Best Platform Bed and Mattress Queen

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1. SmartFold Platform Tool Free Assembly Spring

SmartFold Platform Tool Free Assembly Spring

5 year warranty Please contact them if you have any questions. Ten minutes is all it takes to assemble this bed. Decluttering your bedroom will maximize your bedroom space. You can put your stuff under your bed. It's more than just a foundation. It's a full-blown bed platform that can weigh as much as 3500 lbs. It is easy to disassemble when not being used. It's easy to store in a small space. Your home should be more organized. Steel slats keep the mattress in place. The legs have a safety locking mechanism. There is a 5-year warranty. Your foundation will have you covered for years to come, but your wallet as well.

Brand: Urbanlab

👤A friend came over and sat on the bed and the front and middle bar snapped off. She is approximately 435 lbs. Does not hold weight.

👤After the first use bed collapsed in the middle, setup was not intuitive.

👤I wanted the bars in the middle to be wider so that the mattress wouldn't slide through.

👤One night of use resulted in a broken leg.

👤Popped up quickly. Very strong. Stores were easy to navigate as well.

👤I was surprised at how strong the frame is. It is easy to assemble and store. I needed it for sleep overs. I use zip ties to connect the 2 pieces. It's a little easier than the screws.

2. Amazon Basics Modern 14 Inch Platform

Amazon Basics Modern 14 Inch Platform

A platform metal bed frame is needed for use with a standard-size mattress. The bed frame has a bifold beam and steel slats. Slats are 5.3 inches apart and support up to 600 pounds. The foam padded tape is noise-free. The 14-inch height has under-the-bed storage space. The product is 81 x 60.7 x 41.3 inches. The product is 81 x 60.7 x 41.3 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The platform metal bed frame is very sturdy and easy to assemble. It has a very clean appearance and coordinates well with a variety of bedroom displays and décor. The price is reasonable for the quality of the bed frame. It arrives with all the materials needed for assembly. The manual is easy to follow and guides the user through the steps. The total assembly time was less than 20 minutes. The height from the floor to the bed makes it possible for adults to get in and out of bed while also giving them enough room to vacuum, clean or store items underneath. The frame is reinforced with a center bar so that there are no places for the mattress to sink into or for the frame to shift. This is a great bed frame, especially for those looking for a cost-effective frame. It is easy to assemble and sturdy. The design is easy to understand, so you can choose from a wide range of decorative choices. I would recommend this to be used in a guest room, college room or teenage room, but the design is not limited to these choices.

👤I ordered this bed frame for one of my sons because his frame was bent. He doesn't need a box spring with this frame. Assembly was very easy. The instructions are clear and the punch pack is marked. No digging for them because they were on top. The frame is beautiful. This bed frame is turned into a complete furniture piece by the attached headboard. You can use the design of the headboard to attach a light or something else. The frame doubled the space under the bed. It is fourteen inches from the floor, freeing up a lot of space. It's much more sturdy than traditional frames. There are no sharp corners to run into. It's very comfortable and silent. A nice piece for a bedroom.

👤The bed was perfect for its purpose. We need an extra bed for the former occupant of the bedroom to sleep on that is small, space saving, and non-obtrusive as we work on the room. The bed frame fit the bill nicely. The size is what we were looking for. It is perfect for kids because they grow out of toddler beds quicker. Why waste time and money on those? They don't last very long. The frame is sturdy and the price is right. It was a solid piece for the price point, and assembly was easy. Do you need an extra bed? I recommend this one for something simple, short-term, and/or space saving. Great for kids and guests, but will work for anyone. 5 stars! I hope my review has helped.

👤The platform bed frame is easy to assemble. The instructions are clear in the manual. It is also stylish. Good support on your mattress can be achieved by using steel slats that are close to each other. My son's old bed frame is one noisy, but the foam padded tape on the bed frame is great. It's 14 inches under the bed height for easy cleaning and storage. This is a good purchase. The bed is made of metal.

3. Home Cloth Black Headboard Platform

Home Cloth Black Headboard Platform

The queen's outer dimensions are 87" L x 64" W and 51" H. It's easy to impersonate. No box spring required! Brand new, comes in two boxes. Brand new, comes in two boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤The bed is beautiful, but the description of being 51 inches tall is a total lie. The total height of the bed is only 45 inches. If it was only 1 inch off, I would be okay, but 6 inches off is not a mistake. It is a lie to get buyers to buy.

👤My fiancée and I bought a bed for our apartment. It was in 2 different boxes. If you have at least 2 people helping, it's really good for the price.

👤The title is 51. It looks like a child's bed because it is 45 degrees. The seller asked for pictures to be sent. There has been no response for several days.

👤This bed is short. I had a different bed in my cart before I bought this one because of the photo and the false advertising, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had known. It is at 3:37 AM. I am angry. The headboard has been found to have BED BUGS. D O N O T ORDER FROM HERE. The bed was filthy and dusty when I received it. It passed over my head and I thought it was from shipping. I have never had a child like a 1 year old boy. I had a bed bug. There are bugs in between the circles. I have seen 3 large ones and one small one. I put the bed together on my mattress. I had it tonight. I fully inspected the bed after finding another on my cover. I was disgusted by the fact that they are all in the same place, so I inspected the back as well. I have a lot of photos. This is completely baffling. I have to buy a new mattress and have a professional come out to fix it.

👤The bed has exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical about buying a bed online. It arrived 2 days after it was ordered. It was packaged well and there was no damage. The directions were easy to follow. I used a power drill to assemble it in less than two hours. It's nice and quiet. I ordered the Oliver Smith 10in pillow top memory foam mattress after I was so pleased with this bed. For anyone interested. You should buy this bed.

👤I love this bed. It took about a week to get it. It was easy to put it together. The wood slats are still sturdy even though I didn't screw them down. The bed frame is great. This purchase was very happy with.

👤The bed is great looking. You should buy it for yourself, paint your bedroom black, and draw a pentagram under your bed, so you can work magick all night long when you're not around. There is a powerful force in the universe that can't be stopped. Purchase the bed and put the romance in necromancy.

👤I like the bed a lot. That is shorter than it says on the description. It is only 47” tall. It looks like it should be 60. I don't retur it only because it's asabled and I don't want to go true the hassle again, but here and everywhere.

4. Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

Home Premiere Classics Headboard Platform

Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Home Life

👤The bed I received 2 days ago has bugs on it. It took me 4 hours to put it together, one of the pieces was bent but other than that it was ok.

👤Don't buy! I bought a king size bed and it had bed bugs. It took me a while to realize that my 1yr old was the only one getting bit. He might have gotten it from his house. I saw one on the back of his shirt when I woke up. We had to inspect our mattress. We did not see any bed bugs. My husband was vacuuming the mattress. There were bed bugs on the head board. My son sleeps wild and likes to sleep with his back against the bed so I think he is the only one that has gotten bitten. I don't know how to add more pictures. There are two people in this picture. The bed bugs are on the buttons. Please inspect your bed if you have already bought one.

👤I got a king size bed. I thought I would give this one a try because I was debating spending more on a bed. It was a great price and has a nice look. There were some issues with getting the screws in. We were able to work it out. Everything was in good condition and delivery was fast. I saw some reviews of it but it seems very sturdy to me. I liked the fact that the slats are held in place with some velcro. I'm very pleased and would recommend this bed. The color is very dark and has a slight texture. I have had this bed for a long time. It is one of the lightest I have owned.

👤I was skeptical when I looked at this bed. I wanted to leave a review for other people. I am a real live person and did not get this at a discount. My wife told me that she wanted a bed with a high headboard. I started my search at Amazon because I love it. I was looking at other brands that were similar to this but cost more. I couldn't believe the price when I found this one. I read the reviews and decided to try it. Why not for $200 shipped? I took the chance and I am very happy. The directions were very easy to read and took us about 2 hours to put together. The new bed is wonderful. The wooden slats are not as cheap as I thought. You end up putting them in place when you screw them in. Not a single person has believed us when we said we got the bed for $200 shipped. The construction is very sturdy.

👤This is the first time I have ever left a review on a product, but I was so hesitant to make a big purchase like this online that I thought I would leave a review for anyone else on the fence! This is the best purchase I have ever made. It is very sturdy. It took my husband about two hours to put it together. Couldn't be happier with this.

5. Zinus Platforma Mattress Foundation Optional

Zinus Platforma Mattress Foundation Optional

If you prefer a clean, simplistic look in the bedroom, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice durability; the steel Trisha platform bed supports your mattress without stealing focus. 7-inch platform height is perfect for taller mattresses or for those who prefer their bed lower to the ground; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs. Reliable wood slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. It is easy to assemble, all parts, tools, and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box, and set-up takes less than an hour with a friend's help. The mattress is sold separately. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤If you have a lot of tools, easy assembly takes about 30 min. The geometry was perfect, and it was surprisingly made. Instructions were easy to understand and the packaging was protected.

👤I have had it for almost 2 years and no problems. Frame has been able to store many boxes underneath with no problem. If you have a robotic vacuum and oversized top sheets, you'll need to pick the corners of the comforter/sheets from the floor so the Roomba doesn't get stuck. So far, so good! A great bed frame. It allows our little 10 lbs pomeranian to jump on and off the bed as she pleases throughout the night, and it eliminates our worry of her falling off the bed. Our bed frame is a low platform one and allows our Roomba under it. The assembly took less than an hour and included unpacking and cleaning up packaging. All parts have step numbers on them and are easy to assemble. If the bed frame doesn't hold up our weight, we may need to update the mattress with a new one.

👤The frame makes a squeaking sound when it's been a month. The bed will cause squeaks, non-stop squeaks, but so far there are no squeaks during sleep or moderate movements. I don't understand why the bed is squeaking since it has never been under more than 200 lbs. This is not half of the bed frame's maximum capacity. The bed has never been jumped on or abused and I assembled it correctly, it's simple as can be. I decided to keep the bed and try to repair it. I'll use Loctite Thread Locker to reset the bolts. I might use candle wax to coat the surface area in each of the corners where the frame bolts together and at the same time there is a 2 inch metal overlap of the interlocking frame pieces. The rubber washers could help prevent the bolt's head from squeaking. I'm prepared to replace the bolts with self-tapping screw-in bolts for a tighter fit. The last resort would be to have the frame welded into one piece and do away with the bolts. I believe I'll get a quiet bed, which is what my old wood-framed box spring bed provided when it was elevated by hidden concrete blocks instead of using a conventional bed frame, and I always attach my bed head board to the wall to prevent it from squeaking. I like a platform bed without a box spring, and I found out about it with this steel bed frame. It gives a lot of support. I'm going to try to make it work, but I can't recommend this frame because of its moderate squeaks.

👤The bed is good for the price. The frame is lightweight and has a clean look. I am really pleased. The wooden slats were held in place with the help of the Velcro tape. The wooden slats are lined with sticky tape to help keep your mattress in place. 30 minutes was the time it took to unpack and assemble. The instructions were easy to follow and the parts were clearly labeled. The fabrication was a bit off. The support posts under the center beam were removed 1/3” from the floor once the frame was assembled, causing the beam to bow slightly once weight was set onto the frame. The side beams and footer didn't align well on all four corners, which put additional tension on the bolts. I tried to get the bolt in with the allen wrench, but it was too weak. There are better beds out there. Not at this price.

6. Olee Sleep 14Inch Platform Natural

Olee Sleep 14Inch Platform Natural

When you sleep on it, there will be no noise. The frame surrounds the mattress to prevent it from slipping. All the required hardware and tools are included. The dimensions are 62. 38 x 82 38 x 14 25 inches. There is a mattress and box available. 5 inches Fast furniture delivery and a limited manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤The wood looks great, it is solid as a rock. We put a 200lb purple mattress on top. I slept on top of 11 legs. I broke my toe on one of the side legs and took one star off. That has nothing to do with the quality and I am upset about it.

👤The bed frame is cute and affordable, but it is not comfortable. I didn't need to purchase a box spring because I bought a new mattress and bed frame. There is a clear line in the middle of the mattress where the bed frame center beam is and the sides where my partner and I sleep. I wake up with sore hips and back. The mattress was taken off the bed frame and put on the floor. We slept this way for a couple of months and I didn't have any pain. If I buy a box spring for this bed, it will be so high off the ground that I will have to jump to get onto it, so I will be buying a new bed frame. The screws were so loose that the legs were about to fall off when it was pushed back up against the wall.

👤The bed frame I have had for a month is already falling apart. The screws and washers are not secure. The legs are wobbly. It seemed great at first, but after a month it's worthless. I need to buy a new bed frame. The buyer should beware.

👤I am very pleased with the bed frames I ordered. They are made of real wood and look like the pictures. I haven't found the right one. I put sliders under all nine legs to be able to move it around since they are very heavy after assembly. Customer service was able to get the washers out to us.

👤Very happy with the purchase! The box was pretty beat up. I was a little worried at first. Everything was undamaged due to correct packaging. The bed was easy to build and the parts are of good quality. I was pleasantly surprised.

👤The frame was put together without the hardware. I have tried calling the manufacturers phone numbers several times and left call back messages, but no reply from the manufacturer. It was very frustrating. I was able to purchase some from Amazon after I received a parcel payment. I don't know how to measure and fit brackets and bolts. I took the refund to make sure I got something for my money, but I was disappointed that the manufacturers avoided my purchase and the importance of missing pieces. I have a box of bed frame pieces lying in my bedroom floor that I have no use for. It was disappointing that the manufacturers warranty or instructions manual was not included. I was going to get my bed off the floor and I thought I could afford it. It's a good thing!

👤It was easy to drag the box from the front door to the bedroom by myself, because it was in a long narrow box. The instructions were easy to follow and everything fit together. I am confident in it's strength. I have cement floors in my bedroom. I would recommend placing a rug underneath the bed since most floors are flat all the way across. I put some cardboard under the legs of the bed in case the floor wasn't completely flat. I didn't want to put too much pressure on any single point. When you push against the bed, the frame slides on the floor, but it's not the fault of the bed, it's the fault of being placed on a cement floor. A rug or felt pads would probably fix that problem for me. It's unfair to give a product negative reviews because something might not work for me. I think some reviewers would give a negative review because the bed slides on cement flooring, but that is not the fault of the bed. I think this bed is very strong. I bought a bunky board to go in the opposite direction of the slats.

7. Modway Ollie Queen Frame White

Modway Ollie Queen Frame White

STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Ollie has a wood slat support system that can hold up to 1300 lbs. Firmly supports memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses. The focal point of any bedroom is the Ollie Platform Bed Frame, which has clean lines and minimalist design. Ollie is available in a variety of colors. The slatted support system eliminates the need for a box spring. A sturdy mattress foundation is needed to prevent sagging and increase mattress life. Providing a comfortable night sleep without compromising style, Ollie is a welcome update to the bedroom. 60"L x 80"W x 11"H

Brand: Modway

👤I got the twin bed frames for my guest room. They look nice and are easy to assemble. I made a fatal mistake by sitting on the bed. I put pressure on the bed. Because the slats are made of flimsy wood, the plastic covers on each end of the slats cause splinters of wood in my hands and around the bed. The wood is shaved off the slats when you try to get the end covers on because they are too tight. I don't know what will happen if anyone tries to sleep on the bed. If they weren't already put together, I would return the bed frame. It would take decent slats and a great frame, but sadly that is not the case.

👤My 15 year old son is smaller than average and we got this for him. He had to get a new frame since his other one had to be thrown out. The flimsy plastic holding the support slats in place causes them to fall down when you put your weight on them. You have to bend the plastic to get the slats back in it. The frame was falling apart when we moved it because the bolts holding the whole thing together backed themselves out of their holes. We got a new frame and threw it in the bin. I would rate zero stars if I could. Complete waste of money.

👤I bought this frame to put in our guest bedroom and get rid of the old frame. The frame needed to be high enough for under-bed storage, but low enough to put a box spring and mattress on. This was perfect for the bill. It's sturdy once assembled. There are no clips or side pieces to keep the mattress from sliding. The weight does a good job of keeping things in place once the mattress and box spring are put on.

👤Laying on this thing and it is strong. It came with a missing rubber piece that connects the wooden slats to the frame, but I just put the slats on the frame and it has been fine for the past year. Installation was simple and no issues were reported. I never hit the frame when walking around it because there is so much space underneath.

👤I have mixed feelings about this frame. The frame is bigger than the full size mattress I bought. The mattress slides around on the frame because there is no edge to catch it. The wood floors got scratched up when the frame moved, because the pads that you attach to the metal feet didn't stay on. The idea and look of the frame is strong, but it doesn't function well.

👤The boards were supposed to hold the mattress. It lasted about 4 months. The frame is strong. The boards that come with it are not strong enough for rough boys.

👤There is room for improvement in this product. It does its job well, is minimal and sturdy, and is aesthetically pleasing. The frame was easy to assemble, but some of the bolts to screw the feet in were difficult to thread. The holders for the wooden slats were cheap and the plastic was bowed which made it difficult to fit the slats into. A great product for the price.

8. Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Natural wood grain detail meets impressive structure in this solid wood foundation in an antique espresso finish that is every bit as remarkable as its clean-lined, durable framework. No box spring is needed because the wood slats are reliable and closely spacing. A thick and sturdy solid wood frame is constructed with steel interior framework for longevity and can support up to 700 lbs in the twin size. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour with a friend's help. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤The beams broke. The beams are made of smaller pieces of wood.

👤Don't buy! The platform doesn't meet the requirements of many bedding manufacturers. The slats are more than 3 inches apart. The product doesn't meet its intended purpose and according to the manufacturer of my mattress and a large retail chain in New England the product doesn't adequately support a mattress without additional support and it's use will void your warranty. I spent a lot of time researching to find the right product and from the picture it looked like the slats were close enough, but they are not. It is well made, contrary to some reviews. The people who complain about the center posts bending are most likely moving the bed without lifting it. The worst part of it all is that Zinus's customer support is the worst. I asked if they could send me without charge or even charge me for additional slats. After a month of phone calls where I was told they would send slats, I finally got an out right refusal to send me or sell extra slats. Amazon should investigate this on their own and pull the product or advise buyers that they will need to do additional work on this product once they receive it to bring it to minimum standards. There is an update. See the response from the customer service company. They are horrible. Their answer was either ignorant or a lie. You are the judge. They were given a chance to respond to their claim before I wrote this. The measurement you see is correct because the system is very controlled and can not be messed with. I would not be writing this if it was 3. The angle of the picture makes a difference. The distance between each slats contact point is just over three feet, but this photo shows that their claim is incorrect.

👤The slats on this unit are attached to each other on a strip of velcro. I contacted Zinus to make sure I could buy more slats to keep the frame together. I am buying a very heavy latex mattress and it is recommended. I was told that I could purchase additional slats. I invested in the frame and latex mattress based on that guarantee. I was told I could buy them from an outside source, such as slats. Lowes, Home Depot, or your local hardware store. Say what? The slats are made from1/4" thick solid wood with a tape that affixes to the bed frame. Local stores don't sell these. It is possible to cut down a small piece of plywood. They told me that it would be illegal to sell them to me as they don't have a price for them. They should be sent to me for free as they broke their promise. After several emails and dropping the CEO's name, another rep apologized and offered to send them for free. That was great news, until I received them. The new slats were shorter than the old ones. They wouldn't span the width of the bed. They fall out if you see the picture. I can't believe they have a poor quality control system. Customer service will no longer acknowledge me after I asked for a response twice. If you want to take your chances with properly manufactured slats, this may be for you. I would not recommend this company's products or customer service.

9. Platform Headboard Footboard Foundation Structure

Platform Headboard Footboard Foundation Structure

The bed frame twin can be set up in minutes, all hardwares, tools and instruction are included. The Giikin Vintage Metal Platform Bed has a strong bed structure with metal slabs and nine supporting legs. The maximum support is 450-550 pounds. The metal bed is suitable for any bedroom. Classic modern design is simple and delicate, and can be used with any interior decoration, so that you can relax more. There is 11 inches of storage space under the bed, which can be used to store boxes, clothes, toys, and so on. The mattress was not included. It is easy to assembly and disassemble with no boxspring needed. Follow the instructions to install after the service. If you have a problem with Giikin Platform Bed, please contact them, they will try to help you.

Brand: Giikin

👤I have a mattress on the bed frame, but it was easy to assemble. It took less than an hour. I got this for my new apartment and I love it! Hope this helps.

👤Looks pretty and sets the tone for the room. Very happy.

👤The outer center legs were bent when we got on the bed. The manufacturer made the outer middle legs longer than the other legs. The balls for the posts don't move. They are sitting in the posts. Not worth the money.

👤The bed caved in when we paid it off.

👤When I ordered this frame, there weren't any reviews on it, but I really like it. I think it is a great buy, it is sturdy, easy to assemble, and I love the fact that the parts were labeled so it was easy to find. When I sit on the edge of my bed my feet don't touch the ground a lot but it's nice. It is a nice bed frame and you can fit storage under it.

10. Best Choice Products Headboard Footboard

Best Choice Products Headboard Footboard

The queen-sized bed frame is made with crisp lines and symmetrical cross designs to provide modern industrial appeal that defines its decorative aesthetic. Storage boxes, shoes, and other items should be hidden underneath the bed to eliminate a cluttered appearance from your bedroom. The materials aredurable. The frame and legs are made of metal and provide extra stability and support for up to 660 pounds. Easy assembly. Attach the head and footboards with the side frame bars before putting the slats in place. Queen-Sized customization is what it is. The queen bed has 4 sturdy metal slats, with rails bordering the top to allow for a sleek silhouette that can be easily customized with decorative curtains. Delivery times can vary per box. Queen-Sized customization is what it is. The queen bed has 4 sturdy metal slats, with rails bordering the top to allow for a sleek silhouette that can be easily customized with decorative curtains. Delivery times can vary per box.

Brand: Best Choice Products

👤The overall product was very good. The bed was easy to assemble. There were two sets of hardware. You're definitely getting your money, even though there are some dents and dings on the bars.

👤The bed is sturdy and my daughter loves it, but I was sent two different colors. I had to return it if I wanted to get a partial refund because they didn't have all black anymore. I feel like they should have sent someone to pick it up if I wanted to return it, as the boxes are huge and heavy, since more than 15% of the bed was the wrong color. I never received a confirmation until I called to complain about the 2 colors. I moved into my house. I saw it on the porch when I stopped by both times, because I wasn't there in the beginning. If it wasn't for all of the hassle, it would have been 5 stars.

👤It was nice to be out together. The instructions were useless. We had to figure it out on our own. I had to hire someone to drill new holes because some of the holes weren't drilled properly. They put it together and it was a nice sturdy bed. I enjoy it. I am glad I got it up. Maybe it was my frame that was off. I am not sure.

👤The bed frame came in two different boxes, but it came quickly. Don't be alarmed if you get some one day and the rest the next. It's not surprising that it's cheap, but it's fairly simple and sturdy. I only give this product two stars because it requires a bed spring. There is no support under the head of the mattress, and the thin metal supports don't hold up a lot of the mattress. You will ruin your mattress over time because it will bend over. The product is good, but the box spring is required.

👤The bed frame was shipped without screws. When I tried to assemble the bed, I realized it didn't come with the smaller legs that were needed to support the middle, so I took a piece of the bed frame to a hardware store to get the screws. The pieces that were included were damaged in places. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

👤The boxes were destroyed but everything was there. My daughter and two old men helped me put it together. It took three hours. Some of the holes on the frame do not line up, but it is a good product. The bed is nice.

👤I was excited to set it up. The tubes sounded like they had sand and rocks inside. They offered me a deal to keep it at a discounted rate after I called about a replacement. To keep it the same. I asked for a refund or a new set after I was a little astounded. They offered a number of different deals to try to make it, so that they didn't have to take it back. After about a dozen emails and angry phone calls, they paid me back. It seems like this might be a coincidence. I would ask them to make sure it doesn't have sand in it.

11. Novogratz 4296439N Kelly Storage Queen

Novogratz 4296439N Kelly Storage Queen

A modern design with clean lines is covered in linen. There are four drawers that lock in place. There is no need for a box spring or additional foundation in the bicyle slat support system. The center legs and metal side rails provide additional support. It is assembled quickly and ships in one box. The queen bed has a weight limit of 500 lbs. The drawer is 35"L x 23.5"W x 6.5"H. The shipping dimensions are 64"L x 39"W x6"H. The net weight was 113.5 lbs. The box weight is 127 lbs.

Brand: Novogratz

👤Think again if you think you found a diamond. You get what you pay for with this bed. The drawers are made of plastic. The drawers are not attached to the bed, so they float around. The upholstery is not done well. It is just bad. It looks worse than ikea. I would buy ikea over this for the same price.

👤The bed is great for the price. The bed is lightly padded. The bed is made of metal and bolts. The slats are secured with plastic and break easily. If you install them correctly and don't try to pull them out of the frame, then they are fine. Most beds have slats that aren't secured. The drawers are covered with a metal frame and a fabric drawer front that matches the head and footboard. The drawer is not on a track, but it has a bolt that slides into a hole on the side rail of the bed and secures it in place. I have provided some pictures. The reviews on the drawers almost convinced me to not buy this bed. The drawers will be used for clothing and should hold up well if used correctly. The max is 40 lbs per drawer. I wouldn't push it too far. I bought another bed because I was very pleased with this one.

👤The photos were damaged during the unpacking. The box it was in was undamaged. It is disappointing that the tear in the fabric is visible when built. The bed is a nice addition to our guest room and the color allows for many different room designs.

👤I needed help moving the box, but once opened, one person could do it. I bought the storage and the look. Roll out the drawers for easy access. They hold a lot more than I expected. I wanted a higher bed so I bought a pillow top mattress. I can use my King size sheets under the mattress, which is an unexpected plus. I was very pleased with the bed.

👤I like the color of the bed, but I was disappointed that the slats held the mattress up. Four of the plastic caps which attach the slats were broken, and the slats themselves are not finished, meaning another layer between them and the mattress. The drawers are flimsy, clear plastic over metal frames. It's serving it's purpose for the time being, and I appreciated the shipment of extra hardware for construction, but I was a bit disappointed.

👤I love this bed frame. I was able to get the boxes into my place by myself, but I had to think outside of the box. The frame was easy to put together, it took us about an hour. It was missing some parts, but they were replaced quickly. The bed is sturdy and does not make a nose when moving around on it. I made this purchase on Wayfair and thought I'd leave a review here as well.

👤The bed is exactly what it is in the picture. Put it together. The instructions were clear. It would be difficult to make a mistake. It took me three hours to put it together. It's not hard to put together. There is no reason to fear putting this piece of furniture together.


What is the best product for platform bed and mattress queen?

Platform bed and mattress queen products from Urbanlab. In this article about platform bed and mattress queen you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Home Life are also good brands to look for when you are finding platform bed and mattress queen.

What are the best brands for platform bed and mattress queen?

Urbanlab, Amazon Basics and Home Life are some of the best brands that chosen by people for platform bed and mattress queen. Find the detail in this article. Zinus, Olee Sleep and Modway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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