Best Mid Century Modern Platform Bed King

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1. Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard

Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard

Steel and Plywood are durable. There is support for the modern bedroom. The Mia Platform Bed Frame checks all the boxes for lovers of clean lines, simple silhouettes and long-term reliability. The foundation is made entirely of steel and can support many years of Snoozing, twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs. slats are 3 inches apart and have no need for a box spring to support latex, memory foam or spring mattress. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤Do you have a nephew in school? A daughter who watches too much TV is considering getting a date. Someone who's sworn off of men forever? Is it possible that a romantic partner would prefer his/her bedroom activities to be as gentle as possible? I have a bed frame for you. For the rest of us, consider a different path. There is a pic related.

👤This bed is a complete failure. Don't waste your time building it and then sending it back. I have worked at an engineering firm for 12 years and am mechanically inclined. I will tell you that the bed design was a complete failure. The joint pivots allow the whole end of the bed to shimmy about 2 inches back and forth while the legs and feet don't move, because the headboard cross bars only have one bolt each on either end. To see what I am talking about, watch the video. After building this bed, I decided that it was not going to last for my 15 year old and that we should buy a new one. We only used it for a couple of days. When I tried to return the bed, I contacted Zinus. I was hoping they would give me a discount on a different bed frame. I was told to return it through Amazon. I returned the bed and ordered a different bed from Zinus that was designed differently, and so far we have had no issues. The twin bed frame design from this company is a complete failure and they need to stop selling it or redesign it. I am not sure if the larger frame sizes are the same as the twin, but it is definitely not.

👤The product was easy to set up. After only two months of use by a person of 100 lbs., it began to make noise and the center piece of the mattress broke. I contacted the customer service of Zinus to get a replacement part and screw for the bed frame, because I registered for the "warranty" on the product on the website. I have submitted two difference ticket claims, sent them at least 8 times, and not received a single response that was not an automated "we will contact you." I called the customer service number and was told that they couldn't do anything and that I had to wait for the other department to respond to my emails. I can't even get a reply about getting a replacement part. I am very disappointed in the company who doesn't stand behind their products.

👤This is a good bed. I got three of them. Some of the bad reviews come from people who don't like mechanical engineering and don't know how to tighten a bolt without over tighten and striping out the screws. There are a couple of tips that I have. Before you tighten it down, put the whole frame together very tightly. Loctite Red will help the bed frame from backing out and squeaking during extracurricular activities. Don't jump on the bed, it's not a trampoline. If you can't help but jump on the bed, buy a trampoline to sleep on. I hope this helps people. Get yourself a good night's sleep.

2. Modway MOD 5993 WHI Amelia Leather White

Modway MOD 5993 WHI Amelia Leather White

A king platform bed with gentle curves and a classic design is the focal point of a master or guest bedroom. Bedrooms décor are elevated by elegant style and Tufted detail. The upper bed frame is covered in vegan leather and has side rails and a foam padded king mattress. The king size bed frame is made from solid wood and plywood and is designed to sleep with an upholstered headboard. The box spring is required. The king bed has wood slats that are durable and offer superior support, making it a good foundation for the box spring and other mattresses. The king bed frame is a welcome update to modern, contemporary, traditional, and transitional décors. The weight capacity is 800 lbs.

Brand: Modway

👤I bought it for my daughter. You will need a box spring. The bed is not flat because it does not have a box spring. Without a box spring, it was very uncomfortable. We have an 8 inch mattress. There is a gap between the mattress and the headboard. We will have a box spring and a mattress topper. It was easy to assemble. I did it myself. It was with all the pieces.

👤I bought a full-sized white bed frame for my daughter. It should last for several years. Overall, I think it is a great purchase and she loves it. I put it together on my own. The instructions were good, except for the fact that the holes are drilled in different ways to allow other pieces to connect, and you need to use common sense to place the pieces correctly, as the directions don't point this out. The base and backboard were strengthened with some wood. I think it would have been wobbly without the addition.

👤The bed is beautiful and expensive. Please plan to put a foundation. The mattress is held by a few slats. A good bounce would kill them. We are going to put plywood under the mattress. Excellent quality for the price.

👤There are not many slats to hold up the mattress. My 10 year old broke it because they were so flimsy. The headboard is too high. It looks like a box spring is needed to get the mattress high enough to reach the head board. I would return it if my daughter didn't like it. I'll fix it by buying another box spring.

👤It was fast putting together. It turned out well. My daughter likes it.

👤I bought this for my daughter because she wouldn't need a box spring. I have to spend more money on a box spring because there aren't consistent slats. The mattress falls through because there are 2 slats. Not happy.

👤I am happy with the product. The cute. It is the perfect size for my bed room. The instructions do not come with the actual bed frame. I don't know if it was a mistake or not. You would have to go to the website and look up the bed frame and then there is instructions on how to assemble it. It is a very good, sturdy bed frame and it is the only complaint I have.

👤There is a bed frame in the picture. I called the customer service because I couldn't find the additional pieces for the bed. Customer service was excellent. The bed is sturdy and beautiful. I have a happy daughter.

3. Crosley Furniture KF726001AC Platform Headboard

Crosley Furniture KF726001AC Platform Headboard

It was inspired by classic mid-century modern design. The acorn colored hardwood frame hints at subtle refinement. It's available in Queen or King. Sturdy frame construction is designed to last. The mattress and box spring are not included. The mattress and box spring are not included.

Brand: Crosley Furniture

👤The Easmor on Wayfair has the same bed as this one. It's $100 cheaper. The bed is of good quality. I think I need to tighten the bolts after a while because it creaks a bit. The bed feels very stable and solid after I added some non-slip casters to the legs. I was able to assemble this bed by myself. It is heavy, and the boxes are heavy, but I carried it in pieces. The seller offered my 10% back in lieu of a return, even though it was slightly damaged. I accepted. I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it because of the minor damage on the bed rail.

👤I like the look of the bed, but it has a couple unexpected issues. 1. The bolts that attach the posts are visible. I would have expected them to have a decorative plug to hide the hardware. I didn't recall seeing this in the photographs before buying the bed, but I can see them now. I will try to find a way to cover them. 2. The platform frame was installed upside down due to the lack of details on the piece. I had to disassemble the entire bed in order to fix it because the center slat support brace was at an angle. A simple sticker to mark this side up would have been helpful. 3. I need to find the appropriate glides or pads for the bottoms of the legs because the bed slides easily across my hardwood floors. You will need assistance putting the bed together.

👤I loved the West elm bed, but decided to save some money. Within 4 days, the two boxes arrived. The veneer on the bed can easily be scratched. The bed had pre marked screw holes. Before attaching brackets to the bed, make sure the feet on the middle beams are not touching the floor. I had to level the holes again because the feet on the beams did not touch the floor. The bed is beautiful but we don't want to build it for the price we paid. Customer service was helpful. As well, Crosley was helpful. There is a Also! I couldn't find a place that could tell me the measurement from floor to rail height. It fits the zip ikea storage containers nicely.

👤I wouldn't recommend this. I was hoping for something similar to the West elm version, but it's not there. The wood is more orange than the picture shows, and the design makes it look like a closet door from the 70s. None of the pictures show this. The wood is sturdy.

👤The bed was in two large packages. The bed I bought is sturdy and looks great, but I like the color of it the most. The bed was AWFUL. Be warned. I had to get some custom cut hardware for my bed because the hardware that it comes with doesn't work for it, and there were 6 trash bags in the packaging which I am still cleaning out of my apartment. The side panels are an inch too short for the head and foot boards to attach to, so there are headless screws that attach the boards to the side panels. After spending two days trying to build a bed, I went to the hardware store twice and got them cut to the correct length. The middle support does not touch the ground. I figured with the weight of the mattress. Hopefully, it would be okay. The holes to attach the center beam to the head/foot boards do not line up with the hardware, and the center legs don't touch the ground, so they are not even in the right place. I'm hoping this isn't an issue over time, but I decided to ignore it because I was so exhausted from dealing with it. The bed was 3.5 stars due to the construction issues. I am happy that it was exactly what I was looking for.

4. Upholstered Platform Wingback Headboard Foundation

Upholstered Platform Wingback Headboard Foundation

There is foam-padded upholstery with a steel framework. The platform bed is inspired by a classic, with brass detailed legs, grid tufting and soft, self-piped wingbacks, it's perfect for the modern home. A thick interior steel frame can support many years of rest and relaxation, and a cozy foam padded headboard with durable fabric for luxurious lounging. No box spring is needed because of the durable wood slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress. Everything is packed into a single box and shipped straight to your door, and all the parts, tools and instructions are located in the compartment of the headboard for easy assembly in under an hour. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤I ordered this bed because of previous reviews. My husband and I have never ordered furniture online before. Installation instructions have amazed us. It was put together in less than an hour. My husband was amazed. We think this product is very good. You will regret it. Thumbs up!

👤It worked great for the first month, but then it got really squeaky if you moved on. It is easy to assemble.

👤You won't regret it if you get it.

5. Mr Kate Upholstered Headboard Platform

Mr Kate Upholstered Headboard Platform

A bedroom piece should be mid-century modern and vintage luxury. It was designed with brass tone legs and tight channel tufting. Sturdy construction includes side rails, bentwood slats and additional center legs. The secured slats system does not require any additional box spring or foundation. One box. Assembly is quick and easy. There are three sizes available: Full, Queen and King. There are multiple colors and finishes to choose from. A limited warranty. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasives. Product dimensions are 86.5”L x 66.5”W x 42.50”H. The net weight was 72.50 lbs. The shipping dimensions are 67”L x 37”W x 5”H.

Brand: Mr. Kate

👤I love this bed. It was very easy to put together. I have to say that the headboard is a little shorter than I had expected. I don't know if I have a really tall mattress. I bought the light gray version of the color gray and thought it would be a little lighter. The picture looked like there were smaller lines on the headboard, so the lines were spread out more. There is a lot of space for underbed storage. It is a very clean design and can be found in any room.

👤The bed is not up to the test of time. The slats are breaking. The cheap bed I bought is not very sturdy. The product was very disappointing. I had to duct tape the wood slats of the bed frame after they broke. The plastic inserts that hold the slats into the bed frame snapped off. You can save money by buying a different bed frame. This isn't worth it.

👤We ordered a full size bed for our daughter. The box was wet from the rain. The bed isn't as light as the picture shows. The lines are more defined. I appreciated how everything was packaged. The bed is easy to put together, decent priced, and it still looks nice, even though it doesn't match the photo description.

👤Even though I liked the way it looked on the photo, I was a bit worried about getting this. I am happy I went ahead and got it. I love how it looks. Assembly was easy. It took me and my boyfriend 45 minutes to put it together.

👤It took about 1 1/2 hours to build, the instructions were easy to follow, and all the pieces were clearly labeled. The bed was delivered before it was expected. The dark gray linen color is a great neutral, and the style of the beds fits in with the mid-century modern style furniture in my bedroom. There is plenty of room underneath for storage.

👤I decided on the dark grey linen one after making a spreadsheet of grey beds. I chose linen because of the color options. The bed is worth the price. Between two people the bed took 2 hours to put together. It was an easy fix to put one piece on backwards. If you stand on the bed for too long, you will crack one of the slats. My bed is great on it.

👤It is still beautiful despite being a dark velvet and not linen. The whole thing was well packaged. I put together frames that cost more and we are more confusing. I hope this continues.

👤The frame and headboard are not the same color. I came back to the listing to write my review, but I didn't notice. It is still my style. It works well with my other furniture. Assembly was somewhat difficult as some screw holes didn't line up, but once I got it and everything came together it was incredibly sturdy! I like how the slats are inserted into the frame section by section rather than being thrown on top and secured with some Velcro.

6. DHP Janford Upholstered King Black

DHP Janford Upholstered King Black

The metal frame has metal legs for extra support. The product dimensions are 83" L x 79.5" W x 45.5" H, Frame height 11 and Frame thickness 1.5. The box spring of the same size is required. Simple and chic, the Janford Upholstered Bed is exactly what your bedroom decor needs. If you are looking for a statement piece that will not overwhelm your bedroom decor, the Janford Upholstered Bed is the perfect solution. Sturdy wood and metal frame construction with center legs. It requires a foundation.

Brand: Dhp

👤The bed is poorly made. The bottom of the backboard doesn't allow you to have a box spring with the mattress, if you put both, the mattress over laps at the foot of the bed because it doesn't allow it to rest on the entire box spring. If you want to put the mattress on its own, you have to use a box spring because there are only three iron beams going across the bottom. No solution.

👤This is a PSA! The bed frame does not come with a matress foundation. The matress only has three metal bars. You need a box frame to hold the matress. The cheapest option I found on Amazon was a 5-inch Zinus Box frame. The box frame and matress should be 10 inches or less in thickness. Your mattress will overhang your box frame and look really bad if there is no clearance between it and the frame. You are screwed if you don't get a box frame because your matress is already 10-inches thick. If you have a mattress that only has 3 bars supporting it, you will have major dips in the middle which may lead to serious back pain like I did, so factor a visit with your chiro into the price of this product as well. I have no other alternatives because I am stuck with my bed. All of this should be disclosed in the listing by the seller. It is unfair to have to suffer financially and physically as a result of finding out the hard way.

👤The bed frame looks great. It doesn't look like it will last. A nice platform bed.

👤This is a great bed frame. It is a bed frame. The bed is not a platform. You will need a base or boxsprings for this to work. I protected the mattress with a piece of plywood and it sat perfectly. The bed looks great. It looks more expensive than it is. I like it and would do it again.

👤A review of the king size. Arrives in a large box. I did it alone. I would recommend a blue treadlock for all of the bolts because they will become loose after a few months. The quality is nice, the welds look good, and the fabric appears to be durable. I was impressed with the price.

👤I was very excited to get this for our son. The packaging was not great when it arrived. The headboard broke in two places. It will work for us because it was going to be difficult to return it. There were pieces of metal that were bent. I screwed it in and it flatted out. It looks okay. I wish the headboard was not broken.

👤The frame is too wide for a double mattress and there is a platform covering the gap, so you have this weird gap. You need a box spring. I used plywood last minute because I was expecting it to have slats or a base. Without the box spring, the mattress sits low in comparison to the head board height. The frame of the box spring is awkwardly wide, so it would not be perfect. Is it really possible to complain for $120?

7. Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

The fabric upholstery has a steel framework. Good looks and conflagration style. The Shalini makes a stunningly chic addition to your bedroom and is made of sturdy construction and diamond pattern stitching. The Twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds. slats are not required for a box spring, and they can be used for both twin and full sizes. Everything you need is packed into a single box and shipped straight to your door, and all the parts, tools and instructions are located in the compartment of the headboard for easy assembly in under an hour. The mattress is sold separately. The furniture finish is wooden slats. There is a bed frame inside.

Brand: Zinus

👤This is the second bed frame I have purchased. I bought this bed after reading all of the positive reviews. The website said it could take five days to receive it. I got it in two. I had a hard time getting this huge box up the stairs in my apartment building, but I did manage to get it up 5 flights of stairs. The bed is sturdy and the wooden plank are held in place by the straps. The bed can hold some weight. My partner is 6'7 I'm 5'6 159. It holds up. Assembly was easy because of the instructions. My bed is not big enough for a lot of under bed space. I was pleased with the look, feel and quality. I moved my bed so that you could see the size. I have a full size mattress set that does not require a box spring. You took the time to read my review. I hope you found it useful.

👤The bed frame was easy to set up, but I found out the headboard was not bug free. This has been a problem for other customers and I wish I'd read more of the reviews. I'm currently sleeping on my couch as I wait for the treatments to come so I can get back to sleep. I think it is a nice bed frame and headboard, but not worth the risk of getting bed bugs or paying for an exterminator.

👤Don't do it! There is more to the frame than you can see. The last reviews I saw about the bedbug were a year ago. I assumed the seller fixed it. I ordered the bed frame and loved it for a while, but then I started getting itchy bumps and my hands were on fire from all the bites. Don't do it because it hurts so bad. I used bedbug killers and spray but didn't work. I've spent 40 on drugs, vitamins, and creams trying to heal the itching and it's only a short-term fix. I thought I could roast them off the bed by using a UV light. That hasn't worked. The issue of the bed is still there because of all the reviews a year ago. They are telling you not to do it. Its not worth it!

👤The bed is a good value. It was easy to put together. The time was 45 minutes. All pieces fit together. The Allen wrench was included. There were no other tools needed. The instructions were sufficient. Not great but good. The bed is strong. The mattress is perfect. It is not a fancy bed. The pictures depict the product. You should adjust your expectations. It has been almost a year since there have been any issues. I'm 6' 3 and it supports me very well. There was no creaking or noise. It is also very stable. It stays put on the floor. I didn't use the strips on the slats. The mattress stays in place. I would do it again. A friend of mine bought the queen size version a couple of months ago and is happy with it. I have the same experience so far. The parts are kept inside the headboard during shipping. To see it, be sure to open it. This feature is great for moving. The king size mattresses are 76 x 80. If you are short on one side, you should rotation your mattress 90 degrees. It is very quiet during those private moments. At 33 months, there is an update. I was starting to hear some creaking. All Allen bolts were tightened back up. The fabric on the bed is holding up.

8. CosmoLiving Cosmopolitan Elizabeth Storage Upholstered

CosmoLiving Cosmopolitan Elizabeth Storage Upholstered

The mid-century modern design is made of velvet and has brown plastic legs. Sturdy wooden frame. There are metal side rails and bentwood slats. There is additional storage space with four drawers. Ships in a single box and assembles quickly. Clean with a soft cloth. Only one year. The bed's dimensions are 85”l x 63”w x 42. The weight limit is 500 lbs. The shipping dimensions are 64”L x 42”w x 7”h. The product weight is 127. 5 lbs. The gross weight was 141 lbs. The bed's dimensions are 85”l x 63”w x 42. The weight limit is 500 lbs. The shipping dimensions are 64”L x 42”w x 7”h. The product weight is 127. 5 lbs. The gross weight was 141 lbs.

Brand: Cosmoliving By Cosmopolitan

👤I wanted to like this bed frame, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. The directions don't show that the plastic pieces used to put the wooden support plank up are a one time use and if you try to remove them after that they break. I didn't open the drawer at all after the locking mechanisms broke for it three days after I assembled the bed. I can't fix it because it's lost working the frame. This bed frame is the worst part because it doesn't fit a King bed perfectly and pillows can fall between the mattress and the headboard, which is my reason for picking it. It should fit like a glove and have no issues, but it has so many. My wife and I knew the headboard was going to be short, so we didn't care if it was short or not. I would like to say better things about this bed frame. I can not.

👤The bed looks great, but if you aren't a strong individual, you will need help getting the boxes into your room. It's funny. The drawers are cheap. The end caps on the feet of the bed are missing. We are missing those caps. We don't need them. The point is that we are missing something. The velvet is pretty easy to put together. It took my husband and I about 2 hours to put it together, and that's only because we took our time reading the directions and making sure we had all of the parts before we started. Even though they look cheap, the structural boards that line the bed are sturdy. I wouldn't recommend jumping on the bed right now. It's funny. My husband and I are happy with it. 4 out of 5 stars are due to missing parts and cheap drawers. It's a beautiful looking bed.

👤The very first night... I got off the bed and heard a loud crack. I had direct pressure on one knee and one of the slats broke. I'm 183 pounds. The process to get more parts is asking for numbers. What now? Completely disassemble it, rebox it and try to return a package over 100 lbs?

👤It's easy to put together, but 4 of the wooden slabs keep slipping out, and you have to break the plastic slots to get them back out. One of the wooden pieces is shredding more when I put it back in. One of the support rails bent today when the bed slats fell out of place. It's not worth the money. I had a bed for 2 months and had to buy a new frame.

👤It took a little bit to put it together but it wasn't hard to do. The storage space is very strong. The hardware was packaged well and had spare parts on all the litle pieces in case you lost or broke them. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The bed in our master bedroom is perfect. The coffee table was built with more profanity. I would say it was on the easier scale. The drawers are in the bed frame. It keeps them in place, but it isn't as strong as I had hoped since we have two big furballs in the bed. I originally intended to create hideaway dog beds in the drawers, but am now using them for sweatpants storage.

9. Baxton Studio 149 8771 AMZ Platform Walnut

Baxton Studio 149 8771 AMZ Platform Walnut

A mid-century modern platform bed. The upholstery is made of fabric. The rubberwood frame is finished in walnuts. There is a split cushion design on the foam padded headboard. It can be used with one mattress. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Baxton Studio

10. Zinus Olivia Metal Platform Support

Zinus Olivia Metal Platform Support

Solid wood, steel and plywood. This skillfully built foundation doesn't skimp on style or substance and is made from beautifully finished solid wood and steel. The foundation is made of steel framework and solid wood and can support up to 700 lbs. No box spring is needed because the wood slats are reliable and closely spacing. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤I regretted buying this. The center posts were higher than the outside ones. It was a little wobbly, but I can do it. One year and two girlfriends... The first girlfriend was shaky. The second girlfriend took it to another level. The foot board was removed from the rest of the bed last night. We were forced to sleep on an incline. The bed looks nice, but will probably let you down in the end.

👤I have ordered 15 beds and mattresses this year, including three of this bed. Their products are inexpensive. The last one I received was disappointing. There was a manufacturing defect in one of the vertical poles. I understand that this happens occasionally in manufacturing, but I am annoyed by the lack of response from Zinus. I called, left a voice mail, and sent an email. There was no response. I will be spending more money and time to make it work by drilling new holes, buying nuts and bolts, and the bed wont be assembled correctly. There is a I can send the entire bed back to Amazon for a new one. Who has the time and energy to do that? I had the one replacement piece, Zinus. If I decide to keep buying your products after this, how about a credit towards the next purchase? A lot of houses are furnished by me. If I ever hear from Zinus, I will consider revising this review.

👤The bed frame is nice. The price is great. It is easy to assemble. Real wood! My picture shows the bed frame with a mattress.

👤I had high hopes for this product. When I first put it together, the reviews were very good. I think you get what you pay for. The bed started to sway and squeak within a month. The legs underneath were shifting at an angle, and were no longer straight up and down. The bed was not usable for 3 months because the screws that hold the legs on did not give it enough support. It would shift a lot. We felt unsafe on this bed because we are not large people. Don't waste your money on a cheap bed. So far, so good. The bed is very good for the price. The head and foot boards are heavy and solid. It was easy to put together. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow.

👤After a week. The bolts hold the steel beam in place. It looks like the area was warped from the factory. It's a hundred pounds of steel and wood and I have to ship it back. Emailed Zinus twice, but no luck. I got a full refund without having to ship it back because of the lack of customer service from Zinus. Thank you, Amazon. Everyone else should be wary of the warranty from Zinus. They don't stand behind it.

👤The frame is still strong almost a year later. There was no warping of the legs. I had a bolt that backed out and caused some creaking, but I tightened it. Since the item is now on Prime, the shipping time I mentioned in my review is no longer applicable. There are no comments at this time. I'm very happy with the purchase. The setup was easy to set up. Everything is labeled with a number and you can match it to the other number. The assembly uses a key. I had to roll the slats out to put them in place because the rails are covered with a strip of Velcro. There is a tacky strip on the top of two slats to hold the mattress in place. My mattress was a tight fit. I can't imagine anything shifting it out of place. The construction is strong. I haven't heard a sound or creak. I noticed a small flaw in a piece of metal while assembling, but I have no idea where it is now, so it's not a concern to me. I have a mattress that is about 2 inches taller than the wooden part of the footboard, so I can tell you how tall a mattress can be. If you're buying a mattress at the same time, plan accordingly. It takes longer than normal to receive this item, so it ships within 3-6 days. I ordered it on 3/18 and it arrived on 3/29. This is the first review. I was not paid, given a discount, or given any other perk for this review, which seems to be the way of the Amazon review world.

11. DHP Franklin Century Upholstered Velvet

DHP Franklin Century Upholstered Velvet

Contemporary design is versatile and can fit in any room. It's ideal for small spaces. The wood slat base provides better air flow circulation to keep the mattress fresh longer. It is designed with a sturdy metal construction that will support you for a long time. Quick assembly. You will save more money if you don't have a box spring. Accommodates one standard twin-size mattress. The daybed dimensions are 78"L x 41.5"W x 33"H and the weight limit is 400 lbs.

Brand: Dhp

👤Today, I received it. It looks just as I expected. The box was large and heavy. The driver asked my husband to help. Installation instructions were very easy to follow. It took over an hour to assemble with my 10 year old and my bad back. A more fit person could do it in less time. One person could assemble it. There are tools included. The fabric looks good. It is stapled to the underside. I expected that. The quality and assembly of Ikea furniture is comparable to that of the overall quality. It looks great once assembled. I liked the way the slats attach to the frame. The mattress I bought was delivered with it. I would recommend a mattress that is at least 7 years old, as there is a metal joint to attach the sides that are above the base slats. I took pictures for you because there were no reviews when I bought you the pictures. I would buy it again. I will update this review if there are any major issues.

👤This bed was delivered to us. Our little one kept trying to help as my husband set it up. If you were in a hurry, this could be set up in about 30 minutes. The back, side, and front rail were wrapped in mesh material to protect the fabric which I really appreciated. We were able to put a bed rail on it because we bought it for our daughter. She likes to sit on her new bed and play. This was a great purchase. The price is very reasonable. I didn't want to pay a lot of money for it. I don't like bed germs, so I didn't want second hand. My dog looks crazy. As I was trying to get her to move out of the picture, she was making fun of me. We can see how well that went.

👤I am 43 years old and have never put this together before. I was able to put this together in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I was taking my time and being very careful not to make a mistake. The manufacturer made this easy for me, with all the parts labeled and good directions. The quality of the bed and the looks of it are great. It was joyed! I bought a 12 inch Linenspa mattress to go with it and it looks great. Excellent product and money was well spent. * There is one thing to add. The pads for the bottom of the feet did not hold up. I used a small amount of Gorilla Glue.

👤Fast shipping a beautiful daybed. I have a small place and it looks nice.

👤The product I received is not good. The pre-drilled holes in the steel corner brackets don't fit. The same problem was mentioned by another person who reviewed this item. I can see forcing it if it was out of alignment, but there is no way to assemble it. I have a full shop in my garage, built many Ikea kitchens, and have made custom doors for Ikea frames. I'm a certified CCNA, have worked as a mechanic, and do all of my own plumbing and electrical work. If I tell you that this piece is not good, you should contact the manufacturer to inquire if it has been fixed, or you will be very frustrated.


What is the best product for mid century modern platform bed king?

Mid century modern platform bed king products from Zinus. In this article about mid century modern platform bed king you can see why people choose the product. Modway and Crosley Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding mid century modern platform bed king.

What are the best brands for mid century modern platform bed king?

Zinus, Modway and Crosley Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for mid century modern platform bed king. Find the detail in this article. Mr. Kate, Dhp and Cosmoliving By Cosmopolitan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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