Best Platform Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard Shelves

Headboard 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LIFE Home Premiere Classics Headboard

LIFE Home Premiere Classics Headboard

The queen's outer dimensions are 89" L x 69" W and 51" H. There is a linen shirt with clothes. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤I can't believe how nice this bed is. The construction and hardware are of the highest quality. I would pay $700 for this bed in a store. I have a mattress with a small cover that sits off the ground. I ordered a king size frame and it fits perfectly in my bedroom. The color is similar to the bright red on a dark cherry. It isn't burgundy. It is a deeper red in standard light. It appears to be on the pink side in the sunlight. I have included photos to help you see the bed in a better light.

👤The bed we were assembling had a sticker on it that said "California Prop 65 warning: this product contains chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm." The picture is attached to the sticker. Can you please tell me how this will affect me?

👤It was very easy to assemble and I did it in less than 2 hours. The color is wonderful! Very strong. One set came with different versions of the bed, one box was version 6.1 and the other box was version 6.0. There was no difference in color but parts were missing. Even though they were in the same tracking number, they were delivered 2 days apart. I need the extra part to sleep in the bed. If the part is not delivered on time, the star rating could go down. It is an easy fix to staple on the back of the headboard where the hardware is kept, but it is not very well done. It is made well.

👤I am a small woman and I assembled this myself. It would have been better with help, but I was glad it was doable on my own. I used my electric drill to drill the slats, but only the screw driver is provided. I have a 10 inch memory foam mattress and a 4 inch topper, which makes the slats 14 inches off the ground. I think it's the perfect height. The red burgundy is a splash of color that I need. I live in a high bed and it's worth it because of my painting. I thought the color of the bedding set would make it harder to find one, but it was just the opposite. I have some throws that I don't hate. It makes the room funnier. The bed is sturdy, but not rickety. This bed is very good.

👤This is an awesome product. I paid $150 for this bed. If not more, this bed could easily go for $500 or $600. The bed was ordered on July 4th and will be delivered between July 10 and July 14. On July 11th, I received it. It took a few days for my package to be shipped, so I didn't think it would come so soon. I received both boxes on the same day, despite the fact that the bed came in 2 separate boxes. If you live in an apartment complex like I do, you should make arrangements with FedEx. Your package can be taken to your apartment. It will probably be a struggle if not. I live on the fourth floor and my office is on the second floor. The instructions for the bed are easy to understand. I put it together by myself. The tools you need are included with the exception of a screwdriver, which I highly recommend. A regular screwdriver will suffice. I think it's more of a Ruby Red, not Cardinal Red, as far as the color is concerned. Good quality and sturdy. After reading all the wonderful reviews, I was skeptical about buying this bed. I'm no longer skeptical.

2. Olee Sleep Heavy Non Slip Support

Olee Sleep Heavy Non Slip Support

You can maximize space in your bedroom with minimalist style. Steel slats can be used to support a mattress. The mattress has a unique design to keep it from slipping. There is more under bed storage and no box spring required. It is easy to set up with no tools required. The dimensions for the mattress/box spring are 79.5 x 59.5 inches. Under bed clearance is 16.25-inch slats.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I read through 17 pages of questions while investigating this on Amazon. I will try to answer the 10 questions that are on the 17 pages so that you don't have to read the answers. We bought the king bed version and are using it with a 13” memory foam mattress. This is the first review. I will update in a month. The shipping weight is 59 pounds. The box is 42” x 21” It was packed well for shipping. They were vague about when it would arrive. We ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Wednesday, a day earlier than the shipping confirmation said. The assembly is happening The instructions are easy to understand because they are in pictograph form. You don't really need the words when they are written in English. There are six long metal pieces that make up the perimeter of the bed and an eighth one that goes down the middle. The legs open on the three long pieces. The four pieces that make up the top and bottom are bolted together. The instructions are easy to understand. Don't start attaching them until you lay all the pieces out. The instructions say "A1*1" and "A*1" but they don't say "B" and "B1" to indicate there is. If you look closely at the diagram, you will see that the A and B pieces have slots for a headboard, but the B does not. It took my wife and I less than 15 minutes to assemble it. The pieces are not heavy. Lifting the mattress up onto the frame was the hardest part. There are two long bolts and 12 short bolts. The Allen wrench and nut wrench are the only tools required. Everything was easy to attach. The metal slats are snapped into the holders. Four slats have red dots on them. The slots have small tongues on the end that open into small openings. There are 9 metal slats on each side of the bed. Each slat is 12 inch wide on top and 8 inches apart from each other. The top of the slats is below the frame. This provides a lip to hold your mattress in place and it fits our king memory foam mattress very snug so that it won't move. You don't need a box spring if you use a mattress. The frame is 18 inches high, so the mattress and box spring are very high. The top of the 13 inch memory foam mattress is almost 32 inches off the floor. If you have a traditional mattress, you can put it on the slats. If you have a memory foam mattress without a box spring, you should put something in between to keep the foam from squeezing through the slats. You can use a sheet of cardboard, butparticle board, peg board, thin plywood, and anything else will work. If you want to put in something like that, be aware that the inside dimensions of that lip are 75.5” x 79.5” so you need something slightly smaller than that. Cut it in half to fit in your truck or SUV. My wife and I decided not to put anything between the slats and the memory foam. We bought something to go in between when we read the question answers for 1/3 of the memory foam owners. The memory foam leaking between the slats was reported by 1/3 of the people, and so far on the first day we don't think it will be a problem. There are hardwood floors. There are nice hardwood floors in our house. My wife didn't trust the plastic caps on the frame that protect the floor, so she bought rubber squares to put under the feet. The king bed version has 9 feet so you need 9 square rubber pads. You can go without a dust ruffle if you don't put anything under the bed. The metal is artistic. It is black metal with square corners. You should hide the frame if you are going to store things under the bed. The frame is 18 inches high so a traditional dust ruffle is too short. A woman answering a question said she attached fabric panels to the frame with a stick on the Velcro. We plan to do that. It was very quiet once assembled. The bed did not move when I was laying on it and I was over the 300 pound mark. There was a small squeak if I shook back and forth and got on all fours. Most of the question answerers and reviewers said that there is no squeak with heavy people doing the horizontal mambo. The bed is shaking for certain activities and there is a quiet squeak. I don't think anyone would hear it if they were 40 feet away. It was a slight disappointment. It doesn't change my rating since almost any bed would have more of a squeak than this.

3. Prepac Fremont Queen Bed Headboard

Prepac Fremont Queen Bed Headboard

The Queen Platform Storage Bed has 6 drawers. No box spring is required for Queen-sized mattresses. The bookcase has adjusable shelf. It was finished in rich espresso laminate. Sturdy drawers with solid wood sides glide on metal runners. It is made from CARB compliant, laminated wood and has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts. It is made from CARB compliant, laminated wood and has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Brand: Prepac

👤I put this together with my mom in about 4 hours. The purchase was very happy and the directions could use a little more info. The only thing I would recommend is a bed with a headboard on it.

4. Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboard Queen

Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboard Queen

The panel design is clean-lined. Solid Hardwood with Non-Toxic Finish is Sustainably Sourced. It's designed to use with metal bed frames. High build five step finishing. High build five step finishing.

Brand: Atlantic Furniture

👤This is the only piece of furniture I've ever bought online that has not been damaged. I was expecting it to have some damage, but it was in perfect condition. I am very happy with my purchase. It's a very solid headboard and looks great. I thought it was shorter than that, but I love it!

👤After reading all the bad reviews, I made a mistake. It was delivered quickly. The box was delivered in 3 days. I opened the box hoping that the Atlantic Furniture product I was buying would not have flaws. We were very disappointed to see cracks along the inner panels, poor joints and scratches on the paint after opening the box. I didn't bother trying to assemble it anymore. The ugly was to box it back up and return it. Atlantic Furniture products are shame on them.

👤It's hard to imagine how many things could go wrong with a simple piece of furniture. If I needed to use it in the middle of a room, I would return it. The main section has the three panels and the top rail, a bottom rail and two side rails, which are difficult to see in the pictures. The individual pieces are wrapped in a thin layer of foam, and there are foam bumpers at the ends of the box, but it's not enough to protect the large and heavy piece during shipping. The piece of my box had no structural damage. Others will probably not be as lucky. Some of these will arrive with broken off parts. The unit only had a small amount of damage to the finish. It's not a good sign. It took two people nearly an hour to assemble, which was far more difficult than it should have been. It should have taken less than 15 minutes. There are a lot of pages of instructions for full bed frames that aren't relevant. There are four screws that hold the whole thing together. The bottom rail is held in place by wooden dowels. Some of those are cheap, but some didn't have proper edges. The holes they went into were all different in depth. I had to use a knife to cut one of the holes wide so that the screws would align, it was the hardest part. The screws go through the side rails and then into the bolts in the main section. The bolts are visible from the back of the unit. It's not a good choice if it's in the middle of the room. The top rail seems to be only attached at the ends when moving the unit into position. The unit will fall apart if you try to hold it by the top rail. I was able to make it flush with the main part of the bed, if I bumped against it. The finish damage can be touched up with a furniture crayon, and hidden behind the pillows, so that the whole thing looks good. That is the only thing that saves it from being a one star purchase. Unless you are willing to take chances with shipping damage and are willing to fix it up a bit, you'd be better off spending a bit more.

5. Mellow Platform Headboard Assembly SHPB HYQ

Mellow Platform Headboard Assembly SHPB HYQ

A modern mixed material design is made of steel and pine wood. Your essentials are kept close by a built-in headboard shelf. The center bar has velvet padding. No box spring is needed. The recommended mattress height is 6 to 8 inches. Easy assembly with no other tools needed.

Brand: Mellow

👤It is easy to assemble, shipped in a box. It's much better looking and solid than IKEA. The shelf doesn't get in the way because it has 2 layers of pillows. The shelf is very convenient. I took a chance and am happy.

👤The bed arrived several days faster than the estimate. I was very impressed when I opened it. The instructions were completely visual, no words at all, but they were the clearest I've ever worked with. There was no doubt that I was on step 1. There were only two types of bolts. I was able to tighten it up because it was so well made that everything was square on the first try. I would recommend this to anyone. This bed was the least stressful I have ever put together.

👤I love the bed frame. The wooden shelf is very convenient to put my things on. I regret not ordering the 14 1/2 inch plush mattress that I really wanted. The frame would fit the taller mattress. The frame is easy to assemble. The tools that came with it work well. I like the simple design and it looks great in the bedroom.

👤It took minutes to assemble. It is the easiest thing I have assembled in my life. Everything was clearly labeled and easy to understand. The bed was packaged perfectly to prevent damage during shipping. This bed is very good.

👤I will be honest. The bed we bought was available at a time when bed frames were hard to come by. I am very glad we did. We haven't had a bed for a while, so I'll try to keep this review up, but so far, I love it. Two of us assembled a king size frame in about an hour. A patient could have assembled it on their own. The frame is solid. I don't have a single complaint so far.

👤The space under the bed is perfect for storing things. There is a wooden shelf. One of the main metal pieces was damaged. I took the frame out of the box and didn't want to take the bed apart to make room for a new one. I needed to put the bed together, but I had help from a friend. It was rather disappointing.

👤It looks like the picture. It is easy to assemble. It is not comfortable to put my back against it.

👤This frame is easy to put together and has a nice finished look. The frame was damaged. I wasn't surprised that the box was delivered by one person, instead of the recommended two person delivery, since it looked rough upon arrival. I would give this 5 stars because of the handling. You would think the item would be undamaged, considering how much you pay for it. I'm really disappointed.

6. Select 4 Post Platform Drawers Drifted

Select 4 Post Platform Drawers Drifted

It's suitable for queen-sized mattresses. The Prepac Queen Flat Panel Headboard is a pair. Only your mattress is required by the wood slat system. The bed is aligned with custom hardware. Finished in gray laminate. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Prepac

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the bed. The drawers are not connected to the bed, so when you close them, they don't always line up.

👤The bed is very nice. The color is washed grey. The storage drawers are bigger than I expected. Quite large! The box was damaged and torn by the delivery service. I think the entire bag of hardware came out. The missing hardware was sent by the manufacturer in 10 days. It would have been appreciated if it was overnight or a day. I was able to assemble after I received everything.

👤Before buying, please read this. The package arrived in good condition, but some of the pieces were scratched, but we gave it a chance because it wasn't very noticeable. We were a little worried that the structure beneath the mattress wouldn't hold our weight, because the pieces that make up the structure are made out of MDF. After sleeping on it for 3 weeks, my husband sat down and the mattress fell through the floor. We are currently sleeping on the floor, trying to figure out if we can return it because it's already been more than a month. It was a complete waste of time and money.

👤Really like this product. It is very sturdy and solid. The instructions are easy to follow. The drawers are large and can hold a lot of things. Excellent upgrade. The box spring and metal frame are not something you want to ditch. If you have flooring that is not carpet, you should have a rug under the frame.

👤There were several mistakes in the instructions. I had to sand the edges down and hit them with a hammer to get the bed slats to fit together. The drawers underneath the frame are just wheels on the ground and have to be adjusted constantly. The manufacturer says it can be used for a full mattress. I could use a twin size mattress on it, but there is a huge gap around my mattress. Don't order it.

👤It's not well made and the drawers aren't secure. It was impossible to assemble. It was in four boxes without instructions. It took the professional three hours to assemble it. I guess you get what you pay for, but when you pay to get it assembled it is not great value.

👤My daughter is very happy with the bed. We were able to assemble it despite it being in several boxes with tons of parts. You just need the instructions. The drawers are not attached to the bed. I thought they wouldn't work, but they did. There is a lot of extra storage.

👤This arrived two days earlier than expected and was easy to put together. I was able to get it in the elevator more easily because it arrived in 5 different boxes. I made a mistake ordering the mattress too late. We slept on a wooden frame for 3 days while we waited for a mattress.

👤The bed we bought was thought to be sub standard. We were surprised. When we got the heavy boxes, we thought it would take us a day to put them together. We were surprised. The instructions are easy to follow. It took us 1.5 hours to put the bed together, and another 1.5 hours to put the drawers together. We were happy with the extra support down the middle of the bed. We were surprised that the drawers are free standing on caster wheels, but they are sturdy and stay aligned when opening. It is an excellent choice for the price.

7. Modway Upholstered Tufted Fabric Headboard

Modway Upholstered Tufted Fabric Headboard

The statement piece makes a sophisticated statement in any space it sits in, thanks to its stylish characteristics and elegant design. The fabric headboard is perfect for a master bedroom or guest suite and is covered with quality fabric. The design of the headband allows for a chic look. The subtle details of this queen size headboard make it a piece that never goes out of style. The queen headboard is made of plywood and fiberboard and is sturdy for peaceful use. This padded headboard is made of dense foam. The height headboard is adjusted. The mounting positions on this headboard are seven different heights and can be adjusted to fit most queen bed frames.

Brand: Modway

👤Some customers said they got bed bugs when they purchased the bed. It would still be fine despite the fact that there were a lot of other good reviews. After getting the back board we started getting bug bites and I thought it was mosquitoes because the summer had just started. We found shredded bed bugs as we inspected the back of the headboard after the bites persisted. We had to send pictures because the company did not believe us when we contacted them.

👤There are beds in the corners of the board. It looked great but we woke up with welts on our shoulders. These bloodsuckers were found on closer inspection. The spendy comforter is not going to be saved. I now know we're not the only ones. Do not buy this dress. The photo was taken after trying to clean it.

👤There are beds! The apartment is very clean except for the headboard which is covered in bugs and eggs. The bed is in the trash, the sheets are in the wash and the exterminator is on his way. I loved the look but throwing it away was the right thing to do. I wish I'd read the other reviews.

👤The guest bedroom has a king size bed. I am in love with it. I think this is a great piece for the price. The Linen color is the same color as the picture I ordered. I didn't need to read the instructions to figure it out because the piece was easy to assemble. I have my bed propped up against the wall so I can properly install it. The bed is very high off the ground, so the headboard is set to the highest setting possible. It is wobbling against the wall. It might sit better once it's installed properly. I still think this is gorgeous, no matter what. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤It was easy to assemble, and it fit my room perfectly. It came with bed bags.

👤Ended up with a bed bug problem. Terrible and disgusting. It had to be thrown away and dealt with.

👤It's easy to install. I was able to get the job done myself. The product you get in the mail is exactly what you would expect, and it is the same as the photo you see. The photos show how the headboard is holding up. It was purchased in July of 2015, and I am writing this review in June. I purchased it and I still love it. It was perfect for my bed. Is long lasting and very durable.

👤I love it! The color of the bed is the same as depicted. It's hard to find one that's not massive. It was easy to attach my metal bed frame, which I believe is a standard bed frame, because it comes with its own allen wrench, and you don't need a tool to hold the nut still. The uprights should be above the height of the base molding. If you don't have a bed that can get close to the wall, the headboard can be a little wobbly. The uprights have pre-drilled holes so you can adjust to the correct height. My bed frame has openings to help achieve the correct height. I have no regrets with the first time I installed it, I didn't consider the baseboard and had to uninstall it.

8. Great Deal Furniture 309266 Headboard

Great Deal Furniture 309266 Headboard

There is a crime of conscience. The contemporary style of this bed frame is sure to compliment any décor in your bedroom. The sleek design of the headboard set will give your room an upgrade in style and comfort. The durable hardwoods bring a sleek and exotic look to your space and will not oxidize over time. Both wood materials are strong and resistant to wear and tear. The platform frame of the bed set eliminates the need for a box spring. This will allow you to place your mattress directly on the frame. There are wood stilts. The bed frame has a center bar and multiple wood slats. The horizontal slats offer additional reinforcement for your mattress. It's necessary to assemble: The bed set requires some assembly. The tools and instructions for assembly are included. It's necessary to assemble: The bed set requires some assembly. The tools and instructions for assembly are included.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤There are two pieces of the sideboards. One full length board will be formed by the bolted together parts E/F. They shipped the same parts. I had to rebuild 2 of them. The paint job on the footboard was ruined by the box. The support legs that mount under the slats are difficult to install. Not a very good product. If it were not for the paint issue and the need to rebuild half of the sideboards, I wouldn't complain. It was frustrating to have to fix things. This is a piece of garbage, worthy of nothing more than staging a home for sale, because the center supports have broken and the mattress fell on the floor. It's definitely not something to buy for yourself.

👤There were parts that did not fit together in this bed. We had to rebuild the area to make it work. It was damaged on one side. I would have returned it if it was easier to send a bed back.

👤The bed is nice. It was great for the price. It's a bit un-sturdy on wood floors. The bed was nice.

👤The bed had a part that was broken and the other part that was broken. It was pretty disappointing. I have never had an issue like this with Amazon.

👤Footboard snapped into two, not fully painted or properly painted. I have to wait for a new one.

9. Home Life Black Velour Queen Complete

Home Life Black Velour Queen Complete

The queen's outer dimensions are 89" L x 69" W and 51" H. There is a fabric pillowcase bed. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes. Black Velour is high quality. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤Love is love. It looks better in person. Pictures don't do justice. I have the black queen. It's easy to put together. I didn't have enough bolts, I didn't know if I lost them or if they didn't send enough. I made it work. You will need a power drill to drill in the FWI. The velvet is easy to clean. It is not too high or low to the ground. At the same time, it is sexy. I love it! I ordered it on July 13 and it arrived on July 16. 3 damn days. FedEx left it at my door. I love this bed. Will update later.

👤A quality bed frame costs $308. I bought the king. The velour makes it feel very fancy. Buy this bed. I bought it on Tuesday and it was supposed to be delivered the next day. It was very easy to put it together. It took about an hour. It would take 30 minutes if someone helped.

👤Such high quality! It's easy to put together. I am small and short. The slats are screwed in with a drill instead of clicking. The whole thing is nearly 100 lbs and doesn't budge when I shake it. Absolutely worth the money. I have had the bed for two months now and I am very happy. The mattress does not move. Great support.

👤The box was terrible from the moment we opened it. There are burns in the upholstery. We had already given away the old bed so we were going to just deal with it because I couldn't drag the box to ups. The slats and the foot board were missing. It looks like we were sent a used bed. We have nothing to sleep on and I have to take off work and meet ups to get my refund on this. It's not a good look.

👤The bed is a great deal. It took two hours for us to put it together. Instructions are relatively clear. The quality is amazing for the price. Definitely recommend.

👤The bed was easy to put together, but the leg on the footboard was broken. It seems sturdy, even though he put it together regardless. Will only contact the seller if my husband is angry that it was broken. He took it to daughter's condo. It was broken. He said he hopes it stays together. It seems to be a sturdy bed, it has a nice feel, it looks good, and all. You should check all the parts before putting them together. Who wants to take it to the post office to return it? It's a pity.

👤If you want to put together a project that looks good, you should use a drill for the last part or you will be stuck with screws by hand for 30 minutes. Very strong as well.

👤I loved it! It is better than the picture. It is a velvet texture. It's a little difficult to assemble. I am not good with building stuff.

10. Flash Furniture Bedford Upholstered Headboard

Flash Furniture Bedford Upholstered Headboard

Your room is missing out if your bed isn't dressed up. Let this beautiful, tufted headboard help reflect your personal style and make your retreat a cozy, comfortable haven to return to after a long day. The Headboard is 61.5"W x 3.25D x 24H. The bed rail slots on the metal stands are adjusted. The style of the headboard is contemporary. There are product appraisals. The overall size is 61.5"W x 2.5"D x 41.75-54.25"H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I put my bed up right away. I'm very happy! It looks good. Wait, I take that back. I could be a little bit more happy. It sounded like... I woke up several times and fussed at the dogs, but I remembered it wasn't them, and even if it was, you can't stop a dog from farting. It was the bed. It doesn't smell like a field of flowers, but it does stink like a dog fart. I'm hoping the smell goes away in a few days. The hidden panel where the legs are stored during shipping is an added feature that I don't see many people mention. Is there a better place to hide your stuff? No one is going to think to pull your bed out and feel around for a hidden section. If they read this review, they might. I'm going to have a few bucks and maybe a bedroom toy in that panel. It would be a total waste to do anything less. I'm going to throw a couple of car air fresheners that are shaped like trees if it doesn't stop within a day or two. Did anyone find a use for the "e" screws? I mean, a whole package of labeled screws, nuts, washers and tools and once all is said and done, you don't touch the "e" package at all... I messed with my head a bit.

👤I used this for a spare bedroom and may need to buy one of my own. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. It looks more expensive than it is because it is made well for the price. It is easy to assemble. There are a lot of screw options to fit your bed frame. I put it on quickly. It was worth the buy. If my review has helped you, please click the helpful button below. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

👤If the seller is more interested in the product than the seller is. Don't buy if you're warned. The seller has a no return policy. This was not mentioned. Do not buy this product unless you are sure it will fit your bed. My daughter's college dorm bed has a headboard. You don't know what type of bed it fits until you get it. If it doesn't fit your stuck. Let me know if you really want one. I'm willing to let go of my one for cheap.

👤The product had bugs inside. Beware!

👤Absolutely a bargain. Excellent quality. Stitching is very artistic. I read other reviews about this head board. The legs are tucked into a pocket and the back is covered with cloth. It's safe to assume that others couldn't find the legs. Also funny. It's obvious where they are stored.

👤I've been looking for a headboard for months. I have read reviews that scared me away from buying online. I gave it a try after reading the reviews. I wasn't disappointed. This was half the price of others with terrible reviews. After removing the legs from the back of the bed, I found a nice place to keep my guns, money, and adult products. It is a nice quality material and once bolted to my regular frame it is sturdy and makes no noises when moving on the bed. It is comfortable to lay in bed and watch tv. Even when pillows are piled against it, it is tall enough to see. The curtains that I ordered off Amazon matched the color of my curtains. I will be doing business with this company again once my son needs a new bed.

11. Safavieh Upholstered Tufted Headboard Queen

Safavieh Upholstered Tufted Headboard Queen

The sky blue upholstery of this headboard will give your room a contemporary accent. The contemporary accent is given by the tufted accent. There is a cotton-poly fabric. It's perfect for any modern or traditional bedroom. The headboard is 61.8" x 5.3" x 54.1"

Brand: Safavieh

👤This is gorgeous. I bought it for my bonus daughter's room, which has a twin sized bed. I was worried about buying a new one, but when I got it, I was happy. It is sturdy, well made, the fabric is heavy duty, and the buttons fit tight. It is well padded on both sides, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your walls. The color is very pretty and will compliment any decor. It is classic, clean, and will not go out of style. This is a very good headboard.

👤This is a great addition to my bedroom. It is tall enough to make the wall behind the pillows feel cozy and thick enough to provide some cushion between me and the wall. It is not too heavy for one person to navigate. I tried to install the legs myself because I didn't want to wait for help. I had the old one removed and the new one installed in less than 25 minutes. The color is perfect, but not too bright, and it appears a bit dusty. I was worried that the blue might be too bright. It is a relaxing blue.

👤The setup of this headboard was very easy. We decided to attach it to the wall so that we could have it above the mattress without any gaps. The price of the headboard is great.

👤Very nice bed. The difference in the construction is visible because I replaced a less expensive headboard with this one. There were marks on my wall due to the design of the other headboard. The legs of this headboard are designed well and won't cause any damage to my wall. It's great on my bed. The purple tone in the picture is not the color that it is. It looks a little lighter in person than in the pictures I uploaded. A great price for a beautiful headboard.

👤The color is a bit more subdued than the pictures. A grey blue is not a sky blue. It's a heavy linen fabric.

👤For the price, I really like this headboard. I thought it would be a light blue, but it is more grey than I thought. It is soft and silky, and it is nice to lean against. The only negative is that it is not possible to adjust the height of the bed frame, and that it is held onto the bed frame with 2 nuts on either side. We have to tighten the nuts about once a month to make sure the headboard doesn't move. The strength isn't the best.

👤The headboard is made of high quality materials. The taupe color is a little darker than the picture shows.

👤It is easy to assemble. Sturdy. It's easy to install. Not as white as depicted in the picture. There is more of an off white color. Very disappointed. It is not possible to transport to return. It won't fit in a car.


What is the best product for platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves?

Platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves products from Home Life. In this article about platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves you can see why people choose the product. Olee Sleep and Prepac are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves.

What are the best brands for platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves?

Home Life, Olee Sleep and Prepac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed frame queen size with headboard shelves. Find the detail in this article. Atlantic Furniture, Mellow and Modway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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