. My bed was so high that it was higher than the windowsills in my bedroom. I had to return them, but they were sturdy and well made. I didn't want to have to put a ladder next to my bed.

👤I used 3 of these to raise the legs at the head of my bed because a doctor recommended it. When my family comes to visit, they dislike the slope in the bed. I have ordered another set that will allow them to raise their legs at the foot of the bed. It's much easier to remove the risers from under the legs at the head of the bed than it is to move the bed to get to them. The bed can't be rolled because the rollers on the legs are no longer on the floor.

👤These are great! They do what they say they do. We put these on our bed and it now sits on the floor. We were able to put more stuff under the bed. We had them on the carpet. We moved our bed to the basement. It makes for some movement with no weight on the bed. They show no sign of stress from two people sleeping and playing rough on the bed. The cushion pad on the top was the one I liked the most. The space on top of the riser is where the bed caster should stay. A second pair to raise my desk as well. Great product.

👤These are great! I kept the 3" version of these, even though I had to send them back. I was hesitant to order these because of the negative reviews on Amazon, but they are wonderful and I am happy with them. Maybe some people have had trouble with busting through because the weight of their bed is enormous, or maybe the people occupying the bed are extra-large double plus size, and a way that they could get them to work would be to turn them upside down, fill them with concrete. Maybe a serious medical exam would be necessary if that still causes them to fail.

6. Yunnix Furniture Adjustable Extenders Accessories

Yunnix Furniture Adjustable Extenders Accessories

Bed and furniture risers are designed to be assembled, up to can freely assemble, up to 8 inches. MATERIA UPGRADE:Furniture risers made by durable PP, every risers can handle heavy duty furniture up to 10000 lbs. You can get more storage space by raising beds, couches,chairs,cabinets,tables and fridge. "L" It's easier to match Furniture Risers to furniture legs. Anti-slip design of the top triangular cone prevent furniture from sliding around, TPU rubber lower layer protects the floor from scratches, and reduce vibration. The room for improvement is the bed risers system.

Brand: Yunnix

👤The raiser set is perfect for my furniture because it is too high. You can use half of the raiser. That's perfect for us. We've tried several raisers from Amazon, but this one is the best in design and very sturdy. It is very thick plastic. The furniture set comes with 4 rubber pads, so I need another for the remaining half hight raisers. I contacted the vendor to get the extra pads, and they responded quickly and very kindly to send me more rubber pads. Thank you for the great customer support.

👤They are what I want. They are smaller than I thought. I needed a small sectional sofa. The legs on the sofa are shaped like bricks. They are the same height as a brick. The sofa is just too low for me. I will have to measure the legs again. I will raise the bed to add more storage for small apartments. I like the style and stability of the risers, along with the piece that protects the floor from scratches. It was a little expensive to be that tint in size. The legs are not wide. The sofa legs are very wide. I have bricks. They scratch the floor.

👤The shape of the things is ellipses. The legs will slide on top of the blocks when furniture is left and right. The blocks are unbalanced because the leg weight on one end is more than the other. The furniture will eventually fall off the blocks if there is a slight bumped of the furniture. The non-skid pads on the bottom of the blocks are not very useful on a rug or carpet. I use the teeth side down on the blocks to make them slide on the carpet. I wrapped each block with clear packing tape. The headaches of having to put the blocks back are reduced. It doesn't fix the wobbling issue.

👤These were not strong. There was no way to increase the height beyond three inches. I bought two sets thinking they would work likeLEGOs. They did not. They became unstable because there was no way to attach the second set to the first. I bought bricks for cheap at Home Depot.

👤If you spend another 5 or 7 dollars, you can get the huge ones made by another company. If a candy bar was 2 inches in height, these are about the size of a candy bar. If the foot is bigger than the table, it will wobble. I'm pretty sure they're fine for a table or bed that's less than 5 feet. I went back to get the bigger 5x5 foot raiser. If you know its size, it's a good product.

👤I didn't expect to use them to elevate the bed frame. It is a sleigh bed style frame and the feet are 2”x5” so no one makes risers that large unless you order some custom made risers. These were easy to set up, but flimsy and unstable. The whole thing was knocked over. It's not safe to support a bed. They looked nice, and the little teeth on the underside gripped the carpet in our room perfectly, so they are probably great for some other application.

7. Hotop Adjustable Furniture Replacements Platform

Hotop Adjustable Furniture Replacements Platform

The package includes bed modification plates, bolts, washers, and nuts. If there is any unhappiness with the product, they support a full refund. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be happy to help. The metal height bed furniture foot leg is suitable for most of the bed frame, it has the right size and easy to use, and it is height is changeable which can help you save time and effort to adjust the height of the bed, or to repair the broken bed leg. The replacements center frame slat support leg is made of cold-rolled iron material, which is strong and hard, and can resist heavy weight, and not easy to break, while fine workmanship, smooth surface, and focus on practicality. It is suitable for repairing beds, sofas, cabinets and other furniture because the color can match most beds, which can match the background of the room well, so it will not produce a sense of incongruity. Don't worry about damaging or scratching your hardwood floors because the bed risers are larger so they can directly contact the store and help prevent breakdown. An unbalanced mattress can make you uncomfortable when you rest or produce noise, which can affect your sleep, so this bed support leg can help you balance a collapsed mattress.

Brand: Hotop

👤I tightened the screws and the metal bent.

8. IPrimio Bed Furniture Risers Stackable

IPrimio Bed Furniture Risers Stackable

Their patent pending new version of round bed riser has an anti-skid foam grip pad that helps to prevent bed wheels rolling on the tip of the riser and gives firm grip. It can be up to 2 inches. The biggest reason is that an elevated bed or sofa allows for more storage under the bed. To increase the elevation the risers are designed with a full bottom to securely stack the heavy-duty riser on the additional riser. This home furnishings accessory allows you to raise desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds. Its strength allows it to handle heavy duty furniture, protect your floors, and provide additional storage space. Quality products that are registered and trustworthy. Thousands of happy customers have reviewed them and they are a trusted brand. They listened to your needs and concerns to develop and design the products. They go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with their exceptional customer service.

Brand: Iprimio

👤I have a bed with a metal frame. The strength, design, and sturdiness of these risers are what I like the most. I bought them to raise my bed. If you use them on a thick rug, they are not as sturdy as stacking more than 3 high. I tried to stack risers high but my bed was too loud for my liking. I put it in a stack of 3 high. It was better. I think it is because of my rug. I am certain that it wouldn't wobble as much if it were on a bare floor. If the top portion of the design were to be increased by 2 cm, it would increase the stability of the carpet surface and the base would accommodate a thicker type of carpet flooring.

👤I bought risers that couldn't hold up to the weight of the bed. The furniture leg is held up so that the floor won't be ruined if the plastic fails. This riser is well engineered and constructed. They have a rubber foot for the base of the riser that is almost invisible so it looks great while still protecting the floor from scratches. NIce. If I wanted my bed lifted up to the sky, I would buy them again. I think that's correct.

👤I needed to raise the sofa. The lower sofa was killing my knees and I needed a lift. I will need to purchase another set of 8 to raise my love-seat, which requires 4 lifts, because the'set' comes with 8 lifts. The lifts are built to last and are functional. I needed the rectangular/ square footprint, not the round that many of the others offer. This was perfect, recommend and would buy again.

👤The first time bed-raising with risers was easy and the bed has not budged. The design of the bed frame doesn't mask risers in the corner spots, so I'll need a skirt of some type, but even without being hidden, they look useful. The frame is on the floor, but the bed doesn't budge and other than being higher to get in and out, feels the same.

👤The new bed frame did not accommodate 14 inches so the risers were purchased to increase the height of the underbed storage. The smallest square available was the one used for the risers to accommodate the smaller metal legs. Each riser has a border of about 1/2 inch and two smaller pieces of material that can be inserted into the larger square for smaller legs. We still have space in each of the two small pieces. The bed legs don't slip within the risers and the riser stays firmly in place even with some extra space. The purchase was very economical and saved the day. Would purchase again.

👤The need to rescue my robot vacuum from under the bed has been eliminated by these things. I tried to prevent it from going under the bed, but it didn't work. These are perfect! I had to put my mattress under my bed frame, but it was very easy to do. I had the mattress in a position to be turned. They've been holding up the bed with my thick mattress, foam topper, and 2 black labs. The extra 2 inches will solve my robot vacuum problem and not make the bed too tall. The low profile box springs make it most likely at a normal level. If you have a similar need, consider these as a sound investment. I'll be quick to update if they fail, but I hope they don't!

9. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Headboard

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Headboard

The dimensions are 85 inches L x 63 inches W x 42.50 inches H. There is a practical bedding option with a storage compartment underneath. It's a perfect space-saving function. A stylish tuft design is featured in the modern design. Both Grey Linen and Black are available. The gas lift mechanism makes it easy to lift. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Dhp

👤I used to have a bed that went all the way to the floor, but I couldn't put anything under it. It's like I have an extra storage closet now that I've upgraded to this one. Love it. It helped to clear out my actual storage closet to make room for other things. It's a great place to keep my bedding. I was able to put this together in 1 hour and 3 minutes alone, but a second person would have made things easier. The instructions are included so you can see what to expect. It was difficult to add the main frame that holds the bed onto the lifting arms. I did it in a matter of minutes. It was pretty easy. It was easy to follow the instructions. A single person can put this together, but if you have another person there to help, things will be easier. The way they say to do it is to add the legs to the brackets first and then mount them, but I found it much easier to add the "N" brackets first. Doing it this way allowed me to do it myself, instead of having someone else do it for me. Don't lose any of the thunder! This kit only comes with the nuts and bolts you need, not a single extra nut or bolt is included, so be sure to keep your nuts and bolts. If you have a magnetic wrist band, I recommend it. You can keep the nuts and bolts in the case until you're ready to use them. If you wanted to, you could remove the large base boards to get more space. You might see things under the bed. If something is too tall to fit in there, it's an option. Double-sided tape on some of the wooden slats will prevent the mattress from sliding when you lift it. The metal brackets that are supposed to stop the bed from sliding were not working for my mattress. Wrap your mattress in a bed bug cover. This will prevent you from getting bed bugs. They work well. You don't need a box spring on this bed. It has slats that are supposed to replace the box spring so you just place your mattress on top. Before ordering, make sure you have a space for it. It has no problem lifting this mattress. It's more difficult to pull the bed down than it is to lift it. I can add all of my bedding and it still won't lift up. It locks into place when you put it down, so there's no chance of it lifting on its own. I paid $325 for a bed that I thought was an ok deal, but then the price went way up. If it was more than $325, I wouldn't have bought it. I thought it was a little high. Hope this helps someone else. It's a good thing.

👤This bed is great. There is a lot of bolts and nuts, but it is not hard to do. The bed took me about 3 hours to complete. Make sure the gas struts are on the right position as they go one way only in the assembly and make sure they don't screw the 'lock nuts' which are hard to remove once they are in. I am not saying it is a bad thing to have a hard time folding the bed once you open it, but the pressure on the gas struts makes it hard to do. It may be hard for some to apply extra strength when you push the bed back in place. You need two people to fit the mattress holder to the gas assembly. I try to keep it in place by myself but the weight broke the bolt and there is no spare parts. The price was right for this bed. Storage works as described. The bed was soft. It looks good and has some small details. The edges are soft after assembly. There is no counter hold for the gas strut bolt mount. There are no spare parts. The bolts' mounts turn at the same time you are fastening the nut into the bolt and the bolt mount doesn't have a counter hold to grip, making it hard to remove the nuts. I had to use pliers to hold the mount to counter my wrench to remove the nut since I first mounted the gas struts the wrong way.

10. Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Assembly

Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Assembly

Steel and plywood are durable. More than meets the eye to this modern, clean-lined foundation, it has more functions than it looks. A tall platform with generous underbed space is ideal for storing extra odds and ends, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs. slats are 2.5 - 3 inches apart and no box spring is needed. The Quick snap assembly system means no hassle, no setup, and everything is packed into one box and shipped straight to your door. The mattress is sold separately. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤I had a previous good experience with one of their frames, this one seemed amazing, no bolts easy to put together tall, but it arrived quickly, and it was easy to put together. I tried calling the company multiple times and left a message, but they didn't respond.

👤The bed frame is dangerous. The Bed Frame lasted 3 months before collapsing. The "Extra Strong metal frame" completely broke at the "Quick snap" joints at the head of the bed while my girlfriend was sleeping. The legs put two holes in the wall. There were items under the bed that were damaged. We are thankful that our pets were not underneath when it happened. After calling the customer service line 10 times, no one has picked up or called me back, even though the product claims to have a 5 year warranty. This product is dangerous. Do not purchase it.

👤I bought the Quick Snap Plaform from Zinus. There is a I decided to post my experience here because I depend on Amazon reviews for many of my purchases. The frame was in a very small box. It was heavy. I dragged it into the house before unpacking it. The pieces were packaged well and labled when opening the box. It was not difficult to put the quick snap together. It was a snap. The slats rest upon a 'ledge' that is just enough to make them end up even with the top of the frame. The one thing that they do not mention is the idea of Velcro. The black straps holding the slats together are on one side of the Velcro and the other side is on the 'ledge'. The slats stay put once you put them down. Very cool. There is an option to use tape on the slats to prevent the mattress from moving. I like the height of 18. It's as easy to get out of bed as it is to get up.

👤I wanted to sleep in this bed. The bed is broken after about 5 months. It seemed to dig into wood floors, so I would recommend a carpet underneath. The middle support screwed in tight, but the weld joint broke, and all of them did. I'm only 140 lbs. and it's rolling with weight. I can move it with one hand. The weld joints in this picture could not have been done properly from the factory. Someone is going to get hurt.

👤The bed was the same from the beginning. It would be a complaint if I had one. I also hit my toes. That's just my own stupidity. I think I was the first reviewer. I might have gotten mine early enough in the production run that everything was still being treated with care. Reviewers of all sizes seem to have differing opinions. I am a queen. It has seen its share of action, but it hasn't budged. I was accused of receiving compensation for the review. Nope! My money and opinions. I bought this bed because we live in a small house with limited storage and it gives us plenty of room underneath. I don't think bed skirts are meant to have one. I have a twin with a bed in my son's room. He's had his for 3 years. It's sad to think that a great product has turned into a bad one. Good luck to all! There is an update on 8-20-2017. As I receive responses to questions I've asked about similar models, I always need to update this. Rock solid and silent. I'm not sure what makes me so special. It's true. I would buy this one again. We have both memory foam and coil spring mattresses on this frame. The thing is still solid after about 5 months. It's hard to believe when you consider the ease of assembly. When we play with our little dogs, we jump around on it every night. You eat ice cream and watch tv in bed. It's not as if a wobble or squeak is a thing. I think I'm going to buy a twin for my son. Please know that my reviews are real, and that I am not a fake. I am not affiliated with this company or Amazon. --- I have only had it for a short time, but it is awesome. It's easy to put together. The only skills required are the ability to count to 7 and the ability to swing a hammer. It is a tight fit, but it should be. If you've ever been to a warehouse store where the rack and bins are large pieces of square tube steel, you'll know that this frame is made of that stuff. I was surprised at how strong and rigid this was. This frame is not made of rock, sway, bounce, or squeak. wink The only complaint I have is that the legs are all the way out to the corner. The frame is meant to be decorative so it can be seen. If you are coming from a bed frame that is more traditional, the legs tend to be tucked back. We have a skirt on that hides the under-stuff, so it doesn't help the toe situation. It was well shipped. There was no damage to the product or the box. I was able to move the box by myself. The package is heavy. The team lift was marked as "over 70 lbs". Plan ahead, have help to carry the box up the stairs or through tight spaces, or be prepared to take the contents one piece at a time. The queen set only consists of 5 pieces of steel and 2 bundles of slats, so it's not a huge task. The slats are bound together with Velcro ribbons, so they will have to be carried in 2 separate bundles. The majority of the weight here seems to be the slats. The head and foot are not the same. I'm not sure if the head will match up to every headboard we have there. Should you want to mount a headboard to this frame, you may have to get creative. I'm pretty sure if you buy a headboard from Zinus, it will work. You have to talk to Zinus about that. I am very pleased so far. The frame has exceeded expectations so far.

11. Ezprotekt Furniture Square Risers Elevator

Ezprotekt Furniture Square Risers Elevator

Raises beds, couches, armchairs, desks, sofas, and other heavy stationary furniture height 2 inches to assist the sit to stand process and boost ergonomics. The design is made of Carbon steel and non-woven fabric. Protect floors and carbon steel bed lifts. It makes cleaning underneath furniture easier because of the additional height and storage space. It's easy to use, just peel off the back cover of the risers and stick on the furniture legs. The 4Pack Furniture Risers have a width of 3.15 inches and a height of 2 inches. There is a 100% crack free warranty on Amazon. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers but Ezprotekt risers offer 100% warranty against cracking and have been tested to hold over 5,000 pounds per leg.

Brand: Ezprotekt

👤I have a large sectional couch with 8 plastic, flat bottom feet that are oddly wide and triangularly shaped. This made finding compatible risers difficult, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the bottom of your furniture's feet before applying the strongest and most secure attachment. If you want the felt bottoms to be firmly planted, you can add something rubber to them.

👤My bed has 6 support legs so I had to purchase two packages. The risers came from under the bed legs after the glue loosened. I have to remove all of my furniture from my bed. The storage space they provided was lost.

👤These are amazing. I put them on by myself and you can have a helpers if you want.

👤I looked for risers that were round and added 2 inches to the table's legs. They are hard to find. My table legs are round, and most risers are square. I was thankful to find these because I felt like I might lose my toe. The risers are not cheap. The bottom is felted and the top is protected until ready to use. The sticky side was strong and held its shape quickly. My table is heavy. I was able to get it back into position with the felted bottoms. I would recommend this product to anyone, it's easy to use and looks good.

👤I was not sure if they would work because they stick onto the legs of the furniture. The paper was very sticky when we pealed it off. They are very stable and easy to put on the couches. The look is good, the legs are good, and the height is perfect.

👤The horseshoe design of the table legs made it necessary for me to use 6 risers. The fit was perfect and the support was excellent. The table is very sturdy and the risers blend nicely with the table legs. It was still worth it since these are great, but I wish the option to buy 2-packs or 4-packs was available.

👤A great tool to raise furniture. I needed to raise my table after buying a new office chair. I put two of them on my table. The video has a lot of information.

👤We had to lift a large cabinet up to make it a more usable piece for serving a holiday dinner buffet. The extra 2” in height really made a difference. The blocks held the weight with ease and were a perfect match.

👤I raised my sofa bed. It's made a difference. They arrived on time and were advertised. The biggest challenge was lifting the sofa. I used my car scissors jack to lift each side. It worked out well.


What is the best product for platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats?

Platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats products from Duracasa. In this article about platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats you can see why people choose the product. Eaz Lift and Iprimio are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats.

What are the best brands for platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats?

Duracasa, Eaz Lift and Iprimio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed lift mechanism with mattress platform and wooden slats. Find the detail in this article. Iprimio, Slipstick and Yunnix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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