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Industrial 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Zinus Suzanne Platform Queen Grey

Zinus Suzanne Platform Queen Grey

Solid wood and steel. The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design gave the Good Design Award in 2019. Solid pine wood and black steel frame offer a sleek, industrial inspired look. No box spring is needed, because wooden slats provide mattress support for latex, spring or memory foam mattresses. All parts, tools and instructions are packed into a single box for easy assembly. There is a five-year limited warranty included.

Brand: Zinus

👤I got it inside by myself, even though it was big and heavy in the box. The Queen version was easy to assemble and I like the key they provided. The wood slats are held in place by strips of velcro. I put a boxspring and a mattress on this, which raised my bed up high. The picture shows a clearance of 11 1/4", but it's actually 11. My bed is not moving. There was no squeaking, no nothing. I haven't bought a mattress. They make a good product. I was happy with my purchase.

👤After a few weeks, already squeaky. Even when I sit on the bed, the bolts still squeak. It was easy to put together and it feels sturdy. It was just noisy.

👤I was trying to find a bed that had slats less than 3 inches apart in order to keep my mattress under warranty. One of the few options that had tighter slat spacing was this one. It was worth the extra money to have someone from Amazon put it together. It was set up in 20 minutes. I am pretty sure we will be just as happy with this frame as any higher end frame, since it was intended to be an interim frame.

👤I've had bad luck with three different bed frames. The last one was a MALM bed frame that was over the $200 dollar mark for a Queen size bed. The day after we put it together, it looked wrong. The bed was unstable even after we glue it together. I tried a bed frame on Amazon. We have not had any issues yet, even though people complain about the noise. It's only been a week, but we've had the best sleep on this sturdy frame. The bad memories of our Ikea beds are no longer with us because we love the minimalist look. I will change the review if it starts to sound weird or if it breaks, but I think we found the right frame and the right price. It arrived in two days. Two people can easily move this heavy object around. It took about an hour to build it. The tool it came with, the clear instructions, and the fact that there are spare screws in the packaging are all things we love about it. Highly recommended!

👤The bed frame is easy to assemble and I did it myself in less than 30 minutes. The frame height is 6 inches and the clearance between the floor and the bottom edge of the frame is 3.5 inches. If you're looking for a frame where you can have a shallow storage bin that slides underneath, I would recommend going with a different option. We are fine with it because we considered that issue before purchasing and my daughter decided she was fine without having bins underneath, but it might be frustrating for someone who is not expecting the frame to be so low.

👤I was excited about this bed frame. We put it together in record time. It arrived with a screw that split the wood. We had to remove the cap to keep the bed level because the center support post was too tall. We have had it for a week and we love it, but these two things made for a frustrating experience.

2. 4D Concepts Bed Box White

4D Concepts Bed Box White

The metal head and footboard are decorative. It was finished in a rich white finish. There are metal slats on the head and footboard. There are metal slats on the head and footboard.

Brand: 4d Concepts

3. Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Platform Mattress Foundation Headboard Footboard

Shop with confidence. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don't like your bamboo bed sheet set. They care about their community and they are here for you every step of the way. Good sleep can be provided by a 100% metal frame with a sturdy Iron slat structure. The Metal Bed is a must have in every home. The Twin bed frame has metal slats and legs. There is no BoxSpring needed for the bed frame match. No box spring is required for the twin size mattress. There is enough storage space from the bottom of the Single Mattress Foundation to the ground. There is a lot of space for storage. The Twin Size Bed Frame has a headboard and footboard to keep the mattress out of the way. Good quality metal bed Frame Twin, Strong steel tubing construction and Full-length guardrails provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment. Twin Size: 77.9" x 36" x 34.7" (L*W*H) mattress, box spring, and bedding are not included.

Brand: Gime

👤I would say it takes 10 minutes from opening the box to finishing the bed. The first and last screw in the other supports are dangers because the holes in the bars are in the middle. There is no need for a box spring. I bought an 8 inch foam mattress and it works great. It's not a bed to be jumping on, but it is a bed that you can just lay on and sleep on. Customer service is better than great. I bought two for my daughters.

👤It was easy to put together. I bought it for my son. He used to share a bunk bed with his brother, but he says this is much more comfortable.

👤There is no way to hold the mattress in place on the side frames. The bars are smooth so they don't slide off. I had to make and bolt on wooden brackets to catch the mattress frame. Up and out is about an inch. There is a I will not buy this bed if I have to.

👤One of the bolt sets did not match up, so they couldn't bolt one side of the frame. They should send another set soon. Can't use the bed without it. The inch nut is hard to find in a hardware store. It shouldn't have to happen to Plus.

👤My son is ten years old. The bed was difficult to assemble. Some of the rails and other parts had no drilled holes at all. My son's bed is three months old and the metal railings are starting to bend and my aon only weighs 50 lbs. Its not worth much more than $25

👤I bought this product after reading a lot of reviews. This bed is worth every penny. I am a graduate student and have to sleep in my parents home once I get home. It took my dad and I about 90 minutes to put it together. I would purchase again. It isn't the prettiest bed, but it is sturdy and will last a long time.

👤It was decent to assemble, but it is already broke. I ordered stuff in June to save money. We were not moving until August 15th. It is October 13th. The legs on the bed are broken. The extra legs in the middle of the bed are also BENDING. It shouldn't do that to a bed. We haven't been rough when sitting or sleeping on it.

👤The bed is ugly because of the giant silver screws on it everywhere, and it ruins the look of the bed, which might have been a nice sleek little bed.

4. MALOUF STRUCTURES Adjustable Support Rollers

MALOUF STRUCTURES Adjustable Support Rollers

The standard profile frame has 7.5" clearance. It is possible to fit Cal King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin box springs.

Brand: Malouf

👤I waited to submit my review as we wanted to see how it would hold up, and it has held up very well. This is holding our king mattress set and we have not had any issues with it moving or having any issues at all, which is wonderful. We don't keep much under our bed but there is space for those who are important to us.

👤The bed frame is very strong and holds up to our new mattress. The middle row of feet is different from the top and bottom rows in that the feet are each a single piece with a smaller base. When there were only six wide bases, it took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't missing pieces.

👤I initially installed this on the carpet. I reinstalled it on the tiled floor after moving it. The side legs don't touch the floor even when the bed is shifted and the middle leg slants when the bed is locked. I have now given it a 4. * I have had this for 4 months. This is very sturdy and does not bend or warp in the middle as other reviewers have said. The legs that run horizontally are made of plastic and metal and do not touch the ground in order to fit the bed. My bed is 42 lbs. There is no problem with my body weight being added. The space between the legs is 29 inches so you can fit small or medium storage boxes underneath.

👤I'm glad I didn't get the casters as the frame can be slid across my vinyl flooring with little effort.

👤The end of the frame is hung by the California King. I was worried it would tip when sitting on the end of the bed. The frame is stable after bolting on a headboard and placing the Cal King mattress. Assembly is easy. There were no problems. The frame is made of steel. Solid!

👤I paid twice as much for a different frame at a big box mattress shop that had cheap plastic inserts for the caster wheels and they broke within a couple of years. I like that this one can be adjusted for different frames. It looks like it will last for a while. The box is heavier than I anticipated, and I had trouble getting it up the stairs of my house, but I was able to carry it on my own.

👤Excellent for a King bed with 2 heavy people.

👤The frame was ordered because of the extra legs. I have a king size bed that needs the support of two adults. The frame is easy to assemble by one person.

👤The quality of the product and ease of assembly are what I like. The "universal" headboard mounting brackets must be for another universe. In this universe, my headboard wouldn't attach because it uses bolts that are too small for my legs and bolts that are too large for my legs. I would have returned the frame, but it was not eligible for return. The headboard brackets on this frame are not replaceable. I attached the Bed Claw brackets and extenders to the Malouf frame. The Bed Claw brackets are universal and work with my bed. I need to figure out how to attach my footboard.

5. AmazonBasics Modern Industrial Design Headboard

AmazonBasics Modern Industrial Design Headboard

The queen-size metal bed frame is sleek and strong for ultimate sleeping comfort. The metal frame is noise-free because it has 10 wood slats, non-slip tape on slats, plastic feet, foam-padded tape and non-loosening screws. The hook-and-loop configuration makes it easy to raise or lower the headboard to accommodate different heights. The bed frame has a vertical clearance of 12 inches from the floor to the bottom of the rail. The bed frame holds up to 500 pounds of combined weight and is backed by an Amazon Basics 5-year limited warranty. The bed frame holds up to 500 pounds of combined weight and is backed by an Amazon Basics 5-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I decided to read a few of the reviews on here because many seem to have the same issue that I had, but many others did not. I had slats that didn't fit and a beam that didn't line up. I was so angry with the outcome that I went back and read that the foot of the bed frame legs may be backwards. It all fit like it was supposed to when they took them off. The only issue with this is that I thought I put them on the right way, but they were not. The bed frame is great and there is a hiccup out of the way. Thank you for your help writing about this.

👤The bed is very sturdy and doesn't make any noise. The under bed storage is fine for me, and you can adjust the height of the mattress with the help of Velcro tape. Assembly! slats don't fit at all, I made a mistake. I checked the user manual before I returned it. The left and right bed legs were reversed. That is why! I reassemble the bed legs and they fit. Hopefully you don't waste time on this like I did. It is a nice bed.

👤The middle beam is not long enough to be easy to assemble. The beam had to be tied to the frame. The wood planks that are close to the foot of the bed are lying on the frame because they weren't cut to the same length. Please look at the photos asap. When my daughter was home, I spent 200 dollars on a bed. Had to use an air mattress. I would like a refund.

👤I ordered two of them. The first never made it to me, but I suppose that isn't Amazon's fault. The second was shipped at no cost. I think I got what I paid for with this one. My main complaint is that the components should be measured correctly so that they fit correctly. They didn't with the bed I received. One cross beam was a full inch and a half too short. I am a part time gun smith and armorer. I usually have no problem with assembling anything. There is a I am not sure if this would have lasted for most Americans. I have a pair of hunting dogs that are almost 100 lbs. It seems like it doesn't seem like it will last long. I lost one in shipping and didn't want to send it back. I hope I can find a new frame at one of the local stores.

👤The bed frame is very sturdy. The slats seem to not fit at the bottom of the bed. I realized the front legs needed to be changed thanks to another reviewer. It's not our fault that they were labelled wrong. If you have a problem, switch the parts. The frame is very quiet and feels solid after this.

👤The description did. The cross beams were secured with Velcro. The headboard does not stay attached after the failure of ricol.

6. Novogratz 4176249N Bushwick Metal King

Novogratz 4176249N Bushwick Metal King

Industrial design. There are decorative round posts on the footboard and Headboard. Sturdy metal frame construction with metal side rails. Adding support to the rail and legs is done with center metal rail and legs. The metal slats provide support and comfort. There are two base heights for convenience: 6 or 11. Queen and King are available in multiple colors.

Brand: Novogratz

👤The base of the frame has screws that have fallen out. I have had it for a while. I can not have sex in caves. I broke my toe on the metal bed frame because it got stuck in between my mattress and the frame. The bed is not comfortable. I don't recommend this product.

👤The bed said it would be delivered in 4-5 days. Came in a week ago. I like putting things together but it takes a while as there are different instructions for different heights. My bed was damaged in the box. It was slightly annoyed. I will fix it by throwing it. My husband said it looks like a bed frame from the 90's. I was going for a minimalist look. Hey, but hey. It is strong for now. The bed frame was broken after it was purchased. 2 140lb adults sleeping on it for a year and occasionally a 2 year old come and cuddle with us and the legs in the middle are all leaning. My 2 year old handed me a bent leg when it broke. I retighten everything after screws fell out. We are shopping for a new bed frame.

👤When I first bought this bed frame, I didn't think much of the welding, but I think it was pretty. Seemed sturdy. I had to tighten things up about a month ago. I received it on May 25th, and I am writing a review on September 11th. Good luck going through customer support as the frame by the headboard is bent and the middle beam is bowed down in the center. el. Oh, el.

👤I love this bed. I fell in love with this platform bed after I stumbled on it while looking for a queen bed. It was easy to put together. I did it by myself. It is absolutely perfect, I used the higher setting for more room under the bed for storage. Quiet and comfortable to sleep in. Highly recommended.

👤My wife and I love the bed. The instructions were clear and it was easy to set it up. If you're not on the first floor and you know when to expect it, be on the look out to help out because the delivery man couldn't get it up the stairs on his own. Love the color, not wobbly. It was great for the price. The bed is on the lower setting and has a box spring. We decided to use ours rather than sell it because you don't need a boxspring with this bed.

👤Simple instructions make this bed a great value. I assembled it myself in about an hour. Sturdy and solid. The finish is shiny. I have set it on higher supports and am using it without a box spring. There is a lot of storage and room for vacuuming.

👤The bed is gorgeous. I got it for $108 and it looks expensive, but it was only $200 at the time. The quality is great, it's lightweight, and it has a lot of character. I wanted a bed frame from the Anthropology brand, but it was a lot more expensive. The instructions say it can take two hours to put the bed together, but my sister and I put it together in one hour. The instructions are easy to understand. This bed was delivered to my mom's house. The box was large and we had to fit the bed inside of a small car to take it to my place. We put the pieces through the trunk when we pulled the back seats down. I'm very happy with my purchase. It's what I've been looking for.

7. Wulanos Full Size Platform Noise Free

Wulanos Full Size Platform Noise Free

There is resilience and noISE free. The metal bed frame has a strong frame and a sturdy steel salt structure, seamless welding, no noise, prevent scratches and creaks, and with anti-scratch gaskets to protect your floor. No box spring is needed. Solid steel slats and steel frame construction provide more sturdy support to the mattress. It is easy asSEMBLE and non-sLIP. The bed frame can be assembled in 20 minutes. There is a scorecard for the headboard. There are holes on the bed frames legs. 18 inch tall mattress foundation has plenty of underneath storage space. The height clearance is 16 inches. There is a worry free 5 year warranty. 18 inch tall mattress foundation has plenty of underneath storage space. The height clearance is 16 inches. There is a worry free 5 year warranty.

Brand: Wulanos

👤I was skeptical when I bought it, but needed a frame. The instructions were confusing at first, but once I understood the basic idea, it was smooth sailing. The bed doesn't make a sound when I lie down because I weigh so much. I am very impressed.

👤The bed frame is strong. I am not a small woman and my husband and I have been looking for a heavy duty bed frame. If you know what I mean. So far, it's great. There was no noise. It is very high off the ground. I put it together. It's very easy. I did hurt my fingers the day after but it was worth it.

👤I bought a queen and a full one. The queen was damaged even though the tubing is heavy gauged. I don't know if it was returned or mishandled. It was replaced by Wulanos. I zip tied the holes in the plywood around the slats. I believe the slats on all the frames brands are different. The frame is strong.

👤It was hard to assemble. The parts that weren't present allowed us to complete it quickly. My husband had to modify the bed so we could set it up. I would have returned the other frame if we hadn't thrown it. I am not happy with this purchase. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else and I wouldn't buy it again.

👤It's easy to assemble, tall off the ground and sturdy. Really like it.

👤It arrived quickly. After purchasing 2 of these, I would never go back to the basic base frame. I have had it in the master bedroom for 2 months and it has not had any problems, so I recommend checking the dimensions of the frame against the inner dimensions of your bed and your desired height. You will be happy if you measure well.

👤Very strong. It's easy to put together. The allotted holes didn't line up with the headboard, which may be a design flaw. Not sure.

👤There is one sheet of instructions.

8. FODUE Platform Mattress Foundation Under Bed

FODUE Platform Mattress Foundation Under Bed

The fusion of iron and paint gives a more rustic style. The product size is 74.5 The width is 37.5" and the height is 14. The fitting mattress size is 75 x 38. The bed frame is made of strong and stainless steel, which makes it noise-free and heavy duty. It can support up to 3000 lbs. Easy Assembly. The design can be set up in 20 minutes. In case you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund or replacement for free. In case you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund or replacement for free.

Brand: Fodue

👤King beds are heavy and have two people in them. It got too squeaky in a month.

👤The frame is great. It is very easy to assemble. The height for under storage is great.

9. TATAGO Platform Mattress Foundation Non Slip

TATAGO Platform Mattress Foundation Non Slip

Twin Size: 77.9" x 36" x 34.7" (L*W*H) mattress, box spring, and bedding are not included. The steel structure is rust resistant and can hold up to 3500 pounds. The bed frame is supported by 9 legs and the center bar is widened to provide better support. All the parts needed to install the bed are included. A complete bed frame can be installed quickly and easily. 16 inch under-bed storage space and no box spring is needed to save space and money. There are holes for the installation of the headboard. The item dimensions are 77 by 56 by 18 inch and 75 by 54 inch. The bed frame in modern industrial style is suitable for the decoration style of most rooms because of the simplicity and black spray paint process. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Tatago

👤I opened it to assemble and the instructions told me not to sit on the ends of the bed because they were its weakest point. How many people don't sit on the ends of their bed? They should tell you this in the product description page. I'm not sure what to do with it, it's sitting in a box.

👤I ordered a California King with these dimensions. They sent me a smaller frame. I set it up so that it was still not a California King. They sent me a small one after I checked the box. It isn't correct sizes. My mattress is a California king and they sent it to me. It seems dangerous to try and lay down. It would be better if they sent the correct size. It seems sturdy, but with all these parts. It should state that assembly tools are required.

👤It is very easy to assemble. Everything fits how it's supposed to go. The slats in the middle are not included in the frame. My mattress is not moving. I slid it around so I could paint my room, which had the mattress on top. There is a lot of room underneath.

👤At the moment, it's not too impressed with the product. It was easy but requires a lot of strength. The frame was sturdy and only impressive. There was obvious damage and I wish it wasn't there. Next week I will update my review to see if it is strong. I'm waiting on my new mattress to proof up before I sleep.

👤The bed frame is strong. It is a good option if you don't want a bed with a large frame. You don't need a box spring. If you want to reduce the number of items in a room, it makes things easier to purchase.

👤Do not buy this furniture. My husband and I are both heavy people. If you sit on the end of the bed, this frame is done, as the information said it held more than we weigh combined. It was in 9000 different pieces and had a tiny screwdriver for assembly. Purchase something else if you want to save money. We went to return the frame and we couldn't find the company's number, and Amazon couldn't find it either. It seems like they may have gone out of business. The 8 year warranty is fake.

👤I bought this for a new mattress. I wanted a lot of storage space underneath. It didn't fit the mattress very well. I looked at the measurements before buying. I had to put pillows between the wall and the mattress to fill the space. It's not a big deal to send it back, but it's still a bummer. Otherwise, sturdy but watch your toes.

👤The height is perfect. I can easily crawl underneath and it will be an awesome kitty attack headquarters. It is very heavy. I brought it inside with a bear hug lift. The weight is not a con. I am happy it is heavy. It will survive being moved around and having great sex. I put this together on my own in less than an hour. You have to create your own resistance by using the tools, one in each hand, to screw the bolts into the nuts.

10. SLEEPLACE Inch Smart Platform Natural

SLEEPLACE Inch Smart Platform Natural

The finish is white. The frame surrounds the mattress to prevent it from slipping. The bed frame is 14.25 inches tall. The pinewood slats increase the life of the mattress. The bed frame is made of wood and will match any mattress. All the required hardware is included in the assembly.

Brand: Sleeplace

👤The instructions are missing. They are missing steps because they are missing 16 bolt pieces. It comes with 16 and 32. It is difficult. It tells you to attach part B and part B to part G with screws only on one side, but those screws don't attach to the other side without another piece of hardware holding it in place from the other side. I posted a picture of how they want you to leave it. It makes no sense. The frame will fall apart. My local hardware store doesn't carry missing pieces and they don't know how to get them. Save yourself from headaches! What a waste of time.

👤This is a great product, but it has a bad design. It is well made and looks good. Good hardware and sturdy. It's not as bad to have a drunken girl in your bedroom as it is to have a drunken girl in the bar. Everyone is confused and damaged when she is in your bedroom after you wake up. My family has been injured on this thing. The legs stick out past the frame and are great at injuries. It's great for getting shins and legs from beneath the comforter. There are extra legs on the sides of the bed and at the foot of the bed in the center when I grab something off the bed. I kicked and bent the things out of my toes from the beginning. The children have injuries from this death trap.

👤I ordered this because I wanted to be able to vacuum under my bed. It was packed in the most compact box and it was easy to assemble. We put it together in about 30 minutes. It was easy to follow the numbers step by step. I wanted a simple platform bed and wanted to get rid of our box springs. The look is a little more industrial as you have the black screws/washers against the dark wood, so it is just gorgeous. It looks like it came that way when I put it with a cloth headboard.

👤The bed is sturdy. Since the directions were wrong, we figured it out. The way they told you to screw the screw in was backwards. The locking mechanism was put in the wrong side. We sat there and figured it out. We called my dad to help, and he said that those instructions are not put in the right way. It's a great bed after we got it together. Perfect height. It feels sturdy for the price.

👤The bolts go in from the outside, not the inside, as the photo shows, to save everyone else from confusion. Part G doesn't require the additional bolts that are used on the corner pieces. Everything else went smoothly. Use an electric driver to speed things up. Make sure you don't over-tighten by adjusting the clutch setting.

👤The item will come in original packaging. The packaging will be damaged. I buy a lot of things gently used and advertised like this, but the scratches on the bed frame were excessive. Someone repacked this because it was not damaged. Nothing that a can of stain can't fix is not worth the price. I paid over $200 for a wood frame that was scratched up.

11. Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

Zinus Upholstered Stitched Platform Foundation

The fabric upholstery has a steel framework. Good looks and conflagration style. The Shalini makes a stunningly chic addition to your bedroom and is made of sturdy construction and diamond pattern stitching. The Twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds. slats are not required for a box spring, and they can be used for both twin and full sizes. Everything you need is packed into a single box and shipped straight to your door, and all the parts, tools and instructions are located in the compartment of the headboard for easy assembly in under an hour. The mattress is sold separately. The furniture finish is wooden slats. There is a bed frame inside.

Brand: Zinus

👤This is the second bed frame I have purchased. I bought this bed after reading all of the positive reviews. The website said it could take five days to receive it. I got it in two. I had a hard time getting this huge box up the stairs in my apartment building, but I did manage to get it up 5 flights of stairs. The bed is sturdy and the wooden plank are held in place by the straps. The bed can hold some weight. My partner is 6'7 I'm 5'6 159. It holds up. Assembly was easy because of the instructions. My bed is not big enough for a lot of under bed space. I was pleased with the look, feel and quality. I moved my bed so that you could see the size. I have a full size mattress set that does not require a box spring. You took the time to read my review. I hope you found it useful.

👤The bed frame was easy to set up, but I found out the headboard was not bug free. This has been a problem for other customers and I wish I'd read more of the reviews. I'm currently sleeping on my couch as I wait for the treatments to come so I can get back to sleep. I think it is a nice bed frame and headboard, but not worth the risk of getting bed bugs or paying for an exterminator.

👤Don't do it! There is more to the frame than you can see. The last reviews I saw about the bedbug were a year ago. I assumed the seller fixed it. I ordered the bed frame and loved it for a while, but then I started getting itchy bumps and my hands were on fire from all the bites. Don't do it because it hurts so bad. I used bedbug killers and spray but didn't work. I've spent 40 on drugs, vitamins, and creams trying to heal the itching and it's only a short-term fix. I thought I could roast them off the bed by using a UV light. That hasn't worked. The issue of the bed is still there because of all the reviews a year ago. They are telling you not to do it. Its not worth it!

👤The bed is a good value. It was easy to put together. The time was 45 minutes. All pieces fit together. The Allen wrench was included. There were no other tools needed. The instructions were sufficient. Not great but good. The bed is strong. The mattress is perfect. It is not a fancy bed. The pictures depict the product. You should adjust your expectations. It has been almost a year since there have been any issues. I'm 6' 3 and it supports me very well. There was no creaking or noise. It is also very stable. It stays put on the floor. I didn't use the strips on the slats. The mattress stays in place. I would do it again. A friend of mine bought the queen size version a couple of months ago and is happy with it. I have the same experience so far. The parts are kept inside the headboard during shipping. To see it, be sure to open it. This feature is great for moving. The king size mattresses are 76 x 80. If you are short on one side, you should rotation your mattress 90 degrees. It is very quiet during those private moments. At 33 months, there is an update. I was starting to hear some creaking. All Allen bolts were tightened back up. The fabric on the bed is holding up.


What is the best product for industrial platform bed?

Industrial platform bed products from Zinus. In this article about industrial platform bed you can see why people choose the product. 4d Concepts and Gime are also good brands to look for when you are finding industrial platform bed.

What are the best brands for industrial platform bed?

Zinus, 4d Concepts and Gime are some of the best brands that chosen by people for industrial platform bed. Find the detail in this article. Malouf, Amazon Basics and Novogratz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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