Best Platform Bed Frame King Size Heavy Duty

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1. LOTCAIN Platform Storage Anti Slip Assembly

LOTCAIN Platform Storage Anti Slip Assembly

It does the job without having to buy a new canopy bed. Turn your bedroom into a palace when you dress it up. Extra Thick slats for extra sturdy. The frame is stable and comfortable because of the metal slats support and reinforced screws fixing. The bed frame can support up to 3500 lbs. It's suitable for heavy mattresses. As you toss and turn, the welding and reinforced structure design will prevent creaking and squeaking, and the anti-scratch gasket will protect the floor. The mattress can be put on the slats directly, ideal for those who want to break away from a box spring. The bed frame package has everything you need to make sure you don't have any trouble with the installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, they are here for the best service.

Brand: 5566

👤The frame is very sturdy and easy to assemble, it's the first frame like this that I've seen. I give it a perfect score. I have a queen purple 4 mattress that weighs 168 lbs and I have a 230 lbs mattress. We had sex without sound or movement from the frame. I would highly recommend this.

👤I'm 6'1 and weigh 214 lbs. I was using a box spring from an old serta tempurpedic. I bought a queen bed. The box spring was killing me. We were worried about losing height by tossing the box spring. We gained storage by eliminating it. Ready to put together. No issues for 3 months.

👤I like the setup. I would like to have an option to connect like a pre-drilled by manufacturer, where they could sell you a headframe in the future, but not where it sat optional. It would be great if they could give you an option for four anti-slip mattresses or something like that, we have two of these frames, and it would be nice if they could have some movement on the frame. Even though I am 5 foot 6 and have a box mattress below, I could still get on the mattress even though my mattress is 16 in by itself. I keep a step stool on the side of the bed to make it a little bit easier to get off the bed, but it feels great to be high off the floor at times. I have plenty of storage underneath the bed where I take plastic containers that could not fit in the closet and I was able to create a Inner Circle underneath the bed for my hacks to hide there was enough space for my cats to walk underneath the bed with their bed and cat toys.

👤It took me less than an hour to put this together. The cubbies are large enough to fit under the frame. It is strong. We left her twin mattress on it while we waited for her new mattress, slats were comfortable with her thinner twin. Would definitely recommend.

👤It is rock solid and it was easy to put together. The bed does not make noise when turning. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤Sturdy and solid. Do not use USPS. I ordered it so it could be delivered to my door. I had to pick it up because the post office wouldn't deliver it. If it is through the USPS, I would not order anything again. I have had issues with the post office before.

👤Assembly was easy once you figured it out.

👤These metal bed frames have underbed storage. This style is available in a king size. The large totes can be stored underneath the bed. The bed frame is sturdy for a long time. I would recommend anyone to you.

2. Amazon Basics Industrial Metal Bed

Amazon Basics Industrial Metal Bed

The metal bed frame has added comfort and support. The king bed frame is made of steel and has a 500-pound weight capacity. Storage space is created by 14-inch sleeping height. The slats are heavy-duty. No additional foundation was needed. The assembly is easy with the help of a wrench and screws. The product is 80 x 76 x 14 inches. The product is 80 x 76 x 14 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I found this easy to assemble and I'm not sure if the reviews are talking about it squeaking. Maybe they didn't double tighten the bolts or make sure the edges are flush to each other because mines is fine. It looks great with a modern minimalist feel. It's great with some of the Amazon choice type under storage fabric boxes.

👤The design is attractive, the price is good and the assembly is easy. The bed creaks when you get in and out. We've used wood beds for a long time. We will probably get rid of the creaking and squeaking and return to wood.

👤It was pretty easy to assemble, directions are not clear but once I got started it was pretty simple. It is not the most sturdy, but it is decent.

👤It's easy to assemble and seems to be holding up well so far. We are past the 300lb weight limit.

👤It's easy to assemble and fit my bed. I could put the bed together in 30 minutes. The instructions were easy to understand.

👤There were wobbles and conjugates. The bed frame is terrible.

3. Mellow King Frame Bed Foundation

Mellow King Frame Bed Foundation

No box spring is needed for the King SimplySturdy platform bed frame. Heavy Duty steel construction has a noise-free design. The Wooden Slat has Non-Slip Tape on it for stable mattress support during the night. It is easy to assemble. The product is covered by a 5-year warranty. The product is 80 inches wide and 75 inches tall.

Brand: Mellow

👤I was looking for a bed frame that was simple and clean, but also not too demanding with parts, assembly, etc. I was very happy with this one, starting from the well-packed/labeled parts and clear instructions, each part fitting with the next in a seamless way, and then the wooden slats joined into two. The first couple of times lying down made a noise, but that's to be expected since it was the first time any weight was being applied and all the parts had to'settle in'. 5 stars!

👤I am very impressed with this product. It was light enough that I could move it myself. I was not sure if it would be as easy to put together as advertised. I was able to put it together in less than 20 minutes. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤What can I say about this product? Wow! It took me 15 minutes to build it, and it's built well for the price. If I needed another one, I would pay full price, even though I got this on a cyber monday deal. I don't usually write reviews if it's garbage or exceptional. Excellent assembly instructions were included in this product. The only thing that I would recommend to the manufacturer is a large flat washer for the center support post.

👤Overall, it's okay. If we move to a lot, I am worried that it will break, because it is very squeaky. I think we get what we pay for. Get something a bit more worth it. It's still terribly squeaky. It won't move at night because it won't break. I have to tighten the screws and it will help with squeaking for a few days, but after that it's back to squeak city. If you have the money, get something better as this is so annoying that we are about to buy a new bed frame.

👤It's perfect. My black lab is tall enough to crawl under a storm. The mattress does not slide around on it.

👤I searched for a bed that had only 4 legs. It is the perfect height for storage boxes and has a clean design. It was easy to put together by myself.

👤Couldn't have been any harder to do. When I saw how the slats went on, I couldn't have been more pleased. I am good with hand tools, all ends were clearly marked, and I couldn't have been more pleased.

👤It's fairly easy to assemble and sturdy. Two for the rec room. When not being used as guest beds, they create a daybed/sectional couch look.

4. Best Price Mattress Platform Foundation

Best Price Mattress Platform Foundation

No box spring is needed for the king platform bed frame. Heavy duty steel 9 leg and center bar support makes the construction noise free. It is convenient to have 12 inches of vertical clearance under the bed. It is easy to assemble and assembled in minutes. A non skid fabric in the center helps to keep the mattress in place. It feels like you are floating on a cloud. 3 inches memory foam, 2 inches super soft foam, and 5 inches high density foam are the mattress layers. The pressure relief system eliminates all pressure points. The pressure relief system eliminates all pressure points.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤It has been about six weeks since I put this bed up. The directions went to the point. I put this bed together by myself after listening to music. I am happy so far. My kids will jump on it. I have a boyfriend who is 270 lbs. No issues!

👤On Friday, I got my order on time and started to assemble the frame. You don't want to happen when you are two steps from being done. One of the parts was so short it was impossible to fit a screw into it. I was offered a replacement. I was upset and rejected it. You have to pack the dam again and take it to the office as if you have nothing else to do. I've bought structures to assemble many times in the past. Good luck.

👤Garbage. I waited a week for it to arrive and all corners are bent and the legs are broken.

👤Don't be alarmed. It looks like it is on the picture. It is not. I am average weight and it's squeaking loud while I am on it. I'm already regretting this purchase.

👤I've had this for a month or so and it's been great. I put it together myself. The setup took about an hour. The instructions were easy to understand and the pieces were in perfect condition. During adult activities, the bed is very quiet. I have a memory foam mattress and I've found that the bars are too close together, I'm going to purchase a bunkie board or something to go in between the mattress and the frame for added support. I don't want it to get worse because it's sagging between the bars. It seems to hold its weight. I have a combined weight of 410 lbs and a memory foam mattress.

👤I bought a king. I had to disassemble the old bed before I put this together. My husband did that part for me, and he had all the pieces of the new one ready for me. I used a screwdriver bit in my drill to fit the screws. It took about half an hour to put it together. It was very easy to use the drill, instead of the key tool. This thing is sturdy and our combined weight is over 400 pounds. There was no noise or squeaking. The mattress and box springs fit perfectly. I feel like I bought a quality product.

👤I'm surprised no one else has pointed this out. We put our frame together and laid it on. The slats are so thin that your mattress sinks between them, causing a very bumpy surface on which to sleep. The fact that this is advertised as "no box spring" is a misrepresentation. If they think you can put your mattress directly on it, I would not recommend anyone. It's easy to assemble, and gives good storage underneath, but many other solutions do as well. If the issue is not resolved by a sheet of plywood between the frame and mattress, then it will be returned.

5. Knickerbocker Patriot Bed Frame Strongest

Knickerbocker Patriot Bed Frame Strongest

Every purchase includes a money-back guarantee. Luxurious comfort is always within reach at Nestl. Heavy duty steel and fiberglass bed frames. A designer design. Made in the USA and with a lifetime warranty. There is no tool assembly or 3000LBs weight capacity. Leg lengths are used for stability and ease of movement.

Brand: Knickerbocker

👤The old style with small metal feet and plastic wheels broke eventually. The plastic legs are kind to tile floors.

👤This thing is large. Can hold a tank. The middle support is horizontal, not vertical as in most frames, so it reduces the hump on king size beds. There is no problem with a one person assembly. Two would be ideal.

6. Home Silver Diamond Headboard Platform

Home Silver Diamond Headboard Platform

The king's outer dimensions are 87" L x 84" W and 53" H. There is a linen shirt with clothes. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes. Light Grey Silvery. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤I'm glad I took the chance on this bed. It is beautiful. Quality exceeded my expectations. It is very sturdy, the linen is lovely, and the studs are placed perfectly. I can't believe the price for this bed. I would have expected to pay more for the quality. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤I've never written a review before but I had to. I am in love. It arrived in two separate shipments within two days. There is a lot of things. I was able to do it all on my own. Don't hesitate just because it's cheap, it's worth every penny.

👤I can't believe how sturdy this bed is. I'm glad I took my chance. Highly recommended to everyone.

👤A royal pain. I did it by myself and it was a chore. I had to sort and measure what I found out that the instructions and parts weren't labeled. It's not a top of the line bed and has some minor flaws, but I can see them given the price and finished product. The bed is sturdy and appealing. You can't beat the price. The gray is a nice shade. The material is thick. My mattress is on higher than I expected. I like the taller height. My mattress is 14 inches with and 11 inches without. I am happy with the outcome of the bed. It's a good buy if we can get a few years out of it. I recommend you have help with assembly. The bed will arrive in two separate shipments. They are a lot of work to lift and the king size boxes are what I had. I haven't had the bed long enough to see how it holds up, so I only gave it four stars.

👤I love the bed frame. It is gorgeous and all the nail heads are accounted for. The quality was surprising. It took me 2 1/2 hours to put together the king size. I didn't miss any parts. Thankfully, there were no broken or damaged pieces. The bed was shipped in 2 boxes. The cardboard box that covered the bed was very thin and the inside was well packaged. The affordable price is achieved by adding to the high quality bed. The seller sent the bed to the customer and they were expecting it. I received my bed on the 19th. That's great service and awesome! I have a king size bed. I put the box size on top of the bed frame and the mattress. I have to climb up the bed. If you are tall, you will be able to get onto the bed.

👤I love this bed. This was a perfect price for a bargain shopper like me. I would probably pay more. This is one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever owned. I had a queen sized bedroom suit. We decided to get a platform bed instead ofUpgrading to a King. It looks like a large piece of furniture. It's easy to assemble, elegant, and worth every penny. Highly recommended!

7. Best Price Mattress Premium Platform

Best Price Mattress Premium Platform

A complete mattress support system replaces a traditional bed frame and box spring. Bifold assembly in minutes. The construction has 12 points of contact for optimal stability. There is 14 inches of space under the bed. The manufacturer's warranty is for five years. The manufacturer's warranty is for five years.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤It's perfect for my current needs. It is easy to assembly and stable. I was able to unclutter my closet by using the enormous amount of extra storage I found under my bed. 5 years. 2 day delivery and a warranty of up to 4,000 pounds. I have had this for over a month. The foundation has a 14" mattress. My kids love it, they are always climbing, wrestling, and just being energetic. No signs of it failing, no issues, and no squeaks. The foundation is solid and stable.

👤The bed frame was the perfect choice for our small apartment and needed storage. There are no diagonal supports under the bed to block my storage bins, the diagonal supports are on the outside edges of each end. There's nothing I can do to stop my retrieving items from under the bed. My laundry basket and several other containers are easy to slide in and out of. I could easily fit eight of those large storage containers under the bed if I wanted to, and it's easy to get to these items from the sides of the bed. The frame is very sturdy and easy to put together, and I think it's the most sturdy frame we've ever owned. The bed doesn't sway when one of us is in it. It's pretty high, but it's not a problem when I'm sleeping in the middle of the night, because I have to make a small effort to get onto the bed. My husband is taller than me. I don't want to use this with a thick pillow-top mattress and a box spring, but our mattress is memory foam and is what I consider to be standard height. The carved chest at the foot of the bed keeps the bed from looking weird. A great purchase and a product that I can heartily recommend. It arrived in a timely fashion.

👤When the steel bed frame broke, we ordered this. We researched on Amazon and found the best deal. I'm pretty sure the weather delayed it because it was at the worst part of the winter. The bed frame is strong and stable and does not have any problems. I like that it came with the brackets and bed skirt, it's stronger than the one we replaced. We have had no issues with our bed frame since it was installed a month ago. It's working great. The main reason for buying this type of bed frame is that we live in a home that was built in 1904 and has a narrow curving staircase up to the bedrooms. It is not easy to put a bed frame or a drawer in a bedroom window. We were able to put the staircase together in the box that came with it. It is what we were looking for.

👤The bed frame is amazing. I searched for hours online for a frame and this was the best deal since it came with the pieces to attach it to my bed. It is easy to assemble and has lots of room for storage underneath. My memory foam mattress is perfect on it. I notice that the mattress can be pushed over since there is nothing keeping it in place. It really doesn't budge because it's very heavy. I haven't heard any noises. This was under $100 and I am very pleased.

8. Brackets Headboard Modification Attachment Conversion

Brackets Headboard Modification Attachment Conversion

Buy with confidence was designed and manufactured by the company. The trusted source for stylish furniture. For every budget and taste. Heavy-duty Connection: The metal bed frame's headboards are very suitable for double to queen or king conversion, special projects or headboards of strange size. It can be modified if the size difference is less than 4 inches. A heavy-duty connection can be formed by the steel structure. The design of the bed frame's headboard brackets allows for a variety of widths to fit your bed frame. The modification plate can be used to convert a King or California King bed into a frame. High-quality steel,electrophoretic black, can prevent rust and corrosion, ensure a long life, and prevent damage to your bed. Refer to the third picture for the detailed size of the dimensions. The package includes: 2 pc Headboard brackets, 8 pc Bolts, 8 pc Washers, 8 pc Nuts. If you have a question, please contact them. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Deyteh

👤It was a perfect fit for the headboard.

9. Mellow Rocky Base King Platform

Mellow Rocky Base King Platform

Sturdy 100% steel construction with patented heavy duty steel slats support both you and your mattress. A modern design is perfect for minimalists. Storage space under the bed can be used to organize your room. No additional tools are required for easy assembly. The product is 80" x 76"

Brand: Mellow

👤I had a great platform bed with great steel side supports, but the slats were weak and caused a hard line under the steel support, which made my new mattress hard to fit on. I tried a few solutions, but I am happy I found the best price matTRESS model. I ordered it while I was sleeping. It was received Friday morning. I suggest two people to assemble it. You get two Allen wrench for easy assembly, which is a hint. It took 20 minutes to be very careful. There are support bars going both vertically and horizontally, and the slats are wide and convoluted. I-beams have folds to increase strength and decrease weight. The legs are very sturdy and are part of the frame, which is different from the platform bed I had. This is the best support I have had. It is easy to assemble a great strong support. I almost bought a new mattress because of the pains. We are sleeping well because our mattress has straightened out.

👤The Model E was bent after two nights. A person with 250 lbs sleeps normally. The slats bend easily.

👤I researched before replacing my decades old wood box springs and found this item to be the best design of them all. I can tell that I was correct. The box was well packaged. It took me over an hour to assemble this. I put it in my bed frame, which slowed me down a bit. Instructions are easy to understand. All items are marked. It's definitely an improvement over my old heavy memory foam mattress, even though it used to be. Next on the list? The frame does not creak. The dimensions and height fit into my bed frame. This product is very good.

👤This is a great bed frame. The frame is very rusty and my husband and I are over 250 lbs. We used to sleep on the couch and floor because we couldn't find a good support for our foam mattress. The wood slatted platform beds are easy to break. I looked at the structure and integrity of the frame and decided to try this one. The packaging was larger than expected. I just bought a heavy duty bed frame. It was easy to assemble and all the tools came with it. I have owned it for over a month and we absolutely love it. This is a story! It supports our foam mattress perfectly and there is enough room underneath to store stuff. It supports our foam mattress so it can do what it's meant to, and we sleep well. We got this bed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy frame that can support their mattress. We have had the best nights sleep in a long time.

👤It was very easy to put together. I put it together myself in 30 minutes. If you have a thick mattress, I recommend something lower. I thought my mattress would be about 15.75" tall, but it is more than that. I would have liked the platform. The mattress slides around on top of it rather than sitting inside. I also use a bed skirt so I'm not sure how to fix it. My bed is not quite centered on this platform. If I could start over after trying this platform. I would order a low profile from that one that had a lip around the edge so my bed wouldn't slide around.

10. Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard

Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard

Steel and Plywood are durable. There is support for the modern bedroom. The Mia Platform Bed Frame checks all the boxes for lovers of clean lines, simple silhouettes and long-term reliability. The foundation is made entirely of steel and can support many years of Snoozing, twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs. slats are 3 inches apart and have no need for a box spring to support latex, memory foam or spring mattress. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤Do you have a nephew in school? A daughter who watches too much TV is considering getting a date. Someone who's sworn off of men forever? Is it possible that a romantic partner would prefer his/her bedroom activities to be as gentle as possible? I have a bed frame for you. For the rest of us, consider a different path. There is a pic related.

👤This bed is a complete failure. Don't waste your time building it and then sending it back. I have worked at an engineering firm for 12 years and am mechanically inclined. I will tell you that the bed design was a complete failure. The joint pivots allow the whole end of the bed to shimmy about 2 inches back and forth while the legs and feet don't move, because the headboard cross bars only have one bolt each on either end. To see what I am talking about, watch the video. After building this bed, I decided that it was not going to last for my 15 year old and that we should buy a new one. We only used it for a couple of days. When I tried to return the bed, I contacted Zinus. I was hoping they would give me a discount on a different bed frame. I was told to return it through Amazon. I returned the bed and ordered a different bed from Zinus that was designed differently, and so far we have had no issues. The twin bed frame design from this company is a complete failure and they need to stop selling it or redesign it. I am not sure if the larger frame sizes are the same as the twin, but it is definitely not.

👤The product was easy to set up. After only two months of use by a person of 100 lbs., it began to make noise and the center piece of the mattress broke. I contacted the customer service of Zinus to get a replacement part and screw for the bed frame, because I registered for the "warranty" on the product on the website. I have submitted two difference ticket claims, sent them at least 8 times, and not received a single response that was not an automated "we will contact you." I called the customer service number and was told that they couldn't do anything and that I had to wait for the other department to respond to my emails. I can't even get a reply about getting a replacement part. I am very disappointed in the company who doesn't stand behind their products.

👤This is a good bed. I got three of them. Some of the bad reviews come from people who don't like mechanical engineering and don't know how to tighten a bolt without over tighten and striping out the screws. There are a couple of tips that I have. Before you tighten it down, put the whole frame together very tightly. Loctite Red will help the bed frame from backing out and squeaking during extracurricular activities. Don't jump on the bed, it's not a trampoline. If you can't help but jump on the bed, buy a trampoline to sleep on. I hope this helps people. Get yourself a good night's sleep.

11. Olee Sleep Platform Mattress Foundation

Olee Sleep Platform Mattress Foundation

The metal bed frame is strong and sturdy. The dimensions are 79.5 x 75.5 x 14 inches. All hardware, tools, and instructions are included in Quick and Simple Assembly. The wooden slats have tape on them. 13 inch under bed storage space is space efficient.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤The frame is perfect for my room. There are clear instructions. All pieces are labeled. It is easy to assemble. I completed the task on my own. Very strong. There was no movement on the bed. I was able to attach my bed without assistance. I will be buying another one soon for my spare bedroom. The under bed storage height clearance is 12 inches due to the railing and the frame is 14 inches. The 14 inch baskets do not slide under my 12 inch bins.

👤You would think the frame would be strong. Adults are on a king size bed. We were sleeping when the bar snapped in half. Terrible quality. Lasted 2 months. Save money.

👤The wooden slats are so cheap that I was afraid to lean my elbow on one while assembling it, and the bolts are so soft that several were stripped just from using the provided allen wrench.

👤This was the easiest bed I have ever put together. The bed is very sturdy and the parts were quality. The wooden slats were put together using a system of pulleys, so you just rolled them out and put them in the right spot. It was nice to have no screws or nails in place. This was the perfect twin bed for underneath my son's loft bed. When the bed arrived, we were missing one piece. We called the manufacturer and they responded quickly, and the part was at my door in 3 business days. The bed was great, but the customer service received from the manufacturer exceeded my expectations. I was very happy with my purchase. Thanks!

👤The first bed frame we bought was for our house. We have a king. I put it together myself. My daughters room was where this queen was located. It went up quickly. It is important to keep in mind that it is metal. It's important that the corners are 90 degrees to get an easy fit. Once the 90 degrees is met, it slips in easy. Would buy it again. Oh, I did!

👤I put this together myself, I am a 72 year old woman. It was very simple and sturdy. The instructions were easy to follow and the very thing needed was included. Thank you. I love this bed frame.

👤Excellent quality and sturdy. It was easy to put together. It was very easy to put it together. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it.

👤I don't think the manufacturer's fault is that each end of the metal frame gets warped or damaged during shipping, but their packing could have prevented it. It is easy to install if you know what to do. I give it a 4 star because of the price.


What is the best product for platform bed frame king size heavy duty?

Platform bed frame king size heavy duty products from 5566. In this article about platform bed frame king size heavy duty you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Mellow are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed frame king size heavy duty.

What are the best brands for platform bed frame king size heavy duty?

5566, Amazon Basics and Mellow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed frame king size heavy duty. Find the detail in this article. Best Price Mattress, Knickerbocker and Home Life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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