Best Live Edge Platform Bed

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1. Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Zinus Platform Headboard Support Espresso

Natural wood grain detail meets impressive structure in this solid wood foundation in an antique espresso finish that is every bit as remarkable as its clean-lined, durable framework. No box spring is needed because the wood slats are reliable and closely spacing. A thick and sturdy solid wood frame is constructed with steel interior framework for longevity and can support up to 700 lbs in the twin size. All parts, tools and instructions are shipped straight to your door in one efficiently packed box for simple set-up that takes less than an hour with a friend's help. The mattress is sold separately.

Brand: Zinus

👤The beams broke. The beams are made of smaller pieces of wood.

👤Don't buy! The platform doesn't meet the requirements of many bedding manufacturers. The slats are more than 3 inches apart. The product doesn't meet its intended purpose and according to the manufacturer of my mattress and a large retail chain in New England the product doesn't adequately support a mattress without additional support and it's use will void your warranty. I spent a lot of time researching to find the right product and from the picture it looked like the slats were close enough, but they are not. It is well made, contrary to some reviews. The people who complain about the center posts bending are most likely moving the bed without lifting it. The worst part of it all is that Zinus's customer support is the worst. I asked if they could send me without charge or even charge me for additional slats. After a month of phone calls where I was told they would send slats, I finally got an out right refusal to send me or sell extra slats. Amazon should investigate this on their own and pull the product or advise buyers that they will need to do additional work on this product once they receive it to bring it to minimum standards. There is an update. See the response from the customer service company. They are horrible. Their answer was either ignorant or a lie. You are the judge. They were given a chance to respond to their claim before I wrote this. The measurement you see is correct because the system is very controlled and can not be messed with. I would not be writing this if it was 3. The angle of the picture makes a difference. The distance between each slats contact point is just over three feet, but this photo shows that their claim is incorrect.

👤The slats on this unit are attached to each other on a strip of velcro. I contacted Zinus to make sure I could buy more slats to keep the frame together. I am buying a very heavy latex mattress and it is recommended. I was told that I could purchase additional slats. I invested in the frame and latex mattress based on that guarantee. I was told I could buy them from an outside source, such as slats. Lowes, Home Depot, or your local hardware store. Say what? The slats are made from1/4" thick solid wood with a tape that affixes to the bed frame. Local stores don't sell these. It is possible to cut down a small piece of plywood. They told me that it would be illegal to sell them to me as they don't have a price for them. They should be sent to me for free as they broke their promise. After several emails and dropping the CEO's name, another rep apologized and offered to send them for free. That was great news, until I received them. The new slats were shorter than the old ones. They wouldn't span the width of the bed. They fall out if you see the picture. I can't believe they have a poor quality control system. Customer service will no longer acknowledge me after I asked for a response twice. If you want to take your chances with properly manufactured slats, this may be for you. I would not recommend this company's products or customer service.

2. Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Headboard

Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Headboard

84" W x 87" L x 51" H. The sleek design of the bed frame and headboard makes a statement. The wooden foundation with sturdy center support can be used with any mattress size. The soft linen upholstery has a diamond stitching. There is no box spring required and the mattress is included. Not compatible with bed bases. The package is small enough to fit through narrow doorways, hallways or stairwells.

Brand: Classic Brands

👤How does this happen? We had to use the bed as we moved in. We cover it with pillows. This is not a reflection of the quality of the product. I won't buy this manufacturer again.

👤I was hesitant to buy a bed frame because there were no photos of customers. I took the chance. The set up was not terrible and the color was as expected. This bed is beautiful.

👤This bed was what I was looking for. I looked at different beds and read reviews before making a decision. I wanted the bed to be tall enough to see with pillows in front of it, as a lot of the similar ones were too short to see with pillows on the bed. Look at customer pictures and read reviews. It was easy to put together and all the legs were the same height. One reviewer had an issue that I had to check before putting anything together. I had to be here in person to have a delivery, no issues with it. The time was 9am to 9pm. They arrived 15 minutes before they arrived. I'm happy with the bed, it feels sturdy. It's a great price.

👤My bed is no longer sturdy after under a year. Even if I wasn't single, this bed wouldn't be as wobbly and creaky because I wouldn't be jumping on it. It looks good but it's not of the quality that it should be. It's like a rotten apple. I don't recommend.

👤I bought this in December for a master bedroom remodel. It was a great price for a piece of furniture. You get what you pay for. It was easy to assemble and take me alone for 1.5 hours. It took me two months to use it, but my boyfriend and I were laying on it together when one side of the bed collapsed. We looked at the foot of the bed and saw that one of the legs was gone. The piece of metal that one of the legs screws into at the foot of the bed was broken in the collapse. The leg at the foot of the bed was held on by the fabric that covered the frame. We hoped that the remaining 5 legs would help support the broken leg that was hanging on by a thread. It did for a few more months. The entire bed fell to the floor in the middle of the night. The middle of the bed and the feet gave out. It might have been the most frightening thing to happen this year. Six months of ownership is all that is left on this very cheaply made bed frame. I hope the manufacturer can help. It was right to come here and update the review after contacting the manufacturer. Please, please, Their customer service has not been up to par. I submitted my claim on May 19th. Despite an email telling me a replacement was shipped June 15th, I still have no replacement. Leave this product page now and never come back. The time has come to bring in the Better Business Bureau. Wishing me luck.

3. Linenspa Innerspring Mattress Folding Platform

Linenspa Innerspring Mattress Folding Platform

A medium-firm feel is perfect for kids rooms, guest beds, or an affordable low-profile option with the 8 inch hybrid mattress. A plush layer of memory foam helps align the spine to minimize pressure points. The mattress is compressed as a bed in a box for convenient delivery and set up. This base has 13 inches of clearance and it creates plenty of under bed space for your storage needs. The frame has steel support braces, anti-slip treads, and a surface grid design that makes it stable to hold up to 750 pounds. The frame takes less than five minutes to assemble, and there are no extra tools.

Brand: Linenspa

👤I didn't see a review about a bed bug. I was happy that I bought them. I started to panic after I saw a bunch of reviews saying there were bugs. I have had bed bugs before and they are something I never want to experience again. I was upset that something I ordered would be with them. It's impossible for this to happen as the mattresses are pressed and rolled as soon as they're made, according to Linenspa. I'm not sure who first said there were bugs. There are dirt and wood specifications, but they are embedded in the plastic. I didn't take any pictures, but I did take a screw driver and dig a hole to make sure the bugs weren't going to touch the bed. They have a lot of plastic and anything that was there was embedded in it. None of them looked like bugs. The only complaint I can have is that the specifications are there. We don't live in a perfect world, but they wouldn't be.

👤I have two of these in my home for my children. I replaced an old mattress for my daughter. My daughter loved the mattress. There were no issues with the mattress. I was going to order a second mattress for my son in February of this year, but I noticed that there were many reviews about reports of bed bugs. Let me explain my experience here... Military training students are on a constant rotation and I work in the hotel business. Bed bugs have nothing to do with personal hygiene, they can ruin anything from a fancy hotel to a no-tell motel. Bed bugs can travel and hide in anything, so they can be found in clothes, shoes, carpets, suitcases, curtains, laptops, alarm clocks and a book. If you think the bedbug came from the mattress, you should throw it out. You still have bed bugs because your house is now being attacked. These are the Linenspa mattresses. I like these things... My kids love them, they're very comfortable and affordable. Our house is free of those little devils because I have already purchased one and never had any issues. After reading the negative bug reviews, I went ahead and ordered my second mattress. If you're ever worried about something like this, you should open the bathroom door. I opened the box and inspected it, but didn't see anything, so I put a bedsheet on the driveway and inspected it. Nope... A nice clean mattress with no bugs or smells. Carried it inside, no issues, son happy... If you open it and sleep on it, you're probably the one who has one that's infested. You... Your whole house is now a hive of bugs, and maybe it was before you bought a new mattress. I want to make it clear that I am trained in spotting and dealing with those little devils, and I work in the hotel business, so I know how to deal with them. I've bought two of these mattresses from this company and never had an issue with bugs or smells, so if I need a third or fourth mattress, I would buy another... If you ever suspect something like this from this company, or any company, you should open it outside on a clean sheet and inspect it thoroughly before you bring it in.

4. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Monitor Cherry

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Monitor Cherry

There are multiple finishes available. Coordinates with any Decor. Will give years of enjoyment.

Brand: Convenience Concepts

👤This was relatively easy to put together, and I'm average when it comes to assembling things. You put all the hardware in the holes, then assemble the support bar a few turns later. It seems sturdy. I was worried that the support bar might prevent me from putting my console underneath, but it fits just fine. One thing to consider is the height of your monitor when it's on the riser. The primary reason I bought it was for gaming, and it works great, even though I find myself craning my neck to look at the top of the screen.

👤It did the job and was better than I expected. The support bar was in the way of my devices so I moved it to the back edge. I had to pull out the two threaded plastic inserts so that I could drill new holes for them. I was able to get them out by threading in one of the metal pegs for the cam locks and pulling and wiggling with a pair of vice-grips until the plastic insert popped out. The picture is attached and shows the underside with the support bar moved.

👤I have a iMac and a second monitor. I bought 2 of these risers and they are very sturdy. The bottom of the sides have pads for protecting your desk. They are perfect for my needs. The bottom side of the riser is 5 7/8" with the silicone pads on. - This is not a low-profile. It's large. There are four inches on all sides of my iMac base. Measure correctly if you have a small desk. - The support bar is in the center of the underside. Someone demonstrated how to move it to one side or the other. I like it for extra strength, but for those who want to store consoles, it's worth the purchase. It was in perfect condition and arrived on time. Easy instructions.

👤I wasn't sure if I was going to get a flimsy piece of junk or a solid piece. I don't understand how I was supposed to attach the middle support piece. If you attach the hardware and support to the side pieces, you won't be able to fix it to the top part. I just slide the piece in and it's resting on top of my cable unit, which will keep the sides separated, though I'm sure it has more to do with the top piece warping. I think my setup finally looks good and I know I have more space to put my remotes when not in use. That is not a scratch on my TV, it's the reflection of the chandelier wires I have bundled up with zip ties.

👤If you have ever put furniture together before, the construction of this was very easy. It looks nice for the price and I am very happy with the height it provides. assembler beware! This was covered in fiberglass. I saw the fibers when I turned to the light. Before you assemble, be sure to inspect.

5. Moes Home Collection UH 1006 03 Madagascar

Moes Home Collection UH 1006 03 Madagascar

A low platform design and solid steel legs make up the Madagascar platform bed. DIMENSIONS The queen size bed frame is 75.5 inches wide and 89 inches deep. This organic edge headboard is part of a butterfly technique in woodworking and will add a natural look to your bedroom. Pair the bed with the nightstand and drawer to complete your bedroom set. Your home should be your OASIS, because Moe's Home takes great care in designing products, giving you customer-curated collections with simple design for the everyday modern home. Your home should be your OASIS, because Moe's Home takes great care in designing products, giving you customer-curated collections with simple design for the everyday modern home.

Brand: Moe's Home Collection

6. Prepac EBK 8400 K Platform Storage Espresso

Prepac EBK 8400 K Platform Storage Espresso

It was finished in Rich Espresso. Your purchase includes one Prepac platform storage bed with 6 drawers, in King Size, not originally designed to work with headboards, and may be shipped in more than one box. The product dimensions are 78.5" W x 18.75" H x 81.5" D. The metal slides have safety stops for a smooth drawer opening and closing. The platform bed frame is from the Manhattan and Regency bedroom furniture collections. The bed needs a hammer, onePhillips head and flat head screwdrivers. The finish is espresso. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Prepac

👤I almost didn't buy this after reading the negative reviews, but I read through a lot of them, and after hearing how others have reinforced it, I headed to Home Depot, picked up some supplies, and ordered. The bed won't hold up. I picked up some Titebond III, a bunch of metal L brackets, some felt, and reinforced the living daylights out of it. I put wood glue in every hole and painted it onto the screws. I added 16 L brackets to the frame, two at the top and bottom of each corner, and one on each side of the two middle supports, where the drawers go. I marked the holes and held them in place. I bought a large bolt of felt and glue it to the inside of the metal brackets where the slats sit, and also cut a large piece to cover the slats to quiet them. The bed frame is sturdy, we're able to move the bed without the drawers falling out, and the only noise the bed makes is when the frame knocks against the matching headboard. I'm thinking of adding a mesh 'hammock' to the frame to fix the gap between it and the matching headboard, but people still don't like it. It's very difficult to get it back if you drop it down there. This is not a bed frame for people who plan on moving a lot, people who rearrange their room often, or people who don't want to take the extra steps to make it work. All the pieces arrived in perfect condition. I had to open the boxes outside and carry the pieces in, but I was able to assemble the entire frame, the matching headboard, and 2 matching end tables by myself over the course of 3 days. The directions were good to work with, but you need to read them carefully and sort/label all the parts before you start. It looks great, and it's the bed frame I wanted, so the extra work/cost was worth it to me.

👤The bed was put together in January. I loved the storage, and although it did feel a little uneasy, I trusted most of the reviews. There is a After 2 months in the bed, there was a crack on the corners. It would rock back and forth. I was afraid to get up quickly. The bed was leaning and would break at any time. It cost us a lot. We went to the local store and were able to get a bed and a drawer for $800. The bed won't last, but the drawers seem amazing. I don't like the fact that I spent all that money on trash.

👤I've never seen material like that before. The bed broke while I was assembling it. Don't buy! The process of getting furniture online took 2 months. I slept on the floor. The bed breaks after I assemble it. I'm going to use this as firewood at ikea, but with the pictures in mind. There are three different pictures of different places that the frame messed with. There are not three different angles of the same problem. Don't buy.

7. Linenspa 14 Inch Folding Metal Platform Bed Frame

Linenspa 14 Inch Folding Metal Platform Bed Frame

The 14-inch folding platform frame is a better replacement for the clunky old box spring. With 13 inches of clearance, this base creates plenty of under bed space for all your storage needs. It takes one person less than five minutes to assemble and does not include a headboard. Steel support braces, anti-slip treads, and a surface grid design create exceptional stability that can hold up to 750 pounds. The perfect base for all mattress types is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Linenspa

👤The bed frame is not good. You wonder how hard it is to set up a simple bed frame by yourself. Instead of waiting for your roommate to come home to you. It looks easy, you lay everything out. You try to attach the bars, but they collapse in the middle as you try to line up the holes to screw them together, because this company thought it would be awesome to be able to fold your bed frame when you disassemble it. The convenience and time saved from folding your taken apart bed frame is diminished with how long it takes to get it together the first time. You finally get the base together and you think, "That's gotta be the most ridiculous part, no way this bed frame could get any more complicated." You are naive. If you don't have a burly friend to help you with this, you should follow the steps 3 and 4. When you screw the center slats in, your roommate gets home just as you put the bed frame together, and she can hear you putting it together. You think that it is easy to put the slats in and stop living like Jesse Pinkman, but you don't know that there is still 40 minutes to go. The first piece of furniture to enter. Great. You have done the bare minimum and maximum of what you are expected to do. The next one is going to have to get in. Too much force. It was like that when I said my palms were bruised the next day. Is it because you are weak? You are weak, but that is not the reason you can't get the slat in. The bed frame is wide. Your roommate is angry with you. She is willing to help. The two of you have tried for a long time. You use your strength and your brain. You use physics. One of you is trying to push the bed frame out of the other's way as they sit on the floor across from each other. It works with a single slat. You try more. And waste time. The reason the slats are too long to fit in the bed frame is because the center support slats that need to be screwed in first are shorter than the regular support slats. Go back a step and remove the center slats. The center supports need to be re-screwed. All is well. You put your mattress on the bed frame. The bed frame is too narrow for a full mattress. Life is meaningless. Thank you for coming to my talk. 3 stars wouldn't buy again, but not mad enough to make a fuss. Maybe you thought 3 was too generous after reading that review. Don't screw the center slats in before you put the rest in.

👤We ordered a queen size. Excellent quality! The frame is strong. No noise! Does not make noise. The mattress wanted to slide off the frame. We put 2 strips of rubber grip pads between the frame and the mattress. Does not move now! Love the storage underneath! The price and frame are great. The perfect dust ruffle was ordered on Amazon. There is a picture of a dust ruffle attached.

8. South Shore Flexible Platform Baskets Twin Pure

South Shore Flexible Platform Baskets Twin Pure

The Particleboard is laminated. This bed features 9 under bed shelving units and fabric storage bins. Storage options are endless, with 9 compartments. Stack books or pillows in between the provided storage bins. Save money with this economic and Classic bed, without a box spring or foundation. The mattress can be placed on top of the frame. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: South Shore

👤I was shopping for a full sized bed for my daughter's tiny room for over 6 months before choosing this one. Friends told me that the storage drawers were junk when I was looking at it. I looked at furniture stores that were 3-4 times the price of this bed and the storage drawers were not strong. I looked at used beds. It would have been the same price as this bed if I had paid for the truck and help to move it. I went with it. First, it is sturdy. It does not have those slats. The best slats can break and make a mattress wear differently. There are nice and tight flat boards in this. The space under the bed can be used for long term storage. There is a It is made from a press board. It doesn't move. Doesn't feel weak. I don't feel like I have to get into the bed. Doesn't creek. The curved edges at the foot of the bed make me happy. It is a little detail that is often missed and you end up cursing the designers. There are a few cons. I only took off one star because I am happy with the bed. These could be a deal breaker for you. * The delivery was 8 days early. Thank goodness. I asked the driver to put the package in the front door. It would have been difficult to get it in the door. Its heavy! I took my time to carry each piece up the stairs because I am an older woman with physical limitations. The picture makes it seem bigger. This was important to me because I need every inch of space in the room I put the bed in. The picture shows the mattress going to the edge. There are a few extra inches around the mattress. The finish is not good. I can see where the areas may peel off. If you live in a humid environment, it may be a problem. It is hard to notice any flaws once the bed is made since it is covered by the floor. You will see everything when you build it. Don't be alarmed. Don't expect a high quality finish at this price. All of the pieces I received had no broken edges. It took me 4-5 hours to put it together. That is one person. It doesn't include time to read the directions, check the parts and other prep work. I did it myself. I did not rush. It was easy. It's just time consuming. I didn't mind because of the price. The smaller box should be opened first. There are instructions and the first pieces to assemble. The pieces went together perfectly. The pieces were cut and drilled. Before starting, read the manual. It won't make sense, but you should be familiar with it. Before starting, try to put the boards in alphabetical order. All long boards are stacked up and in order. Put the stamped side up so it is easy to see. The stamp can be on the edge or on the flat side. Do your best. It makes finding the part much easier. There are tools needed. Don't use a drill. Take your time, I cannot stress this enough. "Haste makes waste" is what mom always said. The instructions should be saved. They will need to disassemble the main parts to move it. There is a It will be difficult to rearrange your room if you put the bed on the carpet. If you build it on a flat surface like wood, vinyl, or laminate, you should protect the floor and furniture with a blanket. It will scratch the floor when you are moving. The points in this review are important. Hope they can help you.

9. Delta Enterprise White Sleigh Toddler

Delta Enterprise White Sleigh Toddler

Greenguard gold is certified. The toddler bed is the most stringent in terms of chemical emissions standards. This crib is certified to contribute to cleaner indoor air because it has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds. The solution is perfect. The bed is low to the ground for easy access and has two attached guardrails to keep your child safe. There is a safe option. They use a non-toxic multi-step painting process that is lead and phthalate safe, and JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC. There are computations items. The Chestopher Toddler Bed is available in Grey and Dark Chocolate. The quality material is made of sustainable woods like New Zealand Pine and is tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards.

Brand: Delta Children

👤The bed performs as it should. My grandson likes it just the same, it doesn't do flips or earn any metals. It is easy to assemble and sturdy. A grown man is not going to be able to jump up and down on it without causing some damage. Don't allow your child to jump up and down on it. They will fall off. You have to take them to the doctor. Who wants to do that on a Saturday? Sheesh. Either way. The bed is a good buy. Our boy likes it. We are happy. Hope that was helpful.

👤I received this product in a few days. It took a couple more days for it to get to me because of the bad weather I live in. There were no reviews on this bed. I took the risk because I like the way the vet looked. I have always used Delta products. Some reviews have stated that the bed has a distinct smell. The smell is similar to the paint on the bed. The paint does chip easily, there are a few things to note. The wood will split if you screw the screws in too hard. When my husband tightened the screws, we encountered splitting wood. The wood split because he tightened them too much. His fault was not Deltas. Assembly was easy. The only tool needed to assemble was present. 35 minutes was the time it took me and my husband to put it together. It is sturdy and nice, but I think the paint will peel over time because we screwed the screws in. If you don't mind the paint chipping, or want to paint it yourself, this is a good bed. I gave it five stars because it looks like the photos, we could put it together easily, and I don't mind the chipping because it's not huge. Very little. You can't see the chipping because it's where the screws are. It is a good bed for toddlers. The side rails are optional.

👤The box was badly damaged. A drill hole is missing. This item is badly scratched on the headboard. This item is not on the DeLTA website and is not on Amazon. There is serious offgassing happening with this item. Returned because I don't want my 3 year old and family to be exposed to toxic fumes all night. Very dissatisfied.

👤The side rails are two pieces instead of one and the bed is not as strong as we had hoped.

👤The wood is bad. The child smelled it when she opened the door. The bed assembly took about an hour.

👤My granddaughter needed an upgrade from her crib. She calls her bed a big girl bed.

👤The instructions should have labeled the footboard in direction sheets, but it was easy to assemble. A few head/foot board orners were damaged, but not enough to go through a return. It was fine for the money.

👤It is a good quality bed. It is easy to assemble with directions. It took less than a minute to assemble and start enjoying.

10. Nexera 375431 Storage Full Walnut

Nexera 375431 Storage Full Walnut

There are 3 drawers in the bedroom. It has a metal and hardwood slat construction that makes it easy to assemble and sturdy to use. The bed set can be combined with different headboards. The items are sold separately. It's a standard full size mattress. There is no box spring required. The weight capacity is 500 pounds. It's required. It was designed and made in Canada. It's required. It was designed and made in Canada.

Brand: Nexera

👤I went to the hardware store to pick up some of the sliders because it wasn't worth contacting them for a replacement and having to wait for it to arrive from Canada. The instructions to assemble the bed were very good, but I'm glad the instructions were clear because every little thing needed to be assembled. Make sure you look at both the written instructions and diagrams, as it helped clarify some things for me. I had to use wood glue on the drawers at the joints because the drawer bottoms were flimsy. The bed does not require a box spring, which was one of the features I loved, and it has lived up to that. The storage is adequate. They have those available if I choose to add a headboard. This is a solid 4 stars for me.

👤The bed was easy to put together, but there are some edges that are not finished like the drawers, so if you don't cover your comforter, you can see the unfinished edge of the frame. It is great. The drawers are large and the frame is sturdy.

11. AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Under Bed Storage

Product dimensions are 75" L x 54" W x 14" H. It is designed for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. The platform bed frame has a supportive foundation for a mattress. There was no box spring needed. The frame is easy to store and move in tight spaces with the folding mechanism. Extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of 13 inches is provided. Extra under-the-bed storage space with a vertical clearance of 13 inches is provided.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The basics platform of Amazon is doing it's job but has a design flaw. The edges of the rods should be covered with a smooth surface. I put my new mattress on this platform. It ripped off my new mattress at all the sharp edges, voiding my warranty. If you place smooth cloth over the platform to save your mattress, please think of this scenario. I also bought a mattress cover. I placed the mattress to see if it fits. It ripped off my mattress.

👤I was surprised that the bed frame was as cheap as it was, but I am pleasantly surprised that it is holding up. I bought this to go with my new King sized memory foam mattress, I am 120 lbs and my boyfriend is 170 lbs, and we have had no problems with our sleep. I have not experienced any creaking in the bed or the frame. I was able to carry it by myself down the stairs to the bedroom because it was a bit heavy. My younger brother helped me set it up. He helped me pull the thing out of the box and cut some zip ties, but I could have done it myself. It is very easy to pull out the box and unfold the frame, you just need to snap some corners together. If this helped you, please give it a thumbs up, I am trying to get better at writing reviews.

👤I have a deep cut on my thumb when I pulled the bed frame out of the box, there is a sharp metal jutting from the rounded corner where you grab it to pull it out. More people can get serious injuries from this if the product is not better. I wanted to post a picture of my thumb but decided against it because Amazon might not post my review.

👤I've never said this before, but Amazon finally got something right with one of their products. I was expecting short posts after reading reviews. It took me more time to get the package in my house and unpack than it did to assemble the frame and make my bed. It was simple to unfold four auto-locking legs and then use two bolts and two odd little spacers to secure the frame pieces together. I was able to throw my box spring. The bed is tall. Without a box spring, the top of my mattress is above the window I sleep next to. I suppose I could get out a measuring tape, but it would take a lot of effort. Ignore the fact that this only supports sleepers up to 240 pounds. That should have been more than 2200 pounds. I am a fat boy and this thing doesn't move or groan.

👤It's easy to set up but there are two issues to be aware of. My full size mattress slipped because there was no lip to hold it in place. My queen size is heavy and has a soft bottom. The side legs are only half an inch and you'll kick them into bed if you do that nightly. I wrapped the legs in bubble wrap. I still kick them, but it doesn't hurt. I made corner "collars" that are the size and shape of the plastic corner protectors found on standard box springs to keep the full size mattress in place. The platform bed had holes for the headboard. If the manufacturer included foam tubes and snap on plastic collars, they would get five stars. They get three. I get the other two.


What is the best product for live edge platform bed?

Live edge platform bed products from Zinus. In this article about live edge platform bed you can see why people choose the product. Classic Brands and Linenspa are also good brands to look for when you are finding live edge platform bed.

What are the best brands for live edge platform bed?

Zinus, Classic Brands and Linenspa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for live edge platform bed. Find the detail in this article. Convenience Concepts, Moe's Home Collection and Prepac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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