Best L Shaped Platform Bed Full Over Full with Trundle

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1. Coaster Home Furnishings 460394T Black

Coaster Home Furnishings 460394T Black

The set includes a triple bunk bed. The finish color is dark bronze. The weight limit for the upper bed is 400 lbs. Assembly is required. Yes. Assembly is required. Yes.

Brand: Coaster Home Furnishings

👤The bed is very good. My husband, who is almost 200 lbs, was able to get on the top bunk with minimal shaking because it is EXTREMELY sturdy. It took about 5 hours to put it all together, so make sure you don't waste time. It's best to build it from the bottom up. After the whole top bunk was assembled, I was able to figure out that the instructions said to start from the top to the bottom. I would have to complain about that. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it.

👤The structure is great. I looked at many of the bunkbeds that I could find. The look is great. The online listing does not mention that the mattresses must not exceed 6 inches in thickness, which is not easy to find. I noticed the warning when I started setting them up. It was frustrating because I had purchased high-quality, thicker twin mattresses before. I couldn't return them because they wouldn't work. There is a word of warning. Overall a great product. Would buy again.

👤Buy this one. My oldest is a bit heavy. I don't worry about him up top. This thing is very strange. My husband took about 2 1/2 hours to build, he is very mechanically inclined. This solved our problems if we had 3 kids in one room. I got my 2 year old out of my bed because she was sleeping in my bed with me since birth. I tried to get her out of the bed but she wouldn't budge since she has her own bed with her brothers. Since night one, sailing has been smooth.

👤The assembly of two units is complete. I have a lot of complaints. I was able to adjust the welded connection tube with a hammer and chisel, fortunately, because it was welded in such a way as to make it useless. The bed frames had to be filed down to avoid catching the bed sheets. The finishing touches were marred by the filing, but it won't show. The ladder up to the top bunk is not evenly distributed and it's difficult to see what you are stepping on because the rungs lie over the middle guardrails. It seems like an accident is waiting to happen. We haven't used the bunks yet, but they seem to be a good product.

👤We assembled it in 3 hours. It was easy because of the drill with the hex bit. If we didn't use the drill, it would take another 90 minutes to assemble. We only had one bolt that gave us an issue. We bought a metal bunk bed instead of the wood one. We're not afraid of it falling down during an earthquake because it's really solid. We used 3 mattresses with it. There is plenty of room for the side rails for our boys. It's worth it.

👤The price was good on this bed. It feels strong to me. I was worried about my oldest have room on top because our ceiling is 94" tall. She has a lot of room. It's perfect for my girls in our house. It was in good shape when it arrived. Nothing was broken or missing. My husband put it together in 3 hours.

2. Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

The fabric upholstery has a steel framework. Good looks and conflagration style. The Shalini makes a stunningly chic addition to your bedroom and is made of sturdy construction and diamond pattern stitching. The Twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds. slats are not required for a box spring, and they can be used for both twin and full sizes. Everything you need is packed into a single box and shipped straight to your door, and all the parts, tools and instructions are located in the compartment of the headboard for easy assembly in under an hour. The mattress is sold separately. The furniture finish is wooden slats. There is a bed frame inside.

Brand: Zinus

👤This is the second bed frame I have purchased. I bought this bed after reading all of the positive reviews. The website said it could take five days to receive it. I got it in two. I had a hard time getting this huge box up the stairs in my apartment building, but I did manage to get it up 5 flights of stairs. The bed is sturdy and the wooden plank are held in place by the straps. The bed can hold some weight. My partner is 6'7 I'm 5'6 159. It holds up. Assembly was easy because of the instructions. My bed is not big enough for a lot of under bed space. I was pleased with the look, feel and quality. I moved my bed so that you could see the size. I have a full size mattress set that does not require a box spring. You took the time to read my review. I hope you found it useful.

👤The bed frame was easy to set up, but I found out the headboard was not bug free. This has been a problem for other customers and I wish I'd read more of the reviews. I'm currently sleeping on my couch as I wait for the treatments to come so I can get back to sleep. I think it is a nice bed frame and headboard, but not worth the risk of getting bed bugs or paying for an exterminator.

👤Don't do it! There is more to the frame than you can see. The last reviews I saw about the bedbug were a year ago. I assumed the seller fixed it. I ordered the bed frame and loved it for a while, but then I started getting itchy bumps and my hands were on fire from all the bites. Don't do it because it hurts so bad. I used bedbug killers and spray but didn't work. I've spent 40 on drugs, vitamins, and creams trying to heal the itching and it's only a short-term fix. I thought I could roast them off the bed by using a UV light. That hasn't worked. The issue of the bed is still there because of all the reviews a year ago. They are telling you not to do it. Its not worth it!

👤The bed is a good value. It was easy to put together. The time was 45 minutes. All pieces fit together. The Allen wrench was included. There were no other tools needed. The instructions were sufficient. Not great but good. The bed is strong. The mattress is perfect. It is not a fancy bed. The pictures depict the product. You should adjust your expectations. It has been almost a year since there have been any issues. I'm 6' 3 and it supports me very well. There was no creaking or noise. It is also very stable. It stays put on the floor. I didn't use the strips on the slats. The mattress stays in place. I would do it again. A friend of mine bought the queen size version a couple of months ago and is happy with it. I have the same experience so far. The parts are kept inside the headboard during shipping. To see it, be sure to open it. This feature is great for moving. The king size mattresses are 76 x 80. If you are short on one side, you should rotation your mattress 90 degrees. It is very quiet during those private moments. At 33 months, there is an update. I was starting to hear some creaking. All Allen bolts were tightened back up. The fabric on the bed is holding up.

3. DHP Metal Sturdy Frame Slats

DHP Metal Sturdy Frame Slats

The dimensions are 78.5" W x 56.5" D x 72" H. Accommodates two full size mattresses, 75” x 54” There are guard rails on top bunk. slats were included in the mattress support. The maximum upper mattress thickness is 6 inches.

Brand: Dhp

👤To everyone who buys this bunk bed, I want to say lower your expectations. Don't expect anything high end, just look at the price. Does it do its job? Yes. The truth is that when someone is on the top bed, they make a lot of noise. I weighed in at over 300 pounds and Iabbled a lot up there. It supports that much weight for someone who weights less to do a lot better with the wabbling. The bottom bed is fine. The stairs to climb up are very hard and will hurt your feet. I have a suggestion for the bed builders. The top base would be less supportive if it was brought down at least 3 inches. They could use a bit more thickness for the main bars. It does the job and I give it 4 stars.

👤I made the best last minute decision. The quality is excellent and takes about an hour to put together. There should be a couple extra screws and small parts just in case. I need an extra set of hands for my 12 year old to hold while I tighten the screws. The bottom bunk has enough room for an adult to sit straight up. My 12 year old can sit straight up because I have high ceilings. Didn't expect it to be so strong. I've had metal bunks before and they swing back and forth and squeak, but as of yet no issues there. The instructions were great and I could have put it together myself. The bar and box were labeled. I have a 12 inch mattress on the bottom and a 6 inch memory foam mattress on top, and I am very pleased with my decision, I bought it on Amazon. The item is great for the price and the kids love it. When kids are happy, mom is happy.

👤A must have! I share a room with my daughter, and this is a great space solution. We've had it for about two months and no one has complained. It's a good idea to tighten your bolts after you've used it for a while. As you break it in, things will loosen a bit. You will need someone to help you assemble, but I'm sure you can do it alone. It seemed the piece was crooked, so I had to struggle to get the ladder lined up on one side. Don't TIGHTEN as soon as you get to it. As you line things up, leave a little wiggle room. The slats should be laid on top from one side to the other first.

👤Since buying this bed 18 months ago, I have been sleeping on the lower bunk every night. I am 6 feet 4 inches and 350#. Hauled the box upstairs in the afternoon. To prevent wobbling and squeaking, the bed was braced against a wall stud with a sturdy expandable shower rod on the opposite end. 18 months later, there were no problems or wobbles. The design was exactly what I wanted. The upper bunk is used for storage in my apartment. The twin version of this bed is great for spare room.

4. Zinus Newport Accommodate Mattresses Separately

Zinus Newport Accommodate Mattresses Separately

Accommodates 2 Twin size mattresses, but not the one included, and is not included. The daybed dimensions are 39" W x 77" L x 38" H and have a weight limit of 250 pounds. The space saving design is stylish. Easy assembly in minutes with no tools required. Easy assembly in minutes with no tools required.

Brand: Zinus

👤I love this bed accessory. It is easy to assemble and sturdy. I have a 10” mattress on the trundle bed and it fits perfectly. I put a fitted sheet on it. A blanket that is thick would not slide under. I wouldn't suggest a bed bigger than 10” underneath. I would definitely recommend this brand. I bought a different bed frame for my son. Excellent company!

👤This is a good product. We had purchased a foundation that we loved and hoped this would be the same. It is. Clean lines, sturdy, and comfortable. Assembly was not done in minutes with no tools. The product took about two hours to assemble. It would be much simpler if the parts had letters on them. The metal is a good deal for the cost. The Ikea matress was squeezed on the trundle, but we had to pick up the frame to roll it in and out. I wouldn't recommend more than a 10” mattress, it's still better than most daybeds will fit.

👤The twin size day bed is easy to assemble. It is a good value. A lot of buyers did not receive all of the parts that they read about in the reviews. I was a little hesitant to buy it. I received a twin size day bed and trundle. I am very happy with the purchase. It also had spare parts. Extra screws. I think that was a good thing for the company to do. I would buy this item again. The woman is named Mona E.

👤I needed something warm in the basement. I thought of a couch at the beginning, but online size and other characteristics can be hard to decide on. I found this day bed. In person, it is gorgeous. It's cozy and increases the capacity for sleep overs. I put it on risers to make it higher. Pictures do justice to the product. I am 6ft about 200 lbs and after laying on the mattress it felt very comfortable. My son is always in the basement. I as well. It's a great place to watch TV and sleep. This is a great space saver, and is also functional during the day. The color schemes can be changed using blankets. If you don't need the trundle, leave the small parts for it in the packaging and use the bed for storage.

👤I wrote a review about this bed when I got it. It was perfect for my boys. I was wrong. The bed is junk. It was delivered on August 13th. Exactly 3 months later. And it's not good! The trundle bed has two wheels that snapped off. The metal is so sharp that I was afraid my children would get cut open, and it was ripping my carpet. The metal slats are falling down. About half of them are still on. I put them back on and they fall off again. The mattress on the day bed is not evenly supported. The trundle bed is being snapped off. Can't slide it in and out anymore. All this in 3 months. I'm not happy. I would never buy this POS. It was designed. The money should be wasted. I'm a loyal Amazon shopper and a prime member and I believe this is the worst product I've ever gotten from Amazon. There are zero stars.

5. LikeHome Day Full Daybed Black

LikeHome Day Full Daybed Black

The industrial modern design has curved edges built with a sturdy metal frame and secured metal slats. It is easy to accommodate overnight guests in a child's bedroom or living room. There are two sizes of mattress, a standard full size and a standard twin size. It was quick and easy to assemble. There are multiple colors available. One box. The bed is 77”L x 56”W x 41”H. The net weight was 67.5 lbs. The clearance was 14. The dimensions of the trundle are 71”L. The weight limit is 250 lbs. The weight is 81 lbs. The bed is 77”L x 56”W x 41”H. The net weight was 67.5 lbs. The clearance was 14. The dimensions of the trundle are 71”L. The weight limit is 250 lbs. The weight is 81 lbs.

Brand: Likehome

👤I wanted to provide additional sleeping options in the living room of my short term rental. I used a sofa with a memory foam mattress in the dining room. I'm allowed to sleep 2 people per room, so a trundle was the answer. I looked on every website I could find. All points in between from Amazon to Zulily. I read a lot of reviews. I needed the daybed to meet certain criteria. It was important for me to find the highest tolerance possible because even my weight could've exceeded some of the limits. My property is designed for family stays and has rounded edges. The bed met all the standards. I was very excited that it arrived 4 days sooner than expected. I needed it to be assembled ahead of time for an upcoming guest reservation. The box was torn but it didn't affect the contents. My friend helped me put it together. The instructions were clear and the parts were labeled. The little plastic rail plugs didn't fit all the same and I had to use a silicone sealant on them. The rails have holes on one side, but they weren't mentioned in the instructions as to which direction they needed to face. We didn't know if there was something attached to the holes or if it was just an oversight. We placed them facing downward on the trundle because the top section had them mixed. Some people were not able to use a 10" mattress. It's a snug fit, but my hybrid pillow top mattress fits. I already had a skirt for that time of day. The style is easy to assemble. It would have to be a heavier metal for me to require it. I'm dating myself, but I'm used to a time when day beds were constructed out of iron. This style in that material would have been amazing. I think the pricing is a little steep compared to other daybeds with trundles, but it provided additional sleeping choices while meeting my safety precautions. I will deal with it. I found the pricing on Amazon to be better than other sites.

👤It was easy to assemble, but awkward because of the size. The job would be easier if there were two people doing it. It would be more fun if you drank booze. The bed serves the purpose in my room.

👤The boys are excited about their new bed frames. They tested the strength of their age by jumping from them. We stood on the beds to hang those frames, and didn't feel like they would fall on us. It's easy to install. The middle slats lock down completely, only one side of the slats is visible. We had to push hard to get half of them to go down. The finish is black. Love is love.

👤It took me and my mom about two hours to assemble, but it was easy. I have had it in my guest room for 3 months and so far it has been good. I've slept on it a few times to see if it works. Feels strong. Doesn't creak. I put the Aveline gel mattress on the twin trundle and it was a perfect fit. It's fine to get out and under, but it's a little snug on the sides.

6. Define Essentials Heavy Height Risers

Define Essentials Heavy Height Risers

There is a limited time offer. PRICE can change any time. The Bed Riser System instantly creates additional under bed storage with 8 pieces for up to 8 inches of clearance. The bed risers set is perfect for elevating single or double beds with 4 posts measuring 2 7/8 inches across or less. If you have a queen or king-sized bed with additional supports in the center, you may need a second set of bed risers. Heavy-duty construction. It's safe, strong, and easy to use, and it's used for virtually any furniture with 4 legs. Their lifetime replacement guarantee program protects you for the rest of your life. They will replace you if anything goes wrong.

Brand: Define Essentials

👤I didn't use them when my apartment had carpet. I'm happy I kept them. These are very solid. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and they told me that I had to sleep on pillows. I have neck problems and can't sleep at night, that's not something I want to do. It's not comfortable to put stuff behind my neck. These babies are entering. If you're like me and need to raise half your bed about eight inches off the ground because you can't do a similar thing with pillows, these work great. I was worried that they wouldn't, but I didn't have much time to prepare for the dental surprise, and I thought the worst that could happen was that they would break and I would have a heart attack. They weren't even bent. These things were made of steel and I was over 300 pounds. I spent about two weeks enjoying it, only stopping because I was pretty sure that the product was intended to be used in a different way. I think I could have kept using them like that. If these things keep me up in a way that they weren't intended to, I'm sure they can keep you up in the same way. That is, they are doing well.

👤I was a bit worried when I saw how big the holes were in the legs of the recliner chair that we have on wheels. The chair would roll around and then off. But! By placing the wheels on the outsides of the raisers, there was no movement. Had my brother get on the chair and bounce around in it. It didn't move much. We have a couch on one side so it might be more sturdy, but these are excellent raisers. We got them for our grandma who has bad knees. She had a hard time getting out of the chair. We were worried it wouldn't be stable enough. She hasn't had a problem yet. I think part of it is good reasoning, but also because the product is good.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The risers are not as described. The opening on the bed legs is not 3in by 3in. The legs on my daughter's dorm room bed will not fit. The item is being returned.

👤There is an update. The seller replaced one of the packages so that my daughter wouldn't have to dismantle her bed first. Customer service was amazing. The manufacturing process must have caused the riser to break. I continue to check the others and there are no signs of a repeat. My daughter bought this with her own birthday money, and the customer service would have me up three stars for her happiness. Imagine a child sitting on a bed that can hold up to 1,200 pounds, is safe, strong and easy to use, and isdurable. She was very careful with her birthday money. I am very unhappy about this.

👤I have used them before and bought them again because they were left with the ex. I bought 2 sets because I need 5 of the 3 size to fit the under bed flat storage boxes. I needed the riser for the center support of my bed frame.

7. Max Lily Blue Solid Wood

Max Lily Blue Solid Wood

Solid, knot free, New Zealand pine wood bed frame is superior quality. The finish is durable, non-toxic, and low in VOC. The resting weight capacity per sleeping surface is 400 pounds. The metal support bar is strong. Clean design. A clean finish can be achieved with a Slatted headboard with flush hardware. Over time, metal on metal structural conections won't loosen. loft design opens up floor space The total footprint is 81.5"L X 54"W X 50"H, and the actual bed measurement is 42.5"W X 50"H. It's ideal for low ceilings at 50 inches high. The bed is 33.25 inches high. The ladder can be installed on the left or right side. The ladder is safe for little ones. The rails are generous. Use a 5-inch-thick mattress for the best fit and safety. Don't exceed the mattress thickness of 8 inches.

Brand: Max & Lily

👤The bed broke when my husband sat on it.

👤The bed is good. It's easy to assemble, but the slats are too far apart, which is not good for many mattresses. Go to Home Depot and buy 2 sheets of euroboard to support the mattress. Put it on the slats. - The wood is made of pine. If you scrap off one of the labels, be careful with it because it has small dents. It's possible, but it doesn't look strong for adults.

👤I bought a bunk bed for my grandson. The bunk guard rail snapped off with my grandson on the floor. The review would have ended differently if his mother had not been there to catch him. I chose a multicolored table for his new bedroom because it has broken. I don't recommend this company or its products to anyone because I think they are dangerous to children or adults. The compressed wood used for their furniture is very unstable and can break. Please be aware.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this bed. I looked at all the different beds and finally came to this one. The bed could come in a number of colors and ways. You can purchase extras with it or at a later date. You can get an extra set of drawers that fit under it or a trundle bed for guests that sleep over. The bed is very well made and it is awesome. I'm sure it will last a long time. The bed is easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. Don't hesitate to get this bed.

👤I bought two bunk beds for the kids room in the beach house. The delivery process was easy. I was able to pick a delivery date 7 days out from the order date. The delivery company called me several days before delivery to confirm my address and time of delivery. They called me the night before to give a specific delivery time. I received text message notifications as to the status of the delivery. I am not sure if this was part of the service or the delivery team, but the boxes were loaded into the bedroom. I had a good group of guys. Two more adults helped me assemble the bunks. We opened the first box, inspected the bunks, and organized the parts based on their number. When we pulled out part number 90, we were worried that the assembly would take a long time. It turns out that part number 90 was actually part number 6. No other part had a negative number. We put the hardware in a pile. The directions were easy to understand. It was much easier than I expected. The assembly took 2.5 hours, not counting the set up. The second bed took just under two hours to build, compared to the first which took over an hour. The beds are very sturdy and low profile. That was important to us in a room with 2 bunk beds. I am very pleased with the beds. If things change, I will update the review.

8. Max Lily Solid Twin Size Bookcase

Max Lily Solid Twin Size Bookcase

loft design opens up floor space It's ideal for low ceilings. Solid New Zealand pine wood bed frame is superior quality. The finish is non-toxic. The bed's 400 lbs weight capacity safely holds kids and adults. Adding wood slats and metal support bar adds reinforcement. The total footprint is 81.5" L x 59.5" W x 68.5" H. Matching hardware for all colors is part of modern design. The ladder can be put on the left or right during assembly.

Brand: Max & Lily

👤Thoroughly pleased! My baby boy loves his new bed. The bed came in two boxes, one around 150 lbs and the other around 30 lbs. I bought the clay. The DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino is a good choice for a few reasons. I took wine breaks. The desk took 20 minutes to install. Everything else I did on my own, including connecting side rails, only needed help from someone. It took some time for all the hardware and wood to be accounted for. The instructions are very easy to understand. Two issues were encountered by me. I had to swap pieces 19&20 as they were backwards. I didn't want to damage the desk or the corner screws, so I didn't add one of them. It's pretty sturdy. I didn't secure all of the wood slats on the bed frame because it was in a temporary location. The corner brackets for the desk are solid and can be done without. I chose a 8inch mattress, but it thinks you could get away with a 10inch. The order from the wood/paint has dissipated in the past 24 hours. There was no real damage to the wood, just a small nick on one of the shelves and one side of the desk was discolored. He will put a sheet over the front so he can still have a secret cave to play in, but this is a great buy. I would suggest this bed. I was hesitant to buy as it had not been reviewed.

👤I bought a loft bed for my 7 year old because he wanted one so badly. I bought this one because... The guardrail of the bed is higher than other products. 2. The middle of tall loft and low loft gives the bed a high enough space for a play area. 3. I found 3 pieces of parts that were broken on delivery, but Amazon replaced them right away. It is easy to assemble with two adults. It looks nice. Even when my baby goes up and moves the entire bed. It is not that we didn't tighten screws, it's the structural issue. I need to find a way to bolt it to the wall. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this.

👤It is easy to assemble.

👤For Christmas, we bought this bed for our daughter. The bed is easy to assemble. It did not hold up to normal use. My little girl fell when the step gave out. I think you get what you pay for, but I think I should have gotten more for what I paid. It was very disappointing. I don't think I would buy again. I have a few days left to return it. It is not doable. I had to disassemble the giant bed in order to get her old bed back. We don't know how we are going to fix it. I guess I have to think of something.

👤The loft bed is very nice. It was easy to assemble, but needs two people. The wood is good and does not pose a risk of falling apart or collapsing. I was looking for something that could hold an adult and a child. This was the limit. It will not come crashing down if we climb up with our kid. It doesn't need to be anchored to the wall nor does it need to shake when you move, but it does shake a little when you are on it. The shelves are nice. The shelves and ladder can be put on either side. You have to make that decision when you build it. There are shelves on the right and a ladder on the left. If you want it that way, you can put the ladder and shelves on the same side. The twin mattress we bought was too thick. We got an 8” mattress after returning. I wouldn't recommend anything more than 8. We are happy with the purchase.

9. DHP Junior Frame Ladder Black

DHP Junior Frame Ladder Black

The DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame with Ladder in Black is included in your purchase. The ladder can't be switched because it's on the left side. The bed frame has dimensions of 51" W x 50" H x 78" L. The max weight limit is 200 lbs. There is a Under bed dimensions are 36.5” H x 40” W, side rail height is 12” and Stair width is 12. Easy assembly is recommended for children over 6 years old. There are ideal solutions to free up space. The area below the bed can be used for a variety of purposes. Sturdy metal frame with built in ladder. The upper bunk has full length guardrails.

Brand: Dhp

👤Don't buy this for your children. My daughter loved it and I gave a stellar review because I ordered it. The ladder came off the bed when my daughter was climbing up to get into bed. My daughter's head was split open on the metal frame and she went to the hospital for stitches. I called the return this bed to make sure she was okay. I was told to return. I didn't have the 7 ft box it came in. I was belittled because I hadn't kept the box. Who keeps boxes? I didn't order this because I didn't want my child to be injured at 3 years old and have to return it. I canceled my membership because of the poor customer service. The MANUFACTURER told me that they could replace some parts. Maybe I got a bad one, let's give it another try. He told me he couldn't replace the ladder. Ok? Great? I don't have a ladder for my child to get in and out of bed with, and I have a bed with no way of returning. Awesome! We could pick it up without the box. I will be out some money but at least this nightmare will be over. Wrong! The bed was cheap. It would take over $100 to return it. What is the point? At this point, this is ridiculous. I gave up. I threw the bed out and lost all of my money. The bed is dangerous and filthy, don't make the same mistake as I did. Do not do business with this manufacturer. I will never recommend them again.

👤Love, love, love. We bought 2 for our girls, and the assembly was done in less than 4 hours. These are sturdy and cute. I made my own curtains with a pressure tension rod because I didn't want to buy the over priced curtains for the underneath.

👤The bed is very nice for the price. I wanted a wooden junior loft bed with drawers and storage underneath, but I couldn't afford it because it was so much cheaper. My four-year-old loves it. He loves being taller than his mom and dad when he's in his bed, and he spends a lot of time in his "clubhouse" underneath. We put a bean bag, a lamp and a toybox under the bed to make it easier for him to read a book. There's still plenty of room for him to play, even though he can't stand up underneath it. My husband and I can fit under there. The bed is of good quality. I thought the silver looked cheap, but it looks really nice and doesn't clash with the wooden furniture in his room. It seems sturdy enough and we haven't had any issues with squeaking or loosened pieces. My son doesn't seem to notice that the rungs of the ladder are a bit uncomfortable when I'm changing the sheets. If your child can climb a ladder and stay out of bed at night, then the bed can be used by younger children. My husband mentioned that some of the steps in the instructions are in the wrong order, but it wasn't too difficult to put together. We didn't have any issues with having to force pieces together because he noticed it right away. We bought a six-inch mattress from Amazon and it fit perfectly.

10. DHP Twin Over Full Ladder Space Saving Design

DHP Twin Over Full Ladder Space Saving Design

The DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder is in a blue color and can accommodate one twin and one full size mattress. The dimensions are 57" W x 61.5" H x 78" L. Sturdy metal frame. The bunk bed looks great in any bedroom or guest room arrangement and features a Twin top bunk over a Full bottom. 2 integrated side ladders and metal slats on the top and bottom beds provide the right amount of support, comfort, and durability. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Dhp

👤We had a bunk bed when I was a kid. It took 8 years for nothing to break. The bed is cheap and fast. Not safe. Less than 24 hours ago, we put it together, and our son got a hold of the rail on top of it and it broke. He hurt himself. Be aware. I'm very upset with this. I looked at the other soldered parts and they were not done well.

👤The bed is difficult to put together because the fixing screws can cross thread. I don't expect the center bar to last very long with my two teens because it bends a lot even with a small amount of weight. The floor was damaged by one of the legs. I only noticed the damage to the side bar after I finished building the bed. The supplier refused to send a new side bar and asked for the whole bed to be returned, which I couldn't do because I discarded all the packaging. I wouldn't recommend this bed or the supplier.

👤Very strong. Everything fit together perfectly after I put it together by myself.

👤I can't believe it arrived in this condition. The amount of damage found out of the box was appalling, even though my girls were excited about their new bunk bed. The metal's white coating had been torn apart in multiple places. There was rust in a few different areas and one of the piping inserts had a huge dent in it to the point where it was impossible to secure in its proper place without being warped by a hammer back into a circle. I couldn't believe that someone at the company messed up or that this thing took the truck ride from hell. My little girls are not happy either.

👤I took a weekend to build it. I was excited to finally have a bed that wasn't on the ground, and I would let my friend stay over. I put it in sofa mode and then put it back down. I did it a few times. It was difficult. I've had a number of futons and bunk beds, but I've never had such trouble with the new modes. The bed was pulled together by the struts that were there when the side of the bed was bent. I have to take the entire futon off. I have to choose between a bed that is in the middle or a sofa that is stable. How much does the top bunk shake? Just... Worst thing I've ever bought. The packaging is designed to be shredded when opened. How do you return it after throwing it away? Worst purchase. Bothered Amazon still has it. I will almost never give a 1 star but this bed is unsafe for teenagers and adults. If you have kids. I would get something safer. It is cheap. There is a picture of the sofa mechanism bent and digging into one of the supports. I'm under the limit for the bottom bunk at 200 lbs.

11. Woodworking Truck Scale Curves Twin Size

Woodworking Truck Scale Curves Twin Size

Assembly is required. Yes. The woodworking plan doesn't include the materials to build the bed. Standard sheets of paper are used for the scaled and fully dimensioned plans. The full scale curves are plotted on a wide paper. Attach the outlines or paper with spray glue on the wood and cut along the lines. The final product dimensions are 89"L x 43-1/2"W x 43"H. The final product dimensions are 89"L x 43-1/2"W x 43"H.

Brand: Plans4wood

👤My son loves this bed. I added a few red lights to add to the effect, but overall, it's a great find.

👤It's really helpful and good. I. It's easy to read and build.

👤The plans are well designed, but too complicated for a do-it-yourselfer. A lot of heavy materials are taken.

👤The add makes it look like a simple plan. It is not. My kid's wish list is as long as the instruction page. This isn't a weekend project. Did the maker not know this would be built by fathers?

👤It's easy to follow. It is easy to build. Five friends and family members immediately placed an order for one after presenting to Grand Son.

👤The bed is great for the son and husband. My husband and I only had a few hours to work on the project, so he took about a month to build. My toddler is very happy. It's fantastic.

👤The bed is very nice. My husband put it together quickly and my son loves it. It's an all around hit.


What is the best product for l shaped platform bed full over full with trundle?

L shaped platform bed full over full with trundle products from Coaster Home Furnishings. In this article about l shaped platform bed full over full with trundle you can see why people choose the product. Zinus and Dhp are also good brands to look for when you are finding l shaped platform bed full over full with trundle.

What are the best brands for l shaped platform bed full over full with trundle?

Coaster Home Furnishings, Zinus and Dhp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for l shaped platform bed full over full with trundle. Find the detail in this article. Likehome, Define Essentials and Max & Lily are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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