Best Platform Bed Leg Extensions

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1. Adjustable Height Support Cabinet Replacement

Adjustable Height Support Cabinet Replacement

It is suitable for most of your bed frames. The bed frame support legs construction allows you to add essential support to bed slats or bed frame, protecting your bed and mattress from sagging and damage. The bed frame has holes, so it's easy to install. If the bed frame has no holes, tighten the screws on the bed frame with bed frame legs and auxiliary plate. The bed rail support for wooden bed are made with high-quality steel to prevent rust and corrosion, Leg bottom PVC pad are non-slip and wear resistant, and it has better grip. The bed frame has 2 legs that can be adjusted from 5.1 to 9.6 inches. The design is a cost effective way to maintain your expensive bed base. Saving money on bed repairs and mattress replacements can be accomplished by using the bed frame support legs. The design is a cost effective way to maintain your expensive bed base. Saving money on bed repairs and mattress replacements can be accomplished by using the bed frame support legs.

Brand: Ruiru Bro

👤It's easy to install. It's easy to understand directions. It's easy to place hight along rails. I use them as extrahead center and foot support for my mattress frame slates. The two slate frames are held together in the middle by an attached piece of furniture.

👤If it is attached to a flat surface, it will work, but if it is attached to a frame that is round, it won't work. One of the legs was broken, but they sent me a pair of legs right away. I was able to send them back.

👤El colchn est firme y se siente. Muy tiles, con nuevas patas puedo mover la cama.

👤Simple, does what is advertised.

2. IPrimio Bed Furniture Risers Stackable

IPrimio Bed Furniture Risers Stackable

It can be up to 3 inches per rise. Storage is the biggest reason why elevated bed or sofa is popular. The iPrimio Bed Round Shaped Riser has an anti-slip padded foam grip to keep it from sliding and slipping. Their bed risers are made of heavy duty plastic that is safe to handle the weight without causing any damage to hardwood or hard surfaces. The furniture riser has a padded top and bottom that prevents rolling of caster wheels. The design is solid and won't crack like other risers. This home accessory fits into raising up desks, chairs, sofas, caster wheel furniture and beds in most homes. Its strength can protect your floors and give you storage space. Other risers crack easily in spite of assurances and that has become the highest rated complaint of consumers, but it is not the case with the IPRIMIO risers, who have been tested to hold over 10,000 pounds per leg.

Brand: Iprimio

👤I bought this product to increase the height of my television stand so I didn't have to bend my neck while watching tv in bed. A very nice idea created a lot of trouble and almost destroyed a lot of equipment. It broke my Yamaha keyboard. This product is responsible for that. Each unit comes in three separate pieces. There is a bottom for traction, the unit itself, and a piece of rubber that fits inside of the top. If you're going to buy something like this, make sure it's for something that you don't move or get into, and also ways very little. I accidentally bumped into my television stand, which caused one of the units to collapse, causing all of the other units to collapse in less than two seconds. It sent my television off the table and into my keyboard system, which is missing one of the keys. I would understand if you said that this is my fault. These things collapse like a house of cards when they are bumped into the table. If one of them leaves, all of them leave. The units are very light and that is the problem, as well as the piece of rubber that fits in the top which should be permanently installed as opposed to moving around inside, which probably cause the problem in the first place. These kind of units are only good for a very light nightstand with a lamp on it. It's not a good idea to use these units to heighten a table that has weight on it, as an accident is waiting to happen, and in my case it did. My new television was damaged and my $500 keyboard system was destroyed. Is it worth it? Absolutely not. I made the same mistake.

👤I have to sleep with the head of my bed raised. I used these on top of wood and they worked great. You can tell they are sturdy because they won't break or crack like the cheap ones. It is not mentioned anywhere, but they are stackable. I have been looking for this product for a long time.

👤I have used bed risers for a long time. I used to use 5 inch and 1 inch discs. I needed a bigger opening on the top of the bed frame to fit a bigger bed frame. The hunt began. This brand seemed so detailed and had great reviews that I thought it was the one. I had to take the mattress and box spring off after they arrived. California king is not a single person job. We opened the box of risers and I could tell they were better. Solid for sure. The rubber cap on the underside of each riser was really nice and it didn't have hard plastic rubbing on the floor. It's great that there is no scratching on tile or wood. I was impressed. There is a foam type insert on the top of each one. They also include an additional foam insert that you can use to keep the roller in place, this is great if you have rollers on your frame. I put the risers under each leg of my frame and then put the box springs and mattress in place. These are the best bed risers I've had in 20 years. You can get them in sets of 4, 6 or 8 which is great because with larger frames they have more legs and sometimes you have to buy a couple sets to get the number you really need. I am really impressed with the quality and price of the review. These are the best ever.

3. Kings Brand 1 Piece Plastic Replace

Kings Brand 1 Piece Plastic Replace

The plastic bed frame has legs that can be used to replace wheels. If you have wood, tile, or other hard surface floors, you should use these plastic glides to keep your bed stable. The black and gold finish is easy to blend with. Pop out your caster and put these in. It works with most bed frames. The diameter is 2.5 x 3.5. It works with most bed frames. The diameter is 2.5 x 3.5.

Brand: Kings Brand Furniture

👤I used bed risers for years to keep the wheels from moving, and I had an older metal bed frame with wheels. I was considering purchasing a platform bed frame because I was sick of the height of the bed due to the bed risers. I'm very happy that I run into this product. I didn't know it existed. The only thing I had to do was remove the wheels from my frame. I thought that this product wouldn't work for me because there was one post that wouldn't fit no matter how hard I tried. There was a small plastic piece that was still stuck in the middle tube from the wheel. It took me a while to remove the plastic piece, but it fit perfectly. My husband and I have been sleeping on the bed for about a week and a half and have not had any complaints.

👤I just installed them. The metal collar makes them seem like they will be durable. The price was decent. This worked out because I needed 6 for a large bed. There were a few posts that were tight. I had to use a board to hammer them out. They stood up to it. I tried to hit the feet directly, but they stood up to it. Use a board to hold the hammer. I didn't notice they were gliding. I thought they would have rubber feet. The description says glide feet. I didn't notice any marring on the floor even though it took a bit of effort to get the bed sliding. I'm quite happy.

👤I have a king size bed with a simple frame. One end of the bed frame would fall on the floor, because four of the six legs were broken. I was trying to get it back on the legs. I was going to get a new frame. I found these. I replaced all 6 legs. It worked perfectly. The metal ring around the top keeps the leg from cracking and breaking, which is exactly the situation I needed to resolve. Cheer instead of a new frame. The bed in my guest room was in the same condition as the one I found later. I bought another set and fixed it.

👤Please see my picture. I should have taken a picture with the bed leg. The leg is supposed to go inside, but the inside is too small. I can't imagine a king size bed collapsing under the skinny legs. It's complete waste of money. I should have read every review. They said these did not work for their frame. The description should not be used for king size.

👤The bed risers are made of plastic and include the bottom. The bed is not sliding because there is no rubbber on the bottom. I put rubber cups under the bed riser to keep it in place. They need to put some rubber on the bottoms.

👤The king bed was perfect for these. It helped make the bed taller as well as prevent a hole in my carpet. We have had them on our bed for about two months and haven't had an issue. It's hard to take them off without breaking them. We just moved and one broke. I was able to glue it back on. Even though one broke, I would buy these again. I think that was my fault.

4. Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

The 8 piece risers, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in height, add a new level of comfort to your life. The risers are wide and deep enough to hold furniture legs. When combined, the three height options of up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches have the greatest bedpost distance, and the bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space. The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and is convenient to use on any bed. They can support a total of up to 1,300 lbs. and are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can stand the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home or office. If a proper fit is being delivered, make sure to use bed risers together. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤We moved from 2200 square feet house to 1200 square feet apartment. We ran out of space to put things in. They allow the bed to fit a lot of stuff under it. We purchased 3 sets. We were able to fit 2 huge totes and tons of boxes under our bed that wasn't able to fit anywhere else, and I was able to use these to lift our pack and play. I have no fear that these will not support. These are easy to use and have two height options. I have to do a run hop to get to my bed, but these are worth every penny. We have more space to fit all of our belongings, instead of having to get a storage container. This product is very good. Please let Amazon know if you found this helpful. Thanks!

👤Only used for a couple of weeks. I sat on the foot of the bed and boom broke through. Since I ordered the risers before the bed was delivered, I was out of the 30 day return window, which probably wouldn't make a difference as their return policy states it must be unused and undamaged. I bought two sets but am hesitant to use the rest. What a waste of money. You get what you pay for.

👤The smaller risers in this box are great for raising my desk up a few inches, but I thought the box had 8 risers, which is what the product name says. Instead, it comes with four risers of a small size and four of a larger size, which makes it four risers, not eight. I have a desk with eight legs and I cannot use just one box to elevate it. The product name should be changed to make it clear that what you are getting is only four legs of a furniture item. It isn't eight risers, no matter how you spin it. There are four risers and three different size options. I have an issue with these being oddly bulky. Unless your table or bed has large legs, you're going to be left with cube feet.

👤The legs are raised under the bed by using two of these. I had read that it would help with my problem. It definitely does!

👤My daughter's dorm room was given the extra storage by these risers. The bed is stable.

👤I usually read the negative reviews first. I decided to chance it. I ordered two sets of bed risers that were rated at 1300 lbs, so I had plenty of wiggle room on the weight capacity. I was glad I ordered two sets because I had two center feet to support. I tried the smaller ones. They were too high and the 4 inch adapters were a perfect fit. When I sit down next to the bed, it hits me above the knees because it is just 24 feet off the floor. I have used them since February and they are easy to use and slide on the floor when I need to make the bed. They have a good base that holds your bed at the right height for a comfortable night's sleep.

5. Ronin Factory Headboard 711 Conversion

Ronin Factory Headboard 711 Conversion

Attaching a newer metal bed frame to an older one requires a hook or claw style attachment. TheICKER STEEL is 25% thinner than other brands. The instructions for the bed frame brackets are included with the product. The offset mounting design of the brackets allows for a wide range of headboard widths. You may need the Modification Plate in addition to the brackets. There is no reappearance of the HasSLE! Return anytime with no questions asked. All hardware is included. The hook frame brackets are included in the product. If you need to attach the footboard to the frame, you can purchase 2 of these items. All hardware is included. The hook frame brackets are included in the product. If you need to attach the footboard to the frame, you can purchase 2 of these items.

Brand: Ronin Factory

👤When I moved, I didn't know my bed had a special frame to hook the set to, so I kept this beautiful oak set in my garage for 14 years. I was determined to find something to make the current frame work after we moved again. I had to buy both foot extensions and the hooks that fit perfectly. My 10 month old kitten is getting in the way of the installation, but I did it myself. A little awkward, but doable! A crescent wrench and flat head screwdriver are used to tighten bolts.

👤The Ronin Factory Hook On Bed Frame brackets are the same as described. The construction is heavy duty and works well. The bed frame's square nuts are replaced with a packet of screws and nuts that are better quality than the old-fashioned "stove bolts". The slots that are cut into the brackets are long enough to fit most bed frames without using the additional brackets. I am returning the adapter brackets that I ordered because they weren't necessary. The brackets are designed to complement each other. There is a separate set of nuts and bolts in the adapter brackets.

👤I had to give 5 stars. This product is made of good quality metal and it is sturdy, it has 4 screws per brackets. It makes it sturdy, but it can't hold my bed's headboard. They want me to return it because it wasn't in the package, but I didn't want to do that because I didn't buy it by mistake. I tried to fix my problem with a hammer. It is better than before, but not as good as I wanted.

👤I am very happy to have found these. The side runners of the old bed had deteriorated and had to be scrapped. For years, I told myself that I would make a new wood frame for it after I saved the headboard and footboard. I never made the time to do that. My wife had an extra full size metal bed frame when I got married. I had crazy ideas about mounting the old hardware in 2x4s and bolting them onto the metal frame. The off-the-shelf solution that I stumbled across was perfect for a project that would have taken a long time with a table saw. Our daughter has a modern metal bed frame that features a mid-century headboard and footboard that came from her great-grandparents. I'm happy, but I'm also grateful.

👤We needed a way to attach the used headboard to the bed frame. The Hook On Bed Frame brackets were found after we paid $20.00 for the bed frame, and the price of $12.00 seemed like a reasonable price for hardware to attach them to the bed frame. Installation was easy, as most of the time was spent removing and replacing the mattress and box spring. The brackets were made of heavy-gauge metal and came with all of the necessary hardware.

👤The product made it very easy to make a bed frame out of old furniture. The different sizes are accommodated by the adapter brackets. It took less than 10 minutes to attach the Headboard. I had to purchase bed frame extensions to attach the foot board, but the brackets were what I needed to make the board match the bed frame. The nuts and bolts were included with the brackets. The idea of putting two wood screws through the brackets into the wood head board and foot board to reduce the amount of play appealed to me. The entire application was secured by this recommendation. I am very pleased with this product, and would recommend the use for anyone who needs to adjust head board to bed frame.

6. Adjustable Support Durable Furniture Suitable

Adjustable Support Durable Furniture Suitable

A complete set of premium heavy duty hook plates. The center support leg for bed frame is designed to match different beds' heights to protect your bed and mattress from damage or sagging. The bed center slat is suitable for the support leg. There are other furniture. It is easy to install T-shaped feet. If the bed frame has holes, you can use a brackets to align the double holes and tighten them. When the bed frame has no holes, use the feet and the bed frame to place the counter-piece in a criss-cross pattern, place the bed frame on top of the counter-piece and tighten it. The material is made from high quality steel and is black to prevent damage to your bed. The pipe wall has been made more load-bearing. Leg bottom pads are non-slip and wear resistant, won't be harm and scratches to your floors, and it has better grip. The hardware included was: 2pcs height adjusted from 7.08" to 13.38", a center support leg, and a supplementary plate. There were no extra trips to the Hardware Store. If the product is damaged or missing, please contact them for a free replacement. The bed frame support legs will hold and evenly distribute the weight of your heavy mattress efficiently protecting your bed and mattress from sagging and damage.

Brand: Fhome

👤I needed to give my bed more support. It's easy to put together. My boyfriend and I tested them out and they are strong.

👤It took me less than 15 minutes to attach it. I didn't want to buy a new frame and lose my existing one when I moved because I already have a queen bed. I came here to show the pictures and write a review after fixing my bed legs with this. I'm sitting on top of the bed that had no support before. Go for it!

👤It took two minutes to install this product. I would have liked to have gotten it sooner. I was dealing with a sinking mattress for a long time. I think that's correct.

👤This was what I needed. They are easy to install. The adjustment is useful. The construction is very sturdy.

👤I can only use one of the legs because the other bolts and nuts are missing. I checked the box and the bag, but they weren't there. The product does work well. I needed both legs. I'm not going to come back because I need the one for my kids bed now.

👤One of the supports broke when I jumped up onto my bed. I need to buy another frame. It works well. Really strong. Love it.

👤The product was easy to install and arrived in a timely manner. I used to be a center support for a bed, value for the money, without sacrificing your budget.

👤The width and length of the screw holes were exactly what I needed. Thanks.

7. Replacement Sturdy Shaped Protect Changing

Replacement Sturdy Shaped Protect Changing

These replacement glides are perfect for use on hardwood, tile, carpet floors and other floorings. The top of the glide will fit most bed frames, leaving about 2 inches to ad your beds height from the floor. This glide is measured internally at 18.25mm. Before purchasing a bed frame, please make sure it fits. The base of the replacement bed feet is 2.5 inches wide and provides great support. Dark brown is the color. To make sure the bed frame legs fit with your bed frame, you need to see images 5 and 6. At Home Paradise, they only sell high quality products and offer the best customer service. At Home Paradise, they only sell high quality products and offer the best customer service.

Brand: Home Paradise

👤The bed frame we have is a standard metal bed frame and has roller wheels on it. I needed more height to put the boxes under the bed. It doesn't really increase height once wheels come off. Maybe 1/3 ". I put some super sliders under each leg to raise it up a tad more, but I don't think they will last long. There is a need to find another solution. The wheels came off without a hitch. We did not hit them. They slip off easy right now. They will be more comfortable on the bed once weight is on it. Trying to find something that will lift this higher.

👤After the bed frame broke, the best alternative was to use caster wheels. Double check to make sure the washer isn't stuck to the bottom of the frame leg if these don't fit. Installation was a snap after we removed all the stuck washers. There is a bonus that no more scuffed up floors. I would recommend anyone to get a new caster.

👤I converted two of the bedrooms to vinyl flooring. The beds moved after that because of the castors on the legs. These feet are easy to install, just pull the leg out and slip them on. Beds can be moved without a lot of difficulty, but they don't slide around from just getting into bed. The fit was just right and the quality seems very good. They kept the bed at the same height.

👤I had to use this solution in a small twin bed in my guest room because it was difficult to align the bed and move it without ruining the hardwood floor. I tried other solutions and they didn't work out as well as I had hoped. The feet fit the bed frame. The bed glides across the hardwood floor in any direction, there is no sign of scratches or marks on the floor, and I can fit more things underneath and move the bed to access them a lot easier if needed.

👤I didn't get a chance to install them until today, but I bought them a couple of months ago. The legs on the bed frame are too small for the "legs" that were removed from the frame. They cannot slide over the bed frame leg like they are supposed to. I'm not going to disassemble my bed again, so I'm going to live with the wheels on the frame. I learned that if you don't test out your Amazon orders, you will miss the 30 day return window, no matter how busy you are.

👤The wheel on my bed frame fell off, but there were several other supports, so it wasn't a big deal. I gave this a try because I didn't know they made replacement legs. The bed was cheap and it feels better now. If your bed is heavy, get someone to help you. I lifted my bed myself and felt like the Incredibles.

👤Just what we needed. The brown plastic part between the wheel and the metal frame was broken. The new legs fit perfectly once they were slid all the way on and the stubs was not perfect. If it won't slide on the metal leg, check it. A small flat screwdriver can be used to remove a broken piece of plastic from an old wheel.

8. JONHWI Adjustable Furniture Suitable Supports

JONHWI Adjustable Furniture Suitable Supports

The bed risers can be adjusted to fit your needs, so you don't have to compromise on support. Every bed risers can handle heavy duty furniture up to 1300 lbs. It is easy to hold your furniture. The "L" side of the design makes furniture risers easier to match to the furniture legs, which made it easier to clean. The bottom of the riser uses a rubber pad to prevent the foot of the bed from moving and to protect the floor from scratches. The package includes 4 double-layer risers, 4 rubber pads for the bottom of the risers, and an after-sell service. They will make it right if you are not completely satisfied with the products.

Brand: Jonhwi

👤The roombas and shark vacuums are just a few cm taller than the lift, so I bought 3 sets of these in the hope that I would stop moving furniture every other day to sweat underneath, but my roombas and shark vacuums are just a few cm taller than the lift. I'm hoping to add some sort of padding under the lifts to see if that will help. I'm coming back if not. The product should not be advertised as capable of lifting furniture high enough to clear a robot vacuum.

👤My Christmas tree height has been raised by 3 inches. The Christmas tree height was 7.5 feet, but no one knows. I made my Christmas tree bigger.

👤The bed risers come in a pack. Each design adds 3 inches of height to the furniture of your choice. Being over 3 inches wide they can add height to couches, loveseats and other furniture. The ridge on the top helps keep the furniture in place. The top helps with grip. I like the ability to change the height. For items with smaller legs, the middle piece sectioned nicely. We put the middle section on bed frame posts and removed the old leg rollers to keep the floor from being scratched. We should replace the bed. Due to the size and interchangeable pieces, they are suited for a wide variety of uses and are rugged enough for a large couch. Excellent item!

👤These bed risers are very strong and stable. I jumped on the bed and it didn't shake or move. I recommend these to anyone who wants their bed high enough to sit on or get off without having to jump up.

👤They worked well with my Ikea malm fullsize frame, even though it has no legs, but rather a front and end board, and they work well when you put them in the end of the bed.

👤You can't stack them for most things. The L shape is 3 inches.

👤I needed these to lift a coffee table so the robot vacuum could get underneath. You can use the rubber foot or raise it by an additional 2.5 inches. 3 inches is a lot to raise something, so it does look a little funny propped up like that, so these are best used on something not decorative. Storage containers can be put under them because they are sturdy and wide. Send your college student to the dorm with these and they will have more storage space. The furniture won't slide easily when you use these, because the bottom is rubber. The black color is in my decor. These are a good purchase.

9. Home Adjustable Risers Furniture Heights

Home Adjustable Risers Furniture Heights

The limited time offer price may increase soon. This item has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The opening is 3 X 3 X 1 inch and deep. The bed riser can support up to 1,300 pounds. It won't scratch or Dent hardwood floors. The bed lifters or Casters fit securely into the bed riser's recess cup. Storage under the bed is an idea for bed frame risers.

Brand: Home-it

👤These do work as advertised, but they are prone to failure as seen in other reviews. The plastic is poor when it comes to load distribution so with a few minor modifications, the problem was solved. I filled mine with expanding foam that is firm when cured and helps distribute the compression loading and doesn't rely on the plastic structure to do all the heavy lifting. I put vinyl blocks in the top pockets to prevent stress risers and point loading of the top face, which has caused many to crack. The load is distributed around the entire pocket. These are under a steel platform bead that can hold up to 600 lbs. After my improvements, they are rock solid. I wouldn't trust them as they are basically flimsy empty plastic molds. This will help you when buying a set.

👤I think bed risers get either 1 or 5 stars. There are two things they need to do. They have to be strong enough to hold the weight of the bed. There are two more The foot of your frame must be accommodated in the recess of the riser. Many reviewers think that the risers are cheap and easy to break. I can't say for certain but they are more heavy duty than the risers I was replacing. I was pleased by their heft and thickness. They have reinforced ribs under the platform. If you have wheels as feet, I would suggest replacing them with flat feet which will help reduce the chance that the platform supporting the weight will break. The riser you buy for each foot is the other thing to be sure of. Some beds have more than 6 feet. The larger span of a king size bed is supported by four on the corners and two mid-frame. If you only buy one box of four, you will be distributing the weight across only 4 feet instead of 6 feet, which will cause you to bend your bed frame or crack the riser. I ranked this one star because of the other criteria. The feet on my bed frame were not accommodated by these. These would be large for many beds. The opening for these risers is stated in the description. I made sure that this was the case because most risers are not big enough to accommodate my frame feet of 3. After cleaning out under the bed and lifting the king size bed, I set the bed down for my wife and daughter to not fit. After measuring, my suspicion was confirmed. The opening is 2 7/8". If the foot doesn't sit flat, the frame will break. The opening is smaller than 3x3 but it's not as advertised.

👤Very nice. It is possible to change it. A steel frame with a point on it will crack or break. I added wood to make sure this didn't happen.

👤We were very happy with the placement, structure and strength until one leg gave way. The material weakness is the problem. The platform on one leg at the foot of the bed collapsed. The rounded caster wheels on the bed frame leg corners are very comfortable to sit on. They aren't strong enough to support 2 people and a cat. My wife doesn't tell me what she weighs. The cat was on the bed weighing 7 lbs. and I would guess 135-140. We put our bed up on these things so that we could store stuff underneath. We had some pretty unreplaceable art under the bed. They are not up to snuff. It is a time bomb. There are photos of how to fix em. Peter, the best.

10. Kings Brand Furniture Adjustable Support

Kings Brand Furniture Adjustable Support

The dimensions are 65.75"W x 55.75"H x 11"D. The nylon bottom prevents floor scuffs and the metal construction adds durable support to your bed. The package has center leg support, extender, screws and instructions. The dimensions are from 7.25′′ to 14′′. The material is metal or plastic. It's easy to install.

Brand: Kings Brand Furniture

👤It's perfect inside an Ikea support beam. The slats would fall sometimes because my beam was sagging. I was worried that it wouldn't work since it is made to screw into a wood beam. It slipped into the metal support and adjusted to fit. It's cheaper than replacing the frame.

👤I have a mattress on a platform board. You know what I mean if you have one of these. The mattress and board are on the bed. The slats were sagging under the weight. I tried using a block of wood as a support but it kept slipping. The metal support solved the problem. You might need three of them to do the job right. I used one of these in the center and then cut a table leg to fit the other slats on the ends. I was being cheap. The wood legs were more effort than they were worth. I wish I'd just bought a few of these things.

👤The installation was easy. It was too tall to fit under my bed, even at the lowest it could go. Blocks are needed to keep my bedframe from rocking. The plastic disc at the bottom is not something I like. I removed the plastic pieces with a razor and it fit perfectly and my bed is stable.

👤The entire unit length became unstable because the two parts that connected were right in the middle of the height I needed.

👤I bought a queensize bed from a lady, but when I set it up, I found that she didn't have the support legs that were supposed to screw into the slats. I was lucky that Amazon had several options for the item I was looking for. The photos make them look fragile and spindly, so I was concerned about purchasing them. I was relieved to find they were large. They were easy to install. We marked around them and then drilled some pilot holes on the board. Measure the distance from the floor to the frame and then order the correct size. I don't think ordering a smaller size will help you extend it. That will be asking for trouble. The plastic glider on the bottom of the foot is a good way to prevent damage to the flooring. These are doing a great job so far.

👤I found out the hard way that the height of 12 is not covered by the support description. I had to return the supports I ordered. Information on the web page is sloppy. When ordering please use caution.

👤These are great for easy repair and less expensive than buying a new bed. It comes with 4 legs, others only have 3. It's easy to install. The main piece for adjusting comes in two pieces, which is not as sturdy as one piece. The bottom of the leg should be flat. It is plastic and rounded. It is not as sturdy as it would be if it were flat.

👤The quality of the bracket is very high. I removed the wingnut because it didn't serve any purpose. I'm using it on the back of a vintage bedroom. The general cabinet needs extra support. The black female sleeve was put to the brackets so it wouldn't spin when adjusting height. I thought I was a safe bet. A good product.

11. Ezprotekt Furniture Square Creates Additional

Ezprotekt Furniture Square Creates Additional

Raises beds, couches, armchairs, desks, sofas, and other heavy stationary furniture height 3 inches to assist the sit to stand process and boost ergonomics. Solid carbon steel and the bottom of non-woven fabric are used to make Protect Your Hard Surfaces. Furniture movement can damage hard floor surfaces. The risers protect your floors from scratches and marring. Adding additional height and storage space under beds and furniture makes cleaning underneath furniture easier for robot vacuums. Self-Adhesive bed risers are easy to use, just peel off the back cover of the risers and stick on the furniture legs. The 4Pack Furniture Risers have a length of 2.4 inches and a width of 2.4 inches. They work closely with the manufacturer to make sure their product is up to quality standards. If you don't like the product, you can email them and they will give you a full refund or a replacement for free.

Brand: Ezprotekt

👤I use Better Homes & Gardens 8 cube organizers for record cabinets. The cabinets are from Walmart and come with a metal base and legs. BH&G did not add middle legs to support these pieces. The middle of the record cabinet was starting to bow due to the weight of the vinyl. I ordered them. The metal base and legs were placed under the cabinet. The middle risers and six total took care of the bowed cabinets by adding support. These things look great. My vinyl is very appreciative of the support.

👤They are made of sturdy metal. They don't want to scratch the floor. Needed to raise a side table to use with stools. Sturdy and stylish.

👤They were used to raise my over-the-toilet shelves. It worked out great.

👤These are small lifts that will allow you to add a soundbar in front but not block the remote control sensor. HACK!

👤Sturdy and discreet! Lifts my table and does what I paid for it.

👤Sturdy and should hold up. They are giving me more than 2 1/2 inches lift that I needed so I can put totes under my bed, using them with the plastic lifters I have.

👤I like that they felt on the bottom for sliding on a hard surface and the sticky top for adhering to the couch legs.

👤I used these to elevate my cat tree, so I could place it over the AC/heat vent, and it worked perfectly. It's high enough to let air circulate and not make the cat tree unbalanced. The cat tree will not just slide off of it, so the glue on the side helps me feel secure.


What is the best product for platform bed leg extensions?

Platform bed leg extensions products from Ruiru Bro. In this article about platform bed leg extensions you can see why people choose the product. Iprimio and Kings Brand Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed leg extensions.

What are the best brands for platform bed leg extensions?

Ruiru Bro, Iprimio and Kings Brand Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed leg extensions. Find the detail in this article. Utopia Bedding, Ronin Factory and Fhome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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