Best Platform Bed Frame Cover Queen Size

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1. HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

HC COLLECTION Platinum Collection 14 Resistant

The 1800 series queen bed skirts are double brushed and made of 100% microfiber material for that extra touch of softness. Their queen size bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch to complete the design of your bedroom. The pleats on the corners create a clean look. The queen bed skirts fall at 60" x 80" with a 14 inch drop to cover the thickest mattresses and box springs. They've got you covered with Creative colors, whether you're looking for navy, grey, white, blue, brown, ivory, or burgundy. The shade that best matches your bedroom is found here.

Brand: Hc Collection

👤The material looks cheap. It's very thin and not nearly as tailored as the photo suggests. I've attached some pictures to the review. I would like to return it, but it's not worth the effort of picking up my mattress, removing the bed skirt, and shipping it back. I don't recommend buying this item to save yourself time.

👤I put this item in the dryer to get it out of the dryer. The bed skirt was nice. The backing on the mattress stuck together. It got all holey when I tried to correct it. I decided to put it on the bed since the skirt was not long enough to cover the mattress. The bed skirt is not luxury. I wanted to contact the seller, but it didn't seem to be one of my choices.

👤The bed skirt does not match their deception. It is paper thin and requires ironing to get the wrinkling out. It's made of 100% polyester. It tore on multiple places when it was put on the bed and had a ripped seam. We ordered a king size, and it's 2 to 3 feet wide for the bed, so the white is not showing off. We are stuck with this piece of junk because the packaging was thrown away before we noticed the damage. I will throw it away and buy another from a box store. If you are expecting something good, do not buy this. It's not.

👤Have been looking for a king size bed skirt. The package was received new and original. You should revise your description. It is not like your ad photo and is not Wrinkle resistant. The bed skirt was wrinkled and smelly when it was removed from the original package. I washed it after it was recommended to be washed. The odors did not come out, but they did smell. The bed skirt that I have is not presentable because of the wrinkling. I am unable to return it because I washed it. Send a photo. You should remove the "wrinkle resistant" tag from your ad. It's not true. Will not order from your company again.

👤It's a bed skirt that fits a queen bed. The color is the same as expected. The delivery was on time. I wanted a bed skirt to cover the frame and box springs of my bed. That's all the truth. If you need a bed skirt, this is the one. It will be at your home within a few days if you order it. Once it gets to you, find a friend or spouse who will help you pull the mattress from your bed and place the item over the box spring. Place your mattress over it. Follow? Okay! You have to make your bed. It's seriously. You know how to do this? Okay. Make your bed. A mattress pad, fitted sheet, blanket, bedspread, comforter, and pillows. Do it all! Get ready for ecstasy by putting that on your bed. This is your moment. Don't waste it! Look at your creation. You have created the ultimate goal of humanity, which is to lay down and rest in a place designed for that purpose. The link is missing. You can be the rest you deserve. Tomorrow is another day and it's all good. I'm sure you will love this bed skirt.

2. EasyFit Around Eyelet Ruffled Skirt

EasyFit Around Eyelet Ruffled Skirt

Cotton is 35% and Polyester is 65%. The construction is made of 65% cotton and 35% Polyester. Lifting a mattress is not required. Their bed skirt can fit up to an 18-inch drop for twin, full, queen, and king beds. Stylish is versatile and fashionable. The skirt is a great way to hide box springs. Care instructions are machine washed and iron safe.

Brand: Easy Fit

👤It is a great product. Well-sewn with double row of elastic so you can adjust the proper drop length is a top notch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality, topnotch quality It's definitely not a "flat" bed skirt for Cal-King mattress, but it does provide a fair amount of ruffles. When I got it, I put it in the dryer for about 4 minutes and it came out perfect. It was perfect! I was glad I got the little screw-in pins because it was definitely a necessity. The 4th side of the ruffle is a piece of elastic that helps keep the bed secured.

👤I ordered this dust ruffle to replace the beige one I had. I thought it was my old eyes when I opened it. I put it on my bed because it was easy for younger people but I am handicapped and it wasn't as easy. The dust ruffle on my new comforter was not white, but soft beige. When I wanted white, I was stuck with a beige dust ruffle. If it had just been white, I would love it. I looked at the bag and it was white. Don't order this one if you want a white dust ruffle. You will not get it. There is no doubt that it is not white after a few months on the bed. I had to go back to my old comforter because it stood out so much. Not white.

👤This is a great skirt. I no longer have to deal with shifting. I love the color. It's not a bright color. It's definitely an off-white, or even ivory. I saw that in the other reviews and it was what I wanted, so I'm okay with that. It looks new. Exactly what I was looking for. I was worried that it was too frilly. This might not work for you if you're looking for something feminine. It has charm and is very pretty. I knew it wasn't "fru-fru", as my husband likes to say, because he didn't smirk when he saw it. I got the cream bamboo sheets, beige microfiber sheets, and a "cream" duvet set because it's a beige, not cream, and that's why I bought it. How soft these sets are! The off white ruffle is perfect with every combination. I bought those screw in upholstery pins on Amazon. I got two bags because they came 12 per bag. They worked like a charm, and I think they were around $5/bag. I have not had a single problem with this skirt since I put it on. The bed skirt is usually adjusted twice a week. Even if I didn't get the pins, it would be easy to adjust this skirt since it just wraps around the bed. If your bed is higher or lower, there are two steps to the elastic band. It was perfect for me because I used the lower step, which gave me all the extra fabric to tuck under the mattress. If I want to turn my bed into a couch, I can just adjust the elastic because it doesn't have corners. My last skirt had 3 sides and corners. I want to turn my bed into a day bed so I put comfy pillows on it. I can now. I love this skirt! I'm thinking about buying another one for my guest room.

3. Mattress Waterproof Breathable Protector Vinyl Free

Mattress Waterproof Breathable Protector Vinyl Free

The Never Lift Your Mattress Bed Skirt is compatible with a number of different types of beds and is designed to fit all standard beds. 100% water protection. The queen mattress waterproof protector has an impermeable backing to prevent accidental spills. It's suitable for families with children, pets, and others. Dust, dirt, stain, and liquid can't get to your expensive mattress. There is a 4-LAYER structure. The mattress pad has a four-layer structure and is supportive for your body. The quilted mattress cover provides a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment for you. The fitted sheet style is. The queen mattress is 60x80 inches. The deep pocket is 21 inches in depth. It's suitable for almost all types of mattresses. The elastic skirt bottom keeps your mattress cover in place. The material is impermeable. The microfiber fabric top surface and inner padding ensure great air circulation. The cover mattress queen eliminates heat from your body. The noiseless nature of the TPU will not disrupt your sleep. It is easy to clean. To avoid damage to the waterproof TPU backing, wash with cold water and under gentle cycle. It can be washed many times. The 90 days service is free of questions.

Brand: Ruili

👤The mattress pad fits the bed well. I am the full time wife and mother of a disabled husband. He has problems with his bladder and bowels. I wanted the mattress pad to keep the urine and feces off the mattress. I have 3 mattress pads on my husband's bed, and the Ruili quilted and fitted doesn't let anything get through.

👤Disappointed. My daughter is potty training so I got this for her bed. She had an accident and it went through the mattress pad and stained it. I added a pic of my son's bed. It was gross. I don't know how they get positive reviews.

👤I had to change my boys bedroom into a shared one. It was important that I had protection on the new mattresses. My youngest is still wet in the bedroom every now and then. Cleaning up accidents can be a pain and can ruin mattresses quickly. My son had an accident after I put this on him. Totally saved his mattress. This may be the best mattress saver out there, and we will get 2 more for our other beds as well. It works great! No noise! It was comfortable! Perfect.

👤I was looking for a mattress cover. The fitted sides are too baggy, but Quilted, no noise, waterproof and fits perfectly. It fit so well that it got a Queen for another bed. Prompt delivery as well!

👤Our child woke up to a stained mattress, despite the mattress cover being securely covering his bed. This pad is not waterproof because it was a lot of urine and not just a bit.

👤I have many beds in the house and they all have waterproof tops. This one is better because it is not vinyl. I am not afraid to put it in my clothes for washing and drying. It's drying because vinyl can burn and shrink and cause irritation when lying on top. When you roll your body around, it doesn't make any sounds. My other set is not loud. The set is silenced so that we can sleep better. My other cover can fit perfectly because it is not as thick.

👤I gave it 4 stars because it is easy to clean and it is brand new. It adds padding to my bed, but it's not a mattress topper. The mattress cover is very good.

👤Not waterproof. I bought a new mattress and wanted something to protect my bed. Occasionally, I have two little ones in the house. I was disappointed that this didn't work. The urine entered the mattress protector. Will not be ordering again. I wish I had read the reviews before this happened.

👤Gopee's photos were received with old and dirty product. The filling is very thin. The surface is cheap and not waterproof. It is not clear how a bed cover can get so many stars.

👤I found the mattress pad to be large with lots of extra material.

👤It's great to fit over the king size mattress. Good coverage to the mattress. It seems like it is durable.

4. PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

The built-in elastic strap on the Pure Fit dust ruffle bed shirt is designed to make it a perfect fit for Queen and King beds. The skirt is 60"x80" There are 23 beautiful and fade resistant colors for this multi-layer ruffle bed skirt. The King and Queen size ruffled bed skirt is made from a silky microfiber fabric that is soft and shirred for a romantic look. The fabric is very soft and stain resistant. It's easy to put on, designed to fit. You can put this bed skirt on and off by yourself, without lifting the mattress, with a platform-free easy wrap around stretch and elastic construction. The bed skirt is compatible with Queen and King size mattresses. There is an 18-INCH drop length. The dust ruffle/bed skirt has a generous drop of 18 inches that reaches the floor easily and hides any under the bed storage. Easy care. If needed, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, and Warm iron.

Brand: Purefit

👤I bought this to wrap my bed frame. I have a memory foam mattress with no box spring. It was impossible to turn my mattress with a regular bed skirt because I was a single 57 year old woman. I can turn my mattress around without messing with the bed skirt because I have this bed skirt around the steel frame of the bed. It is easy to wash, no ironing, and easy to size your bed. I bought another one for my guest bed because I love it so much. It works well with both setup. I highly recommend! Measure the distance from where you will put it to the bed and floor to get the right drop length.

👤Very nice. The strap is flexible. I had to pull the strap to full capacity to put it on my queen bed. I would have liked a 1/2 inch more to work with. I was able to put the skirt on myself. The color is bright. There were no problems with ordering or receiving my purchase. Well packaged. Would I buy again from this company? Yes.

👤I put on a bed. It was very easy to put on. My bed is on risers so that I can put underbed storage on the floor, and the elastic can be pulled down on the box springs to hide my bags and boxes. It doesn't have that shiny look. If I need a bed skirt, I would buy another one. The value is great.

👤The bed is nice. The item was as described. The drop was accurate. Material is light and has a small amount of weight. It was very easy to put on. I have a full mattress and the bed is in a corner so only one side of the bed is open. I used a safety pin on the top corner of the box spring to hold it in place and followed the wall, it went on like a dream. I didn't have to move the mattress. I bought a dark brown color. I like it because it matches the other browns in the room. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It worked very well. It was easy to put a California king on the bed. The bag was free of wrinkling. The only negative for me is that it was a bit long for the height of my bed, so I had to do some folding and tuck to keep it from bunching on the floor. I will reduce my review to 3 stars after a while if I find that I have to constantly adjust it. It was easy to pull together the look of the room in a few moments. I just applied this over top of the standard bedskirt, I didn't remove it.

👤Great product! I bought one for my bed and my mom bought one for the room, it's easy to put on and looks great. I have an 18” platform for storage and a 4” foam top so my bed is large but the design of this skirt adds to the flowy look.

5. RIMELA Elastic Ruffles Resistant Adjustable

RIMELA Elastic Ruffles Resistant Adjustable

It looks beautiful from every angle. The queen size bed is up to 80" L x 60" W. A good life needs to dress up your bed. The bed skirt can cover the bottom of the bed to prevent dust. The silky and soft 100% polyester fabric has a soft luster that is unintentionally exposed to the sun, beautiful ruffles and the fold texture shows a natural and simple beauty. Simply unfold and place a fixed elastic band to adjust the height, say goodbye to moving heavy mattresses. () It's a piece of cake and you don't need any favors. Do not bleach, iron moderately, and wash in regular water at room temperature. . Rimela will be your back up if you have any questions.

Brand: Rimela

👤I don't write reviews but I need to let you know how bad this product is. If you are going to buy this, please remember to purchase your own pins because when I tell you this thing flies off the side of the bed, it took me what felt like decades. I am sure this is partially because I live alone so was attempting this solo/overall user error in general but I am telling you to save yourself the feeling of pure rage of getting this thing on your bed and treat yourself to something else.

👤I loved the price and the bed skirt. This product can be used to lay out a bed skirt. I love this product even more because I didn't have to take off a heavy mattress and fight to keep it straight. A thick piece of elastic holds it in place. I put the bedskirt around the bottom of my mattress because of how the bedding frame is. The black bed skirt I bought was still in its original color. It was a perfect purchase.

👤We have a bed that can be adjusted. I was trying to figure out which bedskirt would work with the piece that keeps the mattress on the base, when I saw these elastic ones. I put some T Pins in the corners and on the sides of the bed to make sure it wouldn't break when we adjusted it. The pins are shown in a few pictures and where I used them. The 18” drop is great when the bed is not flat, but it is a bit long when the bed is flat. I didn't wash the skirt because I wanted to make sure it worked.

👤It's perfect for quality. Highly recommend with on time delivery.

👤I was surprised by how easy it was to install. I slipped it over the mattress and it looked very nice. It was wrinkled when it arrived, but within an hour it looked great. The product is great, the quality is great, and the price is great.

👤I wasn't sure if I would make the purchase for our new bed. The price is too high. It hugs on the base. When the base is raised or lowered, it does not move. A great product. It's in place. We have had it on the bed for a month. It looks great after I washed and iron it.

👤The bedroom was being renovated and started with the bed. This is a great fit for California king bed. It is snug to the bed. It was easy to put on. Great purchase!

👤This is the ultimate after having a full skirt that covers box springs and a king size mattress.

👤When I took it out of the package, I was expecting more. The fabric was lighter than I wanted it to be. I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes and it will come out without wrinkling. It was easy to put on. I used to have a ruffle on top of the box spring that was difficult to square up when you put the top mattress on, and it was a pain in the ass. The version with elastics worked well. It was pleasantly surprised and would recommend it for a quick and inexpensive fix to hide underneath the bed and add a touch of elegance to the bedroom. Our bed is high off the floor so we went with a 15 inch drop which was the perfect length without dragging on the floor. If you want to suggest a smaller size for lower platform beds, measure first.

6. Pleated Bed Skirt Queen White

Pleated Bed Skirt Queen White

The microfiber is 100% Polyester. Why do you need a skirt? The box spring, bed frame, and legs are hidden in the Bed Skirt, which makes it easy to update the look of your bedroom. It's great for hiding storage under the bed and protecting against dust. A Mellanni bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch for your bed set. Mellanni's Queen size bed skirt is a perfect fit for your bed. It is perfectly compatible with Mellanni luxury bedding products. The bed skirts will add a luxurious touch to the bedroom. There is no extra fabric found in other bed skirts with the highest quality double brushed microfiber. You can choose from a variety of colors to make your bedroom look like a fancy hotel room. Easy care is fade, stain, shrink, and wrinkling resistant. The machine wash has cold water. On tumble dry low, it is necessary to be quickly dry. The fabric is super durable. Mellanni is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service in the industry. You can return it for any reason, and no questions will be asked. You don't have to send the product back, that's the Mellanni promise.

Brand: Mellanni

👤The photo of this product is not accurate. I did not receive the bedskirt pictured. I received a thin, sheer, see through piece of material that was advertised as a bedskirt. Be honest with what you are selling. The box spring has an unattractive look and the purpose of a bedskirt is to cover it. The product is cheap. If you are looking for a non see through bedskirt, this is not it. Don't waste your money!

👤The first one was wrinkled and I had to iron it. It's hard to do on an ironing board. I thought I would try the dryer and it worked out great, I put it in the dryer and it was on low for 10 minutes. Yes. I put it away.

👤The skirt is the same color as the flat part that goes over the box spring. I don't like seeing white. This is eliminated by having all the same color.

👤It was much better than expected. I was expecting a bed skirt made with cheap cotton and white fabric, and it was. When I opened the package, I was surprised to find that the item was made with soft cotton that was easy to iron. I plan to replace my bed skirts with this vendor.

👤I am used to the mesh center of other bed skirts, but this one does not. This is the same fabric. It was like a flat sheet with a skirt attached. It may be larger than your bed frame, but it won't show. It was refreshing to see something completely different, even though it didn't have the ugly itchy mesh Center that I'm used to. Although it's a thin soft fabric, it irons and washes very well, and it fit perfectly on my king size bed. I like it.

👤I bought this for my platform bed, which has a 15 inch drop. It's hard to find this bedskirt size. I returned one I found at Target because it was not quality. The fabric was not worth the money. I was lucky to find this one. I placed it and it sat nicely. You can't see through the fabric. The price is a plus. This bedskirt is very good. I am very picky when it comes to decorating. This will be great for you!

👤The box spring is nude, but it is still obvious underneath, as I was hopeful that the sheerness of the product would not be too bad. I tried to get the wrinkled skin out of the dryer, but it didn't work. I used a warm iron and it still has some. I don't want to deal with bed skirts, so I'll keep it.

👤This bedskirt is amazing, I am usually a Kohls person. The first one was lost by USPS. This was not the fault of the shipping company. The company is the best for customer service. They sent me a set of sheets and I have died. I will order another. I don't want to sleep on anything else. I have had the sheets and bedskirt for almost two months. Everything has been washed and it still looks great. I iron my curtains and bedskirt, even though the bedskirt has some minorwrinkles. They look better. If I could, I would give this company a ten. That is a big deal that the company still cares about.

7. AmazonBasics Ruffled Bed Skirt Queen

AmazonBasics Ruffled Bed Skirt Queen

The fabric is made of 100% microfiber. The ruffle detailing has a generous 16" drop. For easy decorating, mix and match a variety of bedding, bath, storage and décor products from the Amazon Basics collection. Hypoallergenic, fade and stain resistant. It's easy to care for, you can wash it cold, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, and tumble dry low.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I did not prewash this bed skirt because I was afraid it would shrink. I have to say that it is wonderful, even though it is wrinkled from being in the package. I thought that the product would be shear. But it is not! It is perfect! I am so happy that I no longer have to look at the suitcases under our bed. Excellent product would buy again. The platform frame that we purchased for our bed worked perfectly.

👤I needed a bedskirt that covered the metal bed frame all the way to the floor and this one is perfect. The price of the ones I saw in local stores was more than the price of this bedskirt. It was easy to put it on the bed. You can't see through it if it's a little thicker.

👤I love this bedskirt. My daughter's bed is bright and white. I washed it cold and dried it on medium heat, which made it look perfect. I like the length as well. I think the bed is 16” high but after putting the mattress back on top and having the bedskirt move around, it is the perfect length. I like how the ruffles look better than the picture shows. The top part of the skirt is made of the same fabric as the mattress and box spring. I wasn't worried about ripping it or shredding it in the dryer.

👤Don't let the low price affect the bed skirt. It is made to the highest quality standards, the dimensions are correct, and it will exceed your expectations. I was ecstatic with my purchase after I removed it from the package. It goes over the entire mattress, keeping it in place.

👤The bed skirt made my mattress slip all over the place. I had to take the mattress off because I was pushing it back into place. I'll use it on the guest bed, since nobody ever sleeps there. It was too long, but I think it would work for others. My dog is happy that it didn't work out because the cat hid underneath it and scared him when he walked by.

👤The bed skirt is very nice. I bought this to go with a duvet cover set from Amazon. Most gathered bed skirts are too short to reach the floor, and usually are not full. This ruffled bed skirt is full and long and the fabric is sturdy and not flimsy. I am very happy with it. The sheen on the fabric is elegant and enhances its beauty. The bed skirt is a great bargain. Thank you for the great quality bed skirt.

👤It is wrinkled when you wear it, but goes away after a drying. It looks ugly.

👤I was worried about buying this but I was pleasantly surprised. The base piece that goes under the mattress is made of real fabric and the drop is 16” and the ruffle is full enough to not look cheap. The other reviews say to spray with water and use the tumble dryer to get rid of the wrinkling. It looks good.

8. Cosmoplus Box Spring Cover Queen Alternative Extremely Resistant

Cosmoplus Box Spring Cover Queen Alternative Extremely Resistant

Wrap your box spring in a snug-fitting cover. Rendering your box spring impermeable to stains extends its usefulness, keeps it looking pristine and ensures you of the most sleep. The high-quality microfiber is made of both polyester and spandex. The fit on box springs is as thin as 4” and as thick as 12” It is possible to protect beds for an entire family. The hem and deep corners give your box spring a tight, sleek appearance. It's a must-have addition to your bedroom decor and it's form-fitting look helps to create a sleep space that is eye-pleasing and inviting. The box spring protectors are made with tear- resistant fabric and reinforced stitching, which will last for the lifetime of your box spring. Leaving the cover in place will help protect your box spring from damage. The box springs are machine-washable. To maintain their appearance, wash them in cold water with similar colors and then tumble-dry on low. The covers will protect your beds again.

Brand: Cosmoplus

👤The queen bed has a short box spring. We tried many different things to cover the box spring, but all of them came untucked, and it was impossible to keep it in place. It took two of us, an 80 year old husband and 75 year old wife, a lot of effort to get it on. It fits perfectly. It's easy to tuck the bed linens without pulling the box spring cover out of place. It stays put. The dark gray color blends well with our decor and three shedaholic cats. Absolutely outstanding purchase with 5 stars and a big cheer.

👤I bought this to hide the box springs. It fit perfectly and finished off my look. I wanted to explain the issue they had because I had it too at first, and they were upset about it. You need to do the same corners on one end and pull it all up together at the other because the elastic stretches up and down not at an angle. Pull up a sheet. It will be able to stretch.

👤Works well. It's much nicer than dealing with a bed skirt. It is the perfect grey. There was no blue tint to the grey. The fabric is soft.

👤I love my Queen size boxspring cover. I had a bed skirt that hung on the floor that helped me get over the bugs after being told by a professional that it wasn't often that they could crawl up a bed skirt. I love the teal color and the second person made it easy to put it on.

👤I bought a new box spring for my bed a couple of years ago because my old one looked horrible, because my cat scratched up it. I left the plastic on the box spring thinking I would find something to put on it to keep the cat from scratching it, but my last box spring was one thing he did love. A couple of years went by. I realized I had the ugly plastic on my box spring when I moved. I came across this while looking for something. It is amazing. It took about two to three minutes to put on and keep the cat from scratching. The best 12 bucks ever spent! Don't hesitate if you are thinking about buying.

👤There is no way that this thing is a king size. It wouldn't fit on our king size box springs, no matter what we tried. Two box springs. We had to put it on the one that faces the door. There is a lot of extra room. The tag said 'King', but it was mismarked. Not liking the idea of having to buy another one.

👤It's very easy to put on and stretches over my 8” tall queen box frame. I wish I had known there was a slick cover for the box spring instead of the old bed skirts from our childhood. It was only $13.99) and it looked nice. It had a lot of room to stretch more, and once on it shrunk down to fit around all corners. Will definitely get any future mattresses from these.

9. AmazonBasics Pleated Skirt Queen Dark

AmazonBasics Pleated Skirt Queen Dark

The queen size Amazon Basics bed skirt hides under-bed storage. 100% microfiber bed skirt. Classic meets contemporary with corner and kick-pleat details. It's easy to care for and machine washable. The queen bedskirt is 60 x 80 inches. An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is an honest and true review of this item, which I purchased full price on, for my wife and I to use with our new AmazonBasics bed frame. It is too long and could be shortened by a couple inches. The fabric is very thin and moves around easily, the corner is not even even. If you have pets, I would suggest spraying it with anti static spray. Being that a few inches touch the ground, it picks up pet hair and wrinkling very easily. I expect a better fit for the product that is designed for their bed frame. I would go with a different brand if I had to buy another.

👤Absolutely gorgeous bed skirt. The soft fabric irons work well to remove the wrinkling. The color and size are true. The fabric and color are the same.

👤The sheet doesn't have pleats on all four corners, so don't expect that The sheet doesn't have the length you would expect. The sheet is lighter than the pictures. It's an extremely misleading product, but it serves a purpose. Just mostly lies.

👤I put it on my bed. This is a flat sheet. The quality is very low. I used my steamer to get the wrinkling out. Only for your college dorm.

👤The quality seemed fine, but they didn't fit over a regular size twin boxspring on a Hollywood metal frame. The skirts dragged on the floor, creating a tripping hazard. I returned them. The second picture is of a brand that I bought after these.

👤Love it. The material is easy to lay over, but I wish it was more transparent. I love this bed skirt.

👤A great bedskirt. Even if bedskirt slips you can't see it because it's the same color over the entire product. I had to iron before I could use it. It is microfiber, which is not as stiff as other bedstkirts, but still looks great. The color was exactly what I was expecting. I would buy again if I was told to.

👤Cheap thin material is hard to get out. This is the sort of material they use on cheap princess costumes. The beige color looks dirty out of the box. It was about 2” short of the bed. Don't bother.

👤I attached a picture of the bed after it was made. The material of the bed skirt was very thin. I have purchased sheet sets through Amazon before and it was thinner than this one. It didn't hang right because there was no weight to it. I won't be using it again after it worked as a one time use.

👤Most peoples bed is against the wall so it doesn't show the top corner, the skirt is only on 3 sides. If you have extra fabric on the floor, make sure you check the bed frame's height. It's not bad for the price, a little ironing made it look better. I'm not sure about cleaning yet, as I glue mine to the metal frame so it doesn't move.

10. Todays Microfiber Classic Tailored Styling

Todays Microfiber Classic Tailored Styling

Their tailored design features split corners for easy placement around corner bed posts for a clean and classic look that will match any style of bedding and room decor. The queen-size fits all queen beds and has a 14 inch drop length. Their bed skirts are made from 100% microfiber and are stain resistant, fade resistant, and extremely durable for years of use. Box springs, bed frames, and legs are hidden by their bed skirt. The sleek design allows you to keep things out of sight. The classic design of this bed skirt adds the perfect finishing touch to your bedding set and will coordinate with any current and future trends.

Brand: Today's Home

👤Don't bother. It is too thin and the top flat part will tear after a few days of rubbing against it. The paper-tissue that comes around new appliances is the same as the top part. The return was already initiated when received today. The top flat is attached to the image. The item was returned within a week. I received an email three months later saying that the item was not returned. I dropped off the item at the Amazon hub and received confirmation. I was able to dispute the charges. I'm not sure if this is an Amazon mistake or the seller.

👤It is an okay product for the money. It worked out just fine, but be aware it only covers 3 sides, so it only works if your bed is against the wall.

👤I don't know why softness is relevant in this review. It's a dust storm. It was asthetic. It drives me crazy. I get caught up when I'm trying to make the bed because it slides all over. Tucking in sheets causes it to be tucked in too. I wish it had a structure to help it stay in place. It looks good after fighting with it.

👤A standard bedskirt. The price reflects that. The dark gray color has a brown tint. I was lucky that it complemented the colors of my room, but as you can see from the picture, it is not a true gray.

👤It will do its job, but will need to be steamed and pressed to get the shape in the picture and it's hard to get the mattress back on the bed. I put safety pins on the corners and sides to keep it in place. The fabric is thin and white. I'm not disappointed with the price. Hope this helps!

👤It is a light material. The length is 14” but it's nootwrink free. It doesn't have anything to hold it in the corners.

👤I wanted to give feedback so other people can make the right decision, because I read so many different bed skirt reviews when I was trying to make my selection. I chose this bed skirt because of the price. $10 is cheaper than anything I could get at Walmart, so my expectations were not that high. My review is based on the price point. If I paid $50 for this product, would I have given it 5 stars? It's an excellent value for what I paid. Our bedding set came apart at the seams and I bought this bed skirt to replace it. The material is soft and the color is the same as what I saw on the screen. The neutral color of the mocha makes it compatible with a wide range of other colors. I attached some photos to my review because they speak louder than words. The bed skirt is a littlerinkly, but that's my fault. I'm sure it would look better if I iron it before I put it on my bed. It's a good thing. I have my hand behind the bed skirt in the 3rd photo. You can see that it's thick, but you can't see my hand through it. I was very happy that I was able to purchase a good product for $10

11. Moocci Around Style Tailored Skirt

Moocci Around Style Tailored Skirt

You can find their full line of Martex Bed Skirts. Double brushedPolyester. De Moocci offers elegant Tailored Bed Skirts at an affordable price. The Easy Wrap Tailored Bed Skirts are made from microfiber. This bedskirt has a very generous 16-inch drop around the bottom of the bed frame, which creates a finished-bed look. The fabric is pre-shrunk and colorfast. Never lift your mattress with Easy Wrap. The box spring, bed frame and legs are covered by a 16-inch drop. Generous pleats for a refined look. The fabric is easy to care for. Shrink-resistant and fade-resistant. The machine wash was cold. Dry on low.

Brand: De Moocci

👤The bright white color in my bedding did not match the soft white color in the bright white color. I can't think of a way to make sure the "skirt" doesn't slip under the mattress.

👤It goes around the bed frame differently. One side higher. You can see the side coming in the room. ugh! I will see if I can shift it around so that it is even on both sides.

👤I love this product. We had to throw out our old one because we bought a bed with only one mattress that raises on a frame.

👤The picture is of a tailored finish and it isn't right. It is cheap and flimsy. Not worth coming back. Poor quality when Droops and Sag.

👤Being all the time worked well for us.

👤The dust ruffle is not good. Thepleats do not stay in the corners like the picture shows. It is also made with very thin fabric.

👤Doesn't stay in place and doesn't fit in.


What is the best product for platform bed frame cover queen size?

Platform bed frame cover queen size products from Hc Collection. In this article about platform bed frame cover queen size you can see why people choose the product. Easy Fit and Ruili are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed frame cover queen size.

What are the best brands for platform bed frame cover queen size?

Hc Collection, Easy Fit and Ruili are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed frame cover queen size. Find the detail in this article. Purefit, Rimela and Mellanni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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