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1. Bed Makers Mattress Microfiber Wrap Around

Bed Makers Mattress Microfiber Wrap Around

Lifting a heavy mattress can be difficult. Their patented design makes putting on and removing bedskirts easy. Their design can be added to your bed in a few seconds. The elasticized strips and mitered corners make the skirt stay put. The mattress does not need to be lifted because the bed skirt does not have a traditional fabric platform. The queen-size has a classic 14” drop. The corners have been pre-split to accommodate the beds. You would rather not see box springs, bed frames, and legs. The contemporary design features five box pleats and split corners, and is easy to coordinate with existing bedding. The 100% microfiber fabric is pre-shrunk. The Never Lift Your Mattress Bed Skirt is compatible with a number of different types of beds and is designed to fit all standard beds.

Brand: Bed Maker's

👤I was in the process of returning this, when I decided to try again to attach it, but this time I would start at the back of the bed. What a difference it made! If you have installed similar products, you must follow directions. It was important to find something with split corners around the footboard because we never had a metal one in the past. The Beautural Steamer has a silk like quality and I steamed the fabric with it. It is a lovely tailored style bed dust cover. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the installation. I am happy that I didn't return it. I ignored other reviewers' complaints because I ordered this. We have a Personal Comfort Bed that I will probably need to tuck in every time sheets are changed. I don't want to use upholstery pins. The bed sheet and comforter are in the same color. Highly recommended.

👤I was told by the Sleep Number store that there was no other place to get a skirt to fit their base. This product proves them wrong. It costs less than the price they were charging and it fits around the new frame. Highly recommended!

👤I wanted to leave my experience because I was surprised by some of the reviews. I've had a few of these and this one is different. The best one I've had. I wanted it to be the pleats and not the ruffled ones. It was weird when I opened it. I was annoyed. I used the cork screw tacks it came with and fell in love with it. I'm thrilled and it's perfect, because I assume it can't have elastic because it will make it ruffle, but the tacks hold it in place, and it's the lowest price I've ever paid. It's like waiting when you get it out of the package. What? I promise you will love it. When I put my daughter's bed on, I didn't un make it. I didn't iron it, but I was going to steam it, but I didn't want to. At least! The little tack things are included in the package.

👤I am very happy I got this. The colour went well with my other bedding and it stayed in place without the pins. Some reviews said it was crushed out of the package. It was rolled into a ball and crammed into a package, so I was expecting worse. It was great not to have to move the mattress to get the bed in place. I went with what worked before and was very pleased with it, so I didn't shop around or read reviews to find something else that was better, I just went with what worked before.

👤I only give this 3 stars because it fits better than any traditional bedskirt. You cannot put this around your bed without removing the mattress. It's too big for my queen bed. I put 9 on each side to make sure it wouldn't move when I changed it, because this was not designed for a queen. It is very thin. You can't see the black on the bed. The company doesn't make a gray but blacked it worked. I used a travel steamer to get all the wrinkling out of my face. It is a bit of work to get it on the bed, but in the end I don't see any white sticking out and it hangs pretty well. This would have gone back if it wasn't for the pins.

2. Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Luxrious Textured

Biscaynebay Elastic Resistant Luxrious Textured

An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. Wrestling with your mattress is not allowed. This new idea bed skirt has no platform, no need to lift the heavy mattress, simply wrap it around your bed and done. It's easy to take it off. This elastic bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt so easy that most people don't notice. Save your time. Special fabric with beautiful ruffles is made from soft, silky looking fabric and has tiny slub to make it more elegant. It's not suitable for beds with footboard or posts, but it's good for most types of beds. It's suitable for Full beds (75"L x 54"W) and/or between Full XL beds (75"L x 54"W). Drop: 15. You can adjust the tensions of the bedskirts easily with the special made elastic belts. Simply machine wash. On tumble dry low, it was quick. Wrinkle and fade resistant are more durable than cotton.

Brand: Biscaynebay

👤I needed a bedskirt for my sleep number bed, which is a different type of bed than the traditional type that lays between a box spring and mattress. The elastic one works well. The quality is good enough for the low price. I wish there was a higher-end option on the market. I used a pack of pins to hold things in place. I washed and dried before installing. Both steps were effective. I ordered this and one from another manufacturer. The other was khaki, but this one was off white.

👤I was very pleased with the bed skirt. The fabric is soft, the stitching is good, and there are 2 bands of elastic around the box spring to keep it tight. I bought some spiral pins to hold the mattress off the floor, it's hard for me to lift it to change bed skirts, I'm getting a little older.

👤I like the way this dust ruffle is used. The color is pretty and it hangs perfectly. The elastic is not tight or loose. I don't want anything else. Highly recommended.

👤I had to buy two of them to make them look better. The first one I bought was too white. It was so thin that it looked shabby. I ordered a second one in "white" because it is better for my taste. I put "ivory" on top of "white" and it now acts like a lining. I'm pretty happy with the result.

👤This bed skirt is gorgeous. I would have liked to have bought one sooner. It was easy to put on, and the elastic held it in place. The bed doesn't affect the dust. I have a queen bed that is ruffled.

👤Since you have to move the whole top mattress, I prefer the skirt that is attached to material that goes over the mattress. This one goes on easier, but once on, it has a tendency to slip up between the two matresses, so highly recommend purchasing pins. The skirt looks nice and it fits well.

👤It's good for washing since I have allergies, but it's easy to put on and take off. I used upholstery pins to attach it to the box spring. So far, so good. The king size fits just right, and without any extra fabric, so it doesn't fall the way it shows in the picture. It is more taught than the picture shows. If you have a queen bed, it will hang like in the picture. It's still very nice. I'm happy.

👤The queen size is profect. My wife likes it.

👤The seller received this bedskirt very quickly. The colour that I ordered was much darker than the pictures showed. It wasn't like a dark taupe as I thought, and I would have kept it. The fabric was easy to put on. The box spring style is better than the mattress. I liked that I could get the shorter size which is usually not available in stores. If you can get the color you need, I would recommend it. The seller made the return process very easy. Great customer service.

3. Sheets Beyond Resistant Gathered Charcoal

Sheets Beyond Resistant Gathered Charcoal

It's easy to clean this king bedskirt, simply machine wash it in cold water with similar colors, then tumble dry on low, and you're ready to go! The queen size bed skirt is 60" x 80"

Brand: Sheets & Beyond

👤The color was the same. I ordered orange. After washing and drying it, it came out perfect. There is no white net. The material and color of the mattress is the same as the dust ruffle.

👤I like this bedskirt. I bought black in full size. It was not Wrinkle free but that is easily fixed. My picture shows it right out of the package. It has a soft feel to it. It is black all over. I don't like bedskirts that have a white base, they always stick out no matter how small you put them in. The drop doesn't measure to a full 14 inches, it's 13 1/2 inches at best. I just want other buyers to be aware that it worked for me. In the future, I would purchase more colors.

👤It was packaged well. I put it in the dryer for a few minutes and it came out. It's so easy. The fit was perfect on the box spring. It is a very good quality and it is the same color as the sides. The price is amazing and I love it.

👤You don't see the nasty white like other dust ruffles because they are the same color.

👤This was a hit. It's hard to find cheap bed skirts that fit well on the bed frame and don't require ironing. The white and gray colors are accurate and wash well. It was perfect to come out of the dryer. Would buy again.

👤It came out of the package without a lot of wrinkling. I put it in the dryer after washing it. Still had some issues. They steamed out fine. The color was a light yellow and matched perfectly.

👤The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it should have an option for split corners. I have to cut the corners to make them look right on my bed. The dust ruffle is great, and withstood a lot of tugging while I was trying to get it straight. I like that the top is fabric instead of mesh like stuff. I put it in the dryer for about 5 minutes and it wrinkled up. It does smell like burning plastic after a few minutes, but that is on me. It came out of the dryer with no marks and no wrinkling.

👤The package arrived without wrinkling. The fabric is soft and the color is deep, not at all see-through. The stated length was correct. I love the fact that the bedskirt is made of fabric, not the shoddy white net that is usually found under the mattress. It wasn't possible to buy it with splits for beds that have a footboard. I will have to cut the fabric myself. Don't bother hemming the splits, use iron-on hem tape.

👤I ordered this for my bed frame and it works well. I use the high clearance under my bed for storing totes and I am concerned that it may rip as I have a 90 pound dog. It is difficult to place the mattress on it without it sliding around, because it is difficult to put it over the frame. I chose the full because I only have a metal frame and a 12” memory foam mattress and nothing to attach a wrap around bedskirt to, and that wouldn't work. The material is so thin that I only give 4 stars because it's difficult to place the bedskirt. This is not the fault of the manufacturer. It looks nice and does the job.

4. PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

PureFit Around Ruffled Adjustable Elastic

The built-in elastic strap on the Pure Fit dust ruffle bed shirt is designed to make it a perfect fit for Queen and King beds. The skirt is 60"x80" There are 23 beautiful and fade resistant colors for this multi-layer ruffle bed skirt. The King and Queen size ruffled bed skirt is made from a silky microfiber fabric that is soft and shirred for a romantic look. The fabric is very soft and stain resistant. It's easy to put on, designed to fit. You can put this bed skirt on and off by yourself, without lifting the mattress, with a platform-free easy wrap around stretch and elastic construction. The bed skirt is compatible with Queen and King size mattresses. There is an 18-INCH drop length. The dust ruffle/bed skirt has a generous drop of 18 inches that reaches the floor easily and hides any under the bed storage. Easy care. If needed, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, and Warm iron.

Brand: Purefit

👤I bought this to wrap my bed frame. I have a memory foam mattress with no box spring. It was impossible to turn my mattress with a regular bed skirt because I was a single 57 year old woman. I can turn my mattress around without messing with the bed skirt because I have this bed skirt around the steel frame of the bed. It is easy to wash, no ironing, and easy to size your bed. I bought another one for my guest bed because I love it so much. It works well with both setup. I highly recommend! Measure the distance from where you will put it to the bed and floor to get the right drop length.

👤Very nice. The strap is flexible. I had to pull the strap to full capacity to put it on my queen bed. I would have liked a 1/2 inch more to work with. I was able to put the skirt on myself. The color is bright. There were no problems with ordering or receiving my purchase. Well packaged. Would I buy again from this company? Yes.

👤I put on a bed. It was very easy to put on. My bed is on risers so that I can put underbed storage on the floor, and the elastic can be pulled down on the box springs to hide my bags and boxes. It doesn't have that shiny look. If I need a bed skirt, I would buy another one. The value is great.

👤The bed is nice. The item was as described. The drop was accurate. Material is light and has a small amount of weight. It was very easy to put on. I have a full mattress and the bed is in a corner so only one side of the bed is open. I used a safety pin on the top corner of the box spring to hold it in place and followed the wall, it went on like a dream. I didn't have to move the mattress. I bought a dark brown color. I like it because it matches the other browns in the room. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It worked very well. It was easy to put a California king on the bed. The bag was free of wrinkling. The only negative for me is that it was a bit long for the height of my bed, so I had to do some folding and tuck to keep it from bunching on the floor. I will reduce my review to 3 stars after a while if I find that I have to constantly adjust it. It was easy to pull together the look of the room in a few moments. I just applied this over top of the standard bedskirt, I didn't remove it.

👤Great product! I bought one for my bed and my mom bought one for the room, it's easy to put on and looks great. I have an 18” platform for storage and a 4” foam top so my bed is large but the design of this skirt adds to the flowy look.

5. Zen Bamboo Ultra Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic Bamboo

Zen Bamboo Ultra Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic Bamboo

Made in the USA or imported. Excellent anddurable - that's what it is. The Zen Bamboo Bed Skirt is made from 40% rayon and 60% microfiber. The bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch. It's ideal for hiding items under the bed and also protecting against dust. This bed skirt is Wrinkle Free and does not require ironing. The design is perfect for bedding. This luxurious dust ruffle will make your bedroom stand out. FADE RESISTANT - Frustrated with buying colorful bedding only having to replace it due to fading and discoloration? The bed skirt looks brand new for years to come. Their sheets are machine washed and easy to care for. They stay cool between washes. What else could you ask for? They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Contact them to return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Zen Bamboo

👤My boyfriend says that I spent too long researching bed skirts. I don't agree. I panicked because I read a lot of reviews for bed skirts. I didn't know that many things could be bad about a bedskirt. A bed skirt is a bed skirt. I bought the very bed skirt despite the bad reviews. I'm glad I did. It's a great skirt. The folded up bed skirt was wrinkled when I opened it. We shook it out, got it on the bed, and smoothed it down with our hands. It looks good. The cat thinks it's her personal hideaway and it matches my things because it comes in a bunch of colors. You need a hug if you need more in a bed skirt.

👤I am grateful for the reviews that came before me. I was looking for a cheap bed skirt. This is a great deal. The fabric that goes under the mattress is very good. The flimsy stuff on other inexpensive bedskirts is not that. It was wrinkled when it came out of the package so I put it in low heat even though the label said no Iron. It was fine. The fabric is thick. There are pleats on the corners. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤The bed skirt is a good quality for the price, and it looks good even though it has a few flaws. The front corners are only pleats and not open. Since the skirt is one continuous piece of fabric along the sides and front, it bunches up at the corners where the canopy posts are attached to the frame. The bed skirt is open at the top end. If you have the head of the bed against a wall, it will work, but it won't work if you have a daybed in the center of a wall.

👤We wanted to replace our bedskirt quickly, however a quick trip to similar places made me realize that the selection was poor and the price was high. I used my Amazon app to find exactly what I was looking for when I walked through these stores. I was not expecting much. The cheap fabric used for the part that goes under the mattress is why the bed skirts rip easy. This skirt has a fabric that slides easily under the mattress, so we don't have to take the whole bed apart. The skirt is very soft. If it gets dusty, I would throw it in the washer. The design of the skirt is modern, which is what I was looking for, as opposed to the typical "ruffle". The box spring doesn't lay perfectly on the footboard corners because there isn't a split where the foot of the box spring meets the side. It was not a major issue because you can't really tell.

👤I settled on this bed skirt after reading a lot of reviews. I have a navy stripe bed and a navy stripe bed frame. I would call the color a true navy, but not as dark as a nautical navy, but not as light as a true blue. The quality is excellent. A bit of a soft material. Since you'll never be touching it, drape works to its advantage. I was looking for something that hung nicely and it is.

6. Box Spring Cover King Size

Box Spring Cover King Size

The fabric is super stretchy and feels soft. A great alternative for traditional/wrap-around bed skirts, designed specifically for box springs, is an ideal solution to hide ugly box springs and add a touch of elegance to any room. Smart & Stretch- Fit: With a magic 4-way high stretch technology wrapping around your box spring, snug and clean look. There is no need to prevent ripping elastic from bed skirts. It's easy to fit a standard box spring with its spandex fabric and elastics, but low profile ones need to adjust to keep it snug. No need to redo the bed skirt and make it look different every day, decreases the time spent cleaning it, and increases efficiency. Wrinkle free and machine washable. The gift-wrapping box is spring. The unattractive box spring can be Hide by fitting around 4 sides, a tidily wrapped package appeal, great uses for hotel or home.

Brand: Alyvia Spring

👤This product is amazing. I am upset that I didn't find it earlier. I was trying to hide ugly box springs with dust ruffles and that didn't work out and I had to adjust for bed frame legs. The fabric is so soft and thick that it doesn't show through when stretched, and it's Wrinkle Free, which is a huge improvement over the ugly light blue flowered box spring. I will be ordering one for the rest of the bedrooms now that I know how good it is. Stop looking and buy this now if you need an easy way to hide a box spring.

👤This is the best thing I have ever purchased off of Amazon. I ordered the bed skirt in linen and have a queen size bed. It was easy to put the fabric in and it was folded neatly in a bag. I will order another one for the bed in my extra room. Awesome product!

👤How many other people get so upset when the bed skirts move around? I have had to adjust my bed skirts to fit correctly and then pull out the ironing board. Wrinkles on bed skirts usually takes two people to get it just right, because they don't iron. It's all about making your bed look neat and covering that box spring. My friends are a genius product. Soft is not the word. It is soft and stretchy. It looks sleek and very neat. It was easy to put on my queen bed. I bought a second one because I loved the idea of it. My son wears a full size skirt. We all know that the kids love to ruff house and jump, roll around and cause a bed skirt to be messed with. I was obsessed with this product and wish I had found it years ago. It saves time and money. We want that look, so we are giving it. The appeal is sleek, classy and modern.

👤The box spring cover is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it, as I thought it had a middle that covered the top of the box springs. We have a mattress that is so deep it is like having two mattresses attached to each other. I found a second use for this. I hate making a bed because it's so heavy to try to lift it to fit in the fitted sheets, and none of the deep pocket sheets I've ever purchased have been deep enough to accommodate this beast of a mattress. It is like an olympic event trying to stretch the fitted sheet enough to get it on (bonus points for not ripping it in the process), but because of this cover's awesome design, I found that it can go around the bottom portion of the mattress and then my sheets. I don't mind making this bed anymore.

👤The box spring wrap around is a great solution. The corner of my box spring was clawed into by my cat. I hid it with a small hand towel. There is a Who was I kidding? It's like hiding a bald spot with a comb. The cover was easy to put on. Less than five minutes to go. Adding elastic straps enhances the tautness.

7. Cosmoplus Box Spring Cover Queen Alternative Extremely Resistant

Cosmoplus Box Spring Cover Queen Alternative Extremely Resistant

Wrap your box spring in a snug-fitting cover. Rendering your box spring impermeable to stains extends its usefulness, keeps it looking pristine and ensures you of the most sleep. The high-quality microfiber is made of both polyester and spandex. The fit on box springs is as thin as 4” and as thick as 12” It is possible to protect beds for an entire family. The hem and deep corners give your box spring a tight, sleek appearance. It's a must-have addition to your bedroom decor and it's form-fitting look helps to create a sleep space that is eye-pleasing and inviting. The box spring protectors are made with tear- resistant fabric and reinforced stitching, which will last for the lifetime of your box spring. Leaving the cover in place will help protect your box spring from damage. The box springs are machine-washable. To maintain their appearance, wash them in cold water with similar colors and then tumble-dry on low. The covers will protect your beds again.

Brand: Cosmoplus

👤The queen bed has a short box spring. We tried many different things to cover the box spring, but all of them came untucked, and it was impossible to keep it in place. It took two of us, an 80 year old husband and 75 year old wife, a lot of effort to get it on. It fits perfectly. It's easy to tuck the bed linens without pulling the box spring cover out of place. It stays put. The dark gray color blends well with our decor and three shedaholic cats. Absolutely outstanding purchase with 5 stars and a big cheer.

👤I bought this to hide the box springs. It fit perfectly and finished off my look. I wanted to explain the issue they had because I had it too at first, and they were upset about it. You need to do the same corners on one end and pull it all up together at the other because the elastic stretches up and down not at an angle. Pull up a sheet. It will be able to stretch.

👤Works well. It's much nicer than dealing with a bed skirt. It is the perfect grey. There was no blue tint to the grey. The fabric is soft.

👤I love my Queen size boxspring cover. I had a bed skirt that hung on the floor that helped me get over the bugs after being told by a professional that it wasn't often that they could crawl up a bed skirt. I love the teal color and the second person made it easy to put it on.

👤I bought a new box spring for my bed a couple of years ago because my old one looked horrible, because my cat scratched up it. I left the plastic on the box spring thinking I would find something to put on it to keep the cat from scratching it, but my last box spring was one thing he did love. A couple of years went by. I realized I had the ugly plastic on my box spring when I moved. I came across this while looking for something. It is amazing. It took about two to three minutes to put on and keep the cat from scratching. The best 12 bucks ever spent! Don't hesitate if you are thinking about buying.

👤There is no way that this thing is a king size. It wouldn't fit on our king size box springs, no matter what we tried. Two box springs. We had to put it on the one that faces the door. There is a lot of extra room. The tag said 'King', but it was mismarked. Not liking the idea of having to buy another one.

👤It's very easy to put on and stretches over my 8” tall queen box frame. I wish I had known there was a slick cover for the box spring instead of the old bed skirts from our childhood. It was only $13.99) and it looked nice. It had a lot of room to stretch more, and once on it shrunk down to fit around all corners. Will definitely get any future mattresses from these.

8. Rubber Hugger Approach Mattress Fasteners

Rubber Hugger Approach Mattress Fasteners

For proper mattress size, read the bullet points and chart in the pictures. The band is not designed to make your sheets immobile if they are baggie or over-sized. This is more than a giant rubber band because it uses a horizonal tension design to secure bedding rather than clips that attach to your sheets. The band was designed to be a hassle-free way to keep your bottom fitted sheet from riding up off the corners and to keep bedding from having to be tucked under the mattress at the foot of the bed. It is so easy to tuck your sheets in when you don't lift your mattress again. The sheets won't be as secure as on the corners. If you sleep on a mattress that has a band on it, you may want to adjust the size of the band to create more horizonal tension on the sides. Unlike sheet strap type products, Rubber Hugger fits around the entire circumference of the mattress, securing the bottom fitted sheet and is hidden by your comforter. Most bed sheet holder straps use sheet clips, sheet grippers and sheet fasteners that attach to your sheets to secure them, but Rubber Hugger is a totally unique concept that works. The Rubber Hugger is easy to install and can be done with one person or two. The tension is safe and effective when used as instructed. It won't come off the mattress while you sleep. When you change out your bedding, you don't have to remove the band.

Brand: Rubber Hugger

👤I would like to give it a better review. It did not do its job. The sheets still came and the band would pop us in the middle of the night.

👤Did not work on the Select Number bed. It popped off when it was raised. I bought the bed strap for it. It stopped the popping off completely. Too bad! Maybe if there were 3 bands going under it instead of one. Maybe the band was too loose. I followed the directions. I am going to add to my review. The band popped off and hit us hard. An adult was propped up on their elbow while watching TV. It made a big mark on their arm. It was not a child. They were propped up. It could have hit them. The band DEFINITELY needs to have 4 horizonal straps. There are amd warnings. It's good to have 2 vertical tie downs. This product is dangerous.

👤I don't like bunched up sheets. I have a condition called Princess and the Pea Syndrome, which means that I can literally feel every single thing in the bed, and if not fixed, I will go insane. wrinkled sheets are not something I like. I've been using sheet suspenders for a few years now and when I was looking for more on Amazon, I found the rubber hugger and decided to give it a try. I like to use a king size flat sheet as a bottom sheet for my queen size mattress. The rubber hugger and sheet suspenders are working well. I bought a second one for the downstairs bed as well. I used to have to fix the bunchiness on his side on a daily basis but so far, I haven't had to do this once. I had the first one for about 2 weeks and the second for about a week. I love this product so far. Would recommend this product to everyone.

👤The product doesn't work as described. It comes up like the sheets did. You cannot return it, so I wouldn't suggest purchasing it.

👤I have an extra-deep mattress (22"), and even when I buy extra-deep sheets they don't fit under the corners enough to hold the sheets in place. The top sheets come untucked and drive me nuts. The Rubber Hugger was entered. I bought a second one to make sure it worked after I saw how well it worked, in case something happens to my first one. For the first time since I got this mattress, I don't have to spend a lot of time making the bed, trying to get the sheets to stay in place. I ride bikes in my sleep because my pajama pants are always pushed up around my knees, so I'm not one of those people who never moves. This thing is easy to use, and has made a huge difference for me.

👤The bed we bought was great, but the bed covers kept moving. The covers wouldn't stay in because the foot of the bed was too high. The problem was solved brilliantly by Rubber Tucker. The add-on strap is needed for the beds. Highly recommended!

9. SmartBase Skirt Mattress Foundation White

SmartBase Skirt Mattress Foundation White

If you want to complete your SmartBase, you need a compatible bed skirt that will complete your bed, and cover up your storage bins so you can see where they are hiding. The bed is easy to use with a band at the head of the bed and corner clips. Attaching and removing the bed skirt from your SmartBase can be done without moving the mattress. The washing machine is easy to clean. There are 14 and 16 inch drops. The worry-free 1 year warranty is included.

Brand: Zinus

👤If you ordered the brackets and headboard from Zinus, this skirt won't work. If you mount the Zinus bed base with the Zinus headboard brackets, you will discover that the bed skirt won't fit. A "technical specialist" confirmed this. There was no warning of the incompatibilty. You would expect that everything would work together, but it doesn't. Customers should be warned that the accessory they are buying won't work with another accessory for the same bed frame. I am returning the skirt and will be very careful with any future orders.

👤The bed skirt system is great for the metal platform bedframes. The bedframes are sturdy. In the end, the bed skirt is messy because the plastic clips wear out and don't keep it taut. The clips are plastic, and they change over time. There are no clips for the sides or the rounded corners, and only a strip at the top end. The design is a great idea, but needs some improvement. I think ribbons or ties wrapped around the bed frame would be a better idea. It seems like a great idea. The plastic clips have been on for about 6 months.

👤This should be called the "SmartBase Easy Off Bed Skirt". Don't waste your money. The 43,000+ positive reviews gave me the idea to buy it to go with the Zinus Smartbase Mattress Foundation. It turns out to be false. I wish I'd checked out before buying. The reviewers rate it as a "F". The bed skirt is not kept in place by the clips. One corner pops off, followed by another. It's so frustrating! Use a standard bed skirt to save money and headaches. The ones I bought on Amazon had double stick tape that fit on the center of the bed frame and held the bed skirt in place. AmazonBasics bed skirt. I've purchased two of the Zinus SmartBase mattress foundations and two of the Zinus memory foam mattresses from Amazon and I'm very pleased with them.

👤We have had a bed skirt for six months and I like it. The perfect length clips are easy to attach, but they are only on the corners, which means the sides of the skirt will droop. There is a piece of fabric in the center of the skirt. It can get very wrinkled in the wash, but this is the best option for a metal platform bed. Let me explain. I picked up two-inch binder clips for the sagging. It was fixed. You can't see them with the bed made. This is an easy fix and it costs less than $4. If you have a lingerie bag, use it for washing. I put the skirt in the bag to keep it out of the washer and dryer. It works well. It will be clean despite being a bit wrinkled. I would buy this again. I wish it came in more colors, but since it comes in white, I will probably buy a few more and then dye them to my liking.

10. Nestl Bedding Pleated Bed Skirt

Nestl Bedding Pleated Bed Skirt

Do not bleach or machine wash, tumble dry or iron on low temperature. The bed skirt queen size. The queen size bed skirt has a tailored drop of 14” for a crisp, finished look. Premium high-quality material. A strong, durable, long- lasting material is created from the double-brushed 100GSM microfiber material. Stys in place. Light and heavy, their bed skirts are light enough to allow natural movement, yet heavy enough to stay in place. There is an eatery and a restaurant. You can update your bedroom décor by hiding your bed legs and frame with the Nestl Bed Skirt. It is easy to clean and care for, you just have to wash it in cold water. It is easy to iron.

Brand: Nestl Bedding

👤I don't know if it has anything to do with our climate here in Hawaii, but the material that held the skirt together was destroyed. It broke. It took about a year for it to get worse. It wasn't exposed to any kind of sunlight, humidity, or other destructive elements.

👤The bed skirt was included. It was well packaged. The package was wrinkled. The white part of the skirt that is on the box spring feels like it was made by Pellon. I like this skirt a lot because it is cheap, but it is not the best quality fabric. I had to press the skirt for 20 minutes. I didn't need to ironing the white part because it didn't feel like it would melt. I had to remove my mattress. I pinned the skirt to the box spring. I decided that was the best solution after having other bed skirts walk off. The way the skirt looks is what made me give it 4 stars. The bed skirt works well for me. I would buy it again because it is a good value. I didn't give it a rating because I just got it. I love the color of this one. I like the fact that it is a 14 inch drop, which is perfect for me because I don't like my bed skirt touching the floor.

👤This bed skirt is gorgeous! The gray color looks great with our bedding. The pleats were easy to iron. The material is very soft. Would recommend this product to others.

👤When I saw the picture of the bed skirt, I was concerned because it looked a bit stiff, and I really wanted something softer. I got what I wanted. I like this bed skirt so I will probably order another one in a different color for my second bedroom. The color is the same as the picture shows. I was looking for a bed skirt that fit between the mattress and box spring, not the elastic kind that wraps around the box spring. The price was right and this was a great find for me.

👤I like the deep grey color. The quality of the material made it easy to iron out of the package. I attached a picture of how I made it match my current decor. It made for a great base to a new look. Superb price, great product, excellent packaging.

👤Don't try to keep the skirt straight with the bed. If you pull too hard on the colored portion, the bed-skirt can rip. I had a small rip from pulling the bed-skirt hard to get it to fit.

👤I bought this bed skirt in dark gray and it matches my comforter very nicely. This works for me for less than $20 I read a lot of product reviews, but didn't read the full product description. I thought it would be cotton, but it is not. I didn't expect it. I did iron it on a set of polyesters and it did just fine, despite the care instructions not to iron or dry clean it. I wanted the pleats to be pressed and crisp. The iron should not be on the white webbing material that will sit on the bed platform. It will melt quickly. This is perfect for the price point.

11. LELVA Beautiful Ruffle Romantic Skirted

LELVA Beautiful Ruffle Romantic Skirted

75"x 54" is available for full bed. 18 Inches Drop. The bed skirt top platform floral printed design can be used above the mattress to replace the fitted sheet. Each bed skirt has an extra layer beneath it. The bed skirt will give your bedroom a sleek look. The bed skirts are well suited for any style of bedding. Their bedskirts are perfectly tailored to fit your bed and are ruffled around 3 sides without any splits. The 18 inch drop bedskirt allows you to use the space under the bed for storage and hides box springs and bed frames. Do not bleach; tumble dry low heat.

Brand: Lelva

👤It is very beautiful and stays put with no sagging or bedskirt pins. The elastic type of bedskirts are prone to this.

👤It took me a long time to receive this purchase because I already purchased a comforter set with its own dust ruffle. I am including pictures of the pink and green floral decking material on this beautiful dust ruffle which is what goes under the mattress and it is extremely high quality unlike so many that have a papery consistency and fall apart quickly. There is no comparison between the dust ruffle and my set. The material for the deck is paper. I am using this one instead because it was so beautiful. It is one of those items that makes you smile and it is amazing. elastic straps were included to hold it in place and keep it from shifting when you change your mattress Something I have never seen before is ingenious and speaks to the quality of the product. We have been remodeling and I haven't put it on my bed yet. I have designed and fabricated many items for over 30 years, and the fabric quality blew my mind. I am an extremely strict person due to my career and I would have made this up. My clients want the best. I will recommend this product to them. I tried to cancel the order but it arrived the next day or two after I was upset about how long it took to receive it. It was worth the wait, but I didn't get the authorization to return it.

👤I like my new dust ruffle. This is the first one I have had and it is beautiful. I thought it was going to be more full, so I am rating it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was packaged well and delivered quickly.

👤Isn't long as I expected. I had to put it under my mattress. The skirt part is very thin. I think it's overpriced.

👤It works well with the bedroom set. Very pretty and delicate. No tears or stains came in perfect condition.

👤So pretty. Went great with the new quilt.

👤I was wondering if I received the wrong bed skirt. The one I received was not very nice. I will return it. After receiving the bed skirt from decor and shams, it was a big disappointment.

👤After reading some reviews, I kept my expectations low but was really disappointed to see that the package had dirt inside it. There was a lot of dirt that fell off before I took the photo. I would think this was a repackaging. The amount of dirt could be enough to fill a penny. The stains don't come out. After reading the reviews, I didn't think it was going to be as thick as the photos, but it is. The sides are different lengths, but it still fits over my California king 18 inch bed frame. Before taking the photos, I lined up the sides evenly. The end drags on the floor and each side is different lengths. I would recommend avoiding it. Don't waste your money. If you have the sewing skills of a 10 year old, you could easily make a higher quality one with the materials from the craft store.


What is the best product for platform bed cover full?

Platform bed cover full products from Bed Maker's. In this article about platform bed cover full you can see why people choose the product. Biscaynebay and Sheets & Beyond are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed cover full.

What are the best brands for platform bed cover full?

Bed Maker's, Biscaynebay and Sheets & Beyond are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed cover full. Find the detail in this article. Purefit, Zen Bamboo and Alyvia Spring are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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