Best Mattress Holder for Platform Bed Frame

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1. Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Spring

Zinus Platform Mattress Foundation Spring

Fast and easy assembly is possible with the Quick Lock Construction. Increased mattress life is supported by strong steel. The need for a box is eliminated. It allows for under bed storage. There is a worry free 5 year warranty. There is a worry free 5 year warranty.

Brand: Zinus

👤Someone used the phrase "snapped together", not so much. That's not a bad thing. It was a good kit with good hardware that went together with one person. There are a couple of words on materials. There could be sex on this thing. The close proximity of the slats is better than my old box spring, which makes my new latex mattress perform better. My highest rating is 4.

👤Sturdy frame. I have no concerns about stability because I'm a bigger guy. It wasn't hard to put together. The only complaint I have is that the metal surface doesn't have a lip to keep the mattress from sliding. The Tuft & Needle mattress is heavy, but it slides around the frame at the slightest nudging. I was able to fix this by attaching rubber cabinet liner around the outside of the frame and along some of the interior slats. The mattress doesn't slide around as much with a box spring. It would be nice if this was included.

👤It was very easy to put together. I like the Allen wrench because I'm not as strong as my husband. I was able to get a grip on it thanks to the Allen wrenches. It works perfectly in my platform bed. So far, so good!

👤The platform bed frame was the reason I got it. When I turned over mid-sleep, the sound woke me up. I needed something to get away without using the box spring, and this did the job. It was easy to put together and took about 20 minutes. I don't know if I'm crazy or not, but I've slept like a rock since I bought this, and I have no pains when I wake up. I'm not sure if the bed frame is making a difference or not, so I'm not going to question it. I was worried about the max weight, but I was not. I'm 350 lbs. It holds me in good stead. I believe that the max weight is 500, but I feel like it can hold a little more. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤This is a great bed frame. They thought through the assembly and it looks nice. About the assembly. The screwhole has a number next to it and you have to match the two that have the number 1 on them to get the screw. The screws are turned with the help of the allen wrenches, spare screws, and a few other things. You go to the ones that have 2 on them. You put the slats in after number 11. You can't see the numbers after you're done. It might be difficult to get some of them to go in if you tighten the screws before the slats. I did it by myself in 20 minutes, and I was moving a lot. I was impressed with the ease of the process. The frame is sturdy and good looking. It's a good height, I put a mattress directly on it, and it ended up at the height of my old setup. It's from the floor to the top of the mattress. It has a clearance from the floor to the bottom of the frame that is enough to fit a 70qt storage container underneath. I bought this frame with the intent of buying a 4-pack of those, and it worked out just as I had hoped. I'm really happy with this frame. You won't be disappointed if you give it a go.

2. Adjustable Anti Shake Telescopic Headboards Loosening

Adjustable Anti Shake Telescopic Headboards Loosening

If you think that a moving bed won't affect your sleep, you might want to think again. Without proper support, it's hard to sleep. They made it! The head of the bed can become wobbly if the wall is damaged. Their threaded glides are easy to install and can make your bed more stable. The Threaded Bed Frame anti-shake tool can be used in many places, as long as the center of gravity is stable or easy to shake the object. There are objects used against the wall. Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place. Warm tips: Measure the distance between your furniture and the wall, then choose the right size anti-shake tool to hold it in place.

Brand: Thread

👤If you know what I mean, these work great for doing what I need them to. Nobody complains because they keep the headboard from hitting the wall. I mean my husband every time I lean against the bed frame so I can sit up and read. I have to change my position to get more comfortable because I can stay up reading all night and make him feel bad. I get angry because he is complaining about the headboard. When he moves the headboard while I watch TV in bed, I passive aggressively tell him to do it, and we have to separate and go bankrupt in court because we can't agree on who gets the bedroom furniture. You can buy this $8 headboard stabilizer and not have to worry about it.

👤I'm just kidding, but they are good for keeping the bed from being destroyed when you have sex. The screws on the back of my bed were tearing the paint off the wall behind it. These definitely fixed that. I can sit up to read and not damage my wall, and these do stop most of the noise from sex. I bought a second pair of these for my friend because I know she and her boyfriend like them. Hilarity began.

👤The bed is held in place by these things. The larger sizes can be reduced almost all the way down. When I removed the wall to replace it, the sticky portion tore the paint off. I would like to see them use a 3M material on the walls.

👤It works like a charm, it helps out so much, my bed doesn't make that annoying rattling noise anymore when we move around during sleep. It's easy to put on.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. It was perfect. I put it in a position where it won't move until I move the whole bed.

👤This is a great idea for our bed. Our Son plays by the headboard, so we don't have to worry about it. I wish I had seen this a long time ago.

👤This is a piece of kit that does what it is supposed to do. The threaded bit could have been made slightly longer with locking nuts added to it. It is still very good.

👤These have given me a new lease of life. I had an issue with my bed. The wall behind my bed was being ruined by rubbing the paint off. I don't have to worry about ruining the wall because these were easy to put together and took seconds to stick them together. I would definitely recommend.

👤I used it to support my bedroom bed. It is working well.

👤Suited to my needs.

3. Olee Sleep Heavy Non Slip Support

Olee Sleep Heavy Non Slip Support

You can maximize space in your bedroom with minimalist style. Steel slats can be used to support a mattress. The mattress has a unique design to keep it from slipping. There is more under bed storage and no box spring required. It is easy to set up with no tools required. The dimensions for the mattress/box spring are 79.5 x 59.5 inches. Under bed clearance is 16.25-inch slats.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤I read through 17 pages of questions while investigating this on Amazon. I will try to answer the 10 questions that are on the 17 pages so that you don't have to read the answers. We bought the king bed version and are using it with a 13” memory foam mattress. This is the first review. I will update in a month. The shipping weight is 59 pounds. The box is 42” x 21” It was packed well for shipping. They were vague about when it would arrive. We ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Wednesday, a day earlier than the shipping confirmation said. The assembly is happening The instructions are easy to understand because they are in pictograph form. You don't really need the words when they are written in English. There are six long metal pieces that make up the perimeter of the bed and an eighth one that goes down the middle. The legs open on the three long pieces. The four pieces that make up the top and bottom are bolted together. The instructions are easy to understand. Don't start attaching them until you lay all the pieces out. The instructions say "A1*1" and "A*1" but they don't say "B" and "B1" to indicate there is. If you look closely at the diagram, you will see that the A and B pieces have slots for a headboard, but the B does not. It took my wife and I less than 15 minutes to assemble it. The pieces are not heavy. Lifting the mattress up onto the frame was the hardest part. There are two long bolts and 12 short bolts. The Allen wrench and nut wrench are the only tools required. Everything was easy to attach. The metal slats are snapped into the holders. Four slats have red dots on them. The slots have small tongues on the end that open into small openings. There are 9 metal slats on each side of the bed. Each slat is 12 inch wide on top and 8 inches apart from each other. The top of the slats is below the frame. This provides a lip to hold your mattress in place and it fits our king memory foam mattress very snug so that it won't move. You don't need a box spring if you use a mattress. The frame is 18 inches high, so the mattress and box spring are very high. The top of the 13 inch memory foam mattress is almost 32 inches off the floor. If you have a traditional mattress, you can put it on the slats. If you have a memory foam mattress without a box spring, you should put something in between to keep the foam from squeezing through the slats. You can use a sheet of cardboard, butparticle board, peg board, thin plywood, and anything else will work. If you want to put in something like that, be aware that the inside dimensions of that lip are 75.5” x 79.5” so you need something slightly smaller than that. Cut it in half to fit in your truck or SUV. My wife and I decided not to put anything between the slats and the memory foam. We bought something to go in between when we read the question answers for 1/3 of the memory foam owners. The memory foam leaking between the slats was reported by 1/3 of the people, and so far on the first day we don't think it will be a problem. There are hardwood floors. There are nice hardwood floors in our house. My wife didn't trust the plastic caps on the frame that protect the floor, so she bought rubber squares to put under the feet. The king bed version has 9 feet so you need 9 square rubber pads. You can go without a dust ruffle if you don't put anything under the bed. The metal is artistic. It is black metal with square corners. You should hide the frame if you are going to store things under the bed. The frame is 18 inches high so a traditional dust ruffle is too short. A woman answering a question said she attached fabric panels to the frame with a stick on the Velcro. We plan to do that. It was very quiet once assembled. The bed did not move when I was laying on it and I was over the 300 pound mark. There was a small squeak if I shook back and forth and got on all fours. Most of the question answerers and reviewers said that there is no squeak with heavy people doing the horizontal mambo. The bed is shaking for certain activities and there is a quiet squeak. I don't think anyone would hear it if they were 40 feet away. It was a slight disappointment. It doesn't change my rating since almost any bed would have more of a squeak than this.

4. PrimaSleep PR09BX01Q Platform Frame Wooden Underbed

PrimaSleep PR09BX01Q Platform Frame Wooden Underbed

The metal bed frame has a minimalist design. All hardware, tools, and instructions are included in the assembly package. The wooden slats have tape on them. There is no box spring required. The dimensions are 79.5 x 59.5 x 9 inches.

Brand: Primasleep

👤This is a sturdy bed frame. It's perfect for using with memory foam. The slats are close together. The wood slats are fastened to the frame via velcro. The mattress won't shift while sleeping because of the tape on the slats. I am able to store my violins underneath the frame because it has good storage space. If you are careful with the center support legs, anything less than seven and a half inches in height should fit. The allen wrench and screws aren't properly hardened so they want to strip when they tighten them down. The poor quality screws and tool earned me one star. There was some paint on the ding, but it was related to the damage to the box. The package was heavy, I think it was around 45 pounds. It was a good purchase for the price and ease of assembly.

👤My husband has always helped me out, but I was able to do it myself. The instructions are clear and the bed is stable. It only took me about 30 minutes to assemble, but it took about 10 minutes in normal person time. The holes at the bottom are large enough to hold thin boxes, but not large enough to hold a massive storage box holder.

👤The frame was easy to put together, with extra screws and an Allen wrench. I agree with the other reviews that it is easier to assemble with two people so they can hold up the metal frame. The pieces slid together after I wiggled them, and the screws went in without a hitch. The Allen wrench was used to tighten things up after the screws went in.

👤The frame is comfortable. There were some setbacks. I had to leave that connection open because one of the screw holes didn't line up. It still seems sturdy, because everything else went well. It looks like someone beat the frame with a hammer before sending it to me. It is not noticeable with the mattress in place, but a new item should be.

👤Love the frame. Even though the bed is only nine inches, I am able to keep items under it.

👤The delivery guy threw the frame at my door. The ends are not easy to align. Not terrible. I would spend another 50 dollars for something nicer.

👤I have a small dog and this frame is perfect for her to still jump up.

5. COMASACH Non Slip Gaskets Mattress Anti Slip

COMASACH Non Slip Gaskets Mattress Anti Slip

The manufacturer's warranty is for five years. Before ordering, make sure your bed frames are wide and open before you place your order. The anti-slip gasket can be put into the bed frame directly. You can keep your mattress stable by putting the six gaskets in your bed frame, four frame side and full. The metal frame design is more durable and easy to attach in your bed frame. There is attention! Measure the thickness of the bed frame and choose the right size for your order.

Brand: Comasach

👤Measure your metal bed frame before ordering. We needed something to keep the mattress from sliding. We put two on each side of the bed. If you have a thick mattress, the flat side would not work, so I wish they would change that.

👤I think it depends on your mattress, but at least for Leesa, it still finds a way to climb over the gasket and pull them out of the frame. It's better to put a nut and bolt on top of the frame than it is to just put it there. It could be that my gf was sitting up in bed with her back to the headboard so that the mattress would slide more horizontal force to get over the gasket.

👤I think I made an error in my measurement. My husband is going to modify them to fit my bed frame. The mattress will move and slide if we don't have a footboard. They are sturdy and a great value. I think they will be great if you measure correctly. My fault for that error.

👤I need to keep adjusting my mattress because it keeps moving on the base. I have been trying to find a way to hold my mattress in place. After a lot of research, I found these that were not expensive and would solve my problem. There is a Yes, it works! I bought two mattresses. I felt that sometimes more than 6 is needed for one bed, and so have ordered a third one. It is easy to use.

👤The brackets are on top of the bed frame, but do not have anything to anchor them in place. My mattress still slides out of place when these fall off.

👤I have been using them for almost a week and they could be a little taller and have a way to lock them on the frame. They have popped out and off a few times. Most of the time, they do work.

👤The metal foundation was used to keep the foam mattress from sliding. I didn't use any on the head or foot area. It worked.

👤The slip preventers were built to be heavy duty. It was designed to fit right in. They have pre drilled holes for screw anchoring.

👤All of the ones I have purchased hold the mattress. I would purchase more.

6. Anti Slip Gasket Prevent Mattress Sliding

Anti Slip Gasket Prevent Mattress Sliding

The anti-slip gasket is made of metal. They are hard to bend and will keep your bed mattress from sliding. The sliding problem of the mattress can be solved using their anti-slip sheet. You can complete the device by placing the gasket around the bed frame bedside. If you buy a set, they will provide you with 6 pieces, you can set 2 on each side to maximize the anti-skid effect, even if you jump on the bed, still keep the mattress intact. The iron sheet has a gap of 0.98 inches.

Brand: Comasach

👤I bought a platform-style bed frame for my grandson. He loved the bed, but it was obvious that we were in trouble when he climbed up. The front of the mattress shifted when he moved. We had a great night. I went to the computer to return the frame, but decided to see if there was anything I could do to avoid shipping the bed back. The best option appeared to be the metal gasket. I put them on for two minutes after I received them. They fit perfectly on our bed frame. The mattress keeps the gasket from moving. Great price too! These gaskets are very good.

👤These things are perfect. It is worth the money. Measure your outermost bed rail because they come in two sizes. I think 1inch is more popular than 1/2 inch. My mattress stays in place after I bought them. I don't have to move it every morning.

👤The bed frames are not meant to fit this product. Don't waste your money.

👤I wish I had known about them a long time ago. My frame doesn't have a baseboard or a headboard and the mattress slips around it, it's a pain! I didn't need to screw them in because my mattress stopped sliding after the installation. 10/10

👤The clips fell off when the mattress tried to move.

👤They fall off the bed. You need more than one package because there isn't enough to keep the mattress in place. I got a picture from the manufacturer to show how the clamps stick up. I hurt my knee while sitting down. I wouldn't recommend because of the cost and the fact that they can hurt you.

👤They bent and didn't keep my bed in place.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. I use these on my bed frame. I get out on the side of the mattress. I had to push it back. The inside bars were used to keep the mattress in place. They worked well. I highly recommend them.

👤The matress slides over it. It would be great if it was longer.

7. Furniture Support Adjustable Platform Replacement

Furniture Support Adjustable Platform Replacement

The 14 inch tall mattress foundation has plenty of underneath storage space. There is a 12 inch height clearance. There is a worry free 5 year warranty. This product can be used for most of the bed frames. The adjusted size is 7.8in. Simple assembly. The package has 2 furniture legs and 2 screws. The furniture legs need to be raised. It is easy for beginners to put it into service. There are two furniture legs with a load capacity of about 300 kilogrammes. The furniture legs are made of iron, which has a high load-bearing capacity, even after many years of use. There is a glue pad at the bottom of the leg. Saving money on bed repairs and mattress replacements can be accomplished by using the bed frame support legs. The design is a cost effective way to maintain your expensive bed base. There is a satisfactory warranty and service. If you find the product damaged or missing, please contact their customer service center. They will give you the best solution.

Brand: Kusrup

👤I'm 175 lbs and my husband is 250 lbs. The wood support legs that broke due to the slipping on my laminate flooring were replaced with these. I bought a rug and coasters for the feet of my bed to help keep it in place. When my husband and I had sex once, the damage was really noticeable. We checked the legs and they were so crooked that the screws for the feet were warped and one foot was missing. Since our wood ones broke and scared us at 6 o'clock in the morning, we checked on them about once a week to see how they were holding up. We had to adjust them twice before to tighten them, as they would become loose and I had to drill new holes in the slats to fit the original ones. I'm pretty sure that the reason they would get loose was because of that, but I still think it would be more full-proof with the additional hardware. I think I could give this 4 or 5 stars if I had carpet flooring, but since these didn't hold out on a laminate floor, I can only give it 3. I have had them for less than a month.

👤I used these to replace the wooden legs on my bed frame. They are strong and solid. These would hold up to Hedonism Rick's rippin and a tearin, rippin and a tearin.

👤The wood splitting in the wooden support beams was one of the issues I had with the bed set. I replaced one of the broken wooden beams with this and it worked perfectly. Measure the hole that the screw needs to go into. The legs won't attach if the hole isn't the right size.

👤The bed was left in the middle. The main outer legs were shorter than the 8 legs on the inside. I added an inch to the middle frame after ordering 8 of these legs. The problem was fixed and the bed feels stronger. I had to drill some legs bolts because they were a bigger diameter than my other legs. I think it is well spent to buy 8 of these. Very happy with them.

👤I bought a king size bed several years ago and finally got it set up for the first time. The frame supports were missing. This was the closest I could find. The height can be adjusted to match the ones that came with the bed. It works perfectly.

👤All my bed support legs rest on cheap silicone sponges. The drill had to be used to widen the holes on the bunkie board, but it was easy.

👤Was a great buy. Measure your legs to make sure you get the right height for your bed. This is a good value at a fair price, and it does the job.

👤I needed the legs to support my bed frame. It was easy to install. Provide the best support.

8. Zinus Lorelei Platforma Mattress Foundation

Zinus Lorelei Platforma Mattress Foundation

Steel is strong and durable. Go Minimalist - Less is more, especially with this modern and structural sound foundation that gives both strength and understated sophistication to your bedroom, two qualities that never go out of style. 13 inches of underbed space is perfect for storing extra odds and ends on a 14 inch platform. Reliable metal slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour with a friend's help. All sizes can support up to 700 lbs, but the twin size can support up to 350 lbs.

Brand: Zinus

👤I spent money on a defected item because I thought the same thing and was so frustrated. I put the frame on its side and pushed the outer beams inward. I tightened them on its side. Thank goodness! I wrote this review to help other reviewers. I feel like you are frustrated. It will be okay to tighten if you flip it on the side. I docked two stars because of that. The instructions should have said that.

👤Do not buy this item. You can read my entire review. It looks like it would be a great bed. The cross bars need to be about 1/2 inch longer. You have to be very careful if they fall out, and then you have no support. My son is 15 years old. The bars are going to come out of the bed every time. I put a sheet on and a bar came out. The bar can't be put back into place after the end piece came out. The bottom of the metal frame had one of the end pieces out when I opened the package. It was wrapped in a different part than the one it was supposed to be. I don't believe it happened during shipping because it was bent when I opened it. The end piece wasn't even with the piece it went to. It was easy to put together, I did it myself. I think my 6 year old could have put it together. I wonder how it will hold up when my 15 year old sleeps on it. Update... I suspected that the bars don't hold up after 3 months. I have to get a new bed because it is falling apart. Another update... We got a bed. Put it up the next day. September 5th is a whole 4 months later. The entire bed is falling apart. My son is scared to sit on it.

👤This is a great bed. There are a few minor problems with this, but it's a good idea and we have no fears of it holding together. I use a king size of memory foam. The slick top makes it hard to put a bedskirt over the mattress if it is not too heavy. Multiple supports in the middle make it more difficult to organize longer boxes and I would prefer it was just a bit higher. It works, but it is not as functional as I would like. Assembly takes a while, and the tools are poor. If you have an impact driver with an allen head, be careful not to strip the screws as they can mis thread or over Torque.

👤The bed frame is easy to put together because I am good at it. I never got to try the bed frame because it was too short. I ordered a Full and it's clear that I received some correct pieces. I put in a request for support almost 24 hours ago and haven't heard back. I'm not sure when I'll hear back, but I have unusable chunks of metal taking up a large part of my bedroom, and my goal of building my bed frame yesterday is long gone. If I can prepare it in a week, I'll be lucky. Disappointing. Don't buy from this brand. One piece being short is a mistake, more than half the pieces not fitting is a pattern.

9. FSTAR Headboard Strengthen Foundation Noise Free

FSTAR Headboard Strengthen Foundation Noise Free

The box spring replacement size is 77. There is a one-year limited warranty on the X 36" X 34.8". It's best to choose a twin bed frame with a headboard that can provide a good night's sleep. The products have a strong frame and sturdy steel slat structure. The metal bed frame can hold up to 500 lbs of heavy-duty and no Box Spring is needed. You can easy to assemble in 20 minutes by following the instructions. If you have a question about installation, they will reply with details. It is easy to clean the room because there is enough space under the bed to store debris. The dimensions are described. The detail size of the bed frame is L77.2 x W35.6 x H 12.72. The bed height is 11.12"

Brand: Fstar

👤The width of this item is very odd. It's about 35 inches narrower than a twin mattress and 30 inches wider than a cot-sized mattress. I put the overhang over there because I usually put stuffed animals along the wall in the corner. The mattress could be centered if one sits carefully. The mattress is fine because there are no corner holders. It is a little odd. The bed was assembled today. I did it myself. It was easy to assemble. The hardware came in a pre-sorted pack and included an extra piece. The only tool needed to complete the assembly was the included allen wrench. The instructions were clear, but at a few points I wasn't detail-oriented and used the wrong bolt. That's on me, not the product. It's ready to sleep on. There was no movement or creaking when I sat on it. I didn't move very much. I am overweight and don't want to take chances with my health. I have a 12-inch mattress, and that is not what this frame was meant for. Half of it is over the footboard. I think a 6-inch mattress would be the best for that look. The wooden decoration portion of the bed is a little too close to the top of the mattress. The storage capability is good. The entire underbed is available to put things in because the bed has no leg at the center.

👤I am a larger woman and I was a bit worried about buying this bed. The bed arrived on time but the box was damaged. I didn't think much of the pieces. I had to start over because I rushed and didn't pay attention to the instructions, it took me about an hour to put everything together. If you are putting this thing together by yourself, take it slowly. I heard the leg snap after I put everything together and moved the bed. It was broken enough to cause problems in the future. I had to send the old bed back to the store to have it replaced because I couldn't get the leg replaced. The delivery for the replacement was delayed because of the winter storms, but I still used it. I was able to sleep on this bed even though I broke my leg. I give this bed frame a 5 out of 5 because it is sturdy.

👤I was concerned about getting a bed frame because of the reviews not being as detailed. This frame is gorgeous. It is easy to assemble, my bed does not slide and it is even quiet. It is a perfect amount of storage under the bed and not bulky. I would recommend this bed frame to anyone. This frame is terrible. I have no luck contacting the seller. The bars have bent and it rattles. I have lost two support beams because of bending. I would like to return it. I am not happy with it. I am getting worse sleep than before.

👤The bed would get 5 stars if the headboard didn't come bent. It's very difficult to put together if you have two people. The bed is not easy to assemble. Trying to figure out how to get a hold of customer service. The bed is great once it is assembled. It is very sturdy and resistant to squeaks. Customer service was contacted. I was told that the factory couldn't send me a replacement. I would have to return the whole frame. I wasn't going to do that because it took 2 hours to assemble and the only problem was the headboard. Re-boxing and taking something heavy to the store is a whole other issue. I need it to stay together as it is for my grandma with balance issues. I had the option of taking a soft hammer and hitting the frame back into shape. This medal is not going to bend with a soft hammer. I will not spend more money to fix an item. The resolution was a $10 refund. Thank you? The bed is still functional and it's just a cosmetic issue. I paid for it and would have liked to get what I paid for. The customer service was good but at the end of the day I received a broken item. This is the reason I am so nervous to order off Amazon.

10. Krisler Adjustable Threaded Anti Shake Headboard

Krisler Adjustable Threaded Anti Shake Headboard

Instructions for use. The red side of the base with double-sided tape is glue to the head of the bed, and the black side of the base is twisted by hand against the wall. It's easy to install. You can change the stability of your bed frame in just a few minutes by simply attaching the headboard to the bed frame. The head of the bed can become wobbly if the headboard stabilizer is not used. The Threaded Bed Frame anti-shake tool can be used in many places, as long as the center of gravity is stable or easy to shake the object. There are objects used against the wall. Measure the distance between your shaking furniture and the wall, then choose the right size, their anti shake can be adjusted from 30mm to 68mm. Measure the distance between your shaking furniture and the wall, then choose the right size, their anti shake can be adjusted from 30mm to 68mm.

Brand: Krisler

👤No more waking the kids up by shaking the bed. Glad we got it.

👤I bought these because I was tired of the padding on my bed. It kept falling down. These are exactly what the seller described, they arrived in a timely fashion, and they work great. It's very easy to install, one side sticks to the bed and the other screws out towards the wall. It's secure to the wall and it's solid. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this because our bed moves depending on what we do in it. The metal frame has a higher headboard attached to it. The top of the headboard is what makes the frame move, because our bedroom has carpet on it. I put one of those things on top of the bed and the other in the middle. The wall was still being hit. I took off the two in the middle and it works better now. It is not perfect, but it is helping a lot.

👤These little things are awesome. I use them on the back of my bed to keep it from moving. I used them on a small bar table that needed to be leveled off. I would like to have extras with me when I purchase some. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I thought these might work. I had to move them because they were stuck to the wall. They took the sheetrock off the wall. I couldn't believe it. This is what happens with the glue. If they had been screwed in without the glue, you wouldn't need to fill the small holes and repair a half dollar sheetrock job. This makes me sick.

👤Like the product. It's easy to install. Make sure you order the correct size. Not a lot of wiggle room. My husband leans against the bed. The drawer is away from the wall.

👤There were left marks on my wall. I had to buy furniture felt and add it to the wall. It should come with softer or smoother surfaces.

👤The noise level didn't go away after it fell from the wall.

👤A good product. The red sticky pads stick, so be sure you want it where you want it. The 4 pack vs 2 pack allows for a larger range. I added M8 nuts to the chrome threaded parts to lock the length adjustment since I noticed that it shortens over time.

👤I bought these to stop my sofa from being torn up. They are still waiting to be used. The construction looks solid and I think they will do the job.

👤I was able to find an article about the court. Adhre facilement and fixe solidement.

👤There are a lot of movement problems with my headboard. These didn't work for me.

👤These are great. It's easy to install and do what I bought them for.

11. Zinus Platforma Mattress Foundation Optional

Zinus Platforma Mattress Foundation Optional

If you prefer a clean, simplistic look in the bedroom, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice durability; the steel Trisha platform bed supports your mattress without stealing focus. 7-inch platform height is perfect for taller mattresses or for those who prefer their bed lower to the ground; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs. Reliable wood slats are designed to support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. It is easy to assemble, all parts, tools, and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box, and set-up takes less than an hour with a friend's help. The mattress is sold separately. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤If you have a lot of tools, easy assembly takes about 30 min. The geometry was perfect, and it was surprisingly made. Instructions were easy to understand and the packaging was protected.

👤I have had it for almost 2 years and no problems. Frame has been able to store many boxes underneath with no problem. If you have a robotic vacuum and oversized top sheets, you'll need to pick the corners of the comforter/sheets from the floor so the Roomba doesn't get stuck. So far, so good! A great bed frame. It allows our little 10 lbs pomeranian to jump on and off the bed as she pleases throughout the night, and it eliminates our worry of her falling off the bed. Our bed frame is a low platform one and allows our Roomba under it. The assembly took less than an hour and included unpacking and cleaning up packaging. All parts have step numbers on them and are easy to assemble. If the bed frame doesn't hold up our weight, we may need to update the mattress with a new one.

👤The frame makes a squeaking sound when it's been a month. The bed will cause squeaks, non-stop squeaks, but so far there are no squeaks during sleep or moderate movements. I don't understand why the bed is squeaking since it has never been under more than 200 lbs. This is not half of the bed frame's maximum capacity. The bed has never been jumped on or abused and I assembled it correctly, it's simple as can be. I decided to keep the bed and try to repair it. I'll use Loctite Thread Locker to reset the bolts. I might use candle wax to coat the surface area in each of the corners where the frame bolts together and at the same time there is a 2 inch metal overlap of the interlocking frame pieces. The rubber washers could help prevent the bolt's head from squeaking. I'm prepared to replace the bolts with self-tapping screw-in bolts for a tighter fit. The last resort would be to have the frame welded into one piece and do away with the bolts. I believe I'll get a quiet bed, which is what my old wood-framed box spring bed provided when it was elevated by hidden concrete blocks instead of using a conventional bed frame, and I always attach my bed head board to the wall to prevent it from squeaking. I like a platform bed without a box spring, and I found out about it with this steel bed frame. It gives a lot of support. I'm going to try to make it work, but I can't recommend this frame because of its moderate squeaks.

👤The bed is good for the price. The frame is lightweight and has a clean look. I am really pleased. The wooden slats were held in place with the help of the Velcro tape. The wooden slats are lined with sticky tape to help keep your mattress in place. 30 minutes was the time it took to unpack and assemble. The instructions were easy to follow and the parts were clearly labeled. The fabrication was a bit off. The support posts under the center beam were removed 1/3” from the floor once the frame was assembled, causing the beam to bow slightly once weight was set onto the frame. The side beams and footer didn't align well on all four corners, which put additional tension on the bolts. I tried to get the bolt in with the allen wrench, but it was too weak. There are better beds out there. Not at this price.


What is the best product for mattress holder for platform bed frame?

Mattress holder for platform bed frame products from Zinus. In this article about mattress holder for platform bed frame you can see why people choose the product. Thread and Olee Sleep are also good brands to look for when you are finding mattress holder for platform bed frame.

What are the best brands for mattress holder for platform bed frame?

Zinus, Thread and Olee Sleep are some of the best brands that chosen by people for mattress holder for platform bed frame. Find the detail in this article. Primasleep, Comasach and Comasach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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