Best Low Platform Bed End Tables

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1. Winsome Wood 20218 Claire Accent

Winsome Wood 20218 Claire Accent

The end table/night stand is cleanlined and casual. The wood nailhead accents are made of wood. Simple carved rails complement the open shelf. The assembly is 18 inches in diameter and 22 inches high. The weight capacity is 50 lbs. It is available in Natural, Black, or White. It is available in Natural, Black, or White.

Brand: Winsome

👤I ordered this table to hold my mini fridge. I asked if it would hold the weight. The manufacturer contacted me after I had ordered it, saying it had a 40 lbs capacity, but I thought I would never use it. I weigh 300 lbs. The table takes my weight. I think my fridge will work.

👤I was on the fence after reading the reviews. I thought it was worth a shot for the price. I'm glad I took the gamble. The table is sturdy and even better priced. It is the perfect size for the space because the drawer slides freely. I searched for a long time for the right table for this space and most of what I was looking at was double the price. I am very happy with the table.

👤I have assembled many pieces of furniture over the years, so I'm not new at it. I wanted to look at more pieces from this line. I will not purchase anything else in this brand, so I decided to wait until I receive this one. The first thing I saw when I removed the box was that there were pieces of white paper stuck to the wood. It was problematic that I am black. I used a Sharpie to fill in some places after removing it. Many of the pieces had scratches and other nicks. The stripped head of one of the large screws made it difficult to get it all the way in. That was one of the gaps that I will deal with as there are several others. The quality of those screws was horrible, and I also noticed that there was one screw problem. This is a new area for me, and I have never seen horrible quality screws. The drawer goes in a weird way, they don't tell you where to put it, I put it in and it prevented the drawer from closing all the way. I had to give up on that as well. The instructions do not exist. Some of the pictures on the sheet make little sense. I'm pretty sure I would be flummoxed if I hadn't done this many times. Why not just return it? It's not possible to get it back in once you get all that out of the box. The only saving grace is that I plan this for a place that is not very visible. There are still inconsistencies that make the appearance less appealing even after using a black Sharpie. I am very disappointed with this product and could not recommend it to anyone.

👤I bought the product in hopes that it was more espresso than black. It is black. There was no hint of red. It took about 15 minutes to assemble. The photo compares espresso furniture to something else. The lower shelf seems to hold about 10 lbs. The drawer should hold a lot of stuff.

👤I want to love this but I can't. Three pieces of the drawer assembly are together. I can't get them apart. I have half finished furniture. I am afraid the wood will crack if I try to break them apart. When I try to call the customer service number, it goes to a fax. I can't get in touch with them. The only recourse is to fill out a stock answer form. I will update this if I hear from the manufacturer in a satisfactory manner.

2. Sorbus Nightstand 1 Drawer Storage Furniture

Sorbus Nightstand 1 Drawer Storage Furniture

The coffee table has protective feet at the bottom to make sure that the floor is not scratched, and you should install the protective feet to make the table more stable. The nighttime show is called the 1-DRAWER NIGHTSTAND. The Sorbus foldable furniture collection pairs beautifully with the lightweight accent table. The wood top provides a hard surface for displaying lamps, alarm clocks, books, eyeglasses, charging station, and more. For home, office, dorm, can be used as bedside storage, 1 drawer dresser, storage chest, sofa end tables, office supply storage, kids nightstand, or baby. The drawer is portable, lightweight, and easy to relocate to different spaces with its easy pull handle, and the drawer folds flat for easy storage when not in use. The shelf is 8.25” deep. 6.37” A sleek design with drawers made of non-woven fabric and a steel frame. Measures approximately 15.75” L x 15.75” W x 18.37” H, and it requires minimal assembly.

Brand: Sorbus

👤Sometimes you buy something and it looks different than you thought it would. The dimensions and color information were there for you, so you can't really complain about that. I think it's a good little side table for $35. The wood top looks cheap, but that's because it is. The table was cheap. If you were to buy a wooden drawer table, the fabric storage box would add a nice touch.

👤It was easy to put together and very solid. The sides are metal and the top is wood. It's great for low beds because it's short to the ground.

👤I rated this 5 stars because it's cheap and sturdy, and it's perfect. I was looking for something to match the pink and white ones in my office. I needed a small shelf to hold my laptop and dock, but I didn't want to keep it on top of my desk. It's cute and functional. The two shelf parts were very sturdy and I paid a lot for them. The metal railings on the side are the same. I put it together myself in 15 minutes. The main part list and the image listed the screws as part H and G, but in actuality, they were the long screw with a flat end. In the right corner of the image, there is a picture of G and H, the flat end one. It took me a second to figure it out, but once I compared the parts list with the main image, I figured it out. I thought I would point it out in the images in case someone else gets confused. It's a sturdy shelf for the price.

👤The nightstand is simple and foldable, but it is the best one I have ever purchased. It is a wonderful size. It's not heavy so you can move around. It was fun to build it. There were no headaches. If I needed a second one, I would buy again. It was worth the money. If you need a sturdy nightstand, buy it. It will not let you down.

👤Some of the screw heads were bent to the side, making it hard to screw in with the head being at an angle. The drawer is tan/beige and has gray on it. The feet are made of plastic. It should have been taken into account that it was much smaller than expected for a child or small room. The wood is holding up well.

👤I replaced my PC desk with one without drawers. My old one had 2 and I had only one. My nightstand at the time had no storage and was single- surface, so a nightstand seemed like a good way to think of alternative storage options. I was very pessimistic about how this would work for alternative storage, but I was able to find one that had a drawer, multiple surfaces, and was under the max height I wanted. The gamble seemed worth taking due to the low price point. I was surprised that everything fit in the single drawer. The drawer is very deep even though it is on the smaller size. I was able to save a lot of space because I was able to store things in the drawers that were upright. The multiple surfaces allowed for my actual nightstand items to look less cluttered and I am really enjoying it. The drawer movement is smooth even when packed with heavy items, it is easy to assemble, and it is perfect height-wise for what I need.

3. Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture

The 8 piece risers, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in height, add a new level of comfort to your life. The risers are wide and deep enough to hold furniture legs. When combined, the three height options of up to 3 Inches, 5 Inches and 8 Inches have the greatest bedpost distance, and the bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space. The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and is convenient to use on any bed. They can support a total of up to 1,300 lbs. and are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can stand the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home or office. If a proper fit is being delivered, make sure to use bed risers together. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture. The risers are not suited for recliners and the furniture legs should not be thicker than 2.75" to ensure a stable base for the furniture.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤We moved from 2200 square feet house to 1200 square feet apartment. We ran out of space to put things in. They allow the bed to fit a lot of stuff under it. We purchased 3 sets. We were able to fit 2 huge totes and tons of boxes under our bed that wasn't able to fit anywhere else, and I was able to use these to lift our pack and play. I have no fear that these will not support. These are easy to use and have two height options. I have to do a run hop to get to my bed, but these are worth every penny. We have more space to fit all of our belongings, instead of having to get a storage container. This product is very good. Please let Amazon know if you found this helpful. Thanks!

👤Only used for a couple of weeks. I sat on the foot of the bed and boom broke through. Since I ordered the risers before the bed was delivered, I was out of the 30 day return window, which probably wouldn't make a difference as their return policy states it must be unused and undamaged. I bought two sets but am hesitant to use the rest. What a waste of money. You get what you pay for.

👤The smaller risers in this box are great for raising my desk up a few inches, but I thought the box had 8 risers, which is what the product name says. Instead, it comes with four risers of a small size and four of a larger size, which makes it four risers, not eight. I have a desk with eight legs and I cannot use just one box to elevate it. The product name should be changed to make it clear that what you are getting is only four legs of a furniture item. It isn't eight risers, no matter how you spin it. There are four risers and three different size options. I have an issue with these being oddly bulky. Unless your table or bed has large legs, you're going to be left with cube feet.

👤The legs are raised under the bed by using two of these. I had read that it would help with my problem. It definitely does!

👤My daughter's dorm room was given the extra storage by these risers. The bed is stable.

👤I usually read the negative reviews first. I decided to chance it. I ordered two sets of bed risers that were rated at 1300 lbs, so I had plenty of wiggle room on the weight capacity. I was glad I ordered two sets because I had two center feet to support. I tried the smaller ones. They were too high and the 4 inch adapters were a perfect fit. When I sit down next to the bed, it hits me above the knees because it is just 24 feet off the floor. I have used them since February and they are easy to use and slide on the floor when I need to make the bed. They have a good base that holds your bed at the right height for a comfortable night's sleep.

4. BAMEOS Nightstand Bedroom Balcony 19 7inx18 7in

BAMEOS Nightstand Bedroom Balcony 19 7inx18 7in

We offer different selections of Farmhouse indoor and outdoor decorations. 30-days no reason return and lifetime customer service are provided by them. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have a problem. The simple structure of the bedside tables, their detailed instructions and the included Allen key make it easy to assemble. Even with your kids, experience the fun of D-I-Y. Renewable material is what it is. The table is made of bamboo and the legs are made of sturdy MDF panel material. One of the most sustainable materials in the world is bamboo. It can grow into bamboo in five years. It is strong and renewable. The home isDEAL. This table can be used for both storage and display. It can be used as a display case for art and flowers. Your life should be organized and artistic. This midcentury nightstand is a great value for your bedroom space. The use of versatil. This portable side table can be used as a side table next to your chair, sofa, couch or bed, or as a displaying end table for carefully selected decorations in your office. The modern design of the table will lighten the room. The coffee table has protective feet at the bottom to make sure that the floor is not scratched, and you should install the protective feet to make the table more stable.

Brand: Bameos

👤I love this table. I wasn't expecting much out of it, but it looks beautiful when set up! I am terrible at setting up furniture and assembly was easy. It looks simple but elegant and can support a bit of weight, but I accidentally put a big box on it. It works well with other white and wood furniture. It is relatively small so don't expect to fit a lot on it.

👤I love this table. Exactly as pictured. Simple design and easy to put together. You need a screw driver. It comes with everything you need. That is always useful during a move. 100% recommend.

👤This was the easiest thing to put together when we redecorated our bedroom. It is easy to clean off. The lamp is heavier than it looks, so it can hold a lot. I was comparing some of the night sands to stools, they looked like stools to sit on. The table looks like a table to me. It was silly to type, but I was concerned.

👤I bought this side table because I didn't have to spend a lot. I had to assemble with the Allen wrench and screw driver in about 5 minutes. I was concerned about the strength of the carpet. It is fine!

👤I ordered two of these tables as side tables for our guest room as our first guests are arriving in a few days and I needed something quick and cheap. That is exactly what I got. I can confirm that they were easy to assemble. The table could be put together by the average person. The product is cheap but high in price. I would expect to pay between 15 and 20 dollars for a table like this at a local small chain box store. If I had small children and I was planning on having a table with a lot of weight on it, I would either not use it or secure it to the wall with screws or something. I regret the purchase, but living in a small town limits my choices so they will do for now.

👤The design of the side table makes it useful. We used it as a nightstands. If I ever decide to redo my master again, the design of the table will become a plant stand or accent table. The table is so neutral that it would go with a lot of different styles and colors. I like that the leg design is not metal like a lot of other tables, and adds a bit of interest to the table. The table took less than 10 minutes. Extra bolts/screws were used to assemble. There was no damage to the receipt. I would recommend and buy again.

👤I have had this table for a while. It's easy to assemble. The price was correct. The white surface top can get dirty easily.

👤I wanted a side table in my living room and this is exactly what I got. Make sure you check the measurement. The packaging did come with a small scratch but no damage. It's easy to put together and it's worth it. It's a good thing.

5. JCBIZ Connector Furniture Accessories Securing

JCBIZ Connector Furniture Accessories Securing

The retainers are mounted on the side of the bed frame and on the center support rail using two pins, which you can use to secure the bed frame. It is suitable for all types of bed board. If the size is right, there is no need for additional tools. The bedplate should be placed in the brackets and the plastic pins aligned with the mounting holes. These plastic covers are great for repairing and replacing metal beds, leather beds, wooden beds, sofa beds, bunk beds, etc. It is suitable for mounting a spring plank with a width between 57mm and 8mm. It is suitable for mounting a spring plank with a width between 57mm and 8mm.

Brand: Jcbiz

👤These are the ones that came with my bed, and they are exactly the ones I have been looking for.

👤Didn't work after trying them out.

6. Winsome Wood 20115 Henry Accent

Winsome Wood 20115 Henry Accent

It is a great desk for kids to work on their crafts. Solid wood Made in the USA or imported. Any room's decor can be achieved with this wood shaker style accent table. The table has a cabinet with a metal door knob. The table is 18.9"W x 15"D x 25"H. The open storage size is about 14 feet wide by 11 feet deep. The door to the inside storage is open. A construction with wood in a black finish. It's required. A construction with wood in a black finish. It's required.

Brand: Winsome

👤This is a contender for the worst piece of furniture I've ever owned. The screw broke the wood because the pre-drilled holes didn't line up. The shelves and sidewalls are made of the same thin material that is usually found on the back of furniture. I wouldn't call it wood, it's kind of wood-like. These are flimsy as a whole. I wouldn't pay a dime for these if I had it to do over, since they were cheap. I wouldn't give them away for free. They are that bad. I wouldn't buy them again because I wouldn't want to put them through this, and I wouldn't send them to someone I didn't like. Avoid at all costs.

👤I use it in my living room and it's easy to put together. There is a lot of space for my needs. There is an update on this piece some 2 months later. These are in the living room, but get little use, the doors aren't being opened or closed much, and there is a small, very light lamp on the shelf, but both pieces have begun to separate. I first noticed that the small bits that cover the screws on the floor were starting to separate from each other. I tried to tighten up the screws and it worked out for a while. Will have to savesay

👤I bought 2 of them and they arrived on time. The materials for the assembly are thin and flimsy. You need to be careful. One of them was a bit more than just scratched and could be touched up with black flat paint. The gauge on the front is not something to touch up, as shown in the photos I enclosed. The flaw would not be covered with paint. I couldn't return it since it was already assembled and you can't tell what's going to be a problem until it's assembled. I'm disappointed that flaw is visible. I was more hopeful than I was that you get what you pay for. It's a shame.

👤I bought a few tables for my bedroom a few weeks ago. The dark wood and style made me excited. I had to wait until they arrived. I put the first box in the bedroom and waited until the next day for the second box. I wanted to make them at the same time. Ha! Me? Wait? I tried. That lasted less than half an hour. There were two boxes inside the box that I tore open. My excitement turned to worry. I slowly opened the boxes. The walls felt flimsy and I thought I understood why they were cheap. The top of the table is made of wood. Everything is printed on a board. I screwed the table together as my enthusiasm waned. These gentlemen are flanking my bed. I'm always concerned but I'm impressed with how well they've held up. Three cats run in and out and jump and pounce all over the room, these tables are in-bounds. I've run into them in the middle of the night or day. The table is stupid. I've even carried them a few feet back and forth while it was filled to create a window seats for my precious little fur babies. I should get some wheels. The table is decent. Nice space and sturdy. Still, be careful.

7. MDesign Night Stand Table Storage

MDesign Night Stand Table Storage

The drawer crest is 2. It's perfect for your smart phone, sound machine, alarm clock, journal, magazines, books, and it's also perfect for your accent table in any room. It's a smart story. The slim, lightweight design of these stands makes them easy to fit into smaller areas while still providing plenty of storage space, and the wood top provides a hard surface to place lamps, books, decor, and more. Functions and quotient: This chest of drawers can be used in multiple rooms throughout the home and is ideal for workout gear, leggings, and yoga. The construction is made of non-woven synthetic fabric, a strong steel frame, and plastic feet that protect the floors. It's 11.75" x 17.75" x 21.25" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I read every single review before buying this, and it was still smaller than I thought it would be. It is a cute piece. I need more storage in my closet. My 13 year old put it together in 15 minutes while watching Back to the Future 2. The drawers are made of fabric. I don't think these would be good night stands for us, ours are a bit bigger, but they will do fine in my closet. The top piece of wood is very nice looking. Son says it looks nice on the floor. There's that. The box is for scale.

👤I bought this as a night stand with a hanging door organizers. They all match and were easy to assemble. The drawers are a decent size and seem flimsy.

👤It was purchased a month ago. It was easy to assemble and did it in 15 minutes or less. The smell is my only complaint. It is still giving off a burnt, chemical smell almost a month later. This can't be good.

👤I saw they looked good in the pictures and decided to risk it. The quality and the look of the drawers made me wonder. I was happy to verify that the two things were fine and it is better than I had expected. It's easy to put together, not heavy and stylish, all for a good price. I am happy I found this option and I recommend it to all my friends and family. It is a very practical option.

👤It's cute, it fits right beside my bed and has a real furniture feel, because you know how you see items like this and you wonder if it's cheap or will feel like you're living in a child's room doll house, you won't. If you get the entire set, it's a very simple piece of furniture. The drawers are free hovering over each other, but it's solid and sturdy. I'm weak from weight loss because I can drag it with one hand. I give it a big thumbs up.

👤The night stand is perfect. It is still perfect despite being slightly shorter than I expected. I bought it because it was light and portable. The drawers are deep and can hold a lot of stuff, and they go great with everything else in my room. It is so simple.

👤The product is completely different from what I have read. I thought I was getting a sturdy metal set of drawers, but this is a flimsy misrepresented piece of junk. I've ordered on Amazon for a long time. I hope they limit the number of people that go to Marshalls or Walmart because I think this is going to be returned. It is messing up a product that used to be good. The tik tokers have a partnership with Mr. Bezos. My family and I ate not rich people and we used Amazon reviews to find a quality night stand for my son's room, even though I am so dissatisfied with this company right now.

8. Zinus Modern Studio Collection Espresso

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Espresso

The black wood is easy to clean. Functional and stylish. It is easy to assemble and fit in small spaces. Up to 100 lbs of evenly distributed weight can be held in 20 x 20 x 20 Inches. Sturdy, strong square steel tubing frame; worry free.

Brand: Zinus

👤The basket part of the end table was something my wife and I loved, but we didn't like the tops. We screwed the stained 1x5s on the top. Now they are perfect.

👤I bought this side table as a record player stand. I didn't like any of the other stands that were on Amazon and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This is perfect! It fits my record player perfectly. There are about 60 records on the bottom. I can fit more. I'll probably buy another one because I love the basket on the bottom and it will be an actual side table. I couldn't have asked for a better stand.

👤These end tables are gorgeous. I bought two after buying the Zinus bed, and they go great together. The tables were put together in about 20 minutes. It was the easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled. I didn't need directions. It had just enough screws and a wrench. There is a lot of surface space on top and down. Baskets would go well under them. They are also light. These are perfect if you want to change your furniture or move a lot like me. I will probably buy more for my living room. The end tables are amazing. They are very modern and minimalist.

👤This table allowed me to bring my 43” TV into my bedroom, because I have been putting pieces together at my apartment. It is a sturdy and stable table for the price and I assembled it myself. I don't recommend sitting on it, but my TV fits perfectly. I am very happy.

👤This is a way to store the dog's toys without the need for extra baskets. It's perfect. It's helped us keep the mess under control because she can pick out the toys she wants easily. The top is more red than in the pictures. I can't help it that the dog is the best and I shouldn't judge me for giving her a million toys.

👤I bought this to replace a smaller end table. The closed back made it really difficult to change connections or gear. I was adding an amplifier and a turntable to my system, as well as adding a Fisher 500C valve receiver for now. I needed more capacity and utility. I looked at furniture that was built to hold audio equipment. Some would fit the bill at a reasonable cost, but most were too tall for my needs, and all were more expensive. I had never heard of the brand, the Zinus. The reviews were positive. The reviewer had new shelves made after he mentioned that the shelves were not high enough for his tastes. No one should expect the shelves to be at this price. I think they are fine, and if I ever need something better, it will be easy to make alternates. I agree that the shelf colour is not really "espresso", it is quite reddish, like a umber. It doesn't match my cabinets, but I really like the colour, and I'm not going for a spread in Architectural Digest. Assembly was very easy. I used a power screwdriver to make it easier to get the correct Torque with the Allen wrench included. It took about 10 minutes. It would take me five to assemble another unit. The clean lines are what I like the most. I need to do a better job of hiding the cables, the amplifier is on order, and the turntable will be restored before I finish the installation. The photo is of the current, early stage installation. If there was a need, I would buy another one. I could see adding another to serve as a second equipment rack or a coffee table in a bigger room. I am pleased.

9. Furinno 2 11157GYW Petite Tables French

Furinno 2 11157GYW Petite Tables French

Simple stylish design is suitable for any room. Non-woven bins are engineered. The table top can hold up to 15 lbs. The rounded corner reduces the risk of injury. The product dimensions are: 15.6(W)x15.6(D)x17. 5(H) inches. The product dimensions are: 15.6(W)x15.6(D)x17. 5(H) inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤The table is very sturdy and simple to assemble, I just finished putting it together. Reviewers say they wouldn't trust putting a cup on it if it wasn't put together correctly. I could almost sit on it. I was never concerned about appearance, even though it came a little scuffed on the top. I have a good theater sound system, but I have nowhere to put my remotes, controllers, phone, and water bottle. I ended up fostering kittens that like to run around and stomp on buttons, so I added a squirt bottle to my collection. I expected it to be scratched to hell within a few weeks because of the kittens. If you were concerned about something looking perfect but only willing to pay $20, you deserve to be unhappy, even if you saw a reviewer complain about it. Pay for the items you want. It's like buying a spaghetti TV dinner and then complaining that it isn't quality from Italy. It was complained that it would only fit a bed with a box spring and mattress on the floor, and that it was short. The table is short, but the measurements are there. Don't blame the product for your mistake, it's not your fault. It doesn't make you feel bad for having a box spring and mattress on the floor. I'm a college student with a limited budget and would rather spend my money on practical things than technology. A bed frame is not practical for my needs. "ingrate" was not the right word. "ungrateful" is what it means. I don't have a bed frame, but I'm not upset. Maybe you were looking for a different type of body part? "peasant?" Possibly "degenerate"? I'm very happy with this table. It's perfect for what I needed. I put the drawer on the top shelf because it fits on both the top and bottom shelf.

👤The tables are tiny, and I will say that first. You can spend a small fortune for one of the nightstands and end tables that have been priced recently. I gave it between 3 and 4 stars, and then I'd give it somewhere in the middle. It's great that you can get 2 tables for this price but they are so short and you have to be ready to assemble them as well. You can see the picture in relation to the bed. It is a good value. Set your expectation for what you will get.

👤I would love to see this be just a foot taller. I knew it was small, but I decided to keep it. They are cute but want to be bigger. A picture of a cat for a size comparison.

👤The wife was complaining that she needed a night stand. Found a wonderful piece of furniture after searching. The perfect size for the side of the bed, most night stands are hard to get into. The drawer is beautiful, it has a cloth style. She hides candy in the drawer and uses it for books. The last one we had was higher than the bed and she kept hitting her head on it. It is still in perfect condition after a year.

10. Glitzhome Rustic Storage Metal Ottoman

Glitzhome Rustic Storage Metal Ottoman

Farmhouse design is rustic. Awash with an antiqued galvanized metal finish and round wood cover, Antique and country cottage style, Metal decor, Vintage style, perfectly with modern and rustic home accent furniture. This Farmhouse Decor consists of 2 pieces of galvanized steel storage stools that can be used as an accent or side table for a rustic appeal. The tables work well with a number of farmhouse furniture. Hidden Extra Storage Stools are used as side table, stools, storage, ottoman and seat for your couch or sofa in your bedroom. Storage blankets, pillows, throws, dog food, cat food, books, and more can be stored in barrels. TheDimensions: The large is 19.29"H and the small is 18.11"H. There is no assembly required. They offer different selections of Farmhouse indoor and outdoor decorations. 30-days no reason return and lifetime customer service are provided by them. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have a problem. They offer different selections of Farmhouse indoor and outdoor decorations. 30-days no reason return and lifetime customer service are provided by them. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have a problem.

Brand: Glitzhome

👤I love these! The top of the small barrel was too large. My husband had to grind the edges of the lid. They are perfect for packing blankets in to the couch with my kids.

👤It's great. I like the look of it. The storage is what I expected. I was disappointed that both came with dents. I'm worried if they are strong enough.

👤They are used as tables and storage. When there is a storm or we are leaving for a few days, I put the throw pillows in one of the patio items. They can be used for drinks and snacks. I was going to order ottomans but our space wasn't big enough.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. It's great for end tables.

👤These are great! The lids fit perfectly. Clean lines. The taller one is used for pellet storage. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤These cans are what I was looking for. We are sitting inside the front door with the large can. It looks like an old galvanized can. The top is made of wood. I plan to store birdseed in a large can and vacuum parts in a smaller one.

👤All expectations were met. They are beautiful. Please deliver to the right house. I had to check the neighborhood doorsteps multiple times this week to locate the package. A friend had to help me because I can't walk far. I don't want this to affect product review, but Amazon should hear this.

👤I think these are a great buy for your money, they have a lot of storage in them, and their lid stays on good. I use mine for stools and they seem to be holding up well.

11. Décor Therapy FR1566 Simplify Turquoise

D%C3%A9cor Therapy FR1566 Simplify Turquoise

It fits most casual décor. For limited space, small size is great.

Brand: Decor Therapy

👤It was what I was expecting. The table is sturdy. People say that the legs come off if the table is moved around. The legs should never come off if you follow the instructions for assembly and screw in the bottom piece. The bottom piece that you screw in to hold the legs is not straight, so it is a challenge. The legs do wobble if you don't screw this piece on completely tight. The table is very sturdy and the legs should not be wobbly once you screw that down tight.

👤My daughter told me there was a defect in the base and that the table was wobbly. I didn't know what she was talking about. It is late to return the table. I saw the problem for myself when I went to her house, and now I read other reviews that describe the same problem. There is a piece of wood that slides into a grooves on the legs. There is a wooden disk that screws into the bottom of the base to hold the legs in place once the legs are in place. Only one of the legs was held in place by the wooden disk because either the wood pieces or the grooves were not the same size or shape. I traced the shape of the wooden disk onto a regular kitchen sponge using a magic marker. I cut a small section of sponge that was a little smaller than the traced guide. If the sponge were pushed down it would expand to a smaller diameter than the wooden disk. The screw that protrudes from the center of the wooden disk was inserted through a hole in the center of the round sponge piece. I put the sponge on the screw before I screwed the wooden disk into the table base. I screwed the disk into the base tightly. The sponge was a little too thick for my liking. I made the sponge more flexible by making it wet. I screwed the disk into the base using force. If you don't push down on the disk as you turn it, you won't get the screw into the grooves that hold it into the base. I am not strong because I am a small woman. A stronger person might not have to use a sponge to dampen the sponge and might just screw the disk in tight. The grooves that hold the screw in place can be torn off if the tightens too much. The gaps were created by the wooden parts. The legs were in place. If you make the sponge a little smaller than the disk, it will bulge out and show. I can get a thinner sponge or use black paint to cover it. It wouldn't show if I had used a little thinner sponge. The sponge needs to be thick and strong enough to fill in the spaces between the grooves between the legs and the disk. If the sponge doesn't dry right away, it will get moldy. That is another reason to use a sponge that is not so thick that it needs to be wet in order to get the screw into the base. The table is made of a solid and heavy wood which gives it a good quality appearance. It is not a table that is light in weight. If you want to keep your table, I hope this helps you.


What is the best product for low platform bed end tables?

Low platform bed end tables products from Winsome. In this article about low platform bed end tables you can see why people choose the product. Sorbus and Utopia Bedding are also good brands to look for when you are finding low platform bed end tables.

What are the best brands for low platform bed end tables?

Winsome, Sorbus and Utopia Bedding are some of the best brands that chosen by people for low platform bed end tables. Find the detail in this article. Bameos, Jcbiz and Mdesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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